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The Contempt of HOPCC

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Federal Civil Contempt Charges Filed 9/25/23 on 3 Church Leaders

Labat, Robertson, and Pilkington The beginning of charges

Everything you need to know and some of what you don't.

In 2019 The Department of Justice launched a formal investigation into HOPBS because their were creditable claims of violations to the false claims act.

Church leadership had been bilking veterans of Millions of their hard earned education benefits and investigators finally caught on to the scheme.

Marcus Labat who was point of contact for the School was leading the Department of Veterans Affairs and its inspectors to believe he was a lowly Bible Seminary Administrator reserved the council of Steve Sadow. For those of you who don't know him Sadow is one of Georgia's premier Criminal defense lawyers who has many high profile clients and is really good at getting people out of trouble. Marcus a young minister married to his faithful wife Ilene of over 15 years a member a a small holiness church and a good law abiding citizen. Hires and has the money to hire Steve Sadow who represents rappers who shoot people in nightclubs for hundreds of thousands of dollars is representing Marcus for a small civil inquiry about what he claims to be some accounting errors. No Rony this is not a rounding error Nice trice. Much more can be said about that we will Connect those dots later. La La La La.

Federal Prosecutors served Hopcc a Civil Investigative Demand or CID. CID"S are a kind of subpoena – a legal document enforceable in court that seeks documents or other information related to an investigation. Law Enforcement will send CIDs to get information from companies it thinks may have violated the law

Original CID
Download PDF • 171KB

Emails provided in the filings show that Marcus through his council Steve Sadow stated that they were going to comply with the investigation. This did not happen as it should. If they were innocent of the allegations they would of easily been able to show their evidences and supporting documents and the matter would have been settled without any public acknowledgment Because they did not comply and repeatedly dodged and stalled addressing their problem. The FBI was then selected to lead in with the investigation.

This went on for over two years. Labat and HOPBS Agents provided some information but did not answer the bulk of questions that were being ask. The whole time The school was collecting millions of dollars in Federal Education Funds.

June 23, 2022 The Early Morning Raid

The Department of Veterans Affairs Investigators, DOJ Prosecutors, FBI special agents with local law enforcement executed search warrants to do a physical search of 5 separate HOPCC Locations literally across the nation seizing computers, documents, cash from a safe, everything of value. One thing they didn't take was the polycolm device.

This event became national news and many local and regional news outlets carried the story live from HOPCC Main Building in Hinesville Ga. Immediately the school was cut off from receiving any more government funds siting the Current FBI Investigation. HOPBS also had approx. six bank accounts confiscated by the federal government. The total of these funds were over $150,000.

The church made no public comment or defense. No omissions to their members of why this was happening. Members that were there during the Raid were strictly forbidden to speak about it to other members. It is what you call an open secret. One of many in House of Prayer.

Jan 2023 to Sept 2023. Civil Asset Forfeiture

The government filed for asset forfeiture of those funds. They showed cause that they were suspected of being used in a fashion that was illegal. The government showed how that the had converted those funds in an illegal manner converting and concealing the transferring of the funds deceitfully. This is called Money laundering they traced the fund movements into over 80 accounts that HOPCC operated. Hopcc and the over a dozen people named on the accounts all had a chance to appeal this and to show how this was not the case. It is the just and honorable thing to defend yourself from false allegations. But HOPCC Leader RONY Denis chose not to answer his name being on several of the accounts. And because he knows he is guilty had to let the money go. No Contest.

April 2023 to Sept 2023 Civil Contempt Case

The Government again made official demands public and served HOPBS Court ordered demand to respond to the previously filed CID. Federal prosecutors have asked the judge to hold three individual HOPCC Leaders in civil contempt of court.

21 Contempt
Download PDF • 222KB

Download PDF • 237KB

Marcus Labat HOPBS Lead Administrator

Gerald Robertson HOPPC Bible Seminary Leader and Hinesville Pastor

William Dan Pilkington HOPCC Chief Financial Officer and Lead Pastor under Rony Denis

Civil contempt of court refers to disobedience of an order of the court which carries quasi-criminal penalties rather than direct criminal penalties.

