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Reconnect with your FAMILY and LOVED ONES!!!

Lucky 8 TV contacted Families Against Cult Teachings (F.A.C.T.) and asked if they could help them. Please see below information for their upcoming TV series.

are seeking everyday people who had a major falling
out with a loved one and have been estranged for
over 5 years .
This new series aims to help people find and reconcile with their
estranged family members!
-Is your relationship with a loved one so fractured that you no longer speak?
– Do you want to salvage the relationship but don’t know how?
-Is there a major life event coming up that makes it extremely important to repair this
broken relationship now?
-Have you exhausted all efforts on your own to reach the other person?
We want to hear your story!
If you or someone you know wants to break an estrangement
in your family please send your name, contact information and story to
realstories@lucky8.tv .


This may be a chance to reconnect with your loved ones who are trapped in Rony Denis’ web of deception!

Has Jimmy, Bootzin, or anyone in Hop Ever Read Luke Chapter 18???

Please pray for this 18 year old child.  She has grown up in Jimmy’s (Rony Denis) cult and this is what they have taught her.

What are they doing to this child? Technology is a sin? What? Marjorie Denis, the cult leader’s wife, had an iPhone before we escaped! Mariah Denis, the cult leader’s daughter, enjoys the modern day technology as well!

What does this 18 year old not owning a computer mean?

You can discipline yourself by jumping up and down on your smartphone because of “lust” and still have lust running rampant in the so-called “safe place”, The Place Of Help Hinesville Church!

Have you ever wondered why so much wickedness of everyone lusting after everything in Hop goes on when everyone is wearing “holy apparel”? 

A fitting description of some people who claim to be the only ones right with God on the planet!

The Greatest Showman!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! Brothers and sisters! We present to you the greatest showman of the church, RONY DENIS!!!!

Along with his band of performers, the ministers!!!

You will surely be entertained!!!

Each show/church service there will always be some drama, scandal, spouse swapping, fraud, or anything to fool you!!!

Now playing at a House of Prayer, Assembly of Prayer, and The Place of Help near you!!!

Striking Similarities!!!

Both Rony Denis and David Koresh drew the attention of local media. Both had more than one wife living with them simultaneously!

Both claimed to be Divinity!

David Koresh has a different name: Vernon Wayne Howell

Rony Denis has a different name: Ernande Jean???

Both had people worshiping them.

Rony says to confess your sins to him so that he can “clear” you.

Nationwide Radio Disaster!!!

Please continue to pray against to continual brainwashing and abuse of the children in Rony Denis’ cult. Just listen for yourself from this portion of their Family Talk satellite radio program.

For God so loved this “nasty” world? And always remember to give  props to “the man of god”, aka Rony Denis.


Now let’ listen to the theology of Rony Denis concerning how to be saved and make it to heaven.

Thank God for the Bible!






A one week hotel stay for $$Rony$$Denis! But his faithful followers wear thrift store quality, oversized skirts pinned in the back with the card declining at the self checkout in the Neighborhood Walmart for only a few small items of grocery.  About $6,ooo for one week, and the “great” man of fraud talks about how his poor preachers have no money! The great fake “missionary” who needs a list of goodies from the local pastors to pamper him and his family with, is supposed to travel abroad to reach the lost?!? Ladies and Gentlemen, $$Rony$$Denis is a FRAUD- PLAIN AND SIMPLE!


Feel free to check out the “items” the churches were required to get for the dear leader “preaching” the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“I like working with the soldiers, because they are easier to control”


If You Need Help!!!

We are here to help you if you need it. Don’t listen to the lies telling you that you can’t make it outside of Hopcc. 

You don’t have to be alone in escaping from the cult. There are people who are willing to help you to make it out!

Others have posted on here and have gotten help. Don’t worry we won’t tell Denis on you.

We all need a helping hand!


Rony Denis (little Jim Jones) would be fuming if he heard people telling him to go home (Haiti). He comes to America and has set up a cult and has destroyed families with his wicked teachings. Is there any difference between him and the dictators he grew up under, Papa and Baby Doc?

Denis is use to dictatorship and runs his church as such.

Please don’t get offended, this is all aimed at exposing Rony Denis.

From Karl Marx to Stalin, and on down the spirits working through Denis are nothing new.


He always spoke about his Dad vaguely. This man was the leader of the infamous Tonton Macoute, a special operations unit in Haiti used to enforce what the dictator wanted. He was arrested and was killed in prison.

Go Home Jimmy, Go Home!!!

Videos of The Hopcc Rapture!!!








More Highlights From The Rapture Rally!!!

Here we have the cult leader’s wife, Marjorie Denis. She sits idly bye while her husband commits wicked atrocities against God’s people. What would you give in exchange for your soul? Louis Vuitton, Prada, and St. John’s?

Next up is the mistress/concubine of Rony Denis, Julie Boles aka Phebe Ruth Denis. I wonder if she will ever get the front seat or will they keep driving Miss Daisy around.

The rapture meeting preacher, Hugh Virgo, walks off after preaching about the wrath of God to come, and how they need to get the sin out of the sinners. This theology explains why they do what they do in Hopcc. Instead of repenting and turning to Jesus for salvation they are busy trying to get their sins out but are actually committing more sins. This man stood up to Kekel, of Ntcc, but bows down to Denis, his brother-in- law. Virgo was one of the ones who knew that Denis claimed that the rapture would take place 1/13/18.

Here we have Johnny Bolger, a longtime trustee of Rony Denis. This man was seen on his knees along with Jeff Derby bowing down to Rony Denis.

This is George Hood. His family refers to him as “ Kit-Kat”. Hood is an example of being placed in an arranged marriage. He got married and his family didn’t even know about it. He is rarely seen with his “wife”, Keisha. They got married so that Keisha and her son could have financial support. Denis doesn’t like the women working on jobs, even if they are single, because he feels that all of the (sinner) men will be talking to them. So, they must be married to someone who may not want to marry them, but as Denis would say, “Do this for God” or “This is God’s will for you”. It is a cult control tactic.

Here is Sal, from San Diego. He and his wife through his former pastor and the pastor’ wife, Bro./ Sis. Figueroa so far under the bus that to the glory of God they left the cult and Sal is still stuck.

Gabe Rodriguez, with brothers like this who needs Satan?

Here we have Nesari and his wife in the white coat.

Please pray for this Sister, Sis. Lane, she thought that she got healed in the same service that Johnny Smithwhite thought he got healed in when Rony Denis prayed over the polycom.

Next we have Arder Chong. As you can see Denis has pawned off his responsibilities of taking care of his mother-in-law by marrying her off to “Papa” Reip. No, that’s not “Papa” Reip’s mother, that is Marjorie’s mother.

Is that Darnell Emanuele hiding behind his Bible? This is what happens when you have a guilty conscience. Please pray for him. Darnell, your mother STILL LOVES YOU!!!

….hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb….Rev.6:16

Jesus said that if you are ashamed of me I will be ashamed of you!

….they gnashed on him with their teeth……Acts 7:54

Proverbs 22:8

I see you

Highlights: Rapture Ready Rally 1/13/18!!!

Well, we finally made it to Rony Denis’ infamous rapture date. We were hoping that he would have been raptured to jail by now, or raptured to the Great White Throne Judgment, but God knows the day and hour.

Rony is not the only one to set a rapture date:

And we add to this list Rony Denis, who claimed that the rapture of God’s church would take place January 13, 2018 ushering in the Tribulation. Rony also claimed that God would take him a day prior to prepare a place for us! How sweet, except it was all a lie.


As the false prophet, Rony Denis, emerges from his vehicle he has his trusted trustee and bodyguard, Veronica Hietzman, guide him to the church. Isn’t she married? Is she trying to be the next Julie Boles? Just asking.

Here “Rev. Downgrade”, Gerard Robertson. Usually he is very vocal at these rallies, but since he has been exposed for sheltering CJ Vargas like a snake 🐍 he has backed off, and CJ is actually spotted with his wife this time. Notice Robertson’s bewildered look on his face as he drives by the brothers and sisters exposing his beloved cult leader.

This is the man that “Pastor” Rony Denis boldly proclaimed would be the pastor of the Hinesville church for life…..and then…..oops…God changed his mind again. CJ’s wife, Sing Sing, waves. (It looks like an S.O.S signal of get me out of this crazy cult!) We must admit that CJ is looking sharp in his lil’ Rony hat 🎩.

Next, we have the always amusing Amy (Jael) or whatever Nostrant. By this time the cult has gone into panic mode by having their panic alarms going off on their vehicles to drown out the conviction, but you can’t drown out the Holy Ghost and Truth. So, our good friend, Amy, who before left because of Denis’ rapture date nonsense, but then came back for some more kool-aid gives us a little show while the panic alarms are going off. Thanks Amy!

Next we have the man, Eric Jenkins, who divorced his wife on Denis’ command, and Athena Smithwhite, the woman whose husband died after Denis proclaimed that his “healing” proved (finally we suppose) that Denis is a man of God. Eric told his wife that he would not divorce her and even expressed to her earlier that it would be unbiblical to do such a thing. His wife’s crime was that she defied Rony Denis. That alone is grounds for divorce in Hopcc. The Bible teaches that Jenkins, who knows better, is living in adultery with Athena Smithwhite! He left his wife who was pleased to dwell with him and filed for divorce and then hopped into the sack with Athena. They are pictured here smiling and were at another time during another rally dancing in front of Jenkins’ wife, a woman Athena was friends with. They were not smiling like this in Greensboro, NC when Bro./Sis. Kings shut them down. The smiling just like the rapture date setting is all a fraud!

Here we have Pamela Robertson driving off her son and Jonathan Hietzman, Veronica Hietzman’s son. As you can see Veronica pushes her children off to spend more time with her beloved cult leader. Bye-bye 👋 little Jonathan we will see you next time.


“Not withstanding I have a few things against thee, because though sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetes, to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.” Rev. 2:20 KJV

Here we have the New Testament description of what and who Jezebel really was and is. It was common for the religious leaders in Jesus’ time to misinterpret things from the Old Testament, and thus in Christ’s time on earth he set forth to correct these false interpretations that gave birth to religious groups who strayed from the path such as the Pharisees.

The spirit of the Pharisees still lives today in groups who think they become holy by their garments, observance to law, and having strict judgement on others, and also, by not knowing the scriptures or the power of God.

Rony Denis, is one who is quick, to say that because Jezebel painted her face, that it makes you holy to not wear  makeup. But, Christ sought to correct this very notion in his visit with John after his ascension.   He states that the true spirit of Jezebel is to teach his servants to commit fornication, adultery, and to make matters worse, by claiming the right of a prophet to gain the trust of these little one’s.

Rony Denis has been known to teach certain types of fornication are ok! Anthony Oloans and Tamerah Escudero were told that they were married in the eyes of God, and were free to consummate one month before Gerard Robertson was dispatched to make it all legal to guard against controversy. In the meeting we were in before he proclaimed himself to be deity, he made a statement that God created marriage and Christians did not need to talk to the court. These are the things polygamist groups such as the FLDS (Fundamental Later Day Saints) teach, and once you accept this it makes it easier to have more than one wife if it no longer needs to be legal.

He has also become more bold over the years to split  marriages, and before the divorce becomes legal, he already has the spouse courting their next spouse. Now according to our Lord, outside of certain circumstances divorce becomes fornication if the person remarries. Rony Denis has become more bold to just divorce people because one doesn’t follow his cult teachings. He knows this is not biblical, and this is why he has stated that God has given him the power to divorce. Who should we believe on this matter, Rony Denis or Jesus? To make matters worse, he has a new person in the old spouse’s bed before there is adequate time to change the sheets, and go though a proper divorce.

This is Rony Denis embodying the spirit of a true she devil, painting his face hiding behind a false religious façade. This is the mask he wears. He holds on to the fact that he preaches against makeup, but under the lies and deceit he is the one truly wearing the makeup.

He often would wonder why God doesn’t back him up and judge the people who have sounded the alarm. Well, Rev. 2:21 explains plainly that he is the one God is more interested in judging. He was given a space to repent, but now the judgements have started for this false prophet. He knows he has been exposed and has set forth to destroy as many lives as he can before the final blow from God comes. He knows his time is short, so he will act like his father the devil.

Pray For Bro. Ronald Hughes And His Family: This is what’s going on!!!

This audio  is my sad attempt to but together my already tarnished relationship with my wife.

A little history so you can kind of get a better understanding of the circumstances and what was going on during these clips.

01NOV17 I told my wife I no longer was going to HOPCC and wanted to go to another church, because I came to the conclusion that they were a punch of frauds.

My wife began from that point on to distance herself. But I could tell my arguments stuck to her. However, she continued to go to HOPCC, and it was like what ever was working in her was extinguished. She would come back filled with bitterness and empty accusations.

Finally it got so bad I started staying in a hotel near by, the Motel 6 in Hinesville.  I would show up to try to win her over from time to time. But it always ended in failure. It was like talking to a stone.

They, according to a meeting I had with Jordan and Gladys, were using a bunch of sisters to turn her completely against me. He warned they were good at what they are doing, and that they destroyed many marriages.

The recordings

Alright here’s the first.

Some of the things my wife says are pretty harsh slanders of you or some of the others who are leading the opposition against house of prayer, I apologize to you guys on her behalf. These recordings are the private debate between a husband and a very contentious wife.

Here’s the other one

My sad attempt to reconcile my wife, urge her to tell me if she needed anything, and explain what a true marriage is. In one of the recordings we talk about make up at the time I though it was wrong but I’ve changed my mind about it since speaking to you.

Thanks for your wisdom and prayers

Very Respectfully

Ron Hughes Jr.

Tell Jimmy I’m not coming.

(Brother Hughes was kicked out of Hopcc for questioning the “Man of God”)

Happy New Year 2018!!!

It is a tremendous blessing to start another year in Christ Jesus, and outside of Rony Denis’ cult, House of Prayer. We are still here (do thyself no harm) praying for those trapped inside of what Denis calls the place of help, to receive God’s grace to make it out.

The start of a new year carries with it the sense of a fresh start. A desire to begin afresh and anew, leaving the past behind and moving forward in the right direction as we are looking to Jesus. Every New Year brings in for the child of God the acceptable Year of the Lord!

One year closer to the Lord’s return! It is always exciting when the New Year rolls around. Out with the old (Hopcc spirit-self righteous hypocrisy) and in with the new (the true Holy Spirit spreading God’s love in our heart)! Deliverance in JESUS NAME!

May God bless you in this New Year, and keep praying for your loved ones being held hostage in Denis’ cult, start or continue to thank and worship God for their deliverance. This could be the year that they are set free!

Jesus Warned Us!!!

Matthew 15:1-9

A perfect description of Rony Denis and his house of prayer organization. The scribes and the Pharisees questioned Jesus why His disciples transgressed the tradition of the elders, but Jesus asked them why do they trangress the commandment of God by their tradition?

Rony Denis disregards the Word of God when it comes to his traditions or what he would call holiness. This “holiness” has become his righteousness, more accurately, his self-righteousness.

Salvation in Denis’ eyes is for you to give to all kinds of functions he has devised for his organization i.e. world missions, building funds, love offerings, lawyer offerings, Sunday night budget offerings, radio program offerings, Bible School offerings, and even using your name and credit score offerings for the “work of the Lord”, the Bible does speak about giving but Denis takes it to the extreme to where he has developed a church Ponzi scheme. His program for what you are giving for would be ended but he has you still giving to it without telling you that the program has ended. His greediness has turned criminal.  As you give to all of his gimmicks, in return he teaches you his brand of Christianity which is not true Christianity, but Pharisaism, the doctrines and practices of the Pharisees.

Another ingredient of Denis’ recipe for salvation is the dress code. You must conform to the culture of his house of prayer by confirming to his dress code. They even refer to their clothing as being “holy”, even though the Bible doesn’t refer to our clothing being holy but for us to be holy. If wearing a suit is holy then all of our politicians are holy. We are made holy by God’s Spirit and His Word, not our clothing.  The Bible does speak about the attire of a harlot and modest clothing, but again Denis takes his traditions to the extreme with his dress code religion. You can be modest without being legalistic. The scribes, who were normally with the Pharisees,  also liked to where long clothing as well. They liked to make their prayers long, and liked to sit in the chief seats or in other words wanted to be recognized. Just like Rony Denis, Mark 12:38-40. In Matthew 26:5-7, Jesus also speaks about the Pharisees enlarging the boarders of their garments to be seen of men and how they love to be recognized and called Rabbi, Rabbi. Normally Christians could refer to each other as Brother or Sister. In Denis’ house of prayer, it would be highly disrespectful to call Denis Brother Denis.

Interestingly in Matthew 15 it speaks also about the Pharisees blatant disregard for God’s Word concerning the parents. Jesus said that the Pharisees made the commandment of God concerning honoring your parents of none effect by their tradition. Just like Rony Denis and his house of prayer.

Christianity is truly from the heart. Denis and his group has made it From from their mouths and lips. In vain do they worship God, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men instead of the commandments of God, which is to love God and your neighbor.

In Matthew 23 Jesus acknowledged that the scribes and Pharisees at the time sat in Moses’ seat, so he instructed his followers to observe what they said but not to do as they did because they were hypocrites. The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus. Thanks be to God for the proper balance of Scripture and Christianity.

Denis’ extreme views has led him and his followers into a ditch. His mind is so deranged now that he has people bowing down to him! The danger of the spirit of error leads to such cult worship.

On the other side of the spectrum you have those who have no standards or convictions, biblical or otherwise, yet claim Christ as savior. One extremist preacher who is opposite of Denis’ extremist views, says that there is no hell and that everyone is going to heaven. These give strength to Denis’ false claims that all are living “worldly and ungodly” except his organization.

The truth is, Christianity is a personal relationship between you and God through Jesus Christ. And remember Jesus did warn us.

“Have you ever lusted after anyone in the church, or had strong feelings for anyone in the church?”

This is the question that Rony Denis asked a minister’s wife who was in Hopcc. At the time Denis had this minister’s wife on the phone with other people listening in to the conversation without letting her know that others were listening in on this very personal conversation. The ministers wife answered “no”, and later realized that it was another one of Denis’ traps of wickedness. The sister never came to Denis for any issue with her marriage or so-called lust problems. So, why did Denis ask such a question with people on the phone? The sister was on the phone with Denis again, this time Denis called a brother while the sister remained quiet on the phone. Denis began to ask the brother if he had lusted after the sister. Why did Denis ask this question with the sister on the phone?

Denis is a master mind manipulator. He has gotten the Hopcc ministers to confess that they are either gay, lusting after their own daughters, lusting after the women of the church, and even lusting after Denis’ own wife. Once he accomplishes this confusion he acts as if he swoops in like some super hero preacher to save the day. Never mind that he caused it. The wiles Of the Devil 101!

Spiritual Wickedness In High Places!!!

There is truly a spiritual realm where demonic spirits are working to destroy humanity. God wants us to seek Him for help not these demonic spirits.

Here is Aliester Crowley:

This man carried the title of the most wickedest man in the world! He was an occultist.

Here is Rony Denis:

Arguably, Rony Denis could be considered more wicked than Aliester Crowley. Crowley was not hiding his wickedness, but Denis is pretending to be a good Christian minister, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and deceiving people in the name of the Lord.

This is how the Bible describes Denis:

Aliester Crowley was involved in occultic rituals and exercises which produced an encounter with a demon, which he drew a picture of:

Now let’s look at John Rodriguez’ testimony of Rony Denis:

“The climax of all this spiritism had to be when he called several ministers and there wives over to his house instead of going to church. of those present were Rev. Robertson, Rev. Bradeen, Rev. Pilkington,Rev. Schmidtke, Roscoe, and his last wife. (If anyone wants to fact check this, ask her, she was there) my own son was there also. This meeting actually turned into a se-ance. He came and sat down in the center of the living room, and would be telling us the things that were taking place. his eyes would shift back and forth and he would be saying things he was told to say. Many crazy things went on, but to name a few, he proclaimed himself to be Deity. (He actually said “I AM DEITY”) and he also claimed to be the savior of the world, said that God told him he is above everyone in the bible, and that God marveled at how smart he was, not understanding how God created him, yet he can finish Gods statements when he talks to the trinity about taking care of world events. He also said that he had spoken to Rev. Davis, and that he went to heaven, later, he would change that and say that he went to Hell. (Speaking to the dead is forbidden by the Bible, and is Witchcraft).”

That was a excerpt from Rodriguez’ testimony found on this site. Rodriguez was a minister working inside Denis’ inner circle who blew the whistle on Rony Denis’ wicked schemes. Denis would later say that Rodriguez was just a “toilet paper runner” at an attempt to discredit him.

There was a time that Denis locked himself away in a room he had constructed in his house. He fasted and cut himself off from the outside world during this time. He was performing some occultic exercises much like Crowley and encountered demonic spirits which continue to plague him to this day.

Pray for those who want out but feel trapped under Denis’ influence. There is power in the name of JESUS!!!

Matthew 10:1

Is Jimmy Really Going To Jerusalem???

Cult leader, Rony Denis aka Jimmy, has been speaking of going to Jerusalem to “prepare” the Jews for the return of Jesus. He has stated that God has specifically chosen him for turning the Jews to Jesus. He has even launched a radio program to help legitimize his claims to his adherents that he is the chosen “apostle” to return the Jews to Jesus. Plus, it’s good revenue for the Church. When Denis canceled his first radio program he kept it quiet so that people would keep giving to it, just like he did when he had the churches give monthly “offerings” for a special lawyer he claimed to be retaining for the church.

Here is Denis’ radio program designed to reach the Jews for Jesus but oddly never mentions Jesus: 

At the beginning of Denis’ house of prayer movement, which he claimed was called a “bowel movement” by a top ranking official in the Ntcc organization that he split from and was accused of stealing money from, Denis claimed to be going to Africa, but stated that the Devil hindered him from going. Denis has stated that he is a missionary at heart, but oddly enough his has not traveled outside of the U.S. since he has been in Hopcc.

