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Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Rony Denis's and HOPCC You've Been Served!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A Court Sealed Civil Lawsuit has been filed against The House of Prayer on May the 11th. The primary target is the Founder of the organization Rony Denis according to previously uncovered correspondences disclosed by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia.

A Lawsuit has been filed against you. That's short and sweet if you ask me.

4:23-cv-00091-WTM-CLR United States Of America v. House of Prayer Bible Seminary

William T. Moore, Jr, presiding

Christopher L. Ray, referral

Date filed: 04/07/2023

Date of last filing: 05/11/2023

We seek to give current and former members insight to the proceedings but in our breakdowns we attempt not give advise or information to the criminals knowing that they come to this site more than the anyone else.

We have several informants from with in the church and always keep there matters confidential we have on many occasions caught Denis and his minions attempts to pose as disgruntled members fishing for information.

So to those seeking to reach out you will be100% safe with contacting us we know what your going through and can lead you to safety.

Here's what we know A sealed Civil Lawsuit was file against The House of Prayer Bible Seminary. As of this moment publicly no names have been released to this particular legal filing that we know of. Below is the Official service of the lawsuit served to House of Prayer.

Poor Sister Nostrant has to pick up the trash.

SUMMONS Returned Executed by United States Of America. House of Prayer Bible Seminary served on 5/5/2023, answer due 5/26/2023. (Patrick, Bradford) (Additional attachment(s) added on 5/11/2023: # (1) Flattened PDF)

Court Watchers Analysis

Full docket text for Document 11: Is Restricted or in other words sealed by request of the prosecutor in order to secure space for victims and suspects to be able to provide candid and unsensored testimony. It is normal in these types lawsuits of and it means that we will not see the actual printed lawsuit until further along in the proceedings.

The biggest question we hear and have asked ourselves is what is taking so long? What is contained in the lawsuit? And last but not least is Denis going to go to Jail and be some big guys girlfriend. Very Bad taste if you ask me but to each his own. All valid questions and we will address them all. We will give a little bit of a background and here is our breakdown of the breakdown.

Lets recap for all those first timers here is the 1,2,3's of the case

It is taking a long time starting with the most pertinent information that affects these proceedings. What can be seen as the starting point of this investigation and the halting of Millions of Dollars being paid to HOPCC for a shady bible colleges that equates to a weds night bible college that you would do with pastor hank at your local church minus the little man on the polycom. That was the Veteran success letter to Department of VA and members of congress in August of 2020.

Veterans Education Success works on a bipartisan basis to advance higher education success for veterans, service members, and military families, and to protect the integrity and promise of the GI Bill® and other federal postsecondary education programs. A lot can be said of their work and you have to read it for yourself to appreciate it.

Once that letter was received it poured gasoline on the already initiated investigation that was being conducted into allegations against HOPCC.

For the first time a proper investigation was completed and many people came forward dozens of former and current members gave hundreds of hours of interviews. With Mountains of evidences the the FBI And the VA were able to get warrants to conduct surveillance and collected various forms of evidence collection. Wire Taps, Biometric, Forensic , Bank information and even in some cases they will use drones to surveil your property.

Recently FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged the law enforcement agency uses drone aircraft in the United States for surveillance in certain difficult cases. Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that drones are used by the FBI in a “very, very minimal way and very seldom.” We are not 100% sure but maybe some of those things flying in your yard are FBI Drones.

Dec 2020 School started losing funding

Dec 2021 The bible school was still getting some funds even up to June 2022

The Raid June 23 2022

5 sites were served Federal Search Warrants All across America.

Search Warrants are sealed but The Man at the door Rev Robertson knows what it looks like.

The premises was that Wire Fraud False claims to government etc.

Funds seized

Laptops sized

Cash seized from a safe

Paperwork seized

Physical evidence seized

One Broken door unclaimed.

July 2022 House of Prayer was brought up on congress floor debate for being currupt

2022-2023 National media coverage on most regional levels was very active over 50 midsized websites reported on the raids. It Has been projected that once the charges are official and it goes to the next level that nationwide coverage will be on the Larger mainstream news Denis will have went Viral. In some weird wicked sick way he wants it to happen.

Almost one year after The FBI Raid that shook Rony and associates to the core.

Some have been dismayed and wondered what is taking so long but there are a lot of layers to this onion.

Formal Complaint filed Jan 2023

Laid out charges in order to finalize the asset forfeiture

Funds forfeited from raid Final notice March 2023

House of prayer did not submit a request to challenge the complaint subsequently pleading the fifth amendment.

A civil investigative demand CID was filed in April 2023

HOPCC failed to comply to said Request unfulfilled this was there last chance to comply

What has House of Prayer done to defend itself against the charges.

Short answer is nothing but the long answer is a Strategy of avoidance the drawing out of time the action of keeping away from or not doing something.

They have not cooperated and have not answered any request for information that has satisfied the court and basically is pleading the fifth which is their right to do. They are using the scripture that Christ said nothing to his accusers to keep their members silent that is their defense. Now that they may soothe their conscious inside the bubble of the cult but that will not protect them from a successful prosecution in the real world.