Background How could this Happen

Hopcc has instructed all there member not to speak to anyone and has the Members believe that the church is being persecuted for making a stand against The LGBT Agenda. They use the Government and Agenda as a boogeyman. They also tell them that Jesus di not even answer his accusers and that as a sheep before a slaughter they are to be silent. They are also kept completely in the dark about all the investigation and are being told that this year will be the Rapture of the church. They teach that The bible says that no man shall know that date. But then they teach that it doesn't say that any man will ever know the date. They also teach that Their leader is more than a man and that he is some type of entity. They twist scriptures. You cant make this stuff up. If it is the End of Days and nigh upon us all why is it so important for Hopcc Pulpiteers to have to ask its members for extra offerings and lean on them for giving their two mites to criminal defense lawyers is it the end of the world or the End Of Denis. BOWHAYA

In total for these two separate cases before the court the Government has filed over 100 pages of filings and evidence showing its case. And HOPCC has answered nothing except for their multiple lawyers trying to stall the proceedings and asking for more time even this case has been in progress for over three years..

Closing Thoughts

Hopcc made false claims to qualify for federal aid Sooner than later they are going to be held accountable financially and will have to pay 15 to 22 million dollars plus fines and damages to the government. Then they will most likely be criminally charged for several white collar crimes.

These millions have mostly gone to Rony Denis the authoritarian leader of The HOPCC.

They kept it a secret from the members almost no one knew that Millions was being paid into Denis's Nexus of Fraudulent bank accounts. They still don't know they are told that this whole investigation is the Government persecuting the Group. They blame former members for this happening. They literally hate you if you leave the church because you know the truth about their misdeeds. They lead the members to believe that it is even judgement for them being proud. They gaslight manipulate and outright lie to them daily. They are shameless and never admit any Fault.

Rony Denis is a very short man maybe 5'5ish maybe giving him to much credit but Anywhoo!

He suffers from a very large case of The Napoleon complex, known informally as small man syndrome, is a syndrome normally attributed to people of short stature. It is characterized by overly aggressive or domineering social behavior, and carries the implication that such behavior is compensatory for the subject's physical or social shortcomings. If you were to see him walk around the church he puffs his chest up in the air and walks around like he is Lee Haney or somekind of Cockatoo. But if anyone else walked like him they would be considered to be proud and preached to and condemned to hell. This is how it is inside the cult there is no accountability.

The money has been followed and the Federal Government already has identified 80 bank accounts that Denis and HOPCC operates.

Denis and his Brain Dead Guppies who will go along with anything can not even start to piece together all the lies they have told for and through all the years. Why so that RomDom can live in luxury and pretend he is in an episode of Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous.

The following statements have been taken from federal filings and is the main case that the Governments has against them in this false claims case.

They lied to get An exemption from the Oversight requirements to get categorized as a non profit religious exempt organization' that would in turn receive less or no oversight and

Had HOPBS related truthful and accurate information, rather that the materially false statements and/or omissions in the preceding paragraph and subparagraphs, HOPBS would not have been certified to receive Post-9/11 GI Bill program benefits and would not have received money from the VA

HOPBS made the following materially false and fraudulent statements and representations, knowing then and there that such statements and representations were false, to the GNPEC, the Georgia entity overseeing postsecondary educational entities, which in turn resulted in false and fraudulent statements submitted by GNPEC to GDVS, the Georgia SAA, and ultimately to the VA, including through interstate wire communications, including but not limited to:

a. claiming HOPBS received no federal funds in applying for a religious

exemption to GDVS oversight of its Hinesville, GA, educational program, within the

Southern District of Georgia, in or about December 2011;

b. omitting that HOPBS ran a location in Hephzibah, within the Southern

District of Georgia, in applying for the religious exemption to GNPEC in or about

December 2011; and

c. claiming HOPBS received no federal funds in applying for renewals of

its religious exemption to GNPEC oversight of its educational program, in or about

December 2015, March 2017, December 2017, and January 2020.

