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(ARCHIVES from May 7, 2021)

To all who were associated with HOPCC, I pray for you all to do well and to follow the leading of God’s Spirit in your life.

We do not rejoice in having to expose the evil of HOP and its leadership, but it’s the right thing that must be done. I would encourage you to pray to have the right spirit when having to expose heretics and those who shipwreck people’s faith such as Rony Denis and those helping him.

I would encourage you to pray for these people, especially those in leadership, that they would turn from their prideful, deceitful, and wicked ways and accept the biblical Christ as their Savior.

Many of them are just deceived. Others feel trapped with no way out. And others know full well what they are doing.

We may not have always demonstrated the right spirit in exposing the evil and corruption of this group, but I am thankful for those who have spoken out against the heresy and hypocrisy of Denis and his followers.

I would not call any church I disagree with a cult. Just because a church is legalistic doesn’t make it a cult. It may be cultish and an unhealthy environment but not a cult. HOP under Denis is a pure cult. It started off legalistic outwardly, and over time, Denis’ true self came to the surface to outwardly present the “church” as a cult.

Denis, as you read this, I understand how you may be past the point of feeling. I understand how your heart may be completely hardened and your mind entirely deceived by the demons you've conjured up. The same demons who lied to you about the rapture, the ones who change your voice and make your mouth dry. Denis, I want you to know that God is greater! If it’s not too late, why don’t you turn to Him and repent of your sins? God is mighty to save!

Let this be a lesson to us about all that bitterness leads to. Denis and his wife whined and complained about how they were mistreated at NTCC. Whether true or false, only God knows. However, if you don’t make peace with God, your bitterness will get the best of you, and it will hurt those around you.

Don’t get bitter at Denis. Release the hurt to God. Love your enemies, and desire for them to get saved. God is too good to allow an angry bitter man or woman to disrupt your life and peace in Jesus.

God, I thank You every day for delivering us from this cult. I pray for those who are still stuck in this cult to escape and run into Your loving embrace. I pray that Your will be done with Rony Denis and those hurting your people. In Jesus' name, Amen

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