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The Big Sell Out!!!

One of the greatest disappointments in the history of House of Prayer– Gerard Robertson.

“Selling out” is a common idiomatic pejorative expression for the compromising of a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money.

How could Robertson do this? He preached years ago “Hypocrites in the hands of an angry God”, now look at him. What a hypocrite! People trusted in this man’s integrity only to find that in the end he has sold out to the corruption and spiritism of Rony Denis.

The asterisk means that he is not really your friend. Denis has broken this man down to a mindless, spiritless sell out. Can you believe he said that Denis is his pastor and his life? This man has sold Christ out for Denis! But as for us by God’s grace:

5 thoughts on “The Big Sell Out!!!

  1. I remember a church service, Robertson preached a message titled “Tell hell that i’m not coming”. I pray that he has the courage to leave Denis & go back to Christ so that, he can continue to say “Tell hell that i’m not coming”

    1. He doesn’t his spine is as weak as weak Can be, even if he were to leave after all of this stuff goes down I would question his character, many people talk a good game but when it comes to doing anything about it! You never see them. That’s Robertson all the way. Unfortunately they are all the sum total of all there msgs they preached. Like Bradeen preaching the Church of his dreams, if HOPCC is the church of his dreams, than he needs to go back to sleep. ?

  2. The Story of Rev. Gerard C. Robertson:

    Rony Denis really played a number on Gerard. Denis would from time to time tell the story of how he traveled to Sierra Vista, AZ where Robertson was pastoring at the time. There Denis says that he discovers that Robertson is “hurting”. He asks Robertson who replies with an outburst of tears that he is hurting. Denis would also talk about how his wife Pamela gave him a hard time and so on. Denis no doubt at that time seized upon an opportunity to subvert the Robertsons into his scheme on building his own empire in the name of a “righteous” split from NTCC. Once in HOPCC Robertson became the pastor of the St. Louis church. Denis suddenly had a “revelation” that Robertson is not called to be a pastor but he is actually called to be an evangelist. Denis’ reasoning at the time was that Robertson was unable to help church members to “grow” in God, he could only bring them to Christ and then leave them as a babe. So, Robertson hit the field as an itinerant evangelist. Not long after that Denis got another “revelation”. Robertson would now be called to Hinesville,GA to assist the then pastor, Bradeen. Denis then worked to bring division between the two preachers and then acted like he tried to unify them. Denis has paid Robertson’s financial debt but at a price, his soul! When you deal with the Devil, the only thing he wants is your soul. Robertson stood right in front of me,looked me in the eyes and straight up lied. I looked him in the eyes and saw no soul. It belongs to Denis who purchased it. He will one day stand before the Creator and Divine Owner of all souls to give an account for his life to God Almighty with no lying this time.

  3. I can’t believe I entrusted my son with this man, even to the point where he took him across state lines, although he was very caring, the evilness that is deep in there hearts is scary.

  4. Denis gets away (but not for long) with his wicked practices because people like the man pictured in the above post are to cowardly to stand against the wiles of the devil!

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