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Something Has Gone Wrong!

Then-Church history records Charles Finney as a man who prayed amongst others during the revival of America’s second Great Awakening in the 19th century.

Now-In the 21st century we have a plethora of preachers like Rony Denis peddling revival as a front to make merchandise of the people.

Two images of two different men. Both claim revival and both claim to have the Spirit of God. One is a fraud and the other is not.

The apostle Paul was a man who was greatly used of God, yet he NEVER claimed to be the only “man of God” for the entire world!

Rony Denis claims his church is the ONLY church that is right with God and he is the ONLY “man of God” on the planet.

Here we have two men. Both claim to have had revelation and apostolic commission from God. One is telling the truth, the other is not! A picture is worth a thousand words.


11 thoughts on “Something Has Gone Wrong!

  1. Something has gone terribly wrong in Hopcc. Sexual lust and perversion run rampant in Denis’ cult. One reason for this is that the spirit that works in that group (not the Holy Spirit but probably the 2’9 spirit) labels everything a sin that isn’t and then attach something sexual to it. For example: Denis had a brother admit to lusting after pictures his wife put up around their house. Because of this Denis begins a new teaching on not having pictures in your house for display of the brethren because of lust. Of course you can have a picture of him up, that goes without saying. Another example: Denis has Adam Boles talk about seeing RW Davis’ feet exposed at his house. Boles is talking as if he saw him naked because he saw his toes. Denis uses this to peddle his standard about feet. A sister was wearing shoes with the back out. Denis says those shoes are not good for church because they are to informal, they denote prostitution. I don’t think they practice water baptism in Hinesville anymore but in Fayetteville I remember being involved in the baptisms with the socks on probably so that the people would not lust after our toes. Denis has taught that only he and Jesus could handle someone washing their feet as in the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. According to Denis all others would be lusting. Another example: Bradeen preached how it is hard for a brother to shop at Walmart because of the chest of the female cashier. Denis teaches of how one of his pastors is lusting after the chest of an old lady who was coming to his church. Another example: Denis has some sisters pull their clothing tight and then asked the brethren what are they lusting at? Denis said he could watch one thousand naked women and not lust. Another example: Denis speaks about an old billboard that was of an NTCC pastor and his family in Hinesville at the time. Denis says the pastor’s daughter in the billboard looks like she is saying come lay with me. Another example: Denis has said all men want to touch their daughters and even admitted that the spirits told him to touch his. Another example: Denis uses Facebook pictures of women and women provocatively dressed and distributes them through out his entire organization and has told people to look at them every day. Last but not least: Denis has had a sexual pervert on the polycom and his speaker phone explaining in detail his sinful sexually explicit lifestyle before young and old. And has taught that if you don’t like listening to it something is wrong with you.

    No wonder there are so many lust problems in that group, Denis created them. One brother testified over the polycom that he was lusting so bad that he couldn’t even go to work. If this is the only church that is right with God then Jesus must have already come back and left.

    Thank God he hasn’t.

    1. Plus, the bible says that if they cannot contain, let them marry, and that it’s better to marry than to burm, but the cult forbids marriage by making it a permision only basis. there are many brothers that are forced to remain single,and therefore fight unecessary lust battles. Hopcc creates the problem and blames the members for it

      1. They actually allow you to marry who they want you to marry even if you have no attraction to that person. Therefore lust problems in Hopcc continue to arise because you are married to someone that you never wanted to marry. smh…

  2. A true man of FRAUD!

    Charles Finney was an influential part of church history. I believe it was him that made it popular to have people come forward at the end of a service. We call this altar call in our churches today. I believe it serves a wonderful reference point to believers as time they can look back to when they made a decision for God. Finney is proof that even lawyers can be saved. What a blessing! Denis, on the other hand, is not a blessing at all but rather a curse to the church. I’m sure he would say but what about all the $100 dollar bills I handed out to different ones. Isn’t that a blessing? Gain is not godliness rony. Didn’t you read that in the bible? All the outward you have made up trying to portray as true holiness is complete rubbish. All the lies you’re telling, destroyed marriages, evil council, & gifts with strings attached is not holiness but sin. For you, sir, are a sinner. God is going to get him honor upon your head. Then you will know the Lord is God. Until that time comes will you please lay off the powdered donuts? Somebody could’ve atleast gave you some chapstick. Sis Hietzman was out there laughing, I know she had something in her expensive purse to help out so you wouldn’t look like you hadn’t had anything to drink this year. I guess that denis juice you’ve been drinking doesn’t quite quench the thirst. I’ll stick to water. I believe that’s more better for me than kool-aid. Sad though, because many seem to like that kool-aid more than water. Something has definitely gone wrong!

    1. He hands out $100 bills! The tonton macoutes did that and so did baby doc… to bribe the people. Like father Like son…. smh

      1. $100 is nothing. Rony Denis is on record stating that he BUYS PEOPLE! He has paid up to $100,000 to purchase the souls of men and women. Benton $30,000, Papa Reip and Oloans $100,000, the devil got Judas for 30 pieces of silver. Rony has bragged about being worth $200,000,000! Just like the devil he will promise to give you a car, house, job, friends and even a spouse. But, it is all with strings attached! A string that attaches your soul to hell.

        1. Denis also paid off Robertson’s debt and Schmidtke’s. Yes, these men are sellouts. But, they also are tied up in the real estate fraud! God’s blessings add no sorrow. Denis “blessings” add curses.

    2. I just got it Rony, that 2’9 spirit is making your mouth dry again. Then you start giving away the farm. Don’t raise the people’s rent again to cover your sin (I meant to say bad situation). Isn’t it crazy how you had to get possessed with devils to fulfill the scripture it’s more blessed to give. No wonder Jesus said beware of covetousness. On a more serious note, Jesus is the only one who can deliver you from devil but you must first repent. Sir, Jesus won’t make your mouth dry or change your voice.

  3. Denis claimed to also have the spirit of prayer, of William Seymour upon him. It is true something has gone terribly wrong but something also is going wonderfully RIGHT as we TRULY turn to GOD and seek HIS face and not exalt our good works. As we expose the falsehood of the deceivers and lift up high the BLOOD stained banner of CHRIST.

    1. All you have to do is look at the picture, and see which one is a fraud and which one is not! Why is anybody taking Jimmy serious?
      Because it’s obvious he’s not taking God serious.

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