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The Virgo’s Story

This is what life in Denis’ cult, HOPCC, will do for you. Steal away all of your joy! Majorica looks scared while Hugh looks like he is in jail. Voodoo cults masquerading as a Christian church is nothing to play around with. Can you imagine being related to Rony Denis? The rest of us have and had it hard, but what about being part of his household. The picture is worth a thousand words, what life looks like in the cult, broke down and most miserable!

The Virgo’s were some wonderful people to be around, very down to earth and hospitable. Hugh Virgo was very firm with lots of zeal and Majorica who is from St. Louis Missouri knew alot about the ghetto, but you would not find a ghetto bone in her body. Very quiet and submissive nothing like her big sister Marjorie Denis. She would pray quietly keeping her composure. Marjorie on the other hand loved to be seen and heard, a true Pharisee at heart.

Jimmy would trash Majorica hard calling her Jezebel. As you can see it was very easy for Majorica Virgo to be threatened and molded and shaped  into total submission as Jimmy likes to call it, but interestingly enough it wasn’t Majorica that surprised everyone, it was Hugh Virgo! From the mean streets of NY and born in Jamaica, this man is over 6ft tall a giant to say the least has been squashed to a ant by the runt of a man Rony Denis. Virgo got caught up in foolish preaching like saying text messaging was wrong and the wearing of jeans. Denis makes these guys look bad.

This family has had some brutal run ins with this awful cult master. They have been abused mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Denis had Virgo say that he would disagree with God if God said that Denis was not a “man of God”!

Pray for this man to get enough boldness in God to stand up to Rony Denis and move out to a brand new life in Jesus!

9 thoughts on “The Virgo’s Story

  1. Virgo is not innocent!!! He appears to be a “godly” preacher but from the start (beginning of the split) he and Boles were boldfaced liars. I was in church the day virgo stood up in Graham ntcc during the preaching and chewed out the man of gawd exposing their hypocrisy. I was one of the first to leave ntcc and started going to Virgos meetings with him and Boles. I believed their lies

    1. Yes, Virgo said that he would actually DISAGREE with GOD if God told him that Denis was not a man of God! That is crazy!

    2. Rev. King actually talked to Virgo after he had left. Virgo told Rev. King that he couldn’t talk right now. The one time outspoken preacher can stand up in church like he did in NTCC but can’t even speak on the phone for FEAR of Denis finding out. What a coward.

  2. Heb 6:9 ” But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak.”

    I believe it was around April of 2011. In temple, tx, where Rev Virgo used this scripture to preach a message (better things). This message was a real blessing to my soul. It’s still hard to believe that he has allowed himself to be overcome by, in my opinion, the most evil man in the world. Though it’s hard to come to grips with the situation as a whole, it is still true nonetheless. Denis had Virgo say he would respectfully disagree with God. I don’t care what the issue is you can’t respectfully disagree with God and be on your way to God’s heaven. Needless to say it was over the issue of Denis being of God. Listen, Rony Denis is not of God, he is not in the room, he can not finish God’s sentences, he can not cause the holy trinity to come down at his prayer, he can not clear you of sin, and he does not have the power to divorce people. One may ask then how can Rev Virgo and others be so willing deceived by all this. The plain answer I believe is money. Oh, the so-called church that is not after your money is serving money after all! Denis pays off peoples bills and then gets 5 to 10 houses in their name to get a return from his good deed of paying a brothers bills off. Rev Virgo, I was persuaded better things of you sir. Denis once offered to pay my bills off but I declined because I didn’t want the church, who at the time I thought was of God, to pay anything for me. I just wanted to give to the church that helped me to be saved. I didn’t realize I was talking to a devil when Denis asked me and when I declined he never asked me again. Paul said, those that coveted after this money have pierced themselves though with many sorrows. I still love you sir and I believe in the bible where it says that by his strips we are healed. He can still heal no matter the wound. It’s something how all these clean cut, nice dressed, and well spoken people who claim to have the answers for the church and yet know not the they all are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. Jesus said because they said we see their sins remain. I say I’m blind and therefore Jesus can give me some eyesalve for mine eyes. I want to see clearly don’t you? I am persuaded better things of those that are sincerely trying to get a hold of God. They will ask for God’s help. Jesus said he would in no wise cast those out.

  3. Virgo told us how he saw a former NTCC preacher who had a mustache and commented on it. The minister told Virgo that its not a sin to have a mustache! This guy is crazy!

  4. Slacks, shoes, a shirt and a military hair cut don’t make you holy, nor can it sanctify you. No more can wearing (a lady that is) a dress and not wearing makeup or earrings.

  5. Virgo has tremendously disappointed a lot of people. His brother in-law is a perverted voodoo con-man and he knows it. Yet, Virgo just plays along like a battered housewife with no where to go.

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