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Support The Town Hall Meeting!

The meeting date has CHANGED to JUNE 21!

Please support this crucial town hall meeting through your prayers and if possible your attendance. The location will be announced. We must put a stop to this new Jim Jones. Rony Denis has purchased the Hinesville Sheriff Dept., he helped Steve Sikes get elected. Help us bring this corruption down just like the walls of Jericho.

Follow the link below for more information.


Watch and Pray for this corruption to come to an end! View the town hall meeting live!




  1. The House of Prayer Religious Cult
  2. The Liberty County Sheriff Department alleged involvement with the House of Prayer
  3. Filing a Color of Law Complaint with the FBI (Dept. of Justice) for conspiracy against the Liberty County Sheriff Department (Steve Sikes) and the House of Prayer for illegally contracting out law enforcement to private agencies….
  4. Violation of Rico Law, 18 U.S. Code Chapter 96- RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS
  5. Discussions of a Citizen Review Board and Petition of Recall against Sheriff Steve Sikes!

Any organization, organizational leaders, clergyman, or citizens wanting to speak at this townhall meeting please call Bobby Worthy with your contact information @ (912) 424-0752

11 thoughts on “Support The Town Hall Meeting!

  1. YES Sister, YES!!! Christianity is loving OTHERS just as CHRIST loves us!!!! “Lord, help me to consider others above myself. “

  2. How did you find out about this upcoming meeting and what is it concerning? The protests, protection for him and the church?

    1. How can I reach the blog owner with some suggestions on how folks can leave HOPCC/AOPCC with a safety plan? I looked over the site and didn’t see such information or a blog owner email address.

      I left NTCC via a safety plan.

  3. There seems to be a lot of hate on this site toward this man, but to satanize him may be taking it a bit too far. I only knew him from 2000-2006 so I can’t speak to how he has changed in the past decade or so, but the man I knew was a good man. He had a giving heart which was genuine. I would assume as the leader of HOP he carried a heavy burden and the devil fought and fought. We all fall short, and i am saddened to hear he has allowed such things to enter his mind.

    1. @212313- I can only speak for myself of course but I am sure I can echo a few others who may or may not have written on this site. Some no doubt are very bitter. I by God’s grace have been spared from some of the devastating ostracies done to others but my family has still been affected by the man you knew as nice and giving. I can understand the pressure one may face from the devil when they are the leader of some religious group but that is no excuse to join forces with the devil in destroying the lives of those who trusted in you. Nor does it give you a free pass in avoiding people exposing you so that others will not be crushed by this former nice giving man. It is sad that people do change sometimes for the worse. I do think bitterness should be avoided but stating the facts about a false prophet should be permissible no matter how his personality may have been toward a few over a decade ago. Saul started out as a pretty good king over Israel but over time something went wrong and he never really repented. He even got involved in witchcraft. Samuel even rebuked him prior to meeting with a witch calling his rebellion as a sin of witchcraft. Saul was not remembered as a good king. Maybe some people were bitter at Saul for what he did but he still needed to be called out.

      1. I wouldn’t say that I hate the man. Actually I LOVE ❤️ him and would actually LOVE for him to go to jail were he belongs.

    2. There were probably some people who thought Simon the sorcerer was a good guy but Peter had to correct some things.

    3. If hate is what you call it then you would have to call Jesus Hateful when he told the Pharisees that they were of there Father the Devil!
      Which is indeed what we are trying to expose about Rony Denis. He is of his father the Devil, when will we find the sympathy and compassion for the families that have been shipwrecked and ruined by this Devil.
      I agree it is often easy to talk when your only story is that one of Bliss, but it’s time to find room in your heart to think of others and not just yourself a true character trait in Christianity ❤️

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