He claimed that he was looking to purchase property in Jerusalem and have different ones from the cult to visit and “pray” with him. One young man who had just returned from one of Denis’ church conferences spoke of having a “rapture party” in Jerusalem a day before the coming of the Lord for His church. Denis had made a prediction that Jesus will take His church, which Denis claims his is the only one,  out of this world to heaven on January 13, 2018.

Will Israel allow Denis to go to Jerusalem? Will Denis even go himself or will he send a delegation? Whatever happens please don’t drink the kool-aid!

By the way, Denis claimed that he was Muslim because he liked the radical’s brand of strict asceticism. So, here’ one for you Jimmy:

Jimmy will most likely be traveling to Florida and back to Georgia. Remember he is a BIG LIAR!

So, what kind of “movement” is this anyway?

We’ll let you decide!

The Board Members Of Hopcc!!!

Now let’s look at the lie that “pastor” Rony Denis, the chairman of the board fed all of us.

Do they look to the Trinity for leadership or Rony Denis? If they looked to the Trinity they would find out that the Trinity is not in that place.

Rony will say that the chairman of the board stuff is just for paperwork sake, but if that is so, why is he the chairman?

This is one board that might require that you sell your soul to you know who. I’m glad I’m not  on that one.

So, Bradeen finally got his CEO status, but it looks like he was bumped by Robertson, and Virgo got his CFO status and Bercini the secretary. Good job guys! Now Denis can blame you when it all goes down. As a board you could have stopped him but chose not to.

The Great Sin of Gift Exchange and Rony Denis’ Hopcc!!!

Listen to the ultra crazy doctrine of Rony Denis presented by Bootzin introducing “God’s heritage children ministers.”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen you heard correctly! These children have not been given Jesus and the “twelve dudes”, whatever that is, and they haven’t been given “Christmas trees and gift exchange.” Why does Denis hate Christmas and “gift exchange” so much?

I understand the arguments that people make about the pagan origins of Christmas, but there are many things that have pagan origins like Sunday, but we call it the Lord’s day and traditionally go to church on that “pagan” day.

Don’t let the Rony the Grinch Denis steal your Christmas! 

Did you know that these guys didn’t like Christmas either?

Fred Phelps, from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church who also did military veterans wrong.

Herbert W. Armstrong, the longtime leader of the World Wide Church of God.


Charles Taze Russel, the Jehovah’s Witness.


For unto the cult members was baby Jimmy born!

Mind Games! Mind Control! The Rony Denis Way!

There was a time when Rony Denis had sent a troubled couple to the church. The couple was troubled because he was the author of it. Both were divorces but one was trying to work things out with their spouse before Denis stepped in and convinced them to divorce from the spouse they were trying to work things out with and to marry the person they were at this time married to. (This was confessed to me as a reason why one of the parties felt that the marriage was doomed from the start) Rony Denis told me to tell this couple something which didn’t go well, he then called me back stating that he wanted to catch me before I told them what he told me because “I messed up”. The thought in my mind was, I just did what you told me to do. But, Denis knows how to flip it and make it appear that you did the wrong and he has come and fix it even though he’s the author of. 

This is how Denis operates across the board. In one recording he says, “You guys are going to jail, not me!” He says this because he blames them for all of the illegal activities that Hopcc is involved in even though he is the author of it all. 

The people in his inner circle have seen him act crazy. Denis deceives them by causing them to think that God has given them amnesty or a blank card meaning that he can do anything and God would still back him up because he is God’s man. He has taught the people that he can say, “fried chicken” and God will move for him! 

Some very ignorant and brainwashed church members will be shocked when Denis goes down but those in his inner circle will be those who actually know what’s going on and would take the fall for Denis if they could.

If you know someone wrapped up in this cult especially a family member, do what you can to reach out to them before it is too late!

Don’t be one of those people!

What Happened To Honoring Your Parents???

How come Rony Denis teaches his followers to disobey the Word of God?

Where in the Bible does it say that we are not to honor our parents and to downright disrespect and disregard our parents if they don’t attend Hopcc and especially if they express anything negative towards Rony Denis?

It seems clear that God wants us to honor our parents.

What did Jesus say about it?

Here is some good advice for Denis’ followers.

The Psychosis Of Rony Denis.

Psychosis is:

Mental illness is real. All of us may suffer from one degree or another with some form of mental illness.  Many are living in denial like Rony Denis appears to be of his apparent mental illness. Mental illness has unfortunately been negatively stigmatized in our culture. So, people live in denial and don’t seek an obvious need of help.

At least one of the disorders Rony Denis appears to be suffering from is the Narcissist Personality Disorder.

Another one he appears to have is this one:

The Narcissist plays many games designed to throw you off of their trail of tears that they have caused to so many.

This is one reason why Rony Denis lies unbelievably about the people who have left his cult and are actively opposing him.


Mixed with religion this mental illness can hurt and influence many people. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing deceiving people. It can happen to anyone if you are not being vigilant!

Rony Denis, the Narcissistic, has people helping him in the ways, some directly and others indirectly. People like Gerard Robertson and the other Hopcc ministers are helping Denis directly, and those who have the power to fully expose and put Denis away but refuse to act while he continues to abuse people including children are helping him indirectly.

One thing is for sure, God sees everything!  And He is a just And holy God.

Lies, Lust, Facebook, Football, Rony Clause, and Hopcc!!!

Let’s dissect the latest and certainly not the greatest from the radio ministry of Rony Denis’ House of Prayer Cult.

Here Bootzin is speaking of television as an idol.  Any common sense person knows that spending an inordinate time before the television is not beneficial.  Any common sense person knows that there are a lot of things on television that are not promoting any type of Christian virtues.  There are people who don’t even espouse Christianity who have certain standards of when and how long they allow their children to watch television so that it doesn’t take away from their studies.  I personally don’t regret not owning a T.V. for years, however for Rony Denis and Hopcc to teach that it is sinful for a Christian to have a television is an illogical fallacy.  Anything can be an idol.  In my Ntcc days it used to said that the GIs were waxing their idols, speaking of their cars.  As the man in the clip says, televisions and cars can be idols.  Having said that these people don’t preach about not owning a car or driving a car, but the car can be an idol.  The truth is anything can be an idol.  Just like Rony Denis is an idol for those in Hopcc.  If a person becomes a Christian God begins to clean up their heart.  If they want to get rid of their television great, if they don’t but can control what they watch and how often great.  Christianity is a relationship between the person and God through Jesus Christ, not Rony Denis or some other self proclaimed man of God.  Not everyone watches the pornography Rony Denis always talks about, that is what is going on in Hopcc.  That is why they have services where they have grown men jumping up and down on their cell phones.  The phone is not the problem, the television is not the problem, and the car is not the problem, the problem is the heart of man.  It needs to be converted.

Listen to Bootzin, under the direction of Rony Denis, waste more time speaking on foolishness while exposing the overly sexulized mind of Rony Denis and Hopcc.  These guys see sexual perversion in in everything. Titus 1:15 tells us this about Rony Denis and his cult:


This is a perfect description of the spirit that is working in Rony Denis’ cult.  They “look holy” on the outside but the inside is filled with so much perversion that it staggers the mind.  Even when some people leave the legalism of Denis’ cult the bottled up contents of their heart begins to erupt to form the true person.  The only remedy for a sinful heart is the blood of Jesus not a bunch of rules, rituals, and false standards.  I have seen people in Hopcc espouse the most ridiculous “standards” only to leave and abandon everything including the Bible!  Jesus saves! Not your foolish standards!

Here we have Josh Markow, the man called of Rony Denis to reach the Jews without Jesus.  Here he continually deflects the accusations of Rony Denis’ lies by saying everyone else lies as to promote a great stand against lying even though they specialize in it.  Markow asks the man, “what does repent mean to you?” Markow doesn’t tell the man or us what repent means on his satellite radio program.  Repent biblically means to change your mind.  After a person comes to the knowledge of the truth they can change their mind or their thinking toward God.  Another word used for repent in the Bible means to change your emotions or the things that you take care for.  The reason people do the things that they do is the because of the way that they think.  If you repent or change your thinking toward God you will do things differently.  What lies at the heart of repentance is change.  In Rony Denis’ Hopcc the teaching is more of a covering up and hiding your sin instead of repenting or changing.  When we repent by coming to Jesus and accepting what He did for us, for we can’t save ourselves, He saves us, cleanses us, and sanctifies us.  This is a lifelong process.

Doesn’t it sound like he is describing Rony Denis to the tee?


Again, all common sense people know that Facebook is something that people can be addicted to and that people can act fake on Facebook. That is why you have things like this:

There is a lot that can be said of how people act on Facebook, but everyone is not the same.  You cannot throw a blanket over everyone because people act a certain way with Facebook.  The matter again goes to the heart of the individual and God.  The corruption in an individual’s heart will come out no matter what you do.  The answer is to be born again and allow God to help you, repent.  To say that everyone that has Facebook is a sinner again is an illogical fallacy.  Some people use it for different reasons other than what Denis is saying.

In Hopcc parents lie to their kids saying that Rony Denis is the man of God.  In Hopcc children learn to dishonor their parents from Rony Denis.  I wouldn’t want my children talking to these guys either.  The teenager saying that he is from another planet should have caused Markow to realize that he needed to leave the kid alone and that the teenager could see right through his insincere garbage.  As far as Santa Clause is concerned, what about Rony Clause?



Highlights From The House Of Confusion Fellowship Meeting!!!

Here we have the oppressive leader of the cult movement, Rony Denis. He was sitting in his vehicle for a while listening to the sisters exposing his lies and atrocities. (Thank God somebody is calling this man out!) As you can see he is sitting there starring at them probably praying for God’s hand of blessings to be upon him. (probably not) Denis said that he had “power” in his eyes 👀 and that when he starred at you, he was doing something. (probably undressing you) He says that God has given him power to make people sick 😷 🤒. I don’t remember that being one of the gifts of the Spirit. It might be one of the gifts of the Devil.

Now we have Denis’ women making their way out of the vehicle. Yes, we said women! No powerful man can only have one, he deserves another as well. In the above picture you have Gilda Schmidtke’s mom and step-dad greating Marjorie, but they better be careful because Marge is not allowed to fellowship with the commoners.

Next we have Linda Rodriguez. This is the other Sis. Rodriguez who left the cult, but then came back. Her husband, who is not pictured, is the other Rev. Rodriguez who left the cult for worldly fleshy sin, but also made it back for religious hypocritical sin. Pray for this family!

Here we have William Pilkington, the pastor of the Hinesville church. He did an effective job of throwing his wife’s parents, the Bradeens,  under the dump truck. One person who left said that they saw Arlen Bradeen in tears.  He no doubt has had many nights like Esau of old who sought to change the issue with his birthright with tears but could not.  Pilkington is a master at working the crowd, as you see him here, in deceiving the people including the youth! Pilkington told a brother once to look at the bird 🦅 on the church steeple, this was to signify a sign that God was with Ron Denis. (Yes, these people are nuts 🥜)

This is Mike and Janice Patterson. She is the one who kept yelling “NEVER, NEVER”, about her husband’s infidelities, at the Town Hall meeting. (talk about denial)  They are seen here paying close attention to the protesters. 🤔 this looks like what Janice is doing, thinking 🤔, that would be a miracle!

Have you ever noticed how Gerard Robertson is always with CJ Vargas? Denis must have assigned Robertson to him for fear that CJ may bolt from the cult. You hardly see these guys with their wives. CJ is a lot smarter than Robertson and Denis, but the deception of the Devil is powerful against the natural mind, it takes the blood of Jesus and the mind of Christ to overcome the Devil’s lies.

As Robertson and CJ are walking off something the Sisters said gets under Robertson’s skin and he has to confront them. He is also showing young CJ how to disrespect and not show any honor to his mom who loves Jesus and her deceived son CJ.  Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Robertson is a real snake 🐍!

Pray for this family. Denis trashed this Sister because her eyes were opening up to Denis’ lies and she actually questioned him on his false claims! Pray for her husband! These are good people in a bad place!

People are paying attention! Notice the little guy laughing 😂 he knows that Hopcc is a fraud!

Pray for Darnell Emanuele, his mother really loves him and needs him to contact her but he will not, and Denis says Hopcc is a family church! 😢

Bye 👋 Robertson, we’ll see you next time! 😀Please pray for these people!



The Lord Is Answering Prayers!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

We have raised the amount of $2,885.00 since the beginning of May 2017. All of this will go directly to our cause of ending the Evil we know as House of Prayer Christian Church. Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc. (FACT) is one-of-a-kind non-profit organization which needs funding now to expand upon their mission for 2017. Sadly, the number of victim support requests they receive continues to increase each year (especially involving exploited and abused children), and due to budget constraints FACT has been unable to keep up with the demand for help.

With your generous support, they will be able to accept more requests to help victims escape destructive abusive groups, prevent suicides and reunite broken families, in addition to:

Working with the support of investigators, relevant authorities and legal entities to put destructive groups out of business
Educating students in schools about active destructive groups, including the warning signs of recruitment
Monitoring and reporting of cult group activities to the media to generate awareness and educate the public
Providing support to families in need who suffer the loss of loved ones to controlling cultic groups
Unfortunately, most people do not understand the prevalence or the threat of high control, high demand destructive cult groups in our society today. Experts estimate there are currently more than 5000 destructive groups operating in the U.S. alone with over 6 million members. Moreover, young adults and children are most at risk for recruitment and abuse. A study, which randomly surveyed 1,000 San Francisco Bay Area high school students, found that 54% of students reported at least one contact with a cult recruiter, and another study shows “over half of all new members are in the adult transitional years — between 18 and 24 years old.” Moreover, the FBI Counter Terrorism Unit released a statement that in 2015 terrorist cult groups are “recruiting Americans as young as 15 years old online.” Experts in the field are calling it one of the worst hidden epidemics plaguing society today and FACT is the only non-profit of it’s kind working to combat this serious issue head on.

I’m asking you to please consider donating to this important cause and perhaps even starting a FACT fundraising page of your own under my page. Creating a fundraiser is easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes to set up.

Please know that 100% of every donation goes towards FACT’s mission and is also entirely tax deductible. In addition, FACT has a platinum rating from Guidestar.com, the highest rating possible, for its transparency and accountability, meaning it’s an organization you can trust.

On behalf of FACT, cult victims and their families, I cannot thank you enough for your generous support!


Concerned Friends and Family Members



As Long As I’ve Got King Jimmy……

🎶“As long as I’ve got king Jimmy I don’t need nobody else….even Jesus!” 🎶. This the unfortunate theme song of Hopcc.

Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!  We are to go the way of Jesus, anyone else giving you another way is a “burger king” telling you that you can have it your way.

No thanks, I’ rather follow the Bible. That means no king Jimmy!  Pharaoh would be proud!

This Man And His Associates Are Liars!!!

What you will hear in these audio clips is once more the revealing of the “Rev.” Rony Denis as a flat out liar.  The man who fancies himself as the greatest and only man of God on the planet and of all time was played by the mother-in-law of Michael Best, a long time member of Denis’ following.  So, she asked him a simple question: “Why did  he [Pastor Yorke] leave?”

Rony Denis knows full well why Rev. Yorke left.  His testimony was already delivered to Denis and whoever cared to read it.  Denis had Tony Oloans submit a complaint citing that the Hopcc emblem that Rev. Yorke used on his original testimony document was copyrighted.  So, he changed it to what it is now. A play on what they have behind their pulpit: Humility Before Honor. (Which they have for propaganda purposes)


He could not legitimately answer the question because it would indict him, so he lied, and he called three others to add to his lies also.  He can not give Best’s mother-in-law the real reason why Rev. Yorke left.  The proud man tells her, “You don’t know who you are talking to.”  He doesn’t know how to answer the question.  That is why there is so much silence after the question is asked as he is scrambling to call some liars on the phone.

He kept pressing her to ask him any question, but all she wanted was to be in contact with her daughter and granddaughter, but Rony Denis said, NO! Not even a phone number.  Rony Denis is not a pastor but a dictator.  God did not call this man to do this.  Can you imagine being the mother or father and this man has the power to separate you from your own child only because you will not bow to him, because he thinks that you are “feisty”?

Still no answer. He then makes a plea deal, “I’ll answer your question, if you answer my question.”  So, he begins to question her religious background.  He asked, “What kind of church did you go to in New York?”  She replied, “A Holiness Church.” He continued by asking, “What kind of Holiness Church?”  What does any of this have to do with Rev. Yorke leaving Denis’ cult?  Absolutely nothing!  Denis is a master manipulator.  He would later go on to trash all of the New York churches.

More hem hawing around.  Rony Denis finally gets to his “answer” on why Rev. Yorke left.  He starts my lifting up himself again by lying about Yorke’s mother saying that he is the reason that she came to church.  He then says that her questions are like a “Soap Opera and he doesn’t do Soap Operas.”  Mind you, he wanted her to ask questions, and she asked a very valid question.  It is painful to hear  a man act like this before a mother who was just wanting to have a relationship with her daughter and granddaughter but have to put up with such nonsense from a mentally deranged man.


Rony Denis’ third and final attempt to answer this woman’s question ends with more foolishness.  Rev. Yorke and his wife NEVER called asking Rony Denis what their kids can or cannot do.  He has put out enough don’ts throughout the years and the Yorkes were smart enough not to ask for more shackles from this cruel taskmaster.  The Greensboro church dayschool played kickball and other things that was prohibited in the other Denis influenced cult churches.  Why would the Yorkes ask Denis for what their children could do?  Denis finishes with a rage of foolish talking being upset at the mother.  He now talks of bringing a sword of division from the Lord since the mother does not want to “do right”.  And, still no answer on why Rev. Yorke left.

I left House Of Prayer, Denis’ cult, because I want to serve God not Rony Denis.  I knew that if I stayed, that there was no way that I could remain a child of God.  I would be forfeiting my salvation by being a straight up liar and defender of what I have found to be the work of Satan.  There is a real possibility of a Christian drawing back on God and going into apostasy, erring from the truth. (James 5:19-20, 1 Timothy 1:19-20, 1 Corinthians 9:27 2 Thessalonians 2, and Hebrews 6:4-8)

I and my wife were not going to be liars for Rony Denis against John and Jennifer Rodriquez who left before us, or anyone else for that matter.  Denis claimed that they were coming back SOON a year ago and they still have not returned.  John and Jennifer’s testimony of the behind the scenes actions of Rony Denis tied up all of the loose ends and confirmed all of the red flags I had about Rony Denis.  Denis himself confirmed them as well by his clear cut lying on the phone about John and Jennifer to me and my wife after John and Jennifer left his cult.

After we left Denis proclaimed that the Greensboro church would never come back and that the people would just fizzle out.  He knew that some people had religion, what he fed them, and not salvation.  By God’s grace some of us had salvation.  According to Roscoe Stanley, he said that Rev. King may be able to come back, but Yorke will NEVER be able to come back.  Denis has trashed my wife and I so much since we have left, and we have proceeded to expose him relentlessly and still promote loyalty to Jesus Christ.  The people of Hopcc may believe his lies about my wife and I and may hold some type of feeling  toward us and don’t want to have any association with us.  That is all fine and well.  We never asked for any association anyway.  We left because we want to continue to serve God.  People leave for different reasons, not everyone who leaves Hopcc leaves because they want to serve God. Some people left because they were being treated bad.  I was being praised by Denis before I left, but by God’s grace I don’t live for the praises of men, but for the glory of God. Some people just don’t want to have anything to do with God, and that is their prerogative.  I will let you know straight out that if you contact us, we are still Christians and will encourage you to serve God and to enjoy His grace and freedom to live in obedience to Him out of Love.  Those who are most appreciative are the family members of Denis’ victims who have reached out to us.  We are not in this thing to make a name for ourselves, but to simply let people know what Denis is doing is not of God but of the devil period.  A devil, believe it or not, can tell you the Word of God.  And if you believe it and call upon Jesus you can be saved.  That is how powerful God’s word is, the thing is what are you going to do after you get saved?  Are you going to follow the Word of God or the devil who starts lying to you now?  Years ago before I became a Christian, a man who had nothing to do with Christianity told me that I was going to hell for what I was doing.  He was 100% correct! This man was not of God but his words that he spoke at that time were true, and the truth is of God.  After I got saved I didn’t follow this man and believe everything he said, I started following what I understood the Bible to say and what God’s Spirit spoke to me about.

I am humbled and grateful that Satan’s man, Rony Denis,  knows who I am, and that I am not ashamed nor afraid to call him out for who he is, and I am honored that he and his associates hate me so much.  I have fellowshipped with and have been around many of the pastors, especially the Ntcc ones in Hopcc, and can say from personal experience that these men are absolutely corrupt to the core.  I am convinced that they know what I know about Denis and much more.  I defended Denis ignorantly when I was over there, but now since I know what I know about him now, I will expose him, so that as a Christian I will right the wrong that I have done.  I do not understand the mind of one who supported this man, but will not speak against his atrocities after they have come to the knowledge of the truth and at the same time claim Christ.  (1 Peter 3:15, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Philippians 1:7, Titus 1:9, and Jude 3)  We all have different ways to contribute, we are not all the same, we all have different gifts and abilities, but there is only one body, one Lord, and one Spirit.  I can’t be silent.  One thing we all can do is pray.  That’s better than just sitting around in anger and having a perpetual pity party.  If you pray it will lead to action.  What we do may rub some of his followers the wrong way, but that’s life.  I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone the wrong way, but the truth is the truth and sometimes it hurts, but if you receive it, it will set you free!  Rony Denis and his associates are liars and all liars shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire.

No Fear or Lie can stand against us because we have JESUS!!!

Ray Yorke

Dissecting The Foolish Teachings of Rony Denis And His Cult House of “Prayer”!!!

Let’ dissect the teachings of Rony Denis & Hopcc by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.


Here we have Rony Denis using Bootzin to give the people an excuse for being exposed, and calling it persecution. The Bible commands us to try the spirits to see if they are of God. Having known Rony Denis for quite some time we have found him to be a very skilled deceiver, and his teachings are extremely faulty in light of the Holy Scriptures.

Those who fled Rony Denis’ cult have been persecuted and maligned by Denis and his group. Christians have taken a stand against his wickedness and he has lied repeatedly in order to destroy their character, but God has caused the Devil’s plans to backfire again!

