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A Call to All the Former NTCC Ministers Who Are in HOPCC- Thou Hypocrite!

(ARCHIVES from December 1, 2020)

How in the world can any of these “ministers” (and their wives) be ministers of the gospel? Are they even saved? If they were ever saved this is a cold case for the possibility of forfeiting their salvation to worship a man, Rony Denis, instead of Jesus. I can understand people being off doctrinally and still being in a relationship with God, but I don’t see how you can blatantly live in and promote a sinful, wicked, hypocritical, and Jesus-denying cult and still claim to be in a relationship with God.

I can vividly recall Robertson, who reported being saved at 19 years of age, preaching a sermon on his 40th birthday, in which he stated that he could finally say that he had been serving God longer than he served the devil. What a blessed testimony! But it is sad and devastating to see that has changed and to see that he has forsaken his relationship with God to vow his allegiance to Rony Denis. Robertson, I pray that you bring back to your remembrance this scripture, "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is IN CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD." (Romans 8:38-39)

All of these former NTCC ministers and their wives who left with Rony Denis to form HOPCC know intrinsically without a doubt that Denis has changed, not only his rhetoric but also the whole atmosphere of HOPCC since its inception. They also know that everything that he accused NTCC of he is doing himself, only ten times worse. In my opinion, they will all give an account for their cowardice and blatant hypocrisy.

One case in point is Hugh Virgo (the most senior NTCC minister still there), who had the foolish notion to criticize a woman in his church years ago about wearing open-toed shoes. She rightly left his church but before she left, she pointed out that his wife wore shoes with the back out pointing out the foolishness over their hypocritical standards of what they call holiness. Virgo had his wife get rid of her shoes that were open back. She explained to others that she could not wear them any longer. Virgo was bold enough to tell another minister’s wife that she needed to change the way she dressed because it reminded him of a prominent minister’s wife in NTCC. (What foolishness!) Yet, Hugh Virgo doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude (that’s church jargon for guts/gonads) to correct his brother-in-law from living in adultery with Adam Boles’ former wife Julie Boles, whom Denis had her change her name to Phebe Ruth Denis.

Adam Boles admits that Denis stole his wife! Virgo worked with Boles in the Tacoma, WA church at the inception of HOPCC. What kind of Christian (fellow minister) brother is this, you know that your brother-in-law has stolen this man’s wife and you sit there and do nothing! Many believe Virgo and others may still be in HOPCC because their wives are brainwashed, and they are trying to help them. I believe that is a croc. I believe that because the state that HOPCC is in now is ten times worse than it was when we left. Denis is overtly expressing his wickedness that anyone with any sense of Christ would realize that they could not stay in such a place and be in the right standing with God. If you are there and you are not fighting the beast system, then you are a part of it. All of you former NTCC pastors have a lot to answer for. And if any of you get out of Denis’ Animal Farm Cult don’t come out thinking that you are going to start your own church/cult. Don’t come out trying to correct us with your fake hypocritical “holiness” standards. You have lost all credibility. You don’t know the first thing about holiness. You lied for a devil for years, some may have even lied in a court of law for this devil. Don’t come out thinking that you are better than anyone else. Denis will lie on you just as quickly as he lied on us. So, don’t look down on us. If you are still there and not fighting against the evil of Denis’ system, then you are a part of it. You are promoting it.

My advice to you is to REPENT and seek the GRACE of God. This may be a foreign concept to you, but it is biblical. You know, the other side of the Bible that you don’t preach or teach about. But remember, there is a space of repentance, and you can’t come to God unless His Spirit draws you. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Hebrews 10:31

Are you saved?

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