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Leaving the Cult HOPCC- Bro. A.F. Bradeen


(ARCHIVES from June 25, 2018)

Victory day was May 18, 2018.

The victory was bittersweet, the sweetness was that the moment cult leader Rony Denis commanded me to leave, a joy came to my soul, and a freedom that I have not had for years. The bitterness is that my wife of thirty years, my two children, their spouses, and a grandson Ezra Maier, plus a church full of sincere but deceived souls are left behind.

Since I left HOPCC, I have done a lot of research on cults and some cult leaders and I am fully convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Rev. Rony Denis is not of God, but that he fits these scriptures.

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also are transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." 2 Corinthians:11(13-15)

"For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake." Titus:1(10-11)

I had confrontations with Rony Denis as early as 2005, but my wife was convinced that Rony Denis was a righteous man. She, along with almost all the women, easily come under the spell of Rony Denis and has come to believe he is infallible (Jim Jones had the same power over women). One lady, Tamara Oloans (Escudero), who has known Rony since about 1995, was asked in front of a group of people by Rony, "If God came down and said that Rev. Denis was not of God what would you say?" Tamara said she would tell God she respectfully disagrees. So, this means that Rony is equal to or maybe even greater than God! I certainly apologize and have apologized to all for my involvement in this destructive group. I am currently working to expose Rony Denis along with other survivors.

Friday, June 15th will make four full weeks since I have been set free and I am ready to write my testimony. You may ask why did it take so long? The answer is simple, it is just hard to process all the things that have gone on since the start of HOPCC, on January 1, 2004. I know what I am writing now will only be a very small overview, but prompted by other survivors, I must share my insight into this destructive cult which is hidden beneath a Bible, a strict outward "holiness" standard, and an extremely controlling, charismatic figure named Rony Denis; who has deceived his followers into believing he is God’s last prophet to the world and that the only way to be saved is to come to God through him. (A tactic also used by Jim Jones) But the Bible says, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” 1 Timothy:2(5) Anyone that claims they are the only way to God is claiming they are Christ.

This is not just something that I am saying. After the May 2018 conference Pastor Chris Barnes from Tacoma, Washington was called on the poly-com (a phone line that can connect many lines and can be patched through to the church P.A. system) Rony asked him to tell the people what he said the night before. Pastor Barnes said, “I know we are all messed up and unless you (referring to Rony Denis) call our name we are all going to hell.”

A few months ago, Rony Had my wife and daughter come to the poly-com after they praised and worshipped him and agreed with every lie he told, he asked the Hinesville church if they can tell that Sister Bradeen and Jennifer were almost ready to be cleared for heaven, that all he had to do was call their name?

Daily talking to people over the P.A. system was also a tactic used by Jim Jones. Do a Google or YouTube search for Jim Jones or Jonestown, different ones have said that Rony has referred to Jim Jones at different times, but I am convinced Rony did not just study Jim Jones and emulate him, but that the same spirit of Satan has entered Rony Denis.

At nineteen years old I gave my life to Jesus, on September 3, 1982, as a new soldier in Germany. Life drastically changed, and I was amazed to find that as I started reading the Bible I would find scriptures that explained the changes that I was making, I know that Jesus had done a great work in my life. I became part of a Pentecostal church, became aware of God’s call on my life, and after three years of being in the Army, I went to Bible College. I became a pastor in 1987 and married Christy Ann on November 30, 1988. For the sake of time and space, we will fast forward to November 2001, with the same group I became pastor of a servicemen’s work in Woodbrook, Washington. At this time Rony Denis was the director of servicemen’s works and he became my overseer.

By this time, I was becoming very disturbed about things going on in the church organization, after a short time at Woodbrook I was convinced it was time for me to leave. Denis was well-liked by the head of the organization and looking back it was because he was good for two things, money and numbers; he claims he is against both, but he is a liar, he loves a crowd, and lots of money. Denis was planning to leave also but I did not know it at the time. He could not openly let me know because I was close to the leadership and might reveal his plan. Like the serpent in the garden Rony is a master with words, he promoted the organization and tore it down at the same time, he is a minister of Satan transformed into a minister of righteousness. And, that is exactly what he does, gets people to conform to an outward form or standard only so he can look holy, and appear to be of God, the strictness, and discipline, are used to cause people to believe that they need his help to get closer to God. But really, he uses the Bible to manipulate people, destroy families, drain them of their money, and if anyone dares question him he will publicly destroy them. Paul warned of such in Acts 20(29) For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

Rony was my ticket out of the other church, unfortunately for me, it was out of the frying pan and into the fire. Like Jim Jones, Rony Denis promised a movement, we will live the book of Acts, help the poor, feed the hungry, and experience the Bible in a special way, only to find out this was just a ploy, he did not leave the other church because they were compromising, but rather because he wanted to have complete control, Rony is a control freak, he teaches that the Pastor, which is him is in charge of everything, the home, the marriage, the bedroom, everything. He says that all the children are his, and all the wives are his. One time he told a fellow minister and me that the way to control a husband and wife is to get them to hate each other. This man is an evil snake, “whose mouth must be stopped.”