Peter also speaks of Christians not suffering as evil doers.  This is the real reason why all of these things have befallen Denis and Hopcc. They are suffering because of their wicked ways. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever you sow, you will reap.


Next we have another hobby/dead horse Denis likes to ride. The one that deals with jewelry and makeup on women.

The question is asked, “Why does this bother you?” But, the real question is, why does women wearing jewelry and makeup bother Rony Denis and his cult?

Again, these people have a problem with God and His Word! They would rather hold on to a doctrine of man instead of the Bible. What do they do with this?

So, is God Almighty a sinner? No, I don’t think so. Rony Denis is wrong and the Bible is right! What Peter and Paul was talking about in 1 Peter 3:3-4 &  1 Timothy 2:9-10 is excessive concern about one’s appearance over what was truly important such as godliness of heart and works of love in obedience to God. These verses do not teach that you are sinning if you wear makeup or jewelry. Notice how Rony Deni$ & Company NEVER deal with the scripture concerning the costly array or the expensive clothing. If they were consistent with their false teachings then Rony and Marjorie would be the biggest sinners in Hopcc because their clothing is more expensive than anyone else’s. The fact is what is spoken against is extravagance not the wearing of any of these things. By the way it’s not Rony & Marjorie’s clothes that makes them the biggest sinners in Hopcc, it’s their heart of viscous corruption that does that.


Next we have more propaganda and child manipulation. Why don’t they at least prepare these children before they put them on the air like this?

At least they took heed to our exposing of them and stopped talking about, “Obeying the man of God.”


Last and definitely least is Rony Denis through Markow speaking of the great abominations of the world and idolatry.

It’s the same ole shuck and jive about Facebook, YouTube, and the Internet being the greatest evilness the world has ever known. Never mind the FRAUD, LIES, and ABUSE perpetuated by Rony Denis and his not God’s ministers!

Notice the definition for an idol that Markow gives, it fits their devotion to Denis to a tee!

The Poison ☠️ Of Unforgiveness

I don’t recall Mr. Rony Denis ever teaching/preaching about forgiveness. How can he when he practices UNFORGIVENESS?

Forgiveness is what God has done for the children of God and He has given us through His grace the power to forgive others. We have all been hurt by someone, but have you ever considered the hurt you caused someone else?

Have you ever been in a position where you want someone to forgive you but you will not forgive someone else?

Do you remember this story in the Bible? The servant had received forgiveness but when it was his time to forgive he chose not to.

If anyone should understand the power of forgiveness it should be the child of God. Maybe Mr. Rony Denis and company haven’t ever experienced this with Christ.

An unforgiving spirit leads to many other issues of life that are damaging to you and others around you.

 The lesson to be learned is to just let it go!

The only person you are hurting is yourself and those around you and those you could have helped.

You can have the VICTORY over Unforgiveness through Christ Jesus!

Don’t listen to Rony Denis or the lies of the devil, yo can forgive and move on with your life in peace!

PS: We forgive you Rony Denis for the wicked atrocities you have inflicted on us and humanity. However, it is our God given duty to expose you to help liberate the oppressed!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hopefully your family and friends can come together and be thankful. It’s our second thanksgiving outside the cult and we are grateful that we don’t have to deal with that ole turkey, Rony Denis anymore!

If you’re turkey looks like this, then please leave it alone and get a real one!


Jim “Crow” Denis Must Go!!!

Isn’t it time to claim your freedom in Christ! Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! God’s will for you is not to be in slavery serving a cruel taskmaster, whether it be Rony Denis or anyone else. Denis’ Jim Crow laws are destroying you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Jesus is the Bishop of the Christian’s soul not Rony Denis.

If you are going to be a slave be one unto God, a slave of Christ Jesus, not Rony Denis. Denis leaves deep wounds and emotional scars by his destruction of people’s lives.

Denis has a way of oppressing people and keeping them depressed and down trodden.

For Mike Patterson to not be wearing his suit with his white shirt and tie to service must mean that he must be dwelling in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Thanks be to God for the Underground Railroad out of the slave plantation of Hopcc!

Escape to freedom in Christ! If He can deliver you from a sinful, selfish lifestyle then He can deliver you from the slave master Ron Denis!

Trust me, I have sat where you sat. It is so much better to be a Christian and not enslaved  to the lust of the flesh. I promise you, life for God is zillions of times better outside of the Hopcc cult! No, they are wrong. God does not love it when His children feel like they are going to hell. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, which is different than being in Hopcc. The truth is God loves it, and heaven rejoices when His children are looking forward to heaven because He has set them free!

EXCLUSIVE!!! What is Denis/Hopcc Teaching Your Children?!? Parents Beware!!!

The Wright family fled from Rony Denis (Pastor Denis) and his cult, Hopcc, and this is what their daughter was being taught by the head of this cult, Rony Denis!

Notice that it says, “When you call Pastor a liar his heart is against you”! This is taught because Rony Denis, the pastor, is a liar 🤥! His fear tactic, especially for children, is that he will turn against you.

Notice again how Rony Denis, the lying pastor, is teaching these children that he KNOWS everything about them! Only God knows everything about us! What is Denis doing to your child’s mind?

Lastly, when he says leave it alone( i.e. the apparent wickedness that he is involved in) then leave it alone. Thank God the Wright family saved their children from this wickedness by leaving Rony Denis/ Hopcc alone!


This audio clip is taken from the Rony Denis/ Hopcc radio propaganda program. It is Bootzin and the little child is Ezra, Arlen Bradeen’s grandson. Please pray for these children and for these parents to wake up!

  “Pastor” Rony Denis- “I am Deity”

Voice Of Redundancy Is At It Again!!!

Just when you think the broken record would be removed and another song would be played, Rony Denis and Hopcc are still whining about the same ole trash!

Listen to Bootzin on a rampage!

Really Bootzin?!? Then why does Denis, your pastor, have his goons all over Facebook stalking everyone printing thousands of pictures wasting all kinds of money?!?


Next, listen to the manipulation of the children and teenagers. The same ones would run for hills if the shackles were taken off!

Have you ever heard of Marjoe Gortner?

The great FAKE child preacher from the past! Remember “Jimmy” Denis  is the master of FRAUD!

Next, we have Joshua Markow, the man Denis is using to “reach” the Jews oddly without Jesus! That’s not how Paul, Apollos, and Peter did it. They preached Jesus to the Jews showing them that the Old Testament pointed to Jesus. So, what is Denis and Markow doing? It’ like the Pharisees preaching to the Jews.

Listen to the self-righteous rant about Facebook again and again and again!

Did you hear him talking about preachers being proud by displaying their pictures? Well, look at this!

Is that Markow in this “dreaded” picture? Is he proud? Is he a hypocrite? Could he possibly be both?

HOPCC solicited JRods help to commit insurance fraud 1 month after he left.

I was going through my old emails today, and you wouldn’t believe what I found. Below you will see a screen shot of an email Oloans sent me over a month after I escaped the cult. I left on Sept. 1st, they trashed me and my family to the entire congregation, threatened me, said I was just a toilet paper runner, and really had a good time proclaiming my worthlessness to them. Then all of a sudden a hurricane was headed to Hinesville, and Rony Jimmy Jones Denis saw dollar signs for insurance claims they can make and pocket after the storm. Only one problem, the deductibles I put in place before I left made it hard for them to pocket money above repairs. I’m sure they were seeing dollar sings go out the window as the storm came closer, so they reached out to me to have me lower the deductibles on all of the properties before the storm hit. Now 1st, if you do this knowing their is a claim pending, that is insurance fraud.  2nd, I was already gone over a month, trashed, and supposedly cursed for leaving. What is the state of mind with this nut to think that he could trash me, then put me back to work, for free again after I had already been gone. To lower the deductible on 120-130 properties would be a full time job, and this is the kind of stuff he made me do all the time. SORRY PHARAOH, MAKE YOUR OWN BRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice he signed “ASO” which are the initials of Anthony Samrug Oloans. 

What Shall The End Be?!?!

What will the faithful kool-aid drinkers do when the Denis ship sinks?

Whether they want to accept it or not, this evil is going down! They have been lied to about the Denis ship causing them to believe that it is unsinkable, just like the Titanic!

You better worry about the lifeboats and get off the Denis ship because it’s going down. What will happen to those preachers over there who have invested their whole life into a fraud?

Yes, there is still good news for you too! You need to get saved and abandon Denis’ sinking ship. 

You do not have to obey the so-called “man of God” if he is really a devil!

What will older ministers like Bradeen, Robertson, and Virgo do? Will Robertson go back to flipping burgers 🍔 like he did in Arizona? Will Bradeen’s wife finally believe him about Denis? Will Virgo go back to insulating houses? Will they survive the sinking ship?

Whatever happens it won’t be pretty if you wait too long. Maybe Denis will do one of these:

Whatever you do, jump ship and head for the gospel ship that’ headed to heaven! Don’t go down with Denis, it’s not worth losing your soul over!

Rony Denis said that he wanted to turn up the heat in hell for the preachers who were going there!

These people went down with the Jim Jones ship, will you go down with the Rony Denis ship?

The Hypocrisy Of Hopcc And Facebook!!!

Look at “Jael”, can you believe this? Now look at her here:


The happy flower 🌸 is representing Hopcc all the way even to the point of sticking her finger in her mouth 👄, “holiness” style of course.

Notice her comments on her Facebook page:

I was wearing jeans-thank God!”  And “pulled up my pant leg” Ladies and Gentlemen do these people really believe in what they have been peddling for all of these years? Apparently Amy (Jael) Nostrant left the church when Jimmy (Denis) said that he knew when the rapture was to take place, but they eventually conned her into coming back. After all she is the one with the money!

The husband, Dennis Nostrant, the back room bookkeeper for the cult.

The “Evil” Moving Pictures And Rony Denis!!!

One of Rony Denis’ propaganda tools in the beginning of his split was to accuse Ntcc of the unforgivable great sin of compromise, by saying that it is ok to watch the evil moving pictures.  Rony said that in the earlier Bible School Handbook of Ntcc it stated that moving pictures were not to be viewed.  Rony Denis claims that this statement was removed because of the seeds of “compromise”. Many people would agree to the evils of television and media in general as with many things, but Rony Denis and Hopcc has not only restricted its members and ministers from partaking in any from of TV watching they have gone as far as making this a requirement of salvation!

Here are some literature from Rony Denis’ Hopcc on this subject:

If you choose to eliminate television from your life because you find it too time consuming or you are just not interested in what is on it that is great, but can you tell someone that they are on their way to hell if they have one? There are some people who may watch particular DVDs instead of regular television programs, Rony Denis and Hopcc would say that was wrong as well.  There have been people who have  lost good jobs in Hopcc because of being told to not watch mandatory videos pertaining to the job.  One young lady refused to watch the WIC and hospital videos concerning the care of her newborn.  The opportunity for prison ministry was lost because there was a requirement to watch some safety videos, but the Hopcc ministers turned this down because it would “comprise” their standards of “holiness”.

Listen to their radio program on this subject:

The man they interviewed is correct. Notice he said that there was “unholy stuff” on the radio as well! But Rony Denis and Hopcc are on the radio! Should we stop reading the newspapers as well? Is the internet only used for pornography?  Is that why you have Facebook, to look up your old boyfriends or girlfriends?

The fact is if you want wickedness you are going  to go after it no matter what, whether it be entertaining or otherwise. If you want God, the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can guide you without the hypocrisy of Rony Denis/Hopcc and their moving pictures mantra.

Pastor Or Lord Over God’s Heritage???

Which one is it? Hopcc/Rony Denis and company aka Gerard Robertson (Joseph Goebbels) believe that the Pastor is the Lord over God’s heritage!

Adolf Hitler wasn’t satisfied with just being the prime minister, he wanted to be and became the führer. By his side was Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda minister. Rony Denis is not satisfied with being a pastor, he wanted to be and has become a lord or the one and only “man of God” over his following. By his side is Gerard Robertson, his propaganda minister.

Do you see how the Satan operates? Let’s fast forward a little.

The Antichrist will demand worship and the false prophet will aide in getting people to worship him through his lying wonders of propaganda. Rony Denis stormed down the middle aisle of the church during a fellowship meeting shouting, “I AM THAT MAN!”, while Eddy Vasquez was preaching about Elijah the prophet from the Old Testament. Afterwards during fellowship, Gerard Robertson is quoted saying, “ Elijah is here”, referring to Rony Denis. Do you see how Satan works? His tactics do not change. The Bible doesn’t change either, so when Rony Denis says that he has the authority to change the Scriptures, he is lying!

What is a pastor?

Is Rony Denis qualified to be a pastor?

I think we have reached our conclusion with Rony Denis. However, his defense is that he was the “Michael Jordan” of Ntcc because he had a lot of people in church and he had money. The fact is Jim Jones had the same thing. Our standard must be the Bible not smoke and mirrors.

What is being a lord over God’s heritage?

Is Rony loving the people or lording over the people?


“Pastor” Rony Denis 

Give Honor To Whom Honor Is Due!!!

These brave people went to the enemy’s camp and took back what Rony Denis stole from us! A voice to cry out against the wickedness this man has been involved in, and against the destroying of families and people’ lives that Rony Denis specializes in!These are some of the ones on the front line shutting Denis down! Aren’t you glad it’s not a “one man” show?

Let’ Expose Rony Denis’ / Hopcc’s FAKE Standards!!!

First of all I am not against “standards”, “guardrails”, or whatever you want to call them. What I am against is the hypocritical, fault finding, totally unbiblical, and legalistic teaching of these so-called standards propagated by cult leaders like Rony Denis and others like him.

If you watched the videos from the Hopcc conference you saw people who were “dressed up” because of their “standards” but their behavior showed what is really in their heart.


“Pastor” Rony Denis, the example that they are following! This is him mocking the people rallying against his atrocities.


Denis and his group teaches an extreme version of modesty, especially for women. They believe that unless a woman is wearing a dress or skirt whose borders must be between the ankles and lower part of the calves then it not “Holy”. There are some exceptions to the rule you will see amongst their crowds but those who are “in” understand what’s accepted and not accepted by Denis.

There is nothing wrong with this at all. What is wrong is to teach that you are on your way to HELL if you don’t look like this. I have known women in Hopcc who were so caught up in what they looked like but couldn’t care less of what their child looked like in terms of quality of clothing. They also had attitudes  and ways about them that were no different than the world. Jesus said that you will know His disciples by the love that they have not the bitterness that they have one for each other. Denis has basically taught this people that their salvation rest in what they are wearing. If you take a girl filled with a ghetto, thug, and street mentality and you put her in a long skirt with a blazer and a pocketbook, is she now saved? That’s Hopcc.

Remember these? The Hopcc woman violently in the face of someone who escaped the cult and the young Hopcc minister lunging at his mother whom the sheriff had to pull away? Whether you wear a dress or suit with a white shirt and tie, those things don’t make you Holy, but it is Jesus on the inside working on the outside, oh what a change in my life!?

Here is Denis’ teaching on how a woman in pants is an abomination to God and therefore will go to HELL for being an abomination to God. (Rev.21:8) Hopcc starts of with their foundational scripture for this in Deut.22:5, which says a woman must not wear men’s clothing and vice versa, but this passage also says not to wear clothes of wool and linen woven together, and if a man or woman gets exposed committing adultery then they must be put to DEATH! Half, if not more, of Hopcc would be dead by now if they were consistent in following the Old Testament scriptures instead of just picking and choosing which ones to twist and follow.

First of all men and women wore robes back then. So their clothing were already similar being both robes. There obviously was a distinction between a man’s robe and a woman’s robe. God didn’t want men to appear as women and vice versa like the idolatrous pagans were practicing. This is echoed in the New Testament as well. Men are not to be effeminate (I Cor.6:9), and men and women have different roles (I Cor. 11). I believe it is clear to anyone who is serious about their faith in God as their Savior would agree that God wants a woman to be a woman and a man to be a man, and the Devil works just like he did in the Old Testament to disrupt that with a “transgender” revolution.

What does the New Testament say about clothes? Hopcc and Rony Denis are still living in the Old Testament looking for the “Promised Land”, Denis’ carrot stick. For us, living in the LIBERTY of CHRIST in the New Testament, we are taught to be MODEST (I Tim2:9). Men’ pants are made for men, some in my opinion are immodest. It’s popular for some men to wear them showing purposefully their underwear, which generally is supposed to be under your outerwear, hence the name underwear.  There are women’s pants that are made for women, just like the robes of the Old Testament were made for them. Women’s pants can actually be worn modestly. The worldly trend of course is sex sells, so unfortunately much of what you will see are women in tight pants, but it doesn’t have to be like that for every woman, plus it depends how you wear your clothes, revealing or modest. At the end of the day I am not your judge, neither is Rony Denis, but God is the one we will all answer to. People have a lot more issues in their life to be concerned about when it comes to having a relationship with God. A long skirt will not get you to Heaven! You need to be born again, and everything will change including your clothing choices as you establish your relationship with God.

This picture was taken from a book written by Nancy Leigh Demoss, “The Look- Does God Really Care What I wear?”. It is good for a Christian, man or woman, to be aware of letting their light shine for Christ before others! And, it is your light not Denis’, a light God gave you not Rony Denis!

Now That Conference Is Over!!!!

Now that Rony Denis and his Hopcc conference got shut down, he and his crew are going into damage control mode.

Rony Denis must make sure that no one was affected by the truth that was being preached to them by those conducting the rally against him.

There is something about the truth which affects the heart of those who want it. Denis was always fearful of someone looking on a website which exposed the secrets he was trying to conceal. He would rather you believe a lie than know the truth.  At the conference he tasked Gerald Robertson to take the temperature of those on the outside. Just like the serpent in the garden, Robertson ? fed them his venom of lies and hypocrisy. He was the onsite damage control man.

This is a standard practice of Rony Denis. When people escaped from his cult the first thing he does in his damage control routine is to call everyone he believes is associated with the brave person who left and trash them to no end. It is almost as if there is a literal garbage can in his mouth!

Maybe this is why he uses a ton of mouthwash, to cover the demons coming out of his mouth!

He does this because he doesn’t want a domino effect to happen over someone leaving his cult.

Jimmy has been doing damage control for years, you could say that he has written the book on it.


We thank God and the Hinesville Fire Department for shutting down Denisdamage control meeting at his house.

We heard that he also got fined and that his circus tents must come down, just like the Jericho walls!


There is no question that Rony Denis has created an atmosphere by design that demands that these people adore him.  He is obviously a self-appointed messianic figure who is very charismatic. He indoctrinates and uses the direct or indirect worship that they have of him to control their lives and coerce them into accepting things that are not true. For them Christianity is all about obeying the man of God! Nevermind what the Bible says, we need to obey “Pastor Denis” because he is in the room with the Trinity. God has given him a “special anointing” because of all of his works that he did for God over the years, for he has “proven” himself, after all he tells us all the time that he was the “Michael Jordan” of NTCC.  It was said that he is greater than the people in the Bible. Not only that but he must have been born with a special anointing, he must have been born “saved” because no one has ever heard his conversion story!

This is definitely a cult in a crisis! We encourage you to get out of there! It may seem to be a huge hurdle to jump initially but with God’s help you can do it! RUN!!!

Sister Liz Martinez- BOMBSHELL Audio Testimony!!!

Please listen to this Sister’s testimony of what goes  on behind the scenes of this wicked cult. When she left, Rony Denis the leader of the House of Prayer, called her “lustful Liz” and said she left to go back to her first husband who has since remarried.  This is what Denis told the congregation but he didn’t tell them that he was on the phone pleading for her to come back like he did for John and Jennifer Rodriguez.


Pray For The Victims OF House of Prayer/ Liars!!!

Please pray for the lost souls of this cult to repent and turn to Jesus. Here we have Cherry Daniels. She in Greensboro, NC at the time of the split from the cult. She was very vocal in denouncing Rony Denis. She said that she called her sister, Latoya Bennett, and asked her if Denis had any sin? Latoya’s response was that Denis is the man of God, insinuating that he has no sin as if he is Jesus. Cherry also mouthed off to Denis when he called her. He asked her if he was a man of God, and she said are you, with an attitude. Sister Yorke was with her at the time and was surprised that she spoke to Rony Denis like that at the time. But Cherry Daniels is also unstable mentally as well as spiritually. There was a time when told Sister Natchra Green that Denis was up there in the GODHEAD!

Here is Sister Green’s own words:

I was @ her house and she was telling me about how Denis said all the wives belonged to him and she felt honored to know He always knew how to help us bc we as ministers wives go through alot. I never heard about that so I kept asking her questions about us “belonging” to him. Then she said how God gives him some special knowledge to deal with our husbands. I can’t remember the entire conversation but I kept asking her more details so toward the end of the conversation she was like He’s up there sister. I was like huh? Then she said He’s up there with the Trinity. I wanna say she said Denis said that but I’m not for sure. After she said that tho. I was like?time to go. Then her husband walked through the door and I left. I was like she’s crazy.

I myself heard Denis out of his own mouth say that he was, “in the room” referring to the Trinity!

Here is Cherry Daniels. Notice the blazer she is wearing. Sister Yorke gave that to her along with a bunch of other clothes. Yes, the “evil, lesbian, feisty, rebellious, tight clothes wearing, and all the other lies” Sister Yorke. Now listen to some clips of her trashing the Greensboro church and discern for yourself.

She said that she she wasn’t eating but she went out to eat the night before she left according to the people she went out with that heard this recording and didn’t leave with her to return to the cult.

10-22-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (4/20) [MORNING]

Posted by LD Allen on Monday, October 23, 2017

Next we have her husband, Clinton Daniels.

This man is truly a sad case. Notice the Toyota Venza he is driving. This is the vehicle that belongs to Marcus Labat. Daniels was rewarded with this car which another family had before him. When Daniels came to Greensboro he wanted to purchase another Chevrolet Caprice, but as you can see Rony had other plans. He put Daniels in Pilkington’s Toyota Rav4, and now you see what he’ Driving now.

