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It is truly a wonderful thing to be serving God in the liberty He has given to His children. Denis tried hard to take this away but just like always God has caused the devil’s plans to backfire. Denis meant it for our destruction but God has used it to strengthen us!

There is POWER in the name of JESUS to set the captives FREE!

He paid the price so that we can be FREE to LIVE for Him!

4 thoughts on “FREEDOM!!!

  1. I have heard one of the families read the book of proverbs everyday. A chapter a day every month. So today they would have read proverbs chapter 19. 19:5 reads a false witness will not be unpunished and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.

    On another note before you left was everything so heavily surveiled? There are several security cameras around some of the members homes.

    1. When we left Denis used the people (preachers) as cameras. But God miraculously blinded them just as He did to the inhabitants of Sodom helping Lot and his family to escape that wicked place as well.

  2. The more I here of the horror stories of those who escaped Denis’ cult I am still amazed of the wickedness pumping out of the sewer of Pilkington and Denis’ mind. These wicked men call themselves preachers. I wonder if Bradeen, his wife, his daughter, his son, and his son’s wife and child would leave, leaving Pilkington behind with his fellow reprobate buddy Denis?
    I know Denis is fuming right now. Keep calling Jimmy, no one wants to talk to you.

    Cult Escapee

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