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What HOPCC is Hiding from its Members

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

For the most part, everyone is up to speed on everything that took place surrounding the FBI raids at HOPCC over the summer, and the subsequent loss of their GI Bill eligibility.

Recently, more information has been released about court filings from the Department of Justice concerning HOPCC. The Augusta Chronicle published an article today, reporting that the "Department of Justice recently filed a forfeiture motion for almost $150,000." The article continues, "The motion claims the church and its bible seminary defrauded hundreds of military members in a more than $22 million scheme" (Augusta Chronicle 2023).

The Augusta Chronicle mentions some serious charges stated in the court filings, "The motion, filed Friday in the Southern District of Georgia, alleges the church committed theft and unlawful conversion of government property, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Authorities say the church used 20 financial institutions and 80 bank accounts to transfer funds." In short, money was seized from several bank accounts associated with HOPCC.

Here are the documents from the court filing by the Department of Justice. It's a lengthy document, but well worth the read if you want to know what HOPCC is hiding. To summarize, HOPCC is in serious trouble! These ministers and those who continue to follow Denis are complicit in this racket.

There is a link to read the article in the Augusta Chronicle and photos of the court documents at the bottom of this post. Those of you still inside HOPCC should take the time to read it. If you want solid evidence, which a few of you have demanded, you can't get much more solid than court records. One thing that the Augusta Chronicle mentioned was that their open records request to the FBI and DOJ were rejected. This means that there is more info concerning this investigation will come out in due time, as the truth always does.

Augusta Chronicle- DOJ: House of Prayer Christian Church swindled $22+ million in VA Benefits

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