Daniels has trashed his wife so bad behind the pulpit doing what he calls, “preaching”, to where his wife, Cherry, has confessed her bitterness towards him and wanted to walk up to the pulpit and punch him. Daniels in his so-called “preaching” has said that he would be with another woman if there was no punishment for sin!

Denis got it right when he said that Daniels was not saved when he ran back to Hinesville. When Daniels came to Greensboro Denis said that Daniels was not good with money. This is one main reason why Daniels left to go back to Denis. He trusts in Denis to bail him out when he gets into financial difficulties. Listen to him in this audio clip.

How does he know who is on pornography? Denis, the liar, told him? He sounds crazy! This or that one was probably on it too? What!

Instead of lying about the Brother, why doesn’t Clinton Daniels tell how he borrowed money from Brother Roddy and told him that he was not going to pay him back by saying I don’t owe anyone anything? He then tried to get more money from Brother Roddy right before Clinton, the chicken, flew the coup! Why doesn’t he explain how he was “teaching” in the fraudulent Fayetteville, NC Veterans Affairs money ? approved “Bible College” without a high school diploma? Did he pencil whip the teacher paper work? Ask Marcus Labat, I’m sure he’ tell you the truth. ?

10-22-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (11/20) [MORNING]

Posted by LD Allen on Monday, October 23, 2017

Here is a picture of Clinton Daniels listening to our Sound Cloud which is embedded in this website. Look which signed in person played the most, Double Minded Daniels.

More Highlights From The 2017 Rally in Hinesville!!!

Have you ever heard of the Laughing  Revival?

Sometimes a smile tells us all we need to know! It is truly amazing and insightful concerning the heart of those who can sit back and laugh and smile while people’s lives has been crushed by Rony Denis!

Jimmy apparently taught the people to smile and laugh at the Brothers and Sisters exposing them, the Laughing Revival didn’t last long before their true colors were revealed.

Here we have Amy Nostrant. She said that she changed her name to “Jael.” She apparently had enough and decided to give the Sisters a piece of her mind! In the 2nd picture she is sticking her finger in her mouth! Remember that this is the “holiest church” on earth!

Here we have the children of Ron and Layla Molina. This is Hopcc’s “God’s Heritage” in action Rony Denis style. These children are yelling at the Sisters who are their elders!

Here we have Jody Emanuel’s daughter acting outside of her normal character. This is what Rony Denis is teaching his “God’s Heritage” children’s group. Notice the smile on the mother’s face.

Here we have Jim Benton and his son showing “respect” for his elders. Denis has taught “his children” to be disrespectful to people who are not under his control including their parents.

This clip from their radio program explains it all, obey Rony Denis! It looks like Denis is doing a good job defiling their brain without the TV‘s help.

Benton oversaw the illegal church construction in Greensboro, NC. When Dr. Shelvie Summerlin asked Benton face to face if he had the permits needed to do the work Benton’s reply was, “we have everything we need.”??? (Everything except the permits and God’s blessings that is)

Here we have Gerard Robertson, aka the snake ?, coaxing the people around him to reject the truth being told to them by the Sisters, and then he apparently encourages C.J. Vargas to mock them by drinking something as if it were some Jim Jones kool-aid.

Poor Arlen Bradeen, did you see how his wife just leaves him in the dust? The church where everyone hates you is also the church where your spouse hates you too!

Please pray for Arlen! Jimmy took his trucks away and put in in this royal blue Hyundai.

More Highlights From The 2017 Rally!!!

I remember years ago Rony Denis, cult leader of Hopcc, said he wanted to be in a church where anyone would call your sins out. He gave an example saying, Brother/ Sister you’ve been lusting at so and so or fornicating with so and so. Rony Denis got what he always wanted, he just didn’t realize that it was his sins that would be called out.

Look at Rony:

Why is he constantly looking down? Notice in one of the pictures Veronica Hietzman following Denis around like Sister Liz was talking about. Does Joshua Hietzman care that his wife is sooo infatuated with Rony Denis?

Look at this one:

I thought that he had shaved it all off but in the video clip it appears that he’ keeping a strip across the top. It kind of looks like a Hitler mustache on the head. Let it go Rony!


 Proverbs 30:20 (Look it up)

Here is David Huff and his wife Yolanda. The kool-aid has these two looking like they don’t know what’s going on all the time. Yolanda waxed bold at one time in a Greensboro, NC hotel around the ministers in the presence of Rony Denis calling him and Oloans out on their wicked ways. Unfortunately, her mental instability coupled by her husband’s desire to be Denis caused her to be shut down.

One of Denis’ followers has words with the Sisters/ Brothers exposing the cult.

From “rags to riches?” Can you tell which ones are in rags and which ones are in riches?

Denis’ wife, Marjorie, is wondering when it will all be over, but what she doesn’t understand is that it’s just starting.

Sister’ Voice- Powerful Night- Day 3!!!

Last night was a very powerful and impactful night. Sister Liz Martinez actually talked to the people and most importantly her husband Adrian who filed for divorce. She told him that she loved him and still wanted to be with him. She also testified that Rony Denis abused her daughter! It was a heart wrenching testimony of what goes on behind the “outward standards.” Jesus said, that the outside appearance is nice, but inside was full of dead men’s bones. In other words there’s no life in this cult, just wickedness (sins of great iniquity) which the wages are is death.

10-21-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (21/31)

Posted by LD Allen on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Also Brother J.M. Rodriguez gave a power testimony of the inside corruption of the Hopcc organization and a vivid picture of the mental/ spiritual state of Rony Denis. His testimony explains why Rony Denis accuses parents for sexually desiring their own children. The question should be Denis, what did you do to your daughter, Mariah? Brother Rodriguez also challenged Denis to settle all of the protesting against him by submitting himself to a polygraph lie detector test to see who is really lying. We have yet to hear Denis’ response to this challenge.

Posted by Jenessa Pappas Wright on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brother R.A. Yorke was able to contribute as well letting the Hopcc members know that there is Jesus and life outside of Hopcc. The brave people on the ground are doing a tremendous job of taking this fight for the liberty of these souls and the exposure of this madman right up to the gates of hell in the enemy’ camp! All for the glory of God!

Posted by Jenessa Pappas Wright on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rony Denis could do nothing but run into the building and run away when he got out of service. For you who are still in this cult, all you need to do is submit to God, resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. This is what kind of spirit Denis has he is fleeing from the truth!

Posted by Jenessa Pappas Wright on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Noise Complaint Filed By Hopcc Backfires- Day 2!!!

The noise complaint filed by Rony Denis and Hopcc backfires! They had shut off the music that they were playing that was actually preaching to them. Here are some highlights from last night:

Oloans waves as his efforts are futile for shutting out the voices of those calling out his many iniquities.

William Pilkington is pictured here, the puppet pastor of the Hinesville church. Looks like he’s rubbing some “brown stuff” off of his nose.

Here is Marjorie Denis, the wife of Rony Denis. Will she also be indicted on corruption charges with her ungodly husband? Her head is constantly down. Denis has forbidden her to speak to the people. Her only outlet in church is in the restroom, and even that is monitored.

Here we have Julie Boles aka Phoebe Ruth Denis. She was renamed by Rony Denis, but  she will be judged as Julie Boles. She hurries in the building after arising from Denis’ car, normally a mistress is not seen with the wife but Denis is so bold that he has them riding to “church” together!

Here we have the man who has ruined the lives of many people. He has uttered blasphemous lies and have spoken great swelling words of hypocrisy, Rony Denis. He thinks that he is a smooth operator, but the only thing that appears to be smooth is what’s shining up top.

It’s a little difficult to see in this still frame, but here we have a nanny nanny boo boo response from one of the cult members. It is reflective of their leader Rony Denis who did the same thing last conference.

Here are some videos:

10-20-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (9/12)

Posted by LD Allen on Saturday, October 21, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (16/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-20-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (5/12)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-20-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (2/12)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-20-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (1/12)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

More to come….

Denis & Satan You Can’t Cross The Blood Line Conference-Day 1!!!

Here are some videos from the brave men and women exposing the truth behind the lies of Rony Denis & his House of Prayer Cult.

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (9/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (8/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (5/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (4/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (3/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (2/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017


Check out the cult “brethren” working hard to set up the speaker system to drown out the truth.

Notice Gerard Robertson. This man has to me the biggest sell-out of the modern day pulpit. Instead of taking a stand and having faith that God would take care of him he has made his choice to bow down to Denis and to use his tongue to lie in order to cover Rony Denis. He was seen mocking by bowing to who looked like C.J. Vargas. Robertson was also seen dancing while the people were calling out his iniquity.

Here he stands a lonely man waiting to deceive your child.



This is Gerard Robertson berating Pastor Figueroa, who has since escaped, of not showing up for noon prayer meeting.

Notice how these folks gather around Rony Denis’ parking spot waiting for his arrival.

Next we have Anthony (Tony) Oloans, the fall guy for Denis, still trying to connive the police department. When the police wants to talk to Rony Denis, Oloans stops them buy saying he has the power of attorney to handle all of Denis’ business.

Now check out Oloans taking pictures of the ladies at night.

Now for the greatest shame of the all !

Rony and Marjorie Denis, aka Ahab and Jezebel (spiritual speaking/ with love ❤️), make their way out of the service tonight where Gabe Rodriguez tried to preach.



10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (16/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (9/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017

10-19-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (14/16)

Posted by LD Allen on Friday, October 20, 2017


Returning To Your First Love!!! ?

This post was inspired by a conversation with Rev. Figueroa and the testimony he posted.

Can you remember when you sincerely for the first time gave your heart ❤️ to Jesus? Maybe you were not yet well versed in the Bible, you certainly were not indoctrinated yet, but all you knew was that you loved God and wanted to live for him.  You wanted to be in church, not to find fault because you were no longer looking for fault to find in order to justify yourself. You just wanted Jesus and to tell others about Jesus!

Fast forward a few years, now your “suited up”, you inwardly and outwardly find fault with other Christians and churches who don’t hold to your standards, and the innocence of your love for Christ has been chilled by a cold-hearted religion of law keeping instead of a relationship with Christ.

Or, maybe you were viscously done wrong in the church by people you trusted and find it hard to have anything to do with any type of church.

These are not far fetched situations, they happen all the time, more than we all realize. We are not the only ones to experience such things. Yet, the answer is still Jesus! Going back to our first LOVE ❤️, Jesus! Reclaiming the zeal for him that we lost through trusting in the lies of sinful ministers. We can allow Jesus to be our Pastor again! We can believe again, or still believe as the sister said!

Don’t let Denis or the Devil bring you down, especially when Jesus died and rose again that you might have LIFE and that much more ABUNDANTLY!

Pastor Figueroa’s Testimony: Find Out The Truth Behind Denis’ Lies & Be Encouraged To Return To Your First Love!!!

My Testimony: Jeffrey Figueroa

First, I would like to say that I never thought that this day would come to pass. Yet, I feel it’s my duty before God to set the record straight. I want to first apologize if at any time I have done anything to discredit anyone while in the cult of Rony Denis.

My story is one that started 5 July 1987 in Germany, God did a work of grace in my life. From sinner to saved …  I went to a church service, Rev JP Rodrigues preached, and God did a work in my heart. (Denis wasn’t there) One that I did not understand, having grown up in the projects in N.Y. with spiritism and much ungodliness. I went to that service and God divinely changed my life. I did not go back to the life I once lived. I personally did not understand all that God had done. I just know that I wanted to serve the Lord, and wanted to know all I could about the word of God. I wanted everyone to have what I had received within my heart. I had not the words to describe the work that God had done. As the song goes the things I used to do I don’t do them anymore.

I was with NTCC for 17 years, here God did a work in my life.  I went to bible school then left to pioneer a church by the grace of God in San Diego, CA.  I did not know much, but knew I loved God, and that God loved me and wanted souls to be saved. God blessed in many ways, souls were saved and lives were changed.  As time went on things changed in NTCC, and I wanted to grow in God and closeness to my Savior. Then came knowledge that there was another organization being started by Rony Denis.
There were many promises that were detailed in a letter where Rony Denis explains these promises that were to take place which never did.  As time went on, we would see the anger problem that Denis had.  His way of so-called being led by the Spirit, exploding, screaming , hollering, and threatening to disfellowship you at the drop of the hat for such petty things.  All the preachers there could say the same if they would sincerely tell the truth, but this is my story.

In a way I never really fit in, I was always on the outside trying to get closer to Rony Denis (Foolishness).  For I loved to pray and loved God and souls. At first that’s all he talked about. My desire for more God more knowledge of God and a closer walk.  My wrong was trusting him way too much.  I can say that I was there from the beginning, though as I said I was always pushed aside.

Denis has always been an impatient man, yet because of our love for him and respect we over looked many things, and made many excuses for his actions. Since he would teach that it is not wrong to be wrong just wrong to stay wrong, and so on and so forth.  He said that letter of many promises that there would not just be one main church, but churches with bible schools (even though San Diego never had one), that each pastor would allow the Holy Ghost to lead them, that the only thing connecting the churches would be the Holy Ghost (not to have pressure from man….what a lie!….being under Denis was like being in a pressure cooker)  All the blah blah blah were all lies.

So many promises that he stated, so much hype: prayer, humility, and that there would be NO POLITICS! (What a JOKE?) As time went on House of prayer became more and more about politics, and who could so-called make it to the top or make it close to Rony Denis. Everything revolves around him, respecting him, doing things for him, and doing it his way. He has not developed preachers but has crushed, condemned, and controlled them, conquering over them causing doubt and confusion.

Rony Denis created so much oppression and condemnation from his man-made religion. There was so much pain to the soul, strain on the marriages, separation of families, and poisoning of the children. There was no true joy, no relief, no peace, just empty religion without Christ.  Rony Denis’ message was continually a growing bondage of chains and bands of wickedness and weights of torment. As the Bible  says the thief comes not but to kill, steal, and to destroy.  Rony Denis specialized in sapping all the strength and confidence one has towards the work of grace in their life by Jesus Christ.  All that Jesus came to give man-made religion steals, kills, and destroys.
OH BUT THEY WOULD SAY THIS IS NOT SO!  I was there 13 years, they will defend their religion as did the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the scribes.

I remember times right before a church service, that I would be ready to preach and to teach to encourage the congregation.  About 3-5 minutes before church Rony Denis would call me and yell, scream and holler, and tell me that I was going to hell, and how messed up I was. He said he was trying to help me, but it was torture. Many of the Pastors there know this is true, they are too scared as I was when I was there. Doing all to be accepted to stay in the boat it, was foolishness.

There seems so much to say and yet so little time.  I can truly say that Denis is way off, this man is as proud as they come.  At this time John and Jennifer let me know that they were leaving.  They shared some things that I had knowledge of, and some things that were taking place in Hinesville that I knew nothing about. I had said I would leave with them.  But, when the time came I turned my back on them and God’s timing to leave. (Of this I have great regrets but I can not go back in time.)

Rony Denis then moved me to Hinesville in a great rush. It was so-called for my health but in reality Denis wanted to take the San Diego church away from me.  As I traveled across the country all day I received calls from Denis bashing and trashing John and Jennifer, their  gay, and his, “this and that” (Denis talk). When I got to Hinesville, there was a mixture of yelling and screaming and love bombing, as is called.  The many promises that he made to me never came to pass.  Denis is such a liar. He promises  you something and then says that because you did not obey in some crazy way that things changed, knowing that he never intended it to fulfill the promise. Then the Yorkes left also. Then the trashing of the Rodriguez’ and the Yorkes was continual day and night.  I was called all times of the day to be told of all kinds of gross lies about them.  I allowed myself to listen to it. I even said some harsh things about them. I remember he wanted me to record some things against my daughter. I did it, he called me back and said it wasn’t good enough that I had to be harder and meaner.  I was not to allow my wife to know or hear me doing the recordings.  It was done over and over and over again until he said it was good enough. (How foolish I was!)

When I was in Hinesville for those few months I watched and heard and there was a great prevailing thought in my mind, Denis’ pride has consumed him, his motives are wicked, vile, and selfish. This man cares for no one but himself. I cannot believe the control that is man has over people’s lives, even my own. Asking permission about everything. Can I go to Jesup, can I get my kids some shoes, can I give so and so a ride. So many silly things that I thought this is ridiculous, that is not a church this is a concentration camp. I Spoke to one man who had not taken his wife on a date for more than 3 years. He was running around doing things for the so-called church, placing a strain on their marriage and having no time for the kids. Denis Places burdens on people that he does not keep himself.

Rony Denis is such a hypocrite. He can call me a liar, scream, holler, call the polycom, and ask people to say things against me I don’t care. He is a liar, Rony Denis is phony. I have no respect for this sorry excuse of a man called Denis, and would not put the words Pastor or Reverend before his name.

There are so many things that happened being there for 13 years, I have watched men who I have respected for years become something different and they know it. All being under the so-called ministry of Rony Denis. House of prayer was suppose to be a way out of NTCC. We said it in the beginning that if we leave NTCC and we do not do right that it would be worse…..and that is so true House of prayer is NTCC on steroids!!!!

House of prayer is not about Jesus….it is all about Denis that is all that he talked about while I was there for those months of how great that he is and probably is still doing it to this day. He has turned into a vicious monster. I loved this man so much when I first met him. All he seemed to talk about was prayer and God, that is what attracted me to being around, it drew my attention. All I wanted to do was love God and love the people.

I came to House of Prayer to learn and to grow….what a let down, I found self condemnation, torment, laden with false accusations, beaten down, and broken down. If you said you did not do something Denis would say it is not true because God told him that you did more. He would stay on you until you would change your own story and agree with his. Multitudes of times all to discredit , tear down, and manipulate. Denis is a worker of Satan!

Denis is wicked and I have moved on. I am not in a wheelchair or on drugs. I am in the ministry working and laboring for the kingdom of God. Praying spending time in the word of God. Oh, I am so glad for the new found freedom so much to learn, but by God’s grace we are moving forward. God has truly touched my body we are moving forward from the cult. Oh, what a weight has been lifted off of me.

God is well able to renew, revive, and restore one unto their first love, there is hope in Christ not religion. There is true freedom outside of the cult of Rony Denis. There is hope for others we are praying for them to get the strength to get out of that ungodly place, we are praying for others to not only have their eyes opened. But that they would not allow fear to dominate their heart and mind to get out of that cursed  place called House of prayer Christian church.

I am one of the last ones that would say anything bad about a church, but the truth must be told.( Thank God for the website!) I can not support this lie called House of prayer Christian Church. For it is not a church it is a cult. I did not know as much, until I moved to Hinesville. I seen things with my own eyes and heard with my own ears,  it is a concentration camp.

There is so much that can be said, we will mention more as God allows. May God bless you and be in prayer for more souls to escape that dreadful place, under the realm of RONY DENIS THE CULT MASTER!

And to all those who have left my encouragement to you is just go back to your first love. God can use your life you can live for God. God is a healer, and strength giver and will be there for you. Don’t turn your back on God for these fools, but go back to the basics read your bible, spend time with God, and love your wife and kids. And just let God be God in your life.

It is good to be free, so much has improved since I left, so much healing within and without. As far as my health, I am doing great! I am much stronger,  and I’m not cursed or killed by my wife as Denis said would take place. So be encouraged, leave the cult and experience the true joy that comes from above. There is life after the cult called House of prayer or whatever they call it now. God bless you!

One Year Anniversary of Freedom From The Cult. Still burning for Jesus. Bro. J.M. Rodriguez

The Aftermath

September 1st, marked the one year anniversary of the day my family and I escaped the cult know as “House of Prayer”, or  “The Place of Help” as they have had to call it, seeings that our departure caused a chain reaction, that has had the false prophet and his worshipers on their heals ever since. He trashed us to others, people that he had no idea were ready to do the same right under his nose. The man who enjoyed keeping such a tight grip on people suddenly became prophet butter fingers. One by one to this very day more people are leaving that place.Now Rony Denis has the church on a continual witch hunt to try to find out who we are in communication with, and who will be the next to flee that city of destruction. The fact that this was able to happen to him on such a grand scale without him having a prompt from God is proof that God does not speak to him. The public has been made aware that his group is a cult, and because of that, they are having a harder time than ever recruiting people. Now a dying organization has had to resort to moving families from other churches under Ronys’  control,  to the Hinesville location as a last ditch effort to keep the numbers looking fluffy, and keep the money rolling in. Rony Denis had to borrow this idea from R. W. Davis because at this point their is not much he can do. The church has never been indigenous in the first place. Rony Denis has always spent the money faster than it could come in, so early in HOPCC he started his real estate scam by using church members credit to buy houses, then put it on the market to generate income. Now that the church is going down, Rony might be in the real estate business for the long haul.

God’s Providence

Though the last year has been the worst year for the cult leader since he started his church scam, it has been the most glorious time for my family and I. Rony Denis had “prayed” and prophesied that I would end up in rock n’ roll, piercings on my face, on drugs, and would have hurt my wife and son. So can we add this to the list of things the false prophet said that would not come to pass……………………………………YES! Rony Denis can’t say that anything I did in my past is going to come back, just because I left his cult. The simple fact is that I got saved before Rony even knew I was alive. In fact, I was saved before HOPCC even existed. God delivered me from all those things, and filled me with the Holy Ghost before I ever met Rony Denis. So I think it’s safe to say that Rony had nothing to do with my salvation, thus he can’t curse whom God has blessed.

I am still serving God, in the ministry. Pastor Ashmore has been such a great blessing to my family and I. We’ve been at work to reach out to the lost, and bring back in those who have been hurt by the likes of House of Prayer, or NTCC. One part of our ministry has been to reach out to ministers who have left these cult groups, yet still have a desire to preach the Gospel. Through our church we have been able to issue out ministers licenses to these people who have been through the fires of an abusive cult, yet came out still on fire for Jesus. The Gospel is still going on, and the name of Jesus is being preached. Cult survivors are being restored. As I look back, I remember over a year ago when I felt as if God put in my heart that if my family and I would leave the cult it would send a message. The fruit we have seen is confirmation that God is faithful.

