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Can you believe that this foolishness would go on in a so-called “holiness” church. How could sister Denis, the one wearing the scarf, put up with her husband Rony Denis, the chubby one in the middle, fooling around with Julie Boles, the one cheesing really hard on the end. Her pet name is Phoebe Denis now!

Millionaire playboys like Denis love ❤️ to have their mistress on the side but in a cult you can move your mistress right into the house with you and your wife! Denis probably has it set up to where they all have their own bedroom. How convenient for some late night early morning rendezvous.

Sorry sister Denis, it looks like your gangster husband has made room for someone else. Can you imagine your preacher husband making you a nanny always occupied with watching the children while he lives out his twisted fantasy with another woman right in your own HOUSE!

This is so crazy but someone has to bring attention to this lewdness. It is a mockery to God and His house. Talk about the abomination of desolation. This is what PRIDE will do to a man.

Denis said if God allows it then it’s ok! This is what happens when you go by a spirit and not truth. We are to supposed to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. There is a balance. The Spirit we must have is the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of God, not a conjured up 2’9 spirit that these guys are following.

I don’t know about you but this whole thing makes me want to:


Adam where art thou?

Being crused in Killeen, Texas!


12 thoughts on “SICK “LOVE” TRIANGLE EXPOSED!!! HOPCC Style

  1. For an ultra legalistic “holiness” group you would think that they would care about the scripture speaking on avoiding the appearance of evil. It just doesn’t look right for pastor Denis to parade around Rev Boles’ wife like that……smh

  2. I remember when we lived in Richmond hill, Ga we were on our way to Greensboro, Nc where we would remain.
    Sitting on the couch in the Denis’s house, Marjorie began to do her ministry work that Jimmy despised behind his back as he had left the room. She looked at me and knowing how much I looked up to her, she began to tell me how she had failed in helping me and that I failed and I was a great disappointment. I looked at Marjorie as a great women of God and I couldn’t believe that I disappointed this women. I was in tears, my husband was confused as to why I was even crying, because she was not God. There were so many things that she did that I looked over, she was a professional liar. She would often remember things about us that were not true, and I looked up to Marjorie so much that I was often so embarrassed and didn’t want to see her in this light. So I would agree with whatever she said so she didn’t look bad.
    I’m reminded in the Bible where it says: Love covers a multitude of sins” I truly of a sincere heart overlooked the odd things she would do because I loved Marjorie Denis. Marjorie would offer lots of lavish eloquent prayers and would often get on us girls for not praying the way she thought we should, she was very critical of every Spiritual endeavor. When it came to soul winning she was the loudest outspoken and the most ambitious, but in my mind I always had a nagging feeling as to why she could do all these things, but simple things such as being honest, trustworthy, humble she never seen the need.
    She was very flamboyant when it came to clothing, home interior decorating. One thing I picked up being around her is that she was very competitive and often jealous of certain people, and she was always trying to outdo someone else. I realized that although she was supposed to be so Spiritual she was had so many carnal attributes about her. And in the end it just led her to her demise.
    I would love to tell Marjorie that I am so disappointed in her, she had one thing right that day sitting on her couch in her living room and that is “she failed us” and failed us she has, because in all her her false Spirituality when it came to actually standing for God she failed us!

  3. Denis’ mind is like the mind of a schizophrenic without medication. He hears voices, he sees things, he gets angry at things normal people don’t get angry at, he thinks he’s a great prophet, and so on. If wants to be that way then that’s fine but the terrible thing is that he is affecting the lives of so many people including innocent children that he is scarring for the rest of their lives. I pray that people will get the courage to come forward instead of hiding in the shadows and expose the evils of this monster, it might at least protect one innocent child from his perversion. It would truly be worth it all in exposing this man if someone got saved from his tyranny of terror! What if you were that person that was spared from this devil or your child was spared because so much light of TRUTH was being poured in causing him to pull back on some of his atrocities? I understand the fear that this man of black magic has placed upon people still lingers in the minds of some for some time even after they have left his cult. People actually believed him more than God! And he actually just like Jim Jones became a god to many people. I thank God for all those who took the time to write their testimony to set the record straight because Denis is a straight up LIAR. I firmly believe that your testimony helps others more than you will ever realize. God gave it to us, we might as well use it.

    God Bless
    Brother Yorke

  4. HOPCC = House of Perverted Creepy Clowns

    There is so much evidence against these people.

    Marjorie Denis, ma’am you don’t to worry anymore if your husband is saved or not as you was saying to the sister that day. By now it should be an established fact in your mind. You don’t have to worry if he is human anymore either or if he has feelings or emotions on the inside as you were pounding his chest. It is quite obvious now that you have been involved with, out of his own admission, a spirit. But what kind of spirit? One that lies, destroys, mocks God, oppresses people, and more ungodly things. We are told to try the spirits and when this one was tried this is what we found. Marjorie Denis what did you find? What did you find when you tried to leave? What did you find when you saw some inappropriateness between your husband and Julie?

