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The Bradeens Are Alive and Well!

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Despite the demands of Rony Denis for God to "kill Bradeen," and the lies told by Denis' minions at HOPCC, the Bradeens testify of the grace of God!

There are always so many reasons and endless occasions to speak on the goodness of God! We have to acknowledge that it takes a great deal of time, effort, and resources to stalk the social media profiles of former members, steal and photoshop our pictures, and print them out for all the members of HOPCC to see... valuable time that could be used to spread the Gospel rather than spreading libel and slander. The ministers of HOPCC would have you believe that you are doomed to hell if you leave, that your life will be forever cursed, and that all of us who left the cult are living a miserable existence. We are here to encourage you that there is life and freedom outside of the cult. You can serve and worship the Lord in the true beauty of holiness. We encourage you all, whether you are still in HOPCC, or have recently escaped, to spend some time reacquainting yourself with the Bible and what it truly says. Reading the Bible without the constant nagging of Rony Denis will at times feel like you are truly understanding scripture for the first time. Your eyes will truly be opened to how this man clearly perverted the Gospel, prostituted the gifts of God for profit, and used the prophetic calling like a business. Seek the Lord. Your calling is NOT dictated by the regulations of HOPCC. On the outside of such perversion and legalism, you can truly discover an authentic relationship with the Lord. You will find your voice and true freedom to preach the Word. God is so good to us. We continue to pray for you all. To the HOPCC spies that frequent this site, you can tell Rony Denis that the Bradeens are alive and well!

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1 Comment

Thank God for this place of love. It was here that I read the testimonies of others who escaped and I got the courage to reach out to Bro Bradeen. Many have helped others, and I will be here to help whoever needs it. Bro Adam

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