My Life since I Left

Since I left the cult, life has been good for my family and I. We live in one of the nicest parts of San Diego. We are within walking distance to the ocean/ bay. I reflect over the past year the times that I walked along the ocean looking at the beauty that God has made, and one can’t help but  to be inspired to pray, as the works of his hands declare his glory. It was one morning when I was meditating this same way that Pastor Ashmore had called me, and asked me to teach Bible Study that night. God was already giving me the Bible study through the beauty of his creation. My wife has done her best to keep in touch with others who had left, and has been a friend to those who some times just need to talk to someone who knows what they have been through. We have been able to open up our home to others who have come to visit, and see what life is like for  Christian outside of the cult. Our lives have become our ministry, and we are doing it because we love the people we welcome into our home. Their is no reward  this side of eternity other than the joy we get when we see others helped by our friendship. We don’t have a program, and it’s not a halfway house. We just spend time with others, listen, and talk, and God does the rest. Many people are hurting, and though we are not experts, I truly believe that after people have been used by a cult, when they realize you truly care for them, and are there for them, just the position of your heart can minister love to so many.

A Thank You to those who have banded with us to stand for the truth

To all those who have been courageous, and have chosen to make a stand for truth, I would like to say thank you.  To those who have contributed to this web sight, and posted comments, and to all the family members who have banded with us in prayer too see loved ones delivered from the cult, we thank you. To our Hinesville team of devoted lady’s, we thank you for being a voice in the Hinesville community. The long hours protesting, raising awareness, God sees each and everyone of your labors. To our Pastor and his wife here in San Diego, who always ask us of the state of those in, and coming out of the cult. Not knowing the people by face, yet Pastor and Sister Ashmore recall their names to us to ask of their condition. Knowing many of them will never be able to make the journey to come join us in this ministry, yet loving those they have not known any way, and committing them to prayer. To Pastor and Sister Figueroa, who had to make a choice after realizing they had made a grave mistake to stay behind. Thank you for having the courage to overcome the lies of the Devil, and reach out to us once again, not knowing what our reaction would be. Many others who have been a blessing to my soul, The Johnson’s, the Writes, the Martinez,  Bro. F. A. Irwin,  and others.  Also a special thanks to Pastor and Sister Yorke, and the Greensboro church. Though we knew we were making the right choice, any who had read my wife and I’s testimony may understand it was a stressful situation getting out of there. I remember the message Rev. Yorke had sent me saying “keep driving, someone has to succeed.” This was a blessing. They and the Ashmore’s have been a great blessing to us, and if not for the Yorke’s zeal and activism, I can’t say that a lot of what has been accomplished would have been possible.  Many have done their part, without anyone organizing it, or demanding anything from anyone. Peoples hearts are being touched to do what they can for the movement. It’s often been said that a true revival is the one that no man can put his name on, and this is what is going on. This is the revival Jimmy preached about, but we are partaking in it. Thank you to all who have been apart of the movement. This we’ll defend!


Sis Lois Best’s Testimony: Still a believer

I Still Believe!

Unfortunately, it seems we live in an era where someone can sit on one side of the church, and be angry with another brother or sister sitting on the other side of the church, without ever feeling bad about it. They can go on being mad at each other without ever saying “I’m sorry,” or “I forgive you.” I remember a time when something was wrong between the hearts of two people, and we couldn’t sleep at night. We would be bothered about it. We could try to carry on, but our days were miserable. Nothing would seem to go right simply because of this difference with someone in our hearts, that we felt convicted about. We’ve allowed this conflict go on until bitterness builds against one another. This bitterness hardens our heart to the point that we can go to church, lift up our unclean hands and pray to God for forgiveness, and not ever feel convicted about our own unforgiving, hateful spirit. The prayers of the Saints are now hindered because we can’t forgive one another causing the church to become cold. A place of help for the lost souls no longer exists.

Here we are now in a moment that we all knew was coming. Tragedy has struck America, it has struck our communities, and it has struck our churches. There are some days, regardless of the “unprepared condition” of my heart, that I look at the state of this world, and anxiously wonder, “Please God, is it the end of the world yet?” Rev. Robertson once said, “I have always believed that the greatest opportunity ever given to mankind is that we can change.” God help me, and God help us all.

This was something I had written to the church when I left House of Prayer in 2009. I was called a reprobate. I had been broken down to the point of complete hopelessness, and I believed that I was doomed. I needed help and I let them destroyed me. If there was no hope for my soul, then what was the point in living? I couldn’t sit in a church service anywhere for years. I started to believe that the preachers were right. They had taken everything thing that mattered to me, and I had nowhere to turn. I loved and missed all my brothers and sisters in the church, and they were completely shut out to me.

I had kept silent about the abuse I endured from my husband at that time, Michael Best. The only ones who really knew what was going on in our house was Denis, Robertson, and Bradeen. This abuse was the reason that I was separated from my husband on several occasions. At one point, I stayed with the Bradeen’s. I was pushed into going back home time and time again only for things to get worse each time. My breaking point was at a late night prayer meeting, where I prayed at the altar and cried. I stayed there until I fell asleep because I was afraid to go home. The last time I had to leave my home, I stayed with Sis Chong. By this time, so much damage had been done. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was having nightmares that caused me to cry out in my sleep. My fear was that I would be made to go back again. How could they be helping me by continuing to let me get hurt?

This drove me to flee in the middle of the night in my pajamas with as much of my belongings that could fit into a pillow case. This was not before I had already fallen. There was another sister that I confided in and told her everything. We ended up in the church office with Bradeen and Robertson. They talked to this sister first. I don’t know what was said. When they called me into the office and began to ask me what all I had said to her. I told Robertson that I had told her my whole story. She came with me when I left. I tried to get her to understand the urgency, and the fact that I was not coming back. I ended up bringing her back to Georgia only to be met by the Friars pushing me to come back. I got on a plane and went  to Texas.

The phone calls from Robertson and Bradeen started instantly. This is where the real damage came. They convinced me that my soul was damned. On top of dealing with all the trauma, this is what pushed me into the idea that there could be no hope for my soul.

I later learned that no one was allowed to contact me. Everyone in the church was told that I was gay and sleeping with sisters in the church. I was even asked over the phone by Bradeen about my relationships with sisters that I was close to in the church. Because of my fear and lack of desire toward my husband, this somehow turned into me having unnatural affection towards my sisters.

It has been 8 years since I left. That was 8 years of hopelessness. I thought so much about all my brothers and sisters that I loved and truly missed. This led me to google House of Prayer, and I found this site. This site confirmed so many things that I thought made me seem crazy. I have found some of my brothers and sisters only to learn that they had also been hurt by the church. I just talked to Sister Jen Rodriguez a few days ago on the phone. For the first time in 8 years, I felt hope. After reading all the testimonies, I believe God knows my struggle and can heal and restore. Please pray for my strength. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have found so many brothers and sisters fighting for what was taken unrightfully. I love you all and miss you so much.

Sister L. Best

An Eyewitness Account of Rony Denis’ Wickedness Caught on Audio Recording With Commentary!!!

Please forgive us for the quality of this recording it’s a bit choppy and hard to understand, the recorder kept cutting out. But, there was a firsthand eyewitness to hear and decipher this foolishness for us. Rony is also jumping like a rabbit from topic to topic, as he normally does speaking his gibberish. You will hear Rony Denis making fun of people, calling them gay, making many jokes about prayer, mocking people speaking in tongues, and speaking nonsense about the same God who created HIM! 

This meeting took place on the outside in Rony’s backyard where many talks would take place with a selected group of people to whom he would say many things that he would not say so openly to others.  

Denis: Sexual deities,… you did already?

Jeff Derby: Yes sir, I’ve done all of them.

Denis: Oh, you’ve done the research? The goddess of this and that?

Jeff Derby: Yes sir.

Here Rony Denis is asking Jeff Derby if he did the research on “sexual deities” that he asked him to do. The reason he had him do this was because the spirits that Rony was interacting with was communicating with him using a lot of sexual language.  This would explain Rony Denis’ increased interest in the sexual lives of the members of his church.  This same selected group who was at his house were questioned from time to time about the details of how they had sex with their spouse.  The eyewitness to these intimidating tactics of Denis was uncomfortable with these questions and would only answer in a vague way.  However, there were some who would go into explicit detail with Denis concerning their personal relations with their spouse before Denis and the group.  The eyewitness to this recalls Denis, after listening to the explicit information, excusing himself from the group to take care of “something”, and then returning.  He would do this every time that he seemed “aroused” from hearing the detailed bedroom stories of his church members.  

Denis: BOOM, you guys heard a lot of loud booms right? That’s all what God can do?

In this clip of the recording, Denis is speaking about a time in a prayer meeting that he was asking God to come down. Denis was not in the prayer meeting himself but was using the polycom device in the prayer meeting with the ministers.  Upon Denis’ request an airplane happened to fly over making a loud noise which startled the group in the meeting who were anticipating for something to happen.  Denis would use this incident as God answering him by providing this loud, “boom.”  He would use it as propaganda to prove to people that he was a “man of God.”  In this backyard setting with his selected group he exposes his true feelings about the incident.  He mocks the “Booms” calling them loud noises and mocks God saying, “That’s all what God can do?”

Denis: Makeup, earings…if God won’t…to talk about it….if God said don’t wear those…..the only way… I want to settle the disagreement in the air….

Here Denis is speaking of his continued disagreement with God not doing things the way he wanted. Rony is very upset with the Bible not saying women wearing pants, makeup, earrings, etc, is a sin.  Rony Denis does not believe that people should have a personal relationship with God or personal convictions.  He wants everything dealing with G0d to funnel through him.  Since the Bible is not dogmatic about these issues Denis expresses his frustration with God.  Like many, his denominational beliefs trumps the Word of God!  Denis would explain to his listener’s who would hear him talk in a sacrilege way to God or about God that he could do that because of his “standing” in God.  Later, it became glaringly obvious that this “standing” was one of opposition to God. 

Denis: The Kadish Moses….garbage….(laughter)

Kadish Moses is the name that the spirits gave to Denis.  Denis had Jeff Derby look up the meaning of Kadish Moses.  Derby reported to Denis that Kadish Moses meant, little boy temple prostitute.  

Denis: Lord God, hallelujah, Lord God, your people God (walking around)……touch Jenifer give her a new brain (laughter)

Here Denis shows his true colors concerning prayer.  He masqueraded himself as the greatest prayer warrior of all time.  He accused Ntcc of mocking prayer, now he is recorded and there are eyewitnesses of him degrading prayer.  It was Denis’ custom to mock the church services right after the service at his home in this outdoor setting.  Sometimes he would mock the service and the preacher right after the service in the church before all!  

Denis: You were traveling…. things got bad. you did an Irwin,walking around like…. downtown London. But what if a girl had grabbed you? You coulda got with a girl right? You coulda got with a girl, did you?

Jeff Derby: Oh, no sir.

Denis: But how do we know?

In this clip Denis is questioning Jeff Derby.  He is accusing Derby, the “missionary”, of getting angry at Denis and storming off in England, leaving the hotel and walking the streets. He calls this, “doing an Irwin.” Fred Irwin left Denis’ cult several years ago.  You can read about Rev. Irwin’s testimony here:   http://www.hopcc.com/?p=508 Denis insists that Derby could have gotten with a girl or had relations with a woman while he was out and no one knew what he was doing.  People with sexual problems such as Denis like to project on others what they actually would do.  What has Denis done in Florida? Why does Denis call people gay who disagree with him all the time.  Normally, if you leave Denis’ cult he will spread vicious lies about you stating some form of sexual perversion that you have a problem with.  But, the more we are exposing Denis, the more we find that the sexual deviant is Denis himself!   

Denis: This guy took off, he never apologized to me, the whole time he’s been here……everyone here

Denis now switches to Joe Friar, Denis’ “toilet paper runner.” The recorder didn’t catch the rest of Denis’ comments but what he was saying was that everyone there had left him.  He was speaking of leaving him mentally as well as physically and returned like Friar did, who left physically.  Denis had people hunt him down and bring him back to the cult.    

Denis:  With his big face…. the guy that left me.

This is Denis speaking about Friar, who was present at this meeting or “fellowship.”  There are certain people that Denis can call them anything to their face and they will remain completely loyal to him thinking that this is the will of God for them to endure such “trials of affliction” from what they consider the “man of God” for the entire planet.  If you think that this is not possible, try asking those who used to live in Jonestown, Guyana if such things are possible?  It is sad but true!

Denis: The guy that left me…sometimes he comes humble…(he is still talking about Friar)……That’s Bowers right?

Denis starts to mock Philip Bowers now.  Bowers was a minister in Hop who also left several years ago.  You can read about Rev. Bower’s testimony here:    http://denyingthepower.org/hopcc-archives/Denis is walking around mocking Bowers calling him gay, light-skinned, and speaking about the color of his eyes.  It is apparent that Denis is a very insecure man.  He makes fun of the way a person looks because he is uncomfortable with the way he looks.  Many times people like this like to trash others that they are intimidated by because they have such a low self-esteem about themselves.  Denis would ask this group if he looked like a black American or a foreign black person.  Everyone knew the answer he wanted and gave it to him instead of the eyewitness who told him the truth.  Denis is not happy with who he is and therefore sets out to make everyone he is jealous with miserable.    

Denis: Do you think that they have sex  in the ghetto?…..Why you’re like this…you like..?

Jennifer: I just never heard of people doing stuff like that.

Denis: I’m sorry?

Jennifer: I have never heard of that?

Denis: Say what now?

Jennifer: I just never heard of people doing stuff like that.

Denis: Oh, you were just a little kid, a little sex toy…this…this..

Denis now begins to go a little deeper in his sexual perversion taking inappropriate liberties in discussing things that we don’t care to discuss in this forum seeing that we are a family oriented website dedicated to truth and decency. However, Denis’ crimes will be exposed.  Jennifer is the daughter of Rev. Figueroa, a long-time Ntcc/Hop pastor, who has since escaped Denis’ cult and has exposed Denis to be a compulsive liar.  Denis has worked hard to pervert the minds of the youth.  He has manipulated the mind of Adam Boles and has used him to give graphic details of sexual perversion for the young girls in Denis’ clique to listen to.  The eyewitness to this meeting states that Denis was also speaking of  one of the “brothers” present being interested bestiality during this meeting.   

Denis: Is Emanuel the type of guy that can talk to a lawyer?  The lawyer already sized him up.

Denis brings up Darnell Emanuel talking to a lawyer.  Please pray for Darnell to wake up and get out the trap that Denis has put him in.  

Denis: ….Oh, I feel the Holy Ghost….(mocking)…You want that?

The congregation in Denis’ church actually believes that he is a Spirit filled godly man.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  He is filled with spirits but not the Holy Spirit.  No man filled with the Spirit of God will mock God the way Denis does. 

Denis: Friar…all the birds….When you have breast….you got married at 18 right?…

The clip ends with a montage of Denis saying different things.  We know that Denis wanted Joe Friar r to shoot the owls out of the trees in his backyard with a BB gun because he found out that the Owls had something to do with spiritism.  He felt that the spirits were talking to him and pestering him through the owls.  At one time while he was talking the owls were hooting, and Denis got angry and started hooting back at them.  Denis was also teaching that when you get married as young as 18 that all you are is a sex toy.  There you have it ladies and gentleman, the behind the scenes teaching of the “man of God” for the world. Pathetic!

History Repeats Itself!!!

Within a history book a child who escaped Rony Denis‘ school of misinformation, a valuable lesson from history is illustrated to us that we are doomed to repeat it when we are ignorant of it.

The history lesson teaches how the Puritans wanted to leave England because they saw the corruption in the church of England they wanted to “purify” by removing everything that they thought was bad.  But, the king of England who was the head of the church was not going to allow that to happen.  So, the Puritans decided to leave to America for “Freedom of Religion.”  When they got to Massachusetts they got to worship the they way that they wanted to worship, which for the Puritans was strict discipline. 

Over the course of time other English people came to America for religious freedom as well.  In Massachusetts the Puritan leaders declared that the Puritan church was the only established church and that other Christians who came for religious liberty could not establish another church.  They had to adhere to the Puritan doctrine only.  The Puritans knew that it was right to go to church but they felt that they needed to force everyone to come to their church in order to become Christians.

Obadiah Holmes, a Baptist, was beaten with a whip by the Puritan leaders for preaching outside of the Puritan church. 

A Puritan preacher named Roger Williams, a missionary to the Native Americans, told the Puritans that it was wrong for them to force people to believe exactly the way they believed especially by punishing them, since punishment can never make a person believe Jesus from the heart.  The Puritan leaders in Massachusetts told Williams that he would have to change his ways or leave Massachusetts.  Williams was also in conflict with the Puritan leaders who mistreated and cheated the Native Americans because they were not Christians.  Williams felt that although the Native Americans were not Christians they should be treated fairly.  He would challenge the Puritan leaders by saying, how do you expect them to become Christians when you treat them unfairly. The Puritan leader’s got so angry that they devised a plan to send Roger Williams back to England.  Williams escaped into the woods where he got sick, but the Native Americans took care of him.  When he got well, he purchased a piece of land from the Native Americans and called it Providence.  Over sometime others who were persecuted by the Puritan leaders for their beliefs also left Massachusetts to join Roger Williams in Providence, Rhode Island.

This historical event mirrors the saga of Rony Denis and his “Puritan/ Holiness” ministers.  Rony Denis left New Testament Christian Church (England) because of all of the corruption in the church, but the king of England (R.W. Davis) was not going to allow Denis and his band of “Puritan/ Holiness” ministers to change things.  So, Denis and his band of merry men and women left to pursue the life of “Religious Freedom” for the people who were under what Denis called a Pharaoh.  Over the course of time, Rony Denis began to institute a strict religious system he felt was needed to keep the church “pure.”

Behold: The so-called “Holiness/Puritan” preacher!

Soon Rony Denis, the sole leadership of Hop, would teach that his sect was the only ones right with God.  Anyone who disagreed with Rony Denis was considered a heretic. Just like the Puritans Rony Denis worked hard to stamp out any opposition to him. Rony Denis also taught that you can be dishonest to the people who are not apart of Hop, just don’t be dishonest with him. This is the same attitude that the Puritans had with the Native Americans.

Thank God that several people just like Obadiah Holmes and Roger Williams escaped the extremist cult Rony Denis created to find God’s Providence for their lives in living the true gospel of loving God and others.

Word For Word Analysis of the Psychosis Of Cult Leader Rony Denis!!!

How does Rony Denis, the cult leader of House of Prayer, keep the people under his maniacal control?

Answer: He buys them! Listen for yourself:

Denis: So the story is, is this, I’m here ask me any question and I’ll answer it.  Ask any question you want.

The real story is, a mother of one of Denis’ church members came down to Savannah, GA to see to help someone move and to see her daughter. (She had two daughters who were cult members, one had left when the Greensboro, NC church left and one was living in Savannah, GA at this time still in Denis’ cult.) Once she came to her daughter’s home she met some of cult members who were there to”encourage” the daughter and her family because her sister had left the cult and they wanted to make sure that she and her family were not leaving. Once in the home the cult mind manipulation games and lying was used by Joshua Heitzman, the pastor of the Savannah church at the time. It failed to produce the desired results so a call is made the cult leader, Rony Denis. Denis is saying here that you can ask him any question. He will not say that to the police or any investigators but he feels comfortable lying to the mother of one of his members.    

Heitzman: You can ask any question.

Denis: Ok. You want guaranteed, you got it. You come in I’ll help you, we [will] get you a place, ugh, ugh, ugh,            whatever you need.  The garbage, all the accusations, I already went through this…I went through this in New Testament, we proved it they gone.  You looking for holiness? You talking to the man. (Notice, his idea of holiness is all of the stuff he did) I’m the one who helped your daughter.  I’m the one that when they came from New York, I asked brother Huff to have Owens to live and your daughter to stay there.  I’m the one that clothed, I bought the, your ugh…ugh…ugh…grandson clothes. I’ve been the one there for Yorke when the car they had, the truck, when they… Upshur wrecked it..I’m the man they called….I’m the man they call for every advice in the church up until then…right now they don’t have me and they finished. Why? Because of pride, self, plus they want family, they want to do it their way, they want a Baptist church, they want music, they want they want this they want that.  They made [up] all this stupid stuff about signs, wonders, [and] Kabbalah that’s garbage.  I go straight, ask me any question you want to.

Forgive us if the transcript seems a little incoherent but this is actually the speech pattern of Rony Denis.  He is Haitian born so French is his native language but he has been in the U.S. for over thirty years and still doesn’t have a strong command of the English language, however we can decipher enough of his speech patterns to put together what he is attempting to say. 

The first point to address here is to notice how this man operates.  He tries to lure the mother in by saying, “You come and I’ll help you.”  This is Denis’ tactic in building his following.  At the beginning of his cult movement he was accused of “throwing money” at people problems.  Denis’ wife responded to this accusation by saying that it’s their money and they can do what they want with it.  In New Testament Christian Church, the church who accused Denis of stealing money, one of the board members who visited Denis’ church in Hinesville when Denis pastored in New Testament Christian Church said that Denis was running a soup kitchen. 

Denis mentions to the mother how he will take care of her, give her a place and whatever she needs.  He then tells her about how he helped her other daughter and her husband, Owens.  He tells her that he clothed her grandchild. This was done by giving money to Bro. Yorke, the pastor of the Greensboro church at the time where the grandchild was, to buy clothing for the mother’ s grandchild.  Denis told Yorke that the parents of the child didn’t care for the child and not to buy the child any suits because the parents wouldn’t take the clothes to the cleaners.  Denis would use this “giving” that he did to brag to the congregation and as a cult mind control technique to convince the masses that he was a benevolent cult leader.  The Bible teaches us not to do your alms before men but Denis lived by something other than the Bible.  With Denis’ “giving” there are also strings attached.  He wants you to have a sense of obligation to him, after all he gave to you, so you owe him something, your complete loyalty. 

