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To Those Who Grew Up in HOPCC and Are Still There

(ARCHIVES from April 13, 2021)

We feel so sorry for you and pray for you. You must realize by now that the whole HOPCC socialist experiment is a huge letdown. While the leader lives lavishly in his mansions driving his fancy cars, you are stuck with no future aspirations of doing for yourself and your family.

Is the “God’s Heritage” diploma worth anything? Will you have to get your GED? If you are working for HOPCC, are you able to claim that on your taxes? Are you allowed to pursue higher education outside of the HOPCC Bible Seminary if desired?

“A lie runs until it is overtaken by the truth...”

Please don’t allow the oppressive system in HOPCC to keep you back from being the person God made you to be! One young lady escaped and testified of being tortured along with other young ladies by being made to defecate on the floor and smell their own excrement because they thought they were pretty! Don’t allow a perverted jealous man to destroy the beauty God gave you. It is not a sin to be attractive. You don’t have to look like a sixty-year-old to be a Christian nor do you have to follow man-rules stolen from a different generation. Be who God created you to be in 2021!

God is real! HOPCC is a farce steeped in Marxist ideology. Don’t lose hope! Listen to what this young lady experienced at the hands of the leader of HOPCC.

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