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Audio Recordings of Fraud

Updated: Feb 6

Last updated 2/6/2023

You Asked we Listened. Back by popular request and hungry for the spotlight. Please Stay tuned for many more recordings and submit audio yourself. The Man of Fraud Rony Denis has much to say and you will be astonished. Warning you may want to put your pets and small children outside because they have been known to misbehave and have sudden outburst at just the hearing of his voice.

In this disturbing audio try to picture what the children in the church are imagining when their so called Man of God works himself into a schizophrenic frenzy during a church service He claims to turn into a pointy eared being of some sort. You can not make this stuff up. Veterans this is where your benefits and tax money has went to. Joining our Silver Sage of theater is second to the throne Gerrad "Yes Suh " Robertson you may recognize him from his role that he played in the Indictment that is set to be released later in 2023 by DOJ Studios.

Gerrard Robertson congenital liar and current CEO of H.O.P.C.C

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