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HOPCC: A Criminal Organization

Updated: Apr 5

Any dissenter that has left HOPCC and attempted to report the wrongdoing of this cult has been ignored for many years. It is not illegal to run a cult. To grasp the severity of the situation at HOPCC, we had to acknowledge and truly see it for what it was, a criminal organization. Many of the congregants of HOPCC who are not a part of the inner circle are unaware of crime happening behind the scenes. They also have been blind to the abuse they endure, which made this a pretty successful religious racket. This was the perfect situation for affinity fraud, for sure. Here is some more information to consider...

Let's examine the court documents concerning HOPCC... From pages 11 to 20, there is an overview of fraud and money laundering by HOPCC. Section 69 states, "...proceeds and/or property traceable to proceeds of theft and unlawful conversion of government property, conspiracy to commit theft and unlawful conversion of government property, wire fraud, and wire fraud conspiracy; and is property involved in money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering." Now, fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit such acts all fit the list of crimes listed in the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act).

Another crime listed under the RICO Act that has not been mentioned is SLAVERY. The legal definition of slavery is "the state of being under the control of someone where a person is forced to work for another." Slavery is a form of forced labor in which a person does not receive payment or compensation for the work they do. There are many accounts of slavery in HOPCC in which members were forced to do strenuous labor as punishment for rebellion and dissent. For example, the testimony of Adam Boles and all the construction and labor that he was forced to do by Rony Denis under the threat that he would lose his wife if he didn't do what he was told and forced to make false confessions.

Also, for the sake of his family, Arlen Bradeen was forced to make false confessions and do slave labor at the church under the orders of Rony Denis. Many recall the video here of Arlen Bradeen mowing a 20-acre field in the heat of Georgia while other members sat on the porch of the servicemen's home and watched him. He was seen doing ridiculous and tedious tasks around HOPCC property while he was publicly shamed and humiliated by other ministers and members. He was being punished for his dissent and for not agreeing to the false confessions he was being forced to make.

Another example would be the testimony of a former member who is anonymous in the book, House of Prayer/Den of Thieves from the final chapter which reads, "Ten years of working in the "ministry" and all I was doing was generating over $100,000 of real estate income every month and giving it all to Jimmy, and on top of that, they made me purchase property, and purchased properties in my name without my permission, had me put it on the rental market, and give all the money that came from these properties to Jimmy. I never benefited from all this work I was doing. I was told my reward was in Heaven... Here I was, young, working without pay, paying full rent in the church house I was living in, thinking I was doing it for God, when the man was exploiting my willingness to sacrifice so that he could have two beach homes... So, the years went by as I continued to work long hours as a slave and gave up on the ministry." This former member was never paid for his years of working long hours.

The sad thing about the slavery going on in HOPCC is that there are many more who have been through humiliating experiences like these, but their stories have not been told. There is so much more going on in HOPCC than what has come out to the public. As we follow the gruesome case of HOPCC deeper, my prayer is for the courage of many more to speak out about their experiences with this criminal organization.

HOPCC has a lot to hide. This may explain the document-burning sessions that occur in some members' backyards at odd hours of the night. If you have witnessed these burn sessions, your testimony is valuable. It's amazing how powerful a little light can be in making evil scatter like roaches.

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175 pages of hopcc lies

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