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Mind Control & Manipulation Exposed!

(ARCHIVES from March 30, 2017)

Mind control and manipulation are REAL. It is one of the main aspects of a cult leader’s control over your life.

Instead of being able to think for yourself Rony Denis, the charismatic cult leader of House of Prayer Christian Church in Hinesville, GA, has manipulated his followers to put their complete trust in him and his ministers.

What makes it supremely WICKED is that he uses the BIBLE to push his WICKED agenda! This is what SATAN himself attempted to do against Jesus Christ in the temptation in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11). Just because wicked men twist the Bible it does not mean that the Bible is not right. It is right and we MUST rightly divide or understand the Word of Truth, God’s Word.

Just because this happened in a “church” doesn’t make all churches or ministers of the gospel wrong or not to be trusted.

In other words, there is NEVER a reason to quit on God! Rony Denis and SATAN, an enemy has done this, not God.

Jesus used the Word of God properly to dispose of the devil. The Bible warns about false prophets who would use the scriptures to twist, add, take away, and pervert truth just as Rony Denis has been doing. Enough is enough!

Fight back, don’t let him steal your family and friends, your brothers and sisters, and your mothers and fathers.

The preachers of HOPCC are controlled by Rony Denis!

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