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Cult Master Rony Denis Response

Rony Denis the "Little Cult Leader that Could" admits to many allegations in his response to Marjorie Denis filing for divorce. Rony who is an expert in his own lefthanded ways is attempting to mislead the court by asking for a paternity test. According to The Man of Fraud he might not be the one. Like Micheal Jackson and Billie Jean. He's not the father shes just a girl who said he was the one But the child is not my daughter. I never knew Georgia had so many Lawyers that readily represent cults that defraud the government. I guess there is a market for everything these days. So in one crazy breath he ask for a DNA test and the next breath the Million dollar man is requesting child support. Read it for your self.

This message has been approved and notorized by Jeffery Seth Derby of On Fire Ministries.

Read the whole filing yourself.

Cult Masters Response
Download PDF • 2.25MB

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With all the abuse and the fact that Marjorie wad never able to work, she deserves half the assets and alimony. As far as rony wanting Mariah to move back in with him, 😄 🤣 😂. Does he remember all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse? Maybe he needs a drying machine to remember. Yes rony, keep pushing, because it will all come out in court. Don't forget the drying machine little man.


Unfortunately he only admitted to the first four paragraphs, none of which were the cause for the divorce petition. He really only accepted the technical aspects of the case, nothing about adultery.


So he's admitted to many of Marjorie's claims except the big one, adultery and cruelty.

One of these people is lying.

I, myself, can't confirm this accusation, just what I see in pictures and Adam Boles' testimony.

I'm leaning towards Adam Boles, I don't think he would make all that stuff up, neither would any of our testimonies.

But God sees and knows all. If Rony didn't admit to adultery when it is in fact happening, God will not let a liar's sin go unpunished, esp a minister-

IF the facts of Marjorie's claims hold true.

We will see.

Replying to

It would be nice to re-read some of those old testimonies again. I sort of just breezed through the first time around.

I think admins are monitoring the posts because they may want to keep relevant information posted so if someone new checks it out, the most important and viable info is up front, they won’t have to search for it too much. Also, it may interfere with on-going investigations to HOPBS’s case, depending on the information posted.

But the testimonies! Yes for sure! I say have an entirely new blog just for testimonies, new and old!

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