You may be asking, alright Bradeen why were you there for so long, if this man is so evil why do hundreds of people follow him? It is just hard to explain. How did Jim Jones get over a thousand people to follow him to Jones Town Guyana, and how did he get over nine hundred to commit suicide? How do other cult leaders or evil ones like Adolf Hitler amass such a following? The message of hope and change draws the crowd, with HOPCC twisting Bible scriptures to get people off balance, and then manipulating them bringing them under complete control.

Rony Denis knows how to brake someone down to where they are dependent on him. He has money and power, he knows how to use both.

Many that are reading this have loved ones somehow connected to this cult, I have talked to mothers that have not had communication with their adult children for over seven years. Let me give you some insight as to how the satanic cult master works. (I know your loved ones did not go to HOPCC to find the devil, they started sincerely, but have been beguiled).

  1. He creates in them a need, a deep need for God, but really for him because he is the only one that is right in the world. He claims God spoke to him saying, “you are the last remainder who I have called to do this, I need you.”

    1. This is how he brakes people down.

    2. He needs a person’s trust.

    3. Then he suggests something that might have happened

    4. Then he will come back later, maybe the next day with, “do you remember this happening.”

      1. Do a search:

      2. Memory implantation is a technique used in cognitive psychology to investigate human memory. In memory implantation studies researchers make people believe that they remember an event that actually never happened.

  • Memory implantation – Wikipedia

1. implantation

2. Rony twists the scriptures to get people to separate from their families, he tares down parents, uncles, aunts, and everyone. He wants his followers to have no outside influence, he even gets them to through away family pictures.

3. Cult master Rony condemns all your past and makes you feel worthless and no good, to the point of depression. To where your glory in and think it spiritual to call yourself a piece of trash, dirt, or even dung.

  1. Some classes from the day school went on a field trip to the sewage treatment plant and the teacher told them that this is what they are, dung. Then some of the children began talking like that, claiming that they saw themselves at the poop plant.

4. He condemns all books, history, and commentaries, saying we have no proof these people were saved. At the beginning of HOPCC, we put in the prayer force magazine articles about John Wesley, John Newton, Martin Luther, and many others noting their contribution to the cause of Christ. Now all these men are called gay and ungodly.

5. No internet, no TV, no Facebook, no newspaper, etc. This is done in the name of holiness, and I agree there is a lot of evil in social media if that is what you are looking for. But really it is all about control. Rony wants his cult followers to only hear from him. He even says that God is not going to speak to you, but God will speak to him (the pastor) about you, and he, (Rony) will tell you what God said. But Jesus said.“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” Jn10(27) All God’s people know the voice of God, but cult leaders teach otherwise.

6. Rony knows how to implant memory into people. I will not even try to explain all of this, look it up. I will tell you it is real. The cult master Rony first worked on my daughter, then on my wife, and used both against me. Accusing me of all types of wicked perverted things, but the crazy part is that my wife and daughter were part of the perverted acts and they say they liked it.

They also say many other couples were involved with us throughout the years. I have contacted many of these people and they are writing sworn statements denying these insane allegations. I have personally gone and told one preacher, whom my wife and daughter claim raped our daughter when she was 11 years old, while the preacher’s wife, my wife, and I were all naked doing things to each other in the same room, basically watching an 11-year-old girl get raped. For months, cult master Rony Denis would call my wife and daughter on the phone planting memories in me of this and many other such things until I began to falsely believe and confess that some of it happened. I was losing my mind, this was torture, but after I said some of it was true, I instantly knew it was not, unfortunately, cult master Rony recorded all the false confessions and played them for the entire church, so even little children heard graphic perverted things at HOPCC.

When I realized this was all a ploy to destroy me, I snapped out of it and denied the things I confessed. This made the cult master very mad and led to him disfellowshipping me from the cult, what a blessing!

Once Rony kicked me out of the cult my wife of 30 years kicked me out of the house which was illegal, but I did not fight it. My son, my daughter, her husband, and my wife had all of my things at the front door, happy 55th birthday, and 30th anniversary. I did not fight it because I know that I am on the Lord’s side, and the truth will come out.

Since I have been set free, I contacted many other survivors and they testify that they were accused of the same things, sexual perversion, and child molestation. WHY WOULD A MAN, A SO-CALLED PREACHER ACCUSE EVERYONE OF DOING THESE THINGS? It's easy, they are doing it themselves!!!!!!!

Prayer is the key. Many have told me they have been praying for me to escape the cult. One brother who left years ago told me that he had been fasting and praying and taking my name and others before the throne. So do not stop praying for these souls, pray in faith and believing.

If God allows, more will be added later, but for now, I must find a stopping place. This is spiritual warfare, I believe cult master Rony told my wife to kick me out so she could become one of his mistresses, unfortunately, she is so brainwashed that just might happen. Pray – Pray – Pray!!!

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