  5. Playmate Phoebe Denis, aka Julie Boles, and nanny Marjorie Denis and millionaire playboy Kaballah preacher Rony Denis would make a great reality show for the perverts.

  6. No I don’t feel sorry for or sympathetic towards this tryst of 3 consenting adults, but the children being abused by these three who KNOW better is appalling! What they are teaching the INNOCENT children by their lewed lifestyle of the hopcc rich and famous is disgusting! Did you know that devil worship involves sacrificing these innocent children into perversion? It involves pedophila which is satanic! This thing in Hopcc is deeper than you can imagine!

  7. This is truly unbelievable but it is true. It’s about time someone exposes this charade going on in the church. The holier than thou trio flaunting their arrogant sin in the church and face of God needs to be exposed! Marjorie Denis could leave if she wanted to. She could go to the police and turn her fraud of a husband in to the authorities. The “great woman of God” needs evidence of her husband’s infidelity? It’s sleeping her house, it’s riding in her car, it’s walking on the Florida beach with her husband while she is watching the children he and others ABUSE! What more do you need? Denis has talked so much about sexual perversion right before I left, and no doubt still does, all because he himself is a sexual deviant. It doesn’t take a spiritual giant or a rocket scientist to see that with all of his lies and bent towards “backsides” etc. that Denis is a straight up pervert. People see that garbage and don’t want to say anything about it. That’s why it continues! Denis says he is not attracted to women but he is always talking about their bodies. He was more concerned about my wife’s weight and size than I was! And he is the brute who got angry and kicked my wife out of his house because she knew that he was lying about the situation with her dad and Lucretia. Denis caused Kenneth Forbes to LIE for him by saying my wife got upset and stormed out. A pure lie, I was there. He then had her dad, Rev King, come over can continued his manipulative lies. Denis is just a straight up joke, fake tongues and all! And these guys and gals over there especially the former NTCC ones, especially you Oloans and Derby, are WILLINGLY DECEIVED! Marjorie Denis KNOWS her husband is a creep and has witnessed his mistreatment towards others even children! If she remains silent on that but only decides to leave because she catches Denis in the act of adultery with his mistress then what is the difference between her and the Pharisees who brought the woman to Jesus who was caught in the act as well? There is no difference, all hypocrites with no real love for ANYONE! If you left this cult, have you ever asked yourself why did you leave?

    Ray Yorke

    PS: I left because I wanted Jesus as my Salvation not the deceiver named Rony Denis.

  8. I’m sorry to be so blunt but the preachers in Hopcc are so dumb. You have to give it to Jimmy for pulling this off right underneath their brown noses.
    He’s parading around with another woman with a wedding ring and she has changed her name to phoebe Denis. I knew this for a long time, it was strange to me that nobody questioned it, because even if there was nothing going on, he is definitely not avoiding the very appearance of evil!
    What boggles my mind was how Marjorie Denis tolerates it. It is very obvious that there is strong competition going on between the two.
    Jimmy had Julie Boles’ (her original name) husband on a recorded call and sent it to my email trying to persuade us that his wife had a special blessing and calling that made her able to live by herself and self sustaining, but the only problem with that story is that she is not living by herself, she is living with Jimmy.
    Not trying to throw off on anybody but I knew Julie Boles especially before she got seized by this dictator. And anybody else that knew her knew she was just a down to earth girl from the ole hick town Flint Michigan. Nothing more and nothing less, she was outspoken saying whatever she wanted. Pray?? Lol! She definitely didn’t do that. And she for real was not known to be a Spiritual person at all!
    ( again I’m not saying this to throw off on her) but what I am saying is she was not what Jimmy was trying to make her and give an excuse of why she is living with him.
    He said that she was some great prophetess or whatever. And her husband Adam Boles tried to persuade us that Jimmy didn’t steal his wife, he gave her to him because he was such a wretched awful man.
    I’m sorry folks if your that stupid to sit there and believe that story, then you need to put down the kool-aid and drink the living water.
    Jimmy is no different than the rest of the cult leaders a big fat LUST BUCKET!

    PS: Look who’s wearing the scarf Jimmy, is it me or is it your original wife!

  9. I thought sister Denis was one of those no nonsense St. Louis women? I quess that is no match fo Haitian voodoo and some St. John and some Louis Vuitton and some Prada!

    1. One time she was in Greensboro NC, she stood up to testify and the great Prophetess all she could testify about was “How it was a great Holiday” her husband at the time Adam Boles got upset at her and tried to cover her testimony by saying something to the extent of we are not talking about Holidays! She replied back to him if you don’t like my testimony don’t call on me again! All Jimmy did is try to take the Spirtual costume off of Marjorie Denis and placed it on his new wife Phoebe Denis. What a joke! ??

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