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Affinity Fraud: Game Over Rony!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

(ARCHIVES from August 24, 2020)

This is a text message that mimics Denis’ fake news style that was sent to well over 200 members within his group on July 4th. All the information in this message is 100% true and reflects the daily life of the members (your loved ones) within this group. Please continue to pray for them and do all that you can to help them escape.

These are truly challenging days in our nation’s history, but we with hope look forward to the greater peace to come with the coming of our Lord! We ask for peace through the scriptures that we would share with one another, with our families and loved ones, but some would not have this to be so; Namely, the criminal enterprise inside the cult, House of Prayer Christian Church, which is used as a front by the Haitian who fled from Haiti, Rony Denis.

Our fight for those who are trapped in the affinity crime snare of HOPCC is solely against one man, most in the group are in a complete prison of fear that has been built by Rony Lafontant Denis.

But this prison of fear is not as one would suppose. Many of us have been through times of real fear in our lives, some abused by people we trusted, others through the torments of war. We all fear God who is supreme and the life giver and taker, but the most damaging fear that one could not even imagine is the fear that HOPCC members of their pastor, Rony Denis.

We say that it cannot be imagined because it is a false fear that is so hyped in the minds of the members that the man, Rony Denis, has complete authority to cast them into hell and judge them severely for not following him in all his corrupt endeavors!

This fear is immobilizing to most in the group and absolutely empowering to the man who calls himself “Helper.” He has forced many in the group to confess to many sins, some real and some imagined or false. As a corrupt prosecutor, he only cares about a conviction and not innocence or guilt but only his case. He only wants to prove his point, that he is right and good is wrong!

This fear is his power and his crutch. He is a man cursed by fear. He does not have the fear of God, but what he fears most of all is losing control of his prison of fear. He loves putting all under his control in a constant state of paranoia and surmising.

He really fears losing control of his members, to wear he goes to great extents of making them feel as if he has been mistreated as a victim. He falsely frames news and information to his members in order to distort their perception of the world. He makes them feel like they are the ones who are under siege. But he knows that we are only exposing his crimes.

He leads them on to believe things that he knows are not true. He then subtly and craftily omits material facts and evidence of his misdeeds. The accusations against him are not hit jobs or slander they are based on hard evidence, all of which we cannot post on this site and are being looked into by authorities right now as we speak.

Rony Lafontant Denis lacks candor at the very best and is a complete criminal conspirator at worst.

He lives inside a world of fear that he has made. Just recently, Denis has been bombarding his members and their external families with a propaganda campaign in which he tries to show that he is right and that his church is the only right church. What he is actually doing is deflecting his own personal situation. He has members of his inner circle search for news articles on many salacious online sites and then prints them out and text messages the articles to his members. Many of these articles contain very raunchy sexually explicit pictures and news that they wouldn’t even put in the British tabloids because they have no credibility.

Denis is playing a game with his members. He is a false prophet. He knows if he only gets one out of 10 of his stories correct and a future event does happen then he will use that one event to claim his prophetic calling, and everyone will forget about the other nine that he got wrong. He has done this over and over throughout the years. In 2015, he put out a rapture date that has already come and gone and he says that he would never do that again! But every now and then he will drop little things for some of his most faithful believers. The current date that he is working on is August 23rd, 2020. We cannot tell you exactly what he is planning, but we can at least file this one away until we can claim a great victory.

After the five pages of information were sent out to the members, they were all instructed to call their cellphone carriers and have them block all text from all numbers that are not in their contact list. Everyone is also being instructed to not disclose any personal dealings from inside the group to anyone outside of the group. Denis has completely isolated his followers and with all his violent rhetoric, it would not be a surprise if violence will occur openly to the members. We are not drumming up false allegations, but if you had the evidence that we have turned in to investigators and the recordings of what is going on inside this group you would be very scared for your loved ones.

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