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911 Marjorie Denis Escapes The Cult of Rony Denis With Her Daughter Mariah

Updated: Jun 6

On the 15th of January a 911 call was placed to the Columbia County Dispatch 911 Center with a 60-year-old woman calling for assistance from authorities to help her And her 18-year-old daughter to leave her residence where she said she had been detained and physically assaulted by her husband and another man🤕.

Last week after over 30 years of marriage to Cult Leader Rony Denis, Marjorie Robertson Denis and her 18 year old Daughter Mariah with a Police escort have left the disgraced cult leader. The incident was reported to have happened at their luxury home in the securely gated West Lake Golf Course Community In Martinez Georgia.

Several sources from within the House of Prayer have Reported to us Rumblings and Rumors that something big had happened concerning Rony Denis's first wife Marjorie Denis. We call her the first wife because for about ten years it has been an open secret in the House of Prayer that Rony has taken a second wife to himself. Julie Boles AKA Phebe Denis has lived with Rony And Marjorie for the past 13 years and finally enough was enough.

Now We would like to stress the fact that this information is in the preliminary stages. Cults are very secretive and those leaving them often do not report abuses. We will complete a further investigation and report back to the public once more is found out. We are in the process of requesting further information from authorities.

We did not completely understand the nature of what happened that day but the neighbors can confirm that there were police cars on the premises and through diligent search we have obtained records of the Court Filings Marjorie has filed against Rony. Through public records we've been able to Corroborate most of what we have heard.

Marjorie has Filed a Family Violence protective order in Columbia County that has been granted temporarily by a Judge until a hearing can be set. Rony has been personally served by the sheriff. Rony will be summoned to appear in court and we will be there with bells on. For decades Ron Calpone has by his advantage over the church been protected from being found out. He thought all these things were done in a corner and that they would be swept under the rug forever

It is unfathomable that people would go along with this madness this long. It can only be attributed to the verse where it was said of Israel That they made An agreement with death. Truly many in the House of Prayer who protect Rony Denis have made an agreement with something very hurtful to many.

Will the story be told about How Rony beat his daughter and Mariah's ribs were bruised

Will the story be told about the 3 teenage girls that were abused in the upstairs room above the garage.

Will the story be told about when Denis abused his wife until she lost the pregnancy.

Will the story be told of his concubine who was taken from another man.

Remember Denis spelled backwards is Sined

Marjorie Denis congratulations on finally standing up and walking out way overdue but Kudos My Hero

Mariah God Bless You sleep in for a month straight you deserve that and more.

You can sleep in Peace. Free from his shame.. and Frame Your Change of Name Certificate.

To A Child of God

God Have Mercy on Us All.

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To Marjorie and Mariah, you can recover from being in a cult, and you can go on and live your life for God.

In my journey the first thing I had to do is realized that Rony Denis and his mentor R.W. Davis, took the love of God and the grace of God out of the Bible, and from all who listen to their cultic teachings. God was a severe Harsh judging tyrant, ready to smite anyone and everyone in a moment's time.

It is not easy to recover from cult teaching, especially when they use scriptures to enslave their hearers.

Now you should take authority over the evil spirit that controlled Rony. Rebuke it in the name of Jesus…


Jan 23 this is to Marjorie and Mariah.... Please contact me if you all need any help in any way... Please, anything we can do to help you both, I understand you had to leave at a moment's notice, leaving Mariah and you in want... Love, a sister in Christ


Many prayers have gone up for both of them. May God bless and protect them.


Jan 23

Wow!!!! Sending them both lots of love and prayers! The journey to recovery from a cult is long, hard and painful but it’s so so worth it. #allgoodvibes ❤️


Unknown member
Jan 23

Praise God!

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