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H.O.P.C.C AKA "The Dirty Dozen" Feds Seize Assets Under False Claims Act

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

May 23, 2023 Final Default Judgement on over $150,000 Funds illegally begotten By HOPCC Leadership

• Rony Denis Founder and Known Child Abuser

• House of Prayer Christian Churches of America, Inc.

• Phebe Ruth Denis AKA Julie Boles Wifey #2

• Rev. Anthony S. Oloans Church Political Organizer

• Rev. James B. Benton Real Estate Fraud Operations

• Rev. Jeffrey Derby Church Media Liaison

• Marjorie Robertson Denis Wife #1

• Rev. Dennis Nostrant Church Bookkeeper

• Rev. Marcus Labat Bible Seminary Principal Agent

• Rev. Gerald Robertson CEO of HOPCC and Mr. YES SUR Himself

• Rev. Christopher Ryan Barnes Paper Pastor of Tacoma Bible College

• Steven Sadow, Esq Richest man in this story Legal Council $500,000 yearly retainer

HOPCC was raided last June and Several Bank Accounts were arrested. Also an unspecified amount of cash from a safe located at the Hinesville Airport Rd Location was seized.

The Ministers names that are on the six bank accounts were all served Federal Notices.

They had over 8 months to give one reason why the funds should not have been confiscated and

The Churches

Lay down and act like nobody is in the chicken coup legal strategy. It Paid Off!

For The Government

This is Certainly one of Several Asset forfeitures in the making.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Asset Forfeiture Program's (AFP or the Program) mission is to use asset forfeiture as a tool in order to deter, disrupt, and dismantle criminal enterprises by depriving criminals of the instruments of illicit activity. The effective use of both criminal and civil asset forfeiture is an essential component of the Department’s efforts to combat the most sophisticated criminal actors and organizations—including Fake and Fraudulent Churches, terrorist financiers, cyber criminals, fraudsters, human traffickers, and transnational drug cartels.

Now for the next contestant on your church is wrong come on down. Rev Luke Lawhon

your reward for your faithful service and all things denying the truth will be a life time of confusion and having to be the guy who picks up Rony Denis' trash. Good Luck with that one brother.

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Where The Pros Go.

• Phebe Ruth Denis AKA Julie Boles Wifey #2

Threes Company Rony and his two wives all served together How Telling.

The neighbors are wondering Whose who over there.

Bunk Mates Marcus and Jeff Friends to the end Heide Ho Brother

Has any one ever asked why do all these people live together.

Please download now Save for your own collection These vintage Americana Green back certified letter response forms. Due to the High volume of Legal filings being sent To Corrupt Fake Holiness Ministers in this region. The Us Post office has ran out of these green slips and they are now collectible items.

Did Luke Lawhon Drive around with the agent delivering all these services.

Dennis Nostrand Lives at the Church

One hand writing analyst has confirmed that these peoples signatures appear as the Cookie Monster Has Taught them how to write.

A second one gave their expert opinion that they seem to be on drugs or were in kindergarten.

Read the complete 41 pages for yourself

service 41 pages special
Download PDF • 8.28MB

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Please send the link to your family members inside the cult so they can see for themselves.

Here are the Case Numbers for Your convenience

4:23-cv-0009 USA vs Seminary Bank Accounts

4:23-cv-00091 USA VS HOPCC

4:07-mj-00036 USA VS Denis

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Updated 5/25/23 New Filing

5-25-2023 final
Download PDF • 263KB

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