Another point to bring out is that Denis says that the people who escaped his cult called him for every advice in the church.  The truth is that if you didn’t call about something and he found out he would yell at you and get angry that you didn’t call.  If Yorke didn’t call Denis about the truck indecent Denis would have been irate when he found out about it.  Denis didn’t offer any advice or anything of any value when Yorke called.  What it is, is that Denis wants you to get permission for everything that you do.  Denis wanted husbands and wives to rat on each other to him for anything, he wanted the ministers to call him and report anything that other ministers were doing that in the slightest was not according to cult doctrine, he also had the members reporting on the pastors.  Later he would turn against the members of the churches and blame them if they had a problem with the pastors.  Rony Denis is a very nosy man, he wants to know what is going on all the time not only in the church but in every aspect of your life.  

Rony Denis says that the people who left are finished because they don’t have him, and then he starts talking about pride and self concerning the reason why the people left.  It is amazing how blinded this man is to his own pride and arrogance.  People need God not him.  Many times people didn’t even want to call him or even hear from him.  One of the greatest times in Hop was when Denis decided to cut everyone off and say don’t call him and that everyone needed to let him go.  During this time he didn’t call anyone and if you called him the phone went to his voicemail which was with was full.  This period lasted for about a month.  During this time he was involved in combination of things including Kabbalah.  Denis had constructed a “special” room in his house where he fasted and conjured up what he calls the 2’9 spirits or people.  He has since turned the room into an exercise room.  During this time Denis was not taking showers and only coming out to use the restroom.  When he finished his “spiritual” exercise he began to communicate with the churches again, this time telling the pastors to look in the sky for signs and wonders.  The signs and wonders were birds, planes, and cloud formations.  I know it sounds silly but this really happened. So, Denis was called out on this when the Greensboro church left and now in this recording he is lying to this mother saying that the Greensboro church made up his involvement with bringing the church into more deception with his signs and wonders. 

Notice his disdain for the Baptist church and music.  He now plays on the ignorance of the mother by telling her that he is straight and to ask him any question.  What we will find is that Rony Denis is a straight liar.    

The Mother: What’s Kabbalah?….(laughter)…What’s Kabbalah?

Denis: Say what now?

The Mother: What’s Kabbalah? What is that?

Denis: I don’t even know what it is, that’s what Yorke said.  I don’t even know what it is, never studied it, never read it, never had a book in it…and nothing…you understand? Zero….garbage…I’m full of the Holy Ghost.  I’m a holiness preacher, straight.

So, asks a question that caught Denis off guard.  Whenever he says, “Say what now” he is thinking of what lie to come up with.  She asked him a legitimate question.  Denis said that he was accused of practicing Kabbalah which involves numerology and gematria.  This involves the numeration of words giving them a numerical value by summing the value of its letters.  Denis has asked for the full names and birthdays of people in his cult to interpret their numerical value.  Of course Denis said that his number was the highest.  He also said that Adam Boles’ number was one of the worst, I guess that is why he took his wife from him.  

Denis answers the mother with an obvious lie.  If a group of people leave your church and say that you are practicing Kabbalah you would find out what Kabbalah was if you were not practicing it.  The truth is, Rony Denis is not a “holiness” preacher.  He is just a con-artist huckster.  Thank God for gospel preachers.  

Please, those of you in this cult who are reading this, you know what is being reported about Rony Denis is true. He is an absolute fraud.  Just because he gives you things doesn’t mean he loves you.  This man is hurting you in so many different ways that you don’t even realize what is happening to you.  He is teaching you to lie and ultimately turn your heart away from the Truth who is Jesus Christ. Escape before it is too late! God is too good to reject for someone like Rony Denis.

Rony Denis and Jim Jones masters at propaganda!!!

Just when you thought that Rony Denis and his cult members have sunken to an all time low they come out even lower with a new tactic to legitimize their cult.

Listen to their satellite radio program where Rony Denis is now hiding behind little children, pathetic!

Did you know that Jim Jones hid behind children as well?

This propaganda and brainwashing is done only for these children to do what? “Obey the man of God.” Rony Denis

Listen to the God’s Heritage (Hop) Children’s Choir:

Do you know who else used a children’s choir for propaganda? You got it, Jim Jones, the cult leader.


Now let’s listen to more similarities with Jim Jones and Rony Denis and their propaganda machine.


Listen to survivors from Jim Jonescult:

There is nothing wrong with a “mixed church” but what is Rony really doing?

More similarities with Denis and Jim Jones:

Now look at Denis‘ bird:

(Sarah Derby- Rony Denis‘ personal bird keeper)

Birds of a feather, as the old saying goes, flock together. Jim and Jimmy.

Is Rony Denis the Next Jim Jones? Striking Similarities. A Must Read

You can’t have a dog in Denis‘ Hinesville church but Jimmy can have his bird just like his predecessor, Jim Jones.

Foreclosing For Jesus???

Here is a public list that Hopcc and their CULT leader Rony Denis does not want you to see. A list of foreclosed houses in church members names in Hinesville who don’t live in these houses but have been psychologically forced to put them in their names to profit Rony Denis. The Hopcc members are highlighted. Why is Denis’ dumping these houses now? Is he planning something? This is a big RED FLAG!

What will people like Gerard Robertson do? Arder May Chong is Marjorie Denis’ mother! If Denis will do this to his own mother-in-law why do you think that he cares about you? One person’s name you won’t see on a list like this is Rony Denis! But, he doesn’t mind having yours appear on here. Is it really God’s will for you to destroy your credit for Rony Denis?

*John Rodriguez is no longer apart of this cult, and has blown the whistle on Rony Denis’ illegal practices.

After dealing with Rony Denis as your “pastor” this is the mark of the beast he leaves you with:

Listen to how former members of Jim Jones’ cult describe the real Jim Jones, especially the man who got tricked of turning over his property to the church.  Sounds a little like Rony Denis. What do you think?


Hidden Treasures of Corruption In Word for Word transcript of Rony Denis’ Practices!!!

Here we have Rony Denis being exposed for running a real estate money making scam. Again he is scheming for more money for himself at the expense of his cult followers, trashing their credit by foreclosing on houses that he manipulated them to put in their name. The rent is paid to the illegal church operation but not to the mortgage company on the time or at all in some cases or partially resulting in foreclosure proceedings. They have been practicing this “Christian” tactic from day one of the Hopcc criminal enterprise.


Denis: He already signed contract,… in two minutes four hundred dollars, four to five hundred…ok[muffled]

Roscoe: Yes sir, and Clonky and five hundred dollars, I think…

Clonky is a church member who lives in Hinesville.

Denis: Yeah, I think,…I think he said that’s what he can afford right?

Roscoe: That’s correct, Yes sir.

Denis: That’s a nice place, tell him [to] pray about it [to] see about much that place is worth, so… always ask brothers to pray and let’s see what he says. [That way] it will always make you know what? Where their heart is….Ok sir?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: Will you do that?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

This is a cult mind game tactic that Denis uses to cause you to feel that by giving more money to the “cause” is spiritual, therefore you will be indirectly pressured to give more “for God” but in actuality it is just to fund Denis’ corrupt schemes. Denis has gotten angry when, “after prayer” a church member  didn’t meet his financial expectations.

Denis: Ok….For example there are…there was… there is.. a big mistake we made, we put these people in Flo Zechman….who is that…that..ah..that ah.. what-cha-called?  (mumbled)…They have a hundred percent?

Roscoe: I don’t know sir, they are..ah..military and they were in 242 Garden Circle so I moved them out of there at the same price because it was the foreclosure deal and everything.

Denis: That’s another one?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: So, did we lose that place too?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: We lost..ah..Garden Circle?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: So, we lost both of them?

Roscoe: To my understanding, yes sir. That’s the [exact] way Oloans explained it to me.

Denis: mmm….

Roscoe: Is that Garden Circle and Elizabeth foreclosed.  He sounds like he has more hope that Elizabeth might work out.

Denis: I thought it was the Smithwhite[s] that was in Garden Circle?

The Smithwhites, a longtime family in the church, a couple of years ago were moved to Hinesville because of Johnny Smithwhite’s illness. In a Hinesville conference Rony Denis, who was not physically in service but conducting the service on his polycom, prayed for healing in the congregation and then asked for testimonies. Johnny the husband of Athena Smithwhite and father of their three children came forward and said that he was healed of cancer in his liver. Later, Rony Denis would say to some that Johnny’s healing proved that he was a man of God and that a black man can heal. Unfortunately, shortly after this Johnny died of his illness. Denis blamed God for not giving healing ministries to black people.

Roscoe: Ah..Smithwhite is in 127 Shayna, and we had the city of Hinesville to pay their rent for the last month and this month.

They had the city of Hinesville pay the rent for last month and this month? Hmmmmm…..interesting.

Denis: So, which one you said is going to take twenty two hundred and move? Which one is it?

Roscoe: That was Garden Circle….They gave a (muffled)

Denis: Ok…they…they…ok…I don’t understand…Roscoe you making decisions……(Denis is calling Oloans)

Roscoe: Hello sir? (Roscoe doesn’t realize that Denis put him on hold)

Denis: Roscoe you there?

Roscoe: Yes sir, the last thing I heard you say…

Denis: You making decisions, you don’t even check with anyone. When Oloans tell you stuff…before you make decision…you need to check with me.

Roscoe: Yes sir……sir your phone went out again. (Denis is calling Oloans again)

Denis: Whatever happened to Garden Circle? Whatever happened to that?

Oloans: 242?

Denis: Yeah.

Oloans: I don’t have the answer yet sir, I’m focusing right now on 212.

He doesn’t have the answer yet because he is fooling around juggling foreclosures trying to work out a deal with the banks while they are stealing the people’s money to support Denis’ lavish lifestyle.  

Denis: Ok…but here it is Roscoe, you moved someone from Graden Circle to what? To Flo Zechman right?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: Flo Zechman is a nice house, and there (vested) by Oloans, by Oloans we bought, you just can’t do stuff like that Roscoe without talking to someone, this whole thing is coming back at me again..umm….it’s just coming back at me…Flo Zechman….ummm….Oloans you…you….you need to tell me, you need to stop these foreclosures. You going to end up..Freddie’s gonna come knock on your door, you remember you were warned about the practice right? Flo Zechman the payment is eight twenty-five so how much is he going to pay you for Roscoe?

Denis doesn’t like the foreclosures but that’s what happens when you pocket the money and don’t make the payments to the mortgage company.  He wants Oloans and these guys to work demonic miracles to not make payments and keep the houses in other people names whose credit is now trash from going into foreclosure. Anyone who has worked with Denis knows that he tells you what to do and then when it doesn’t go right he blames you for doing something wrong but if it does go right (or no one got caught) he takes full credit.    

Roscoe: The’re paying eight twenty-five.

Denis: Ok..but you..this a much nicer house..at Flo Zechman we should be able to get more right?

Roscoe: Yes sir, nine thirty-five was what it was renting for.

Denis: So, why is it that we went so low?

Denis is all about the money. 

Roscoe: (mumbled)Remember the night that I talked to you about Garden Circle, and I tried to get them out (mumbled)

Denis: Say what now? What do you do, what?

Roscoe: [The] mobile home, I thought you were aware of the foreclosures, [the] mobile home I thought you were aware of both of them.

Denis: Yeah, I was aware of both of them…Oloans you can’t keep doing this sir.  You understand?

Denis knows all about the foreclosures but he tries to play innocent.  He is the one who has authorized this crooked pratice.  But, he must convince Oloans and Roscoe that it is all their fault.  He is just a “holy man of God” who is raising money for the kingdom.  

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: You can’t keep doing this sir. You can’t just like..yeah…yeah..you can’t just [keep] doing it…we’re back to the same stuff…it’s back to Freddie again sir, you understand?

Freddie is the FBI agent who Denis and the Hinesville Hopcc operators were interviewed by.  If Denis is so clean, why did the FBI get involved?  Denis coached the people what to say when the FBI got involved in Denis’ real estate  fraud.  

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: Hmmm…you don’t move someone from Garden Circle, which one is the higher house?

Roscoe: Flo Zechman is a much better house, a nicer house.

Denis: Ok, why couldn’t you put them with something equal like (mumbled-with a kid or something) you didn’t have something open?

Roscoe: No sir, no other place was open but (mumbled-Bowers) and we’re still working on Palmetto Trace.

Denis: Ok, Palametto Trace so-called would have been better right?

Roscoe: It would have… but I knew when the house was foreclosing that they would not have wanted to move into that place that’s why we moved them into Garden Circle [be]cause 215 was open at the time we first moved them…

Denis: Say what now, sir?

Roscoe: When I first was working with them…when I first went with them to a place….

Denis: So, what…when is the lease’s over…when is the lease over?

Roscoe: It’s a year, but I can talk to him about ahh…because they just moved and I can tell him I just can’t do it or something or work something.

Denis: No, No you can’t say…or you can say what you want to say, but you dealing with military right?

Roscoe: Yes, sir. He’s military also, yes sir.

Denis:  Ok, civilian we can say whatever we want to say, the military you can’t do that. Ok, sir? You see how stupid you are again? I can this but then what do you do? So what other places…I mean it’s crazy I can say, I can say, you don’t think of the repercussions do you?

This is what Denis really thinks of the people in Hopcc.  All of them are stupid to him.  He even told Oloans that it is because of people like him that cults flourish.  Denis has no respect for the people he has doing his bidding for him.  He knows that these people are not saved or Christians. He had Arlen Bradeen (former long time pastor of the Hinesville church) say before the congregation that he is not saved and never was.  Arlen has recently said that he is saved now and Denis lets him pray with men on the prayer request line (1-866-414-7729).  

Roscoe: No sir.

Denis: Why? Why not? So, you presented Palmetto to them and they didn’t want it?

Roscoe: Yes sir in time past.

Denis: Why? Why?

Roscoe: [Be]cause they didn’t like the duplex set-up, they wanted a single standing house and that’s what pushed them into Garden Circle to begin with, they [have] only been there a couple of months and now the house foreclosed so we [are] having move them out.

Denis: Yes, so…ok.. alright that’s fine.  So, you see what you did Oloans?

Oloans: Yes sir.

It’s Oloans’ fault but who told Oloans to do it? Doesn’t a good “leader” take any responsibility? 

Denis: Umm..that’s fine let them stay there…it’s going to be a loss of a couple of thousand for that year after that year umm..they have to give an increase or they have to move out.

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: You see that Oloans?

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: I got stuck in this, I’m not buying any places any more, but I need refinance I need this I need that I need this. Whose name is it in? Flo Zechman, whose name is it in?

Oloans: Priscilla Bercini, Randy and Priscilla.

Randy and Priscilla Bercini are currently under punishment in the Greensboro church building and house that Rony Denis is stuck with after failing at trying to sell it. (The house got hit by the city for not being up to code with the faulty and shoddy work that Denis had done to it.  http://www.hopcc.com/?m=201611 )  Denis had three families staying in 2630 Merritt Dr. in Greensboro, NC.  Oloans was working his money grubbing game at the direction of Denis on this property as well.  At the time the property was in Matthew Reese’s name.  A foreclosure letter was attached to the door and the families who faithfully paid their rent were perplexed that the “holiness church”, the last and only one left on the planet, would do them this way.  Well, thank God they all left Denis’ cult. http://www.hopcc.com/?p=21 

Denis: Ah…a lot of these people if there…if we…could…ah..modify the…just to get out of the modification we are in right now.  You can’t just dump something on Roscoe, I have to find out first. When you dump it on Roscoe, you put him in a tailspin, Roscoe makes bad decision.  Like right now, he’s gonna call these people..not knowing…ok..well we were renting it…and create ahh….trouble again.  So, I have some notes here on what you gave me yesterday.

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: And I am gonna make copies and send them to you.

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: ….and then John.  Look at this…crazy…who put me in this Roscoe you and who?

Roscoe: Me and Oloans.

Denis: Is that true or am I making this up?

Roscoe: No, that’s a hundred percent true sir.

Mind control and manipulation 101 from cult master Rony Denis.  It is always your fault 100%!

Denis: You guys need to fix it.  You need to pray and fix it.

Oloans: Yes, sir.

Pray and fix it? What a joke! What about pray and repent and get out of that cult?

Denis: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. (mocking)  Densi lives at Cumberland right?

Roscoe/Oloans: Yes, sir.

Densi is a longtime Denis church member. Denis made Densi confess to the conference congregation that he loved his mother more than he loved his wife.  Denis felt that the confession to him in front of everyone was a huge breakthrough and used the opportunity to teach his false doctrine about confessing your sins to him and he being able to carry them to God the Father and getting you cleared.  Yes he really said that!  (goodbye Jesus goodbye….hello Jimmy hello…oh no!)  Jimmy is Rony Denis’ name that he is affectionately known as.  It is short for his predecessor Jim Jones.   

Denis: Densi should or whoever stays there should…everybody should take an increase…we went low in a lot of areas…aghhhh…..217 Flyn Circle…who live there that’s the brother right, Stone?

Oloans: Stone sir, brother Stone.

Brandon Stone is a brother who lives in Hinesville, Ga. Denis gave him free rent but now will demand him to pay and get off the freebie list.  The problem is that Denis, while he was under the influence of the spirits and thought he knew the date of the rapture which he claimed he had tangible evidence, told Stone to buy a big truck which had high payments and he told him not to worry about it because the rapture is happening soon.  Denis recently trashed Stone’s wife, Kirby, for questioning his ability to know everything.  He had her stand up and publically humiliate her in front of the congregation making her tell everyone that she isn’t saved and not to call her a sister.  This is a normal tactic for cults. 

Denis: He hasn’t paid, but he’s gonna pay shortly…different ones…the freebies…John….

John: Yes sir.

Denis: They’re gonna start paying.  How much money freebies?

John: It’s about eleven thousand right now, sir.

Denis: Ok…so, I’m going to reduce the freebies.  And that should bring some…fix this up… So Roscoe, if you do thirty-five to fifty dollars should help and then every time you rent right now try to bump it up to like twenty-five dollars or thirty dollars…ok?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Always remember, Denis will always go back to the money.  

Denis: Alright….ok Oloans I’ll let you guys go.

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: Whenever….ok John…

John: Yes sir.

Denis: I have a note here, where ever I draw a line, that mean the rental is good and everything is fine…

John: Yes sir.

Denis: But where I don’t have a line that mean something need to happen, a refinance, that’s for you Oloans refinance, refinance…no good we need to stop this…we need to ugh…ugh…not foreclose all of them…if you do it you guys going to jail not me……ok…Oloans I’ll send this to you for brother Boyd….

Oloans: Yes sir.

Michael Boyd is a long time church member who crossed over from Ntcc to Hop and has progressively been miserable as he slaves as one of Denis’ ground keepers at his house.   

Denis: You’ll see it. Ok Roscoe…..Roscoe before you make decisions again can you talk to me first?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: Alright, thankyou.

Roscoe: Yes sir.




Word by Word Transcript & Recording of the Money Hungry Cult Leader.

We certainly understand that it can be hard to understand what Denis is saying if you haven’t been around him long enough to know his jargon or even to decipher his strange speech patterns.  It was difficult to understand what he was talking about when we were in the cult, so I know it is terribly difficult to understand his bluster if you haven’t been around him lately.

By request we have provided a transcript to the most revealing audio recording of “Pastor” Rony Denis and some commentary from his former associates.  The commentary will be in red. Hopefully this will be beneficial and give a clearer picture into the mind of Rony Denis and how he operates under the guise of a “Man of God”.



Denis: You are renting?

John: Yes sir.

John Rodriguez is a man who worked close to Rony Denis living right around the corner from Denis.  He would give Denis nightly reports of financial dealings in Denis’ real estate empire that he built on the names of his church members and ministers  in his cult. John has sinced left Denis’ cult and blew the whistle on Denis’ illegal practices and abuse.  Here is his testimony: http://www.hopcc.com/?p=88

Denis: [It’s all] garbage, including you the rent gonna have to go up.

Denis is angry because after reviewing the financial statement from all of his rentals verses paying selected workers, John worked without pay, that he is not clearing enough money.  So, he wants the rent to go up, including on John.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: By the [way] we did it, we’re just not making it at all, with the housing the this and that, that’s what’s been going on. We are paying Benton, it’s going to be really garbage.

Denis uses a lot of filler words like, “this and that”.  It sounds like he is talking in code and he is.  Benton is James or Jim Benton.  He was one of the Ntcc ministers who crossed over.  He gets paid well by Denis. He works now as one of Denis’ main builders.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: So,[with all the people we have] everybody wants cheap rent, even if it’s ugh let’s say a hundred dollars, fifty dollars twenty people that should do it and we should make it out.  I’m looking for another ten to twelve thousand bucks.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: You got that sir? You need to do that, I want a whole list.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: And the people who are renting the other places, let me get Roscoe….ugh

Denis now calls Roscoe Stanley.  Denis operates a lot on the phone through conference calls. Often you may think you are on the phone alone with him but he has someone listening in.  Roscoe was also one of Denis’ rental managers.  He is also no longer a part of Denis’ cult.  Roscoe was a church member in Ntcc Killeen, TX when Denis first met him.  He is from Jacksonville, Florida, so Denis threatens to send him home for correcting him.

Denis: You treat me like you are an equal sir!  You understand! You remember the guy who use to come to Killeen? Remember him?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Roscoe is not the only one Denis has gotten on for treating like an “equal”. In Denis’ world everyone is beneath him.  At the beginning of the split from Ntcc he used rhetoric like there are no big I’s and little You’s here and so-on.  Denis complained that people worshipped RW Davis in a cultish way but he would complain in Hop (House of Prayer – Denis cult) that people didn’t treat him with the same respect that they showed RW Davis.  

Denis: Yes, you better not talk to me like that sir. I’ll shut you down, and you will be going down to Texas, not Texas but Jacksonville [Florida]. Do you understand sir? Don’t you ever talk to me like that sir. When I say something, that’s what you did before on base [Ft. Stewart], that’s how you got me in this trouble. You always try to be….when I say that about those guys….you said…well not really.  You don’t correct me sir, you’re gonna have to be judged for that.  But, I don’t have to say that. God is….that’s the way church members can do me, let them do it….that’s it. That’s baloney, ok. Don’t argue with me.  You run your mouth, Jeff Arnold [a Hinesville lawyer] constantly. But, having said that, when you rent places sir, we need to try to get twenty five dollars increase. Because I just reviewed the payments, by the time Benton [James(Jim) Benton] everybody’s paid every month, it’s just not there. You understand Roscoe?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis’ theology is that God will judge you or punish you because you have disrespected him in someway or another. The Ft. Stewart military base took a strong stance against Denis’ cult proselyting on base so, Hop does more covert “soul winning” on the military installation.  Denis is always quick to correct you for something to keep you in your place but notice that his focus goes right back to money which is the bottom line.   

