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Are You Afraid to Leave?

Updated: Jun 7

Escaping For God's Truth

Words of Wisdom by Yvette Bowens

"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches" (Revelation 2:29 KJV).

To the hearer of God’s voice and the doer of His word, I plead and encourage you to escape from this religious way you find yourself in bondage to.  You started out trusting in those that were the closest. Some of you were invited to this place, unaware of what would happen.  You came in ignorance of the ways of this religion and its so-called promises. The invites you thought of were for your soul’s betterment. The people were so kind, gentle, and loving, in the beginning. The preaching hit home and some of the words pierce your very heart. In your ears, many of the words ring out, even today.  And these words became the road as you thought stepping stones to heaven, Jesus, and God. You became friends with those who invited you and they became like family. And some may have been your actual family. In fact, the words preached and spoken to you over time began to change your way of thinking into theirs.

You had begun to base your salvation on those words that were spoken to you, and it changed your thinking.  The words were subtle and sweet to your ears. You hung on to every word that was spoken out of their mouth.  You believed in your heart that you were saved and on your way to heaven.  All was right in your world.  And now you believe you are truly saved.  Well, this may be true or may not.   In the beginning in your ignorance, you trusted these people to give you all of God’s word without questioning its truth. You had yet to read God’s word with understanding or meaning. But the words were still being spoken to you from a pulpit.  Some of you did indulge in reading God’s word and found out its meaning. Others read little or none and just followed the words that were spoken to them.  And this became their salvation.

Eventually, God’s word became a thing of the past. His words no longer lead you to more of His righteousness. You now believed you had salvation and did not need it anymore.  It was easier to listen to those who spoke his word to you, and you let it feed you more than God. The words that were spoken to you had been tainted with man’s opinion. These people taught you how to pray, live, eat, drink, dress, and so on. You all began to form a small little community among yourselves, and outsiders were not allowed unless they were invited.   And when anyone was invited, they were scrutinized by those who they find them a threat. You may ask who was a threat? It wasn’t just the outsider that was the threat, NO. It was the fact that they knew that you were following them, not God and you could be easily influenced to leave.  They did not believe that you had any faith.


This so-called church needed your obedience to them. They control you now in some way or another.  You can’t do anything without their approval or permission. Among the congregation, you are rebuked and made an embarrassment. So now certain ones will not speak to you, and they won’t have anything to do with you.  So, you are ostracized by even your biological family that are there.  They have already influenced you to avoid all outsiders and that may include other parts of your family that are not a part of this so-called church.  So, if you are to leave, what are you to do? The men of this so-called church can basically find some kind of work.  The women, most of them have not ever held a job. So, they are afraid to leave the only life they know.  Some have children, cars, homes, and maybe money. But is it enough to go out of this so-called church and start anew?  And it is at this thought of leaving and escaping this place that fear sets in.

Now you realize that the salvation that you trusted in was man-made and where is your faith? Has God left you or had you left God? 

Your mind is now flooded with all kinds of questions.

Can you escape this place?

Where will you go?

Who will help you?

Who can you talk to?

Can you get some help or trust anyone from the so-called cult?

Do you have enough money?

What about your children?

Can you get a job?

Will your other family talk to you?

What happens to you now?

"O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?" (Galatians 3:1 KJV)

So now you think that you must get right with God. But God is telling you to get out. . .. ESCAPE!  But the more that you are there, you are bashed for your unrighteousness.  But you can’t get right in a so-called church.  You are going around in circles. So, if God has forgiven you, why does a man keep telling you that you need to get right?  Every time man preaches a sin, you are at the altar, I thought God had already forgiven you of that sin. They keep preaching to you about your sin to bring doubt and to keep you there.  

The most important question is:  WHERE IS GOD?!!

Who has and will save you?

Who has fed you all your life?

Who has protected you?

Why do you have to be afraid? God has said in his word be not afraid.

Do you have GOD?!!!

"But and if ye suffer for righteousness’s sake, happy are ye; and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled." (1 Peter 3:14 KJV)

Let the Holy Spirit Give You Boldness

Listen, each of you preach about the boldness the Apostles had in their testimony and making a stand for Jesus Christ. Seek the Lord now.

Don’t hesitate to use the numbers or email below. All conversations are kept confidential.

  • 912-675-4616

  • 912-492-5043

  • 815-579-2299

  • 912-271-7812

"Lord, when fear and uncertainty grip my heart, fill me afresh with holy boldness to do Your will."

Just Released records from The Columbia County Emergency Services 911 Logs

Marjorie and Moriah Denis 911 Call on the Day they escaped the cult and Left Cult Leader Rony Denis.

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