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Are You Holiness?!?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

(ARCHIVES from March 24, 2021)

One of the snares denominational and sectarian preachers utilize in their attempt to control the masses of their following is to cause them to think that their particular brand of Christianity is the only one that is correct or that they have such a special revelation from God that they are the only ones right with God. One such topic is holiness. If you ask different people what holiness is, you may get a different answer each time. Having spent time in HOPCC and having listened to the teaching of their pastor, Rony Denis, I believe that I have a good understanding of what a HOPCC member’s concept of holiness is. The HOP mind, and other destructive groups, believe holiness is intrinsically marked by your clothing. The most learned among them would argue that it’s an inward work of Christ in you that is shown outwardly by dressing modestly. Interestingly enough, they never speak of the fruit of the Spirit in connection with holiness. But what and who determines what is modest? The lead pastor of HOP, who is now called "Helper Denis," has flip-flopped on his definition of “holiness modesty.” They all must do it because times and generations change, and their opinions and beliefs are not biblical, but preference. Biblical holiness is the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. Through the years, I have heard so many different and conflicting standards of what holiness is concerning dress that I understand why we don’t read of any of them in the New Testament. I have also seen a lot of hypocrisy associated with it as well. The carnal teaching of such groups has produced an increase in blood lust concerning sexuality. Some of the women in HOPCC wear their shirts backward to raise their necklines to the absolute bottom of their necks to help prevent the “holiness brethren” from lusting at the little area between the bottom of their necks and their shirts. They also wear their clothing a size or two too big to prevent the “holiness brethren” from lusting after their curves, but you hardly hear anything about the men’s clothing. (It almost sounds like the Muslim religion where the women wear burkas and the men wear whatever). The men have some shape too, especially around the waist and bottom areas. They have all this “holiness” and are still in pornography, go figure! It creates a greater sensitivity for the sexual lust of the flesh because they are also on the lookout for what is and is not “modest holiness.” People like the HOP leader, Rony Denis, love to stay in the Old Testament. The sad thing is that many who hold to this form of religion in HOPCC haven’t experienced Christ but only Denis’ Old Testament salvation which is not salvation. Case in point, you have people in HOPCC that worry about women wearing pants, but you have women in HOPCC wearing skirts and dresses lying for Denis. Denis has stolen a man’s wife and parades her right in front of their face and these “holiness” people say and do nothing but find fault with the husband who left and had the courage to tell Denis that he was a devil. My suggestion to these Hop people is to first repent of their pride and hypocrisy. You are no different than the Pharisees. You swallowed a camel (making excuses for Denis) but are constantly straining at gnats (finding fault with those who left). Nowhere in the Bible will you find the length of your sleeve determining your “holiness.” Neither will you find whether earrings or women in pants make you holy or unholy. It’s all preference which in the Hop mind turns into a religious hypocritical pride that looks down on everyone who isn’t like them. You have standards and then you have the Bible. Which one are you following? There is nothing wrong with standards until you start judging others' salvation by them. If you want to dress a certain way that’s your business, but don’t judge someone’s salvation because they don’t look like you. Friend, do some serious self-reflection. Look for a long time into a mirror and the mirror of God’s Word. Before you so casually call someone, a sinner who doesn’t know God, consider thy self and the many sins that you committed for your “pastor.”

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