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Well, it matters if you want to go to HEAVEN! And listening to a liar won’t help me to get there.

Even a “Great Holiness Revivalist Preacher!”

Rony Denis has lied from the very beginning!

(read Bro. Irwin’s testimony)

Marjorie Denis sits there laughing at the destruction her husband has caused in the lives of many people! As he mocks people feigning himself to be a woman prancing about, she sits there and laughs in the church. Many women looked up to her as an example of godliness. Thank God, we have a godly example in the Bible with Abagail in dealing with such a churlish husband.

The Chester Cat Smile of Rony Denis speaks volumes of his character.

The lies of Rony Denis:

From the very beginning Rony Denis told the ministers who left NTCC to go to HOPCC that they would have a pension and health insurance. Denis said anything to allure people over to his pre-planned cult. There is no or will be a pension and health insurance for the ministers of HOPCC. Rony Denis claimed to have an accredited Bible College but what he has in actuality is a sham for G.I. money. He claimed to follow God in helping other churches and not find fault with them but to be in the background praying for revival. All a lie. He actually spies on other churches and has his spies report that all other churches are “messed up” except HOPCC and that Rony Denis is the only man of God. A classic cult practice. He told us of all the ungodly DIVORCE and REMARRIAGE of NTCC and claimed that HOPCC wouldn’t be that way! All they do in HOPCC is change spouses like dirty socks. Rony Denis lied ? about not having politics in the church like NTCC did, however Denis has manipulated the members of the Hinesville, GA church to all vote for the current sheriff Steve Sikes among others.

Steve Sikes, sheriff of Hinesville, in Rony Denis’ pocket of corruption.

Rony Denis said that HOPCC would have prison and homeless ministries to pull on the spiritual heart strings of the sincere hearted. Maybe he will personally engage in prison ministry with Tony Oloans who had claimed to be a partaker of the homeless ministry when he sponged heavily from the Rodriguez’s in his secret office.

Why is this “preacher” speaking about going to jail?

7 thoughts on “A LIAR FROM THE BEGINNING!!!

  1. YOU LIAR!

    I could go on and on about the lies of denis the 3ft Jim Jones menace. How about I start with Rev Irwin. He stated that Irwin just left and did not love God anymore. This was very hurtful to me because I viewed Rev Irwin as a man of God who encouraged me in many ways. Many of the members from the church he pastored in Clarksville, TN were a blessing to me when I first came to know Christ. Rev Hidler, John Rodriguez, Keith Wood, and Joe Breen were blessings to me spiritually. The thought that Rev Irwin, a man God used to reach others and inspire others including myself, would just stop loving God was crushing to me. Rev Irwin’s testimony gave the other side of the story which denis the menace conveniently leaves out every time shows the very depths of his lies.

    Next, the Bowers. A husband and wife who I esteem very highly in the Lord. Denis said they too didn’t love God anymore. The part he left out, again very conveniently, was how he secretly schemed to have them kicked out and left for dead. At least the thieves, the man fell amongst, left him half dead. Mr. liar liar suit pants on fire intended to leave the Bowers totally dead. He took their car because it wasn’t in their name and stop paying Rev Bowers immediately because he was full time in the ministry. With brothers like Denis who needs enemies.

    What about Jeff Hall? Denis said Jeff told him HOPCC was not of God and therefore Denis couldn’t help Jeff. The part Denis left out, conveniently yet again, is how he told Jeff he did not want to hear about the blood of Jesus and he wanted to know everything Jeff did in his past. If Denis said that then I say HOPCC is not of God. What say you reader? Another soul denis was hell bent on destroying but I believe there is hope. The lies of Denis must be exposed. Can you believe this man is claiming to be in the room with the holy trinity? He in the room alright. He needs to be put in the padded room with a strait jacket. This world class nut could supply all the squirrel houses in America. The fact that he continues in his lies shows you just how much a sinner he really is. Man of God for the whole world? YOU LIAR!

    1. I saw a sign one time while driving that said Osama bin Laden – Obama bin Lying. I would like to change that to Osama bin Laden – Rony Denis bin Lying from the very beginning!

  2. How can this criminal have the sheriffs working for him? Is he too cheap to get his own private security detail? It’s like Al Capone using the police as his own personal body guards. What a joke!

  3. It is not uncommon in these situations for cults to run deep in the local government and that is why they get away with this garbage! Steve Sikes what a shame! You should not be supporting such disgraceful hounds, I can’t believe you support him in bringing your little city of Hinesville down.

  4. I remember the promises, the hype, and it has all come crushing down. Broken pieces of humanity all over broken families, broken marriages, broken hearts, tormented minds. The hurt, the tears, the pain, and he doesn’t care. No love , no God, just empty religion, lies, and POLITICS! House of prayer Christian Church is a big lie ! However God has a plan it is salvation to the lost and the oppressed, there is true freedom in Jesus outside of this cult full of lies.

  5. Rony Denis said the “bums” followed him from NTCC to hopcc. In my recollection the true bum, Denis, begged me and others to come over to his group. He spent hours on the phone pleading his case. He spoke about how he spent hundreds if not in the thousands persuading people to join his group according to his cell phone plan he had at the time. Denis had Bercini call me and was advising my wife and others to try and persuade me to come. Well we came, we saw, and we left! Good bye ?!

    The Bum who left

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