Denis: That’s the same thing we went through in the past, we went through this in the past, alright. So, Roscoe when you talk to me like that sir it’s not good.  I’m not Rev. Robertson or Rev. Bradeen.  Ok, sir? I’m not….John called me buck teeth, John is going to pay for it. The way I am is, I pick the time and the terrain when I fight my battles. Ok, you got?  Where is Retana? [George Retana] Where’s all these people?  Look [at] the pictures, Angelina….this and that…but these are people that House of Prayer created.  But, I pick the time….you understand? The way I work John is this…I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. You understand?

John: Yes sir.

George Retana is a former member of Denis’ cult  

When Denis speaks about the pictures he is referring primarily to Facebook pictures that he has spent tens of thousands of dollars to make numerous copies of Ntcc former and current members as well as former Hop members such as the one he mentioned, Angelina.  Rev. Robertson and Rev. Bradeen(former Ntcc ministers) who both stay in Hinesville constantly are berated by Denis. He elevates himself far above them and has effectively beat them down mentally to where they are a glutton for his punishment.   Most importantly notice Denis’ comments, “I don’t forgive and I don’t forget.” This says it all.  This man does not operate in the Spirit of God at all. 

Denis: I forgive, but I will…I will….I will come back at you, not in a vengeance way, but I will come back at you. You know me to me like that, right John?

John: I’m sorry, say that last part.

Denis: You know me to be like that, ok. I might be laughing this, this, this, but I don’t forget what people do.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: Ok, you marked!

John: Yes sir.

Denis tries to somewhat cover his tracks saying that he forgives but he then quickly reveals himself by saying he will come back at you foolishly saying, but not in a vengeful way. 

Denis: You could say yes sir all you want, but you called me buck teeth. And Roscoe you can’t treat me like that sir. Even Denise, wrote a big letter have Oloans let you read it, Oloans has that letter how she apologised and said she was wrong, you understand? I like that. I’ll let you read it. Maybe I’ll let you come in tonight Roscoe or later on this evening or later on tonight, I’ll let you read it. Ok, sir?

Roscoe: Yes, sir.

Denise was Roscoe’s wife at the time.  Denis put her out of the church because she wouldn’t tell Denis of all her past life.  Anthony (Tony) Oloans is another minister who came over from Ntcc.  He is as dirty as they come.  He no doubt was the one pretending to be a woman on the phone with the mortgage company that Rev. Fred Irwin testified about concerning Denis’ corruption early on in the Hop cult movement.  http://www.hopcc.com/?p=508

Denis: And [you] will find out how Denise was pleading for mercy and for this and…you just can’t do that. No matter what happens God has to honor His word.  You understand? So, Roscoe twenty-five dollars extra to fifty dollars if you can each property if you can get it.  And no more us paying water bill.  Just as new places come open. So, now the people who just moved in, ugh John from different places, you don’t ask them for more they already moved in, they haven’t been there a year yet.

John: Yes sir.

This back and forth is normal for Denis. He jumps all over the place, but rest assure he’s coming back to the money. He was proud of what he called himself, a “cash cow” for Ntcc.  This is why they liked him over there even though they knew he was corrupt. 

Denis: Normal, when  you been at a place a year you get an increase right?

John: Yes sir.

Denis: Ok, because we have so many freebies, and some were added by garbage.  And I know when I say garbage I want to keep it in…[mumbled]….for all this stuff is garbage and when I know when I say garbage I know what it means. Somewhere by garbage with the people this, this, this.  So, I’m gonna try and make it out.  We had to modify, it was already a bad situation.  Gave a hundred thousand dollars to Pappa Reip, I’m gonna just stop, stop buying people, I promise you,….. stop buying people. [Look at] sister Bradeen, she has nothing to say, you understand, she has nothing to say to me.  And that’s the way that I work.  She side with her man, the way women are when sex is good they don’t call when sex is no good they call. [Do] you understand?  That’s the way they work.  You guys got it?……

John: Yes sir.

Freebies are the people that he was manipulating by his “love-bombing” tactics by allowing them to have free rent for a while.  But, Denis begins to reveal language that sounds strange. He says, “added by garbage” and that he knows what he means by saying garbage.  Well, we know as well.  Denis was and is involved in spiritism. This “garbage” is what he has said before was the 2’9 spirit which comes from Deut. 29:29- The things that are revealed belong to us but the secret things belong to the Lord.  Well, Denis wanted to know the “secret things.”  He delved into Jewish mysticism and numerology and presto he claims that he “knows the secrets of the universe.” Well, not exactly what has happened is that he tapped into being in a demonic trance where some testified that he was a lot nicer being influenced by demons than just being himself.  He gave thousands away. A hundred thousand to Pappa Reip and Anthony Oloans.  Thousands to Jim Benton and others.  That’s also how these “freebies” came about.  He snapped out of his trance and was at this time on a warpath to recoup the money that the spirits helped to give away.  Strange but true.   Notice that he has admitted to buying people. He then strangely attacks Sis. Bradeen, did he give her a lot of money also to buy her from her husband?

Denis: That’s the way they work. So, Roscoe don’t do that to me sir ok, this, this, this, this, this, you can’t do that. And so, you guys…..Roscoe this, this, this, all you know and John this, this, this buck teeth.  I’m not Rev. Bradeen, I’m not Rev. Robertson.  You guys can take pop shots at me.  That’s what you just did Roscoe, you got so over familiar. Over familiar…ok you can make my mouth dry that’s fine.  Roscoe’s not going to make it if he doesn’t change…change my voice…change my. It’s not going to work.  A bunch of garbage. You understand? Buck teeth, buck teeth John I will never forgive you for this?

John: Yes sir.

Why does Denis bring up “buck teeth”? John was accused of calling Denis buck teeth because a church member told one of the ministers whom Denis sent on a witch hunt mission to see if anyone one had said anything amiss of Denis anytime that they have been in Hop.  Sounds crazy but true.  John didn’t even call Denis buck teeth.  The statement was completely taken out of context that John had made concerning Denis but it was too late now.

Denis: The prayers that I pray, do you want me to pray it John?

John: No sir.

Denis: I’ll tell God to make your choice.  That’s what I pray over bread this, this…  Cause when people irritate me too much then ok, that’s the way they gonna do, you [God] make a choice,  you [God] choose them them over me?  You choose [God] whoever you want.  If they more..If Bradeen is more valuable then you choose….ok. So, that’s no good.  You got it Roscoe? So, you took a pop shot at me today.  Right now you’re changing your voice, why you’re changing your voice, tell me?……ugh?

Denis’ prayer to God Almighty is for God to make His choice!  Denis is a Class A Narcissist!  Notice how Denis weirdly talks about someone changing their voice.  Who do you think he is talking to? Roscoe and John knows that  it is not them.  They don’t even answer him concerning this question. He talks about someone making his mouth dry and his voice being changed, what is he talking about?  This is the demon plaguing Denis! This is what happens to him, his mouth gets dry and his voice changes.  He would at times say that God was speaking through him, and that it was God speaking to the people. Later he would confess to certain ones that it was not God making his voice dry but it was the “2’9” People (Spirits he claims he hears talking to him all the time he use to think was God). Now he is in a love hate relationship with them. Sometimes he reverts back to saying they are God, then goes back to saying it was just the spirits. 

Roscoe: I didn’t realize that I was taking a pop shot at you.

Denis: Say what?

Roscoe: I didn’t realize I was taking a pop shot at you. I didn’t realize….

Denis: Yeah, you fighting me, you fought me before Roscoe, didn’t you?  Ugh?……You didn’t feel bad Roscoe when you got off the phone that you were arguing with me?

Roscoe: Yes sir, I did.

Denis: Guess what sir, if I cut you off and don’t talk to you that’s it.  That’s the deal with Rev. Robertson.  And then this is where the garbage, the this and that, and the houses and all this nonsense. [And,] there is so many places..and I’m not going to have meeting with you guys and John…I can’t even stand John right now.  You understand?

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: And when I am talking to you like that John, the Bible says, obey them that have the rule over you because they watch what?

John: For your soul.

A classic religious cult control technique is employed by Denis to control John and Roscoe but Denis was the one actually being fooled unbeknownst to him.

Denis: Ok,…you think because things are going on this, that but anyway John…you have to get the insurance lowered. And this.

John: Yes, sir.

The insurance on the houses were high because Denis would file multiple claims for hail damage and so on. He would pocket the money and send his crew to so called do the work to “fix” the roofs.

Denis: That’s why this thing is reckless. Reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless. Ok….I’ll let you guys go…..I’ll let you go…I’ll let you guys go….I’ll let you go…

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: Ok, I’ll let you guys go……. So, John you know what to do.

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: Not the new people that moved in but the old people and everyone else that has been there, that been there a year or two, maybe you can get there and analyze it and get an increase of  fifty dollars.  You understand?

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: People don’t mind if you ask for fifty bucks.  Let me see Roscoe, oh he hung. Roscoe……Ok, a hundred, people don’t mind if you’re asking for another fifty bucks, people that have been there a year or two if you ask them for a raise something like fifty bucks…ok Roscoe?

Roscoe: Yes, sir.

Denis: Alright, so I have to work with you guys…it’s sad….just like Jesus working with Judas.  A lot of you guys are of bunch of Judas’…you can tell right?

Another cult tactic by Denis, he is the real Judas.

Roscoe: Yes, sir.

Denis: Alright, I’ll let you guys go.


Voice of Hypocrisy Exposed!!!

Listen to highlights from Rony Denis’ House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer radio broadcast ,” Voice of Revival”, and determine if it should be called the Voice of Hypocrisy.

In this clip you will hear how Markow is instructed by Denis to tell people that they need to spend time with their family on the air.  He mentions this throughout the broadcast. Now listen to how they really are behind the scenes and off the air concerning your family.


In this next clip” Bishop” Denis has Markow speak against the money hungry and fame hungry preachers and rabbis.

He is preaching about Rony Deins?

Listen to this:

The money making schemes of “Pastor” Rony Denis are numerous.  He compares his “fame” to that of basketball hall of famer, Michael Jordan.  So, was Josh Markow “preaching” to Denis?


In this next clip we are told that VACATIONS are no of God!

Folks you can’t make this stuff up!

Did you know that the “Bishop”, Rony Denis goes on VACATION in Florida?

In this next clip we have one of the biggest statements of HYPOCRISY of all.  Listen to Markow tell us that we don’t need Facebook.

Now look at the Facebook pages that the House of Prayer has who tells you that you don’t need to have Facebook.

You rabbis and preachers and Christians and Jews don’t need that Facebook garbage!

Nevermind that we have it!

You don’t need that twitter! Nevermind us though!

Here is a stalker profile that they have used!

Is it possible that the “H” in HOPCC stands for:

Please don’t drink this kool-aid!

“Rabbi Joseph” Rony Denis is trying to serve his kool-aid to the Jews and Christians. Notice how his little soft hands are outstretched for “Mo Money”. ?

Can You Believe He Said That!?

This is a recording that you have heard before If you are familiar with this site. It is a BOMBSHELL recording of  Pastor Rony Denis of the House of Prayer (The Place of Help) and Assembly of Prayer churches. Headquartered in Hinesville, GA.

In this recording Pastor Rony Denis reveals his true character. He admits to buying people. He gives at least one name here which is “Papa” Reip, the father of David Reip and husband of Arta Chong (Denis’ wife’s mother). He sold his soul for a hundred thousand dollars!

You will also hear the Head Pastor of House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer (The Come Pray with me church), Rony Denis say that he doesn’t forgive or forget!

If you pay close attention you can hear him interacting with voices in his head. He speaks of them changing his voice and their voice and making his mouth dry. This is the “2’9 spirit” that Denis talked about that he was under the influence of. The Bible calls it a familiar spirit.

You will hear the greed and lust for money and the narcissistic personality disorder in full operation.


Rony Denis’ “24/7” Prayer Request Line Gets Shut Down to us!!!

Rony Denis has blocked us from his debunked prayer request line.

The so-called Prayer Request Line is out of service for us!

No Smartphones Please!

Listen for yourself:

This is one reason Denis had to shut it down because they don’t really  pray with you and you better not ask any questions. Listen for yourself:

Poor Shantè, Christine Bradeen really socks it to her when she says that she has some questions about the Voice of Foolishness radio broadcast.  Notice, Arlen Bradeen is not allowed to pray with the opposite sex, neither is his wife.  I guess the older couple needs to do this in order to keep the LUST BATTLES from raging.  No doubt, Jimmy told them to do this.  Pathetic!

Listen to how Christine Bradeen’s pastor,Rony Denis, thinks of her and ALL WOMEN!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you can’t make this stuff up!

“That’s the way they [women] work.” – Rony Denis

“You understand?”

The so-called only “man of God” for the entire planet earth. He sounds like he has the same Spirit  as the apostle Paul, right?

The Psychology of Rony Denis and his “House of Prayer”

Is Denis suffering from a “man of God” complex?

Denis is a master manipulator of the mind.

What is on with the mental make up of those who actually believe in the Denis “House of Prayer” philosophy? Denis is a proven liar yet these people are faithfully following him as if he is the Messiah who could do no wrong.

This is the image of God that Denis has instilled in the minds of his sect.

There must be a piece of the mental puzzle missing from the mind. There must be a spirit of blindness hovering over Denis’ “House of Prayer.” With a little critical thinking one must easily recognize that Rony Denis has revealed himself as he really is a 100% bona fide fraud.

Are they questioning the weird and quacky things Denis is talking about? Do they read and study the Bible anymore? Is there anything in there?

Once you escape from a cult like Denis’ “House of Prayer” God can restore your mind if you allow Him, he did mine.


Jimmy Doubles Down on “Voice Of Hopelessness” Broadcast ?

Rony Denis doubles down on his, “Voice of Revival“, radio broadcast where Josh Markow is just the puppet being controlled by the puppet master Rony Denis. Why doesn’t Denis get on the radio himself? He says no one would receive him because of his accent. Maybe it’s because he needs to blame someone when it doesn’t go right. Listen for yourself:

Right from the beginning Denis has Markow slam the women for immodesty and jewelry. Have you ever noticed how these kind of groups love to read to you from Isaiah 3:16-26 where they believe jewelry is condemned by God but they never read to you about Isaiah 61:10 where it says:

Or what about this one:

So, this is what the Lord God said. So, what is Denis talking about? Denis and Hopcc love to present a lopsided gospel based on Old Testament scriptures.

Denis talks about modesty but is he modest?

Is this a picture of Rony Denis or is it the opposite? What about this:

1Timothy 2:9

Have you ever heard Denis or Hopcc talk about costly array? God does want His children adorned in modest apparel but why didn’t Denis ever finish the whole verse?

When Markow says God loves judgment, why is he twisting the scriptures to make it sound like God loves punishing people? One of Denis’ favorite sayings is, “God’ gonna judge you” meaning He will punish you for my sake.  Here is what the Amplified Bible (the one Bradeen liked to use) says:

So, God doesn’t love judging you, He loves justice and hates how Rony Denis is robbing the people.

Have you noticed that Markow again decided or was ordered not to pray in Jesus’ name again? The demons don’t like that name. Thank God, Peter and John didn’t listen to the Pharisees of their day who told them not to minister in the name of Jesus. And thank God, for those today who have decided to no longer listen to the chief Pharisee, Rony Denis.

Why Won’t They Answer The Question???

The Hopcc Prayer Request Line is a joke. Listen to the “Reverend” Dennis Nostrant “help” this poor woman in her time of need.

The reason why they hang up on you when you ask about rapture date setting and unbiblical divorces is because their pastor Rony Denis is GUILTY of being involved in these practices and is too PROUD to admit that he is WRONG! He taught that it is not wrong to be wrong but to stay wrong.  It seems as if the whole HOPCC wants to STAY WRONG!

“Divorce is not good, my Lord” – Dennis Nostrant

Unbelievable “Voice of Hopelessness” Airs on SiriusXM Family Talk 131!!!

Rony Denis has boldly doubled down on his foolishness by setting Joshua Markow, the “Jewish Christian”, up for failure! The so-called Voice of Revival sounds more like the voice of doom and gloom. NOT EVEN ONE MENTION OF JESUS, WHO IS THE REVIVAL!!!

Did you hear him say how roller skates are wrong? Are the so-called Jewish brothers and sisters buying this nonsense? Did you hear Markow speak about lying? Has Markow ever met Rony Denis?

Now he attacks Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Elmo. These guys really are from a hundred years ago! Notice how he slips a dig in for those “wicked men” who wear purple shirts.



These guys LOVE to talk a lot about pornography. I wonder why? Did you hear him contradicting himself saying that prayer doesn’t change anything and then he says we need to pray to have strength to change? That came from the pseudo wisdom of Rony Denis‘ mind.

Please Pray For These Children!!!!

Sarah Derby and Delcina are watching these girls from Denis’ house. They are going on a walk in the neighborhood. Denis uses these girls as human toys for his daughter.

Here are the children of Denis’ inner circle playing with water with Jody (Daniels) Emanuel. One of the girls have recently escaped from the cult.

Here are some FLDS girls who are allowed to play in the water. This is forbidden by Rony Denis in Hopcc. They are very similar as you can see but there are some differences.

It looks like Ringling Brothers are still in business. They moved to Denis’ backyard.

 The main attraction is: Jimmy the Clown Denis ?

Exclusive: Fraudulent Prayer Request Line Exposed!!!

Listen to how they treat you on the so-called prayer request line for asking a genuine question:

I Peter 3:15

I believe that was a serious question that the person asked on the phone but all he got was:

Please forgive the laughter, for the caller was utterly amazed by how the holier than thou “righteous maranatha” people handled the situation that laughter had to be made in order to cope with the disappointment of being rejected an answer to a legitimate question.

1-866-414-pray & hang up on you prayer request line? Voice of Revival?

Denis said that you can find who you are in the Bible. Well, we found you!

We have found the seven sons of Sceva! They have been hiding in Hopcc all along!


The 1st of the 7 sons of Sceva is G. Robertson. Powerless against the lies of Rony Denis. He claimed that he stood for righteousness, but when Denis exalted himself Robertson fell down to worship him.

The 2nd son of Sceva is the screamer, D. Huff, Denis’ longtime follower.  The former Amway salesmen was a Ntcc favorite. He had a knack for bringing people to church and then screaming at them, but his screams went silent when daddy Denis started screaming back.

The 3rd son of Sceva is the onetime bold H. Virgo.  He is the brother in-law of Denis.  Denis has reduced him to admitting that he would disagree with God Almighty in favor of Denis!

The 4th son of Sceva is A. Bradeen.  He stood up to Denis at onetime, but his brothers didn’t come to his aid, now his own family will carry his head on a platter to Denis.

The 5th son, A. Schmidtke, is one of the biggest cowards the world has ever known.  One minister spotted him playing hot potato with his phone with Denis was calling him.

The 6th son is W. Pilkington.  This one has got to be biggest cheezer the world has ever known.  He has claimed that Denis has moved the moon around and that the birds of the air rest  on the steeple of the Hinesville church while Denis is in the inside teaching.  Pilkington is a hardcore disciple of Denis all the way to the last drop of kool-aid.

Last but not least is R. Bercini, the ultimate kiss up to Denis. Denis has given Bercini a suicide mission to take over the abandoned and doomed Greensboro church building and Merritt Dr. house.

They said that they wanted to be like the book of Acts! So, here they are!

The Dirty Divorce Tricks of Rony Denis and HOPCC/ Assembly of Prayer

There was a sister who just recently escaped the abuse of Rony Denis’ cult, House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer ( The Place of Help- Hinesville). She had to leave when her husband, Adrian Martinez, who was in Greensboro, NC at the time fooling around with the illegal living quarters at 3717 Sunnycreast Ave, the mold infested church building that was left behind when the Greensboro church left.

The sister escaped with her children and called Adrian to explain but he hung up the phone on her and then promptly changed his phone number, a standard HOPCC practice by order of Rony Denis.

The dirty trick that Denis plays is to get the spouse under his control to file for divorce and to run it in the local newspaper knowing that you have moved away. If you are still in Hinesville they will run the divorce add in another nearby city so that you will not see it and not know what is going on. This is done so that the other spouse has no say so in the divorce. They don’t want the wife who hasn’t been working to contend for ALIMONY. It’s all about the money! Money ? ? ?!

But Rony Denis and Hopcc apparently LOVES it! Please keep sister Liz and her family in prayer.


Setting The Record Straight!!!

I just want to set the record straight. Rony Denis is not a biblical holiness preacher at all. He is a false preacher of his ever changing, flip flopping, hypocritical, and double standard opinions. Here is one case: Jewelry. Let’s look at it.
Rony Denis says Jewelry is wrong except if it serves a purpose. He says that a wedding ring is permissible. He would say that a watch is permissible. These all have a purpose. So according to Rony Denis, all Jewelry outside of what he has allowed to be permissible are wrong. I was in a fellowship meeting service in Greensboro, NC where people from another church came to the service. Some of the women were wearing small chain necklaces. Rony Denis was preaching and said to them that you’re not a dog, you’re not suppose to wear a chain around your neck. That might be good for Rony Denis but what say the scripture?

Daniel 5:29
Then commanded Belshazzar, and they clothed Daniel with scarlet, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made a proclamation concerning him, that he should be the third ruler in the kingdom.

According to Rony Denis, Daniel must be a dog. I didn’t read where Daniel took this gold chain off because it offended God. Do you? We do read of Daniel taking a distinct stand for God when needed but not here.

Ezekiel 16:11
I decked thee also with ornaments, and I put bracelets upon thy hands, and a chain on thy neck.

