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22 Million Dollars of Lies HOPBS Birth and Death of The Fraud School

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Starting In 2011 HOPCC and its agents compiled a mountain of lies to get their Ponzi Scheme School Approved. Here for the first time is the origination paper work and everything in-between and its ultimate termination. In this bombshell 175 page document which is part of the foundation of the DOJ's case against the group details are everything. To anyone who was ever enrolled in this school You will find it unbelievable at the outright lies and the lengths they went to get this money. Robertson, Labat, Garcia, Nostrand, Led by Rony Denis. These people will be held accountable for their crimes against the government and their sins against God and Man. We will elaborate more when we get time so stay tuned.

Would like to see what items are in the Ministerial Preparation package anyone have any ideas?

Here for your viewing pleasure.

Download PDF • 7.53MB

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If a business accused you of stealing, but you had a receipt of proof of purchase, wouldn't you be willing to show that business the receipt to prove your innocence? Why then does hopcc continue to avoid sending investigators the info that investigators are asking for? Do they have something to hide?

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Yes they do


In a recent blog post "the dirty dozen" its funny how signatures for receipt of mail doesn't match the signatures that were used on VA documentation that we see in the most recent blog post "the birth and death of a fraud school". Why does Luke sign for all the recieved mail reciepts. Just weird. That may or may not be illegal, but just weird. Denis and hopcc do not know how to do anything but lie. They lie unnecessarily just to muddy waters. Crazy cookie monster signs for HOP mail. On aother note, its something how In 2020 Labat is in constant contact with school officials to keep the school running during the pandemic through distant learning. Email after…


In light of all this evidence, this controversy, what will Rony do? Is the next move Augusta Ga. Move people up there maybe, or have members visit for a while so there's a church service. Who will lead the church service, maybe someone that was won by someone who is no longer in hopcc.

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He mentioned on the poloycom having conferences in Clarksville before I left. But I believe he'll go to Hati or Mexico. They have churches now in Hati, Mexico, and El Salvador. They call on the poloycom and worship him all the time.

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