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To All the Moles, Trolls, and Modesty Police in HOP

(ARCHIVES from April 18, 2021)

So, the cult leader still has his moles and trolls infiltrating people’s social media accounts to access pictures to show to his followers.

Some of these people with a little common sense in HOP look at these pictures and see people not trapped in the misery they are trapped in. Think about it, you are looking at us living our lives while you sit there being lied to by a man who doesn’t come to your church anymore. He’s now trying to say that Robertson started the church/cult so that he would take the fall for him.

The cult leader especially loves the pictures of the ladies, I wonder why? It was reported that Pilkington said that they wanted to see one lady, who recently left in a halter top. I wonder why?

So, instead of going out to reach the world, you waste your resources looking up people who left your cult to further brainwash your members with pictures of people who don’t follow your phony standards anymore.

Think for yourselves, folks! I agree with modesty, but can’t you let that be between the person and God? You may not like what someone wears, and they may not like what you are wearing. They told you not to draw undue attention to yourself, right? But what do you think you are doing when you are known as the black skirt church? If you go to the gym or go running on a track (after you get permission of course) are you sinning by wearing ladies jogging pants or as called in the military PT (physical training) pants?

Well…. you might say, it’s ok if you are in the military because you have signed a contract and God understands. But if the military tells you to commit adultery would God understand that too? Please wake up and smell the illogical hypocrisy!

Your cult leader is in an adulterous relationship before your very eyes, and you are sitting there looking at pictures finding fault with people who left your cult. “Sis.” Denis even knows her husband is fooling around on her. She investigated it and found evidence of his nefarious ways. She shared it with those girls that were around them whom her husband abused. Yet, y’all just sit there looking at us enjoying ourselves in the pictures he gives you for your perverse entertainment.

One young man in Hop knows he is not a Christian as many over there can’t be if you’re following Jimmy instead of Jesus. The deceived young man said that even though he is not right with God that he would still make it to heaven because Jimmy would call his name at heaven’s gate to let him in. What a sad pathetic joke! My question is where is his father? Yes, you were right to complain about having to get permission to go to the zoo. The pastor is not there to control your life. They are supposed to edify you by ministering the Word of God.

Paul said follow me as I follow Christ. Can you follow Jimmy? No! He is not following Christ. Can you follow Jimmy’s example? Blame the white man for everything, steal another man’s wife, destroy marriages, build a criminal racketeering empire and call it church? Is that what you want to follow? Be a socialist Marxist and live lavishly while everyone under your authority lives “equally.”

I’m just sayin’, “ARE YOU LISTENING?” Y’all not listening……….

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