These words are not Ezekiel’s words but God’s words to Israel. So, Rony Denis would have to say according to his belief that God is making Israel a dog and that God is a “compromiser” in Rony’s eyes. I wonder if he had a Facebook picture of what God was talking about if he would show it around to indict God Almighty? And say look at this ungodly jewelry God put on this lady Israel.

Also Luke 15:22; The prodigal’s father,a representation of God, in Rony Denis’ eyes must be a compromised devil, for he put a ring on his son’s hand. Maybe Rony would call him gay.

Does the New Testament really teach against jewelry?

I Timothy 2:8-10
I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. In like manner the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But ( which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

I Peter 3:3-4
Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

Is God through Paul and Peter forbidding the wearing of Jewelry? If so, I don’t read anything about a wedding ring being permissible. The fact is that if you take a scripture out of context you can make it say what you want. But if you keep with the context you will find the truth. If you are honest and without bias, can you not see that it is the extravagance of these things and not the abstinence of these things that the Bible is teaching?
If it is true that the wearing of gold is prohibited by God according to this scripture, then to be consistent would you not also have to condemn the putting on of apparel and getting your hair done?

Rony Denis keeps his cult very ignorant of biblical truth. These scriptures teach that godly women need to be more concerned with their Christian character and faithfulness to God over their outward adorning. To be modest and to avoid the flashy extravagant showy adorning. Hello Rony and Marjorie! Oh, and Phoebe Ruth Denis aka Julie Boles. That’s you!

Rony shows Facebook pictures of people who have escaped his cult who don’t follow his rules anymore. Big deal, his rules are not the Bible. I have no problem with someone’s personal standards but if you judge me because I don’t follow your standards then you are wrong. If I am living out of accordance to the Bible then I am wrong. We have a Judge who is God, not you or me. We are to judge however what is right or wrong by the scripture. And Rony has no scripture to support his condemnation of others because of jewelry. But I can say lying is wrong and Rony Denis has done this profusely, especially concerning us since we left his cult.

If I grow a beard am I wrong Rony? If I watch moving pictures am I wrong Rony? Hugh Virgo was a pastor at the time in Tacoma, WA and he told me that he was watching some soldier fire fighting on the computer. There are people in Hopcc doing all kinds of things against Rony’s law including Rony himself. My wife has seen “Sis. Denis” (Marjorie) wearing make-up in Ntcc. Rony says make-up is wrong though. “Sis. Denis” obviously dyes her hair. Rony told me nothing was wrong with dying your hair as long as you are not trying to change yourself. Clinton Daniels, a former Bible College teacher in Fayetteville, NC taught that dying your hair was wrong. Rony says you can paint your hair put not anything else I quess. The problem is when you push your personal convictions on everyone you get a bunch of mess. And that is what hopcc is, a bunch of mess! I thank God we escaped all that mess.

If you are still confused read Romans 14. It will explain Christians getting along who have different convictions. Some are weak in the faith. People like Rony Denis who are used of the devil exploit these people to make them two fold the child of the devil. Pray, consider the scriptures, and live for God! God Bless You!

Bro. Ray Yorke

PS: This was an old comment that we thought good to make it into a post to help expose Rony Denis and to help liberate the oppressed!

“I have more humility and love than anyone in this room” – Rony Denis (Jimmy)

This a quote from the “Rev.” Rony Denis at the last meeting in his house we attended before we escaped his cult. The very statement itself exemplifies the pride that truly works in Denis‘ heart.

Did you know that false humility is one of the characteristics of a narcissist?

Even in Jimmy’s sham day school “Jimmy’s Heritage Cult Academy”, there is no Honor Roll or Graduation because according to Denis the students will get proud. But, doesn’t the Bible say to give Honor to whom Honor is due?

Have you ever wondered why Denis always stressed that everyone had to be humble and respond a certain way, but he himself could react in any carnal way he chose, especially anger?

Does his life really display humility or does it display false humility?

Have you ever heard Denis exalt himself?

It sounds as if this “humble” man has the “I” problem. What do you think?  Can you imagine this “humble” man performing a foot washing?

He actually spoke about this at the beginning of Hopcc, but it was all rhetoric because he was saying all the “right things” to deceive the masses.

Believe it or not, exposing your feet in Hopcc is a no no. Denis is certainly against the feet being exposed. He has made comments about the “compromise” of the NTCC women not wearing stockings. I have been in baptisms where the socks are kept on. Denis made a big deal about Adam Boles viewing the toes of RW Davis. The women in Hopcc stay away from open toed shoes. One woman from Hopcc said that her husband told her that open toed shoes were wrong because men have a “feet fetish.”

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. By the way are you lusting at the foot in the foot washing picture above? If so you must be in Hopcc. I fully agree with modesty and covering yourself and not having a lascivious spirit, but toes?

Doesn’t this expose the spirit behind Rony Denis and Hopcc? A bunch of hypocrisy and religious activity.

Jimmy would do good if he practiced this.



The Bible is ALWAYS RIGHT!


Victory Report of Another Who Escaped Denis’s Cult: Sis. NICOLE ILDEFONSO


I would like to start off by thanking all those courageous individuals who escape hopcc.. also for this web site. everything is making sense now.. this is the reason denis wants the church sheltered and no communication whatsoever with the public or there families.. so they will not find out the truth..
I have no clue where to start… I love God I never would have imagined me loving something or someone as much as I love God and Christianity.. I am appalled to know all I know about jimmy. In the first few days of me finding out all the information about jimmy it was a lot to bear but I’m glade that life goes on and life can go on without hopcc. There are so many sincere souls in hopcc. when I think of all the many people I grew to love and care for, sometimes I have to force myself to stop thinking of them. My wounds are healing slowly. It was mind blowing to hear all the information about what really goes on and how disgusting Denise really is. He is of his father the DEVIL. It is humorous to see how they think their the only church going to heaven. I was blinded as they call it. I give God all the glory for helping me through out the 12 years I did attend. I had many lonely night without my husband in the 12 years.. (lonely meaning as a companion) I really thought the things that I was being taught by man were right but they weren’t… one thing they would always say is ” pray and read your bible” HALLELUJAH because that’s exactly what I would do.. am I perfect NO, Can I give God more YES.. I use to turn a blinded eye while being in hopcc to the things that were being taught and foolish doctrine. Im glade it’s not a sin to have board games or for boys to touch a ball. thanks be to God that when the time came God opened my eyes… now I do see the wrong that they do and teach… and see how denis perverts the gospel the living word of God. While his daughter has a room full of games and toys let’s not forget that iPod and how she takes lavish trips to one of the riches place city’s in Florida While the rest of the children sit and rot .. by the way he made all the children get rid of there iPods. I bet rotten denis really can’t trust anyone anymore oh well for him.. more people will leave, God will deliver them from the bondage they are in..
He makes an entire congregation change there phone numbers Because let me guess WE KNOW THE TRUTH FINALLY. All those years I thought I was getting Godly counsel.. “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Matt 19:6. I should have left with my husband when he got those orders. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18 .. my husband was trying to serve God but he couldn’t take any more with the way man worshiped jimmy and the things he witnessed in the church. my husband left hopcc bc he didn’t get any good counsel when the time came for him to leave schmidtke gave him good counsel all right he told him all he had to do was go tell the army he was crazy so he can stay at ft Bragg collect the VA and get 100%. I new in my heart that was wrong “CRAZY” maybe crazy for not serving God at the time, and also bc schmidtke had told him that God reveled to jimmy when our lord Jesus will be coming back.. “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” Mark‬ ‭13:32‬
I let my husband leave ALONE. I wanted to come for the last year of his assignment it had been in my heart but I didn’t dare tell anyone that’s including my friend Liz.. I new what would be done and said of me had I told my former pastor, so I did what I new to do “I PRAYED”. whether u denis or any one in hopcc believes it God answered and bore witness in my kitchen That I should come and for the record it was before my friend told me she was leaving and all the information I found out about you. Like others when we were leaving hopcc we planed it we had too especially after hearing the others testimony about how they had to call the police.. the church in Fayetteville had the members come and sneak around my neighborhood taking pictures of us and following us around.
God speaks in many ways to those who seek him with a pure heart…there’s so much I can but I won’t not worth it I’m out and that’s what matters. Though my husband or maybe some of the survivors won’t agree God was with the true worshippers and sincere souls in that place tho it may have seem that jimmy was the man of God (a nut if u ask me). But the truth has come out. there were times when I new things that were being taught and preached were wrong but I couldn’t speak I would just take it to God in prayer. with all this said life goes on.. My husband puts it like this we all have PTSD who escapes hopcc.. I believe it but God is a healer.. I hope and pray that God in his grace and mercy helps others to escape..



The cult members of Rony Denis’ HOPCC are under a STONG DELUSION!

Why are people so blinded in the CULT called House of Prayer?


Denis himself knows that it is a cult. There are so many inconsistencies with the Bible that goes on within the cult and Denis‘ character that you have to do mental gymnastics to justify the legitimacy of such a group. These people are willingly blinded, blind folding themselves from the truth.

We are warned multiple times in the Bible to not be deceived. The people at Berea were considered more noble than others because they actually researched what Paul said instead of just taking his word for truth. Rony Denis has said that if you confess your sins to him that he can take them to God and “clear you” of your sins. Rony Denis has said that he has the power to change the Bible. Rony Denis has also said that he has power to divorce you. Has anyone inside of HOPCC searched the scriptures to find out if Denis‘ claims are true like the Bereans did to Paul. If they did they would find out that Denis is a LIAR.

Denis knows where he is going and he is trying to take as many as he can with him. Denis has mastered his choice of operation within his “church”, witchcraft.  This is nothing new, it has been going on since the Garden of Eden.

This dark red eyed snake is still speaking today!

There is a way out!

Assembly of Prayer Christian Church -Greensboro, NC (This Church is a CULT)

“Give me that Old Testament religion.” Look what they dragged out of the old shed. Too cheap to buy the right sign, the cult has to patch up the old wine skins to get going a little.

This place is CRAZY! Look at what they put on their church building:

They used to have this put they removed it, I wonder why?


Assembly of Prayer Christian Church is a cult!


Listen to how the “pastor” talks to his members:

The harsh talking man you hear in the audio is Pastor Randy Bercini, the new pastor of the Greensboro Assembly of Prayer Christian Church. You can hear more of this at:



Notice how Pastor Bercini tells the brother that the rapture is about to happen soon.  This was during the time that the false prophet Rony Denis, who Bercini references as a man of God, was spreading false propaganda about him knowing when the rapture would happen.


Now that he has been called out, the false prophet says that the rapture is everyday. What a joke! Are you serious!

This is the head Pastor that Pastor Bercini answers to: Please keep your family away from this cult!

This is Pastor Bercini:

Don’t let those cute ears fool you! This place is a vicious cult! (Apparently Bercini just left to go back to Augusta, GA)

This is what we left them when we all left their cult.

While the cult master, Rony Denis, lives large off the millions he stole look at the junky signs he has for his Greensboro cult:

Church Open?

I wonder if Randy Bercini knows that Jimmy said that there NEVER should have been a church in Greensboro. He then said that there wasn’t going to be a church in Greensboro. I quess the false prophet changed his mind again or maybe he just needed some useful cult members to pay for the bills.


Looks like they have the children making the signs now.

The cheapskate cult leader finally spent a little to get a new sign.

Look how crooked this sign is:

It’s been like that for awhile. This guys don’t care. Let’s see how long it takes for word to get to them from their Hinesville headquarters.

Jimmy’s Doctrine!!!

Rony Denis, affectionately known as Jimmy, has proclaimed to his sect that the Bible doesn’t say anything about having “FUN.” As far as he is concerned there is no room in the Christian life to have fun. It is an utter waste of time. We are supposed to redeem our time that we have wasted in sin. That’s why children are a big threat to Jimmy’s interpretation of the Christian life, parents might get tempted to have “fun” with their children. Also marriages must be controlled so that husbands and wives won’t take “pleasure” in each other.

Jimmy has also called money evil. He said money was not in the Garden of Eden. He says that it is man made and has caused so many problems, so it is evil. This is why you must give it all to him so that he can rid you of this evil.

Check out what they are handing out to people:

So, pleasure is a sin. Jimmy (Rony Denis) has said that only he can handle going down to Florida to his beach house and live it up and stay “righteous.” Oh, yeah along with someone else’s wife too.

Denis has been a longtime believer in asceticism for everyone else but him.

Denis even taught that sex was just like using the restroom! No wonder many of the marriages in the cult are in the toilet. (Pun intended)

It seems as if Denis has more of a mystical approach to the Bible rather than a spiritual one.

Is James really telling us what Rony is telling us? If you read the whole passage you will find that he is actually talking about people like Rony Denis! Rich men who have done people wrong. Verse 4 states how people like Denis have cheated people out of their money by fraud. And verse 6 speaks of how people like Denis have condemned the just. There were people who could not defend themselves and Denis just crushed them. And with all of this wickedness Denis fulfills verse 5 by living in pleasure or luxury and has been wanton, satisfying his every whim, a Rolls Royce here, a Bentley there, and a extra woman over here and so on. I think someone needs to give this card back to Jimmy don’t you?

They got worse: Old Card was Better

Now Denis is the answer! Or at least he thinks he is.

The Paranoid Prophet

Rony Denis, the debunked prophet of the House of Prayer Cult, has converted his house in Hinesville, GA into a fortress.  Jim Benton bragged about how he tested Denis’ shatter proof windows with a sledge hammer. John Rodriguez talked about how there are so many locks and coded entries throughout Denis’ house that one time he got trapped inside and had to call someone to come and let him out! There are also cameras galore all over his property. One time Denis was on the phone talking to Oloans about a vehicle that they picked up on the surveillance cameras and was thinking it was the local NTCC pastor showing someone his house. At one time he had a huge dog chain out on display with a dog bowl and a recording of a dog barking. He didn’t own a dog but heard that this was a good method of security.

Why is the prophet, Denis, so paranoid? Could it be that he has a guilty conscience of all the wickedness in the name of religion that he has done toward other people. Could it be that this prophet is actually a false prophet? Security is one thing but paranoia is another.

Maybe this explains his red eyes. It’s hard to get good sweet sleep when you are paranoid.

Take a look ? at what Denis is doing now: A new shipment of probably more security measures to keep the prophet safe.

Is the prophet a scaredy cat?

Save Our Servicemen and Women!!!

 The Good

William Gaylord, better known as “Pop Gaylord”, is the man who had a true burden to reach the military personnel with the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing a wholesome environment in what was called a Servicemen’s  Home. Having been a serviceman himself he had desired to give what God gave him to them. He presented this idea to NTCC.

The Bad

Rony Denis, better known as “Jimmy”, rose to prominence in New Testament Christian Church (NTCC). He claimed that when he preached as a student in the ST. Louis Seminary that everyone praised him saying that he preached like Richard Blumenthal, a highly respected minister at the time. Denis began his “ministry” work in New Orleans, LA. After a visit from the Kekels, Denis says that they influenced him to go into the Servicemen’s Home Ministry. Once in the Servicemen’s Home Work Denis rose to prominence developing ways to increase “numbers and money ” for the church. Being promoted from Hinesville,GA to Woodbrook, WA Denis began to train other ministers for Servicemen’s work. Denis bragged that while in Woodbrook he sent millions to the Graham,WA church- headquarters for NTCC. Maybe this is why reports of his abuse toward the people fell on death ears. A board member position was created for Denis called the Servicemen’s Director. Denis left the Woodbrook church to join the General Board and travel to supervise the NTCC Servicemen homes. The “numbers” dropped after Denis left the Woodbrook church. One person who was there said that many of the “converts” went into gross sin right after Denis left.

 The Ugly

As the simple law of gravity teaches us: what goes up must come down. Denis’ pride caused him to collapse when he realized that RW Davis, the late founder of NTCC, decided to choose his Son-in-law, Michael Kekel, over him to lead the organization. Denis’ pride actually caused him to think Davis would appoint him over NTCC. Denis then devised a scheme he claims God gave him to split from NTCC and start his own organization called “House of Prayer Christian Christian.” Denis over the years of his newly formed church devised ways to abuse the veterans. He has made the statement that soldiers are easier to control, as opposed to civilians. From staged Dity Moves to makeshift schools for VA Educational Benifts money Denis has developed an elaborate scheme to where he appears to own the city of Hinesville,GA. Fortunately Pop Gaylord passed away before he could see the ugliness of what was intended to be “The Good” has become. There you have in a condensed nutshell:

Rony Denis/Hopcc/Facebook Stalkers Caught Red Handed!!!

The following is an example of Rony Denis and his ministers stalking people who have escaped from their cult on Facebook. They find out what you may follow and attach whatever lewd pictures that they can concoct and then past them to your Facebook page and circulate it around the cult and tell the members that you must be wrong and on your way to hell because look what you are involved in. So, the people who don’t know the game believe the lies and are afraid to leave the oppressive cult thinking that they will go headlong into sin and eventually hell.

“Bible Man” is a fake Hopcc Facebook page set by Rony Denis designed stalk former members of the Hopcc cult located at 2540 Airport Rd. Hinesville, GA- Now masquerading as “The Place of Help“.

Notice this “Bible Man” has no profile picture, photos to show, or friends to show. Why is he on Facebook? Only Facebook stalkers ? behave this way. They have Facebook only to stalk others normally without interaction. This one decided to make a comment.

The stalker, Bible Man, is seen here posting his comment on a former members post which spoke of being a classy lady. Something Hopcc despises. Here are some responses to “Bible Man’s” / Hopcc’s comment.


So, the Pharisees masquerading as a “Bible Man” got shut down, even to the point where they deleted their comment. This type of NARCISSISTIC personality disorder causes an individual to not learn their lesson, so they tried again, this time on Messenger. Let’s take a look:

John Henry? Are you serious???? Here is the response to “Mr. John Henry”:


And we have the very revealing comments of “Mr. John Henry.”


What a joke! So, his name isn’t “John Henry.” Really!!?? Rev. Yorke does not purport himself to be the Saviour like Rony Denis does! If this man is legitimate, which he obviously is not, getting kicked out will actually help him. If you want to find Jesus, just call upon Him. You don’t need Jimmy or any other preacher to do that. A novel idea that to simple for the Hopcc ministers to grasp!


Fake “Ultra Holiness” Standards

The man you hear in the recording is the man pictured in the photo. His name is Rony Denis, the Haitian born leader of the House of Prayer Christian Churches of America Inc. He is seen here making faces at the people who are protesting his church’s conference at 2540 Airport Rd. Hinesville, GA. The church in Hinesville has just changed it’s name to, “The Place of Help”, because of the heavy exposure of the alleged corruption within the church. The other sister churches located in Savannah, GA, Augusta, GA, Fayetville, NC, Greensboro, NC, ( Minus all the church members, Barely 2″ off the ground starting with an illegal church building) Killeen, TX, Clarksville, TN, ST. Louis, MO, San Diego, CA, and Tacoma, WA are all known as House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) or Assembly of Prayer Christian Church (AOPCC).

In the recording Denis claims that “His holiness” is no, no, no! No make and so on when everyone knows that his wife, Marjorie, wears makeup and dyes her hair. Having such an ultra perverted hypocritical view of Christianity has caused Denis and his followers to be hypersensitive to any type of sexuality. For example, Arlen Bradeen, the former longtime pastor of the Hinesville church and a man that has been in the ministry for over 30 years was preaching about it being hard to pay the cashier at Walmart because her breast being noticeable. Instead of just not looking, Bradeen spoke of how difficult it would be to hand the lady the money because of her breast.

Rony Denis himself is also hypersensitive about everyone’s backside, especially men’s backsides and was goes in them.Listen for yourself to this perversion of the national apostle for Hopcc.

known as Hopcc’s national apostle, Denis has taught his followers that according to                 I Corinthians 5:3 – “For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed”, he is there with them in “the spirit” even in their bedrooms.  The members of his church are ruled by fear actually thinking that Rony Denis is a spirit! If they have a bad thought about Denis and his obvious contradictory lifestyle with the Bible they will be in grave fear to share it with anyone else least the “spirit”, Denis, get ahold of you. It sounds silly but when you study cults you will find that people went against common sense and reason to fulfill the desires of the cult leader.

Rony Denis rose to prominence in another “holiness” church organization called New Testament Christian Church in which abuse by him was reported but nothing was done because as Denis described, he was a cash cow for the organization. Denis has proudly proclaimed himself the “Michael Jordan” of  the New Testament Christian Christian (NTCC). A church group who had once claimed to be the only “holiness” organization in existence. Rony Denis has copied this and has declared himself the “Man of God” for the entire world! And that his church is the only one that is right with God, that there is no other church like his, especially with all of the “holiness” enforced standards such as going to the store with someone and not yourself in order to “Avoid the appearance of evil.” There is even a “Buddy System” in place for going to the library just in case the “demons” from the computer jump on you!

Rony Denis played humble at the beginning of his religious movement but now must be amongst the proudest people on earth. Rony Denis got exceptionally angry when heard that his arch rival from NTCC, Michael Kekel, called Denis’ movement a “Bowel movement.”

Have you ever heard of a preacher talk about himself this way? Maybe Jim Jones, Daddy Grace, Father Divine, other cult leaders. Not just hearsay but in his own words!

The Ultimate Church/Cult Pimp, Rony Denis, The Spirit Man, The Mystic Myth, And The Loser Legend!!!


Rony Denis has said that women are like dumb children. All they need to do is be a flower, look pretty and smell nice. All they are to him is an accessory. The pimp daddy, Rony Denis, has mastered the art silencing the women in his cult.

It is done by meeting their price. Denis feels that everyone has a price. (Listen to the recordings, he admitted to buying people) These women think that Denis loves them because he bought them some Louis Vuitton purses ?. What they don’t understand is that, that isn’t love.

The only person Jimmy loves is the almighty dollar bill. Denis is all about the money. He has bragged about how many millions he has.

He drives his Rolls Royce and Bentley in Florida. A true church/cult pimp from head to toe.

Some people don’t mind being pimped by Denis. The devil will find your price. Hopefully one day this pimp will turn into a pimple. And the pimped will turn into Christians who are not for sale.