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United States vs Phebe Ruth Denis Foundation AKA Wifey #2

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Breaking News Department of Justice New filing reveals new details into HOPCC conspiracy to commit money laundering by transferring of government funds unlawfully.

Who is Phebe Ruth Denis and Why does it matter. Rony Denis took Julie Boles as his second wife about 10 Years ago. She was systematically separated from her then husband and isolate for several years in Rony's house of lies until she finally succumbed to his entrapment she cut off all her family and friends even within the church and only has contact with one person on earth. Yes Rony will say she is free but if you ever saw her she displays all the hallmarks of someone that has been a prisoner and tortured mentally and physically. She changed her name to Phebe Ruth Denis and every man, woman and child in the church wondered what was going on and knew something was wrong. But powerless and unable to speak out against what they knew was wrong they most shamefully went along with it including Rony's own wife Marjorie Denis. Many have suspected this from the beginning. But Several sources inside and outside of the church know for certain now. Including his wife Marjorie Denis who for years now has known the unimaginable truth just ask her and she will tell you when its all over.

Rony instructed Julie Boles to open accounts for a supposed non-profit organization called The PHEBE RUTH DENIS FOUNDATION to ""Help the children of HOPCC"" But secretly they hid this account which is easy to do in house of prayer because there is ZERO oversight. When Rony was taking control of everything in the beginning of the church it was prophesied that the oversight of the Organization was the Holy Ghost. The spirit of God to oversee everything. No boards to get in the way of God moving. I can hear the crickets roaring on that one. This account and many others were used to funnel money around and away from the Bible Seminary $7 to 22 Million Dollars of Veteran's benefits the Government paid out to this rouse. Rony and Phebe are co account holders on several bank accounts at question in this pending Indictment.

Rony and Julie through the years have opened dozens of secret bank accounts his and hers they call them. How sweet our accounts that mommy doesn't know about. That's what they called Marjorie Denis. Mommy do you believe that. They all live in the same house locked up in there own separate wings. Disgusting! When they use to travel people often assumed they were an item. He showered her with luxury goods and would always keep her locked up and hidden away. His trophy white wife that was a status symbol that he had always wanted and a sign that he was successful. That he had arrived. That's what he had taught and thought.

Its pretty ironic don't you think. Millions come in and Millions go out.

80 bank accounts at 20 banks

2 women same last name Same address and who would of thought that Rony would be so naive to think that eventually it would not catch up to him.

Why not change the name on the account Speedies Money Laundering Foundation.

That has a little ring to it.

By the power vested in me by the State of Demonic Confusion, I now pronounce you husband and wife #2

Open Rebuke is Better than Secret Love !


The following document was filed in the Southern District Court of Georgia on Feb 23, 2023 outlining some more evidence from the Federal Case against Rony and Hopcc. Possible charges are looming Lying to the government/Money laundering Tax evasion etc. That PRD Foundation Accounts was the direction that laundered funds were going into. HOPCC Has until approx. March 15, 2023 to answer why these first round of forfeitures should overturned. Will They respond to this legal action. That still remains to be seen . It is suspected that they will wait until the deadline to file but then also what can I say Rev Robertson. It is kind of a catch 22 because they don't want to go on record and perjure themselves. Meanwhile we have recorded Baby Rony on the Polycom/Intercom/Jim Jones Device telling Marcus Labat and Omar Garcia the Bible College administrators not to admit any wrongdoing to the Federal investigators. Yes we have the recording. Is that an official statement Rony. Do you think Steve Sadow would like to hear this one also we can arrange that. Also we have Denis and others during church telling the congregation on record saying that The whole FBI case against the church is because they changed the law that the government is coming after the church because Rony has stood up against the Gay Agenda. Do you think Steve Sadow who is Rony's white collar lawyer is going to endorse your enflaming rhetoric against The Gay Movement. Denis is also on recording saying that these legal actions are basically like a class action lawsuit and that its the people who left the church's fault. OKAY You know Putin and Bin Salman both dictators and tyrants in their own right blames Homosexuals also for all there problems. Rony is recorded saying that not to admit any wrongdoing very wise council plead the fifth. Rony says this is a class action lawsuit somewhere in his deceived little mind he would hope that that was true. Now I haven't looked it up but I would beg to differ that this is not anything like a class action lawsuit. This isn't some soap that makes your Rolls Royce Clear Coat cloud up this is Jail time for some poor souls that will not admit any wrongdoing. Well Done and Good luck in the court room with that defense your honor.

Picture of Rony Denis's Rolls Royce Leased with GI Bill Funds received into his accounts.

Hey Dorthy you and Todoe follow the Yellow brick road

Alice go down this rabbits hole

And Confucius read these tea leaves

Whatever your thing is we got something for you

Read this detailed highlighted copy

Outlines the pattern of Money laundering which is a federal offense

Follow the Red arrows See for youself the direction of the money flow

Previously reported on

Get caught up on the original filing that was filed in January

Everything you need to know


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For I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. Mene Mene tekel upharsin


Feb 25, 2023

That’s one of the many accounts rony used for money laundering. I pray EVERYTHING will be exposed, including Mortgage and Insurance fraud.

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