But that does not matter if you don't care for the people. Listen to the recording below of Rony Denis force feeding all the blame down his members throats as he is looking at real estate in the islands basically taking the money and running.

Federal Lawsuit filed on 05/11/2023 That they have until 5/26/2023 to answer

This time they will answer it is a basic legal proceeding and unless the plea bargain the terms of the lawsuit a court date will be set sometime in the next few months.

Remember this is the civil part of the proceedings and basically it is all about the money. Criminal Proceedings will take place sometime in the future they don't always have to wait until the end of the civil proceedings but that is up for the prosecutor to decide and every case is different

What's in the sealed lawsuit

It is sure to at least have some of the Content shared previously in the formal complaint.

That complaint focused mostly on False claims act illegal conversion of Government property and wire fraud charges.

Total Amount of Damages incurred by the government

The only two entities that know exactly what is in the Lawsuit is Rony and The Government.

What's next

Answer to summons, Preliminary hearings Possible Jury or bench Trial

Civil penalty of approx. 22million + Damages which would bankrupt the church and force them into another round of asset forfeiture etc.

Criminal Referral or indictment, Federal criminal charges, Federal criminal trial, Federal Criminal forfeitures

Final sentencing and always the right to appeal

All together this entire process can take years and most likely will unless the criminals plea bargain but they still will suffer penalty. This is not going away.

But sit back and enjoy the ride the conviction rate for crimes like this are very high and the amount of evidence is not even completely known. We do know what we do know the volumes and nature of material given to investigators

Physical evidences, Forensic evidences Photographic evidences Video and audio recordings

Maps, and human resources still recording Denis movements to this day embedded deep in the system.

Other comparative cases of this nature that went to court in the last 5 years. All of them ended with jail time and stiff penalties. Bubba may have to wait but in all those cases they follow the money and it the money knows where it has been it is truthful it doesn't lie. It is only a matter of time.

According to one source who is more familiar with the investigation and seeks to remain anonymous there are at least 6 but not limited to 10 people who will be looking at multiyear prison sentences. Rony is the main target. There is no parole in the Federal System

Another source also from within the church explained how coverup operations are going on in earnest from Augusta to Fayetteville to Hinesville many trips of paperwork have been organized and Todd Retzlaff is even being implicated as a main player. Mr. Retzlaff a minister in house of prayer is being tasked with a lot to have to deal with conjuring up documents and the couching of bible seminary students. He has done several interviews with students and some have actually reached out to detectives because they felt they were being compelled to lie. False claims. And then there is always the surprises that will come like additional charges for other crimes that have been uncovered especially the real estate fraud case that is also silently going in the background.

So keep Watching the skies you Denisites. For your Miracles.

Now here is a word from our sponsor

AM I My brothers Keepers INC has a new story from inside the cult.

Cult Master Rony Shameless is so desperate for revenge he actually solicited former members who have left to try to entice them to harass his own wife in an attempt to lure them into something nefarious. He and or one of his BDG'S (Brain Dead Guppies) feigned to be a disgruntled church member who wanted to confront Denis wife at a doctors appointment they sent pictures of Marjorie and Moriah Denis attempting to use them as bait. The acted as they were a sister in the church trying to expose sister Denis. When this fictitious person was asked about Rony's dirty dealings they were pretty tight lipped so it was obvious that they were role playing.

Picture of Marjorie and Moriah Denis taken by BDB agent of Denis Royal Guard

But Denis the Rat you can be smelled from a mile a way you smell like you have been hanging out to close to your new boyfriend Randy Bercini yes three day hot trash is all i can say about that.

Mr Smug himself

Exclusive never heard before audio of Denis and the Rat pack in their jam session after the raid Hear the chops Sweet Baby Rony whining the blues to his devotees.

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7 comentários

Membro desconhecido
19 de mai. de 2023

Denis loves to trash himself on the poloycom then ask his worshippers if God likes it when he talks down on himself. To wich they worshipfully reply "no sir God hates it"! Denis God loves to hear anyone trash you right now for what you have done to people, children, families, ect.. God enjoys hearing you be real about your hypocrisy when others think you are just being humble. False humility!


Membro desconhecido
19 de mai. de 2023

I hope some preachers come out of Hopcc fired up preaching Jesus and spreading true revival! I hope they acknowledge their man pleasing ways and repent to preach real repentance in Jesus name not Denis name. 😂 I'd like to see some Churches rise out of hopcc that don't preach the fear of man snare. Or the need a man religion. I hope so e preachers in their mabey know Denis is a clown but is just waiting for him to go to jail, will preach Jesus after this is over with. It would be fired up for them to spread prayer and the true love of God like we first in visioned before the clown bait and switched us!


Awesome info and great article.


Edgard R Ramirez
Edgard R Ramirez
17 de mai. de 2023

Wasn't Denis supposedly worth 100 to 200 million?

Edgard R Ramirez
Edgard R Ramirez
18 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

I don't care who goes to jail, I just care for them to go bankrupt and stop operations for their manipulative and legalistic teachings of submitting to the "Man."

Let them break free of that atmosphere.

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