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Get Your Children Out of HOPCC

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

On several occasions, this website has previously warned about the perversion, trauma, and psychological and spiritual damage that the children of HOPCC are subjected to. Our hearts are heavy for many of you still fighting for your children who are still inside HOPCC. By now, you have heard many shared testimonies of the physical abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse that has happened to former members that have left. The fact that these children have no one to confide in that will protect them from such abuse is appalling and heartbreaking. Some children that have experienced significant trauma have been forced by HOPCC ministers and their own parents to bury and hide the fact that it ever happened or hide the fact that it is still occurring. Let's recall an active member of HOPCC, who worked for the Department of Family and Children Services, reporting confidential case information to Rony Denis, and was later fired...

That's right... Marshel Webb willingly sacrificed her job to cover for Denis and to give him whatever confidential information he requested. There are members who also willingly lied under oath in court that they even knew Rony Denis. These are people with children of their own. We can't help but wonder how far they would be willing to go to cover for Rony Denis.

This is a very serious situation. We have not even scratched the surface of what happens behind closed doors in HOPCC. If you are inside of HOPCC, please know that we are not afraid to advocate for you to get the help that you need. There are many fighting on your behalf, but we are limited by the secrets that are kept by current members. That's right...some members know what has happened to some of those children, and because of their silence, are complicit in the trauma inflicted upon them.

Battle on the Homefront

There are some families that have been torn apart at the hands of Rony Denis, and ones that have escaped, have had their own children turned against them. For those with minor children inside the cult, we have not ceased to pray for their deliverance and restoration. Somehow...if there was a way to allow them to safely speak freely to authorities without fear of reprisal or getting in trouble with HOPCC ministers, we might be able to reach them...

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2 commentaires

07 janv. 2023

The parents of these kids are so weak. They don’t protect their children. These kids do whatever they want. They know this place is phony. So many children robbed of a normal childhood, a real education. Robbed of making friends outside the confinements of this church turned cult. And yes I said it, now I see it, this church is a CULT!!!


12 déc. 2022

One person I want to mention is Marjare Fotu. She has escaped!! Praise God!! Her parents lied to her saying her family doesn’t love her but it’s the total opposite, they love her so much and are so happy to have her with them. She has been through a lot, things that I won’t mention here but I’m sure will come to light very soon. I’m so happy she is out of this cult and I want to thank God for opening doors for her. She is doing amazing!!!!! Please pray for her brother, for him to have that opportunity to find himself and do things on his own, even though HOP says that you will amount to nothing and…

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