Had HOPBS related truthful and accurate information, rather that the

materially false statements and/or omissions in the preceding paragraph and sub

paragraphs, HOPBS would not have been authorized to operate in the state of Georgia

and, as a result, would not have been certified to receive Post-9/11 GI Bill program

benefits and would not have received money from the VA.

In addition, through interviews and the review of unsolicited complaints to the

VA submitted through a VA online complaint system regarding HOPBS, the FBI and

VA-OIG obtained the following information regarding HOPCC and HOPBS, including

but not limited to:

a. HOPCC established locations in close proximity to military bases in order to target military service members and veterans;

b. HOPCC targeted military service members and veterans, seeking to

exploit them and deprive them of their benefits, including but not necessarily limited to

housing benefits as service members and educational benefits as veterans;

c. HOPCC used various psychological efforts, including public shaming,

financial coercion, and control of minute aspects of the military members and veterans’

lives in order to control and exploit them economically;

d. HOPCC members were directed to enroll in HOPBS and to use their

Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to pay for HOPBS and cause direct payments to HOPBS and


e. HOPBS directed students at HOPBS to falsify educational records,

including attendance rosters, hours of instruction, and additional paperwork;

f. HOPBS students were not provided with a pathway towards successful completion of the program and had their course plans changed without their input and consent;

g. HOPBS denied and/or delayed providing students with documentation

regarding their education, including transcripts and evidence of course and program


h. HOPBS misled students regarding the content of courses and the

program, the students’ freedom to choose courses, grading system, and qualifications

of instructions, among other misrepresentations and false statements;

i. HOPBS failed to provide grades to students and rarely tested them; and

j. HOPBS falsified student records, including course attendance records

and graduation records.

HOPBS made the following materially false and fraudulent statements and

representations, knowing then and there that such statements and representations

were false, including through interstate wire communications, to the VA regarding the

Post-9/11 GI Bill program, including but not limited to:

a. overstating and otherwise misrepresenting the number of hours of

instruction performed by HOPBS;

b. misrepresenting the qualifications of faculty members of HOPBS;

c. misrepresenting the facility locations of students enrolled at HOPBS;

d. misrepresenting the facility locations of faculty members of HOPBS;

e. misrepresenting the time periods over which faculty members worked

for HOPBS;

f. misrepresenting the courses taught by faculty members;

g. misrepresenting the courses available to students of HOPBS;

h. misrepresenting the manner of instruction provided by HOPBS;

i. misrepresenting the quality of instruction provided by HOPBS;

j. misrepresenting the schedules of students of HOPBS;

k. misrepresenting the nature of the HOPBS education program, including

the requirements to successfully complete the program

l. misrepresenting the true content of courses, including by renaming old

courses to appear as new courses;

m. falsifying attendance rosters for courses, including by falsely and fraudulent stating that certain students attended the courses when in fact they did not;

n. falsifying financial records of payments by students to HOPBS;

o. falsifying information and records bearing upon HOPBS’s compliance with the “85/15


p. falsifying graduation and completion records of students of HOPBS;

q. Falsifying course catalogs, including by providing false and misleading information

regarding course names, content, and hours of instruction.

HOPCC and The individuals named above have until 10/10/2023 to respond and show cause that they should not be held in civil contempt. remember Kiddos civil means money to the government it is a way to financially compel potential criminals to comply.

After Civil comes criminal The government wants their 22 million dollars back sorry Rony its not your play money. Play time is over.

There are several more documents in the filings for those who want to read for yourselves. There is literally mountains of evidences and If you want to see more please comment and let us know.

Download PDF • 160KB

Download PDF • 741KB

Download PDF • 289KB

Download PDF • 813KB

Download PDF • 9.28MB

Download PDF • 87KB

Kadesh Moses Where are you?

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I see it as you may see it, that since the CID can be used in court, Rony told them not to comply, because if they did it would be Rony held in contempt and later criminally.

What is the update on the civil contempt? It says they had until October 2023…

If they are still paying the 200 fine, that’s 6k a month. It’s been 6 months.

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