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Recordings of More LIES During the “Persecution” Conference!

We have some amazing audio of what took place behind the scenes during the Truth Protest to expose the LIES of Rony Denis.  You will hear Jeff Derby and Arlen Bradeen on the first phone call with Bro. Jordan lying to him as they are being lead by their puppet master Rony Denis.  Here you will hear Bradeen say that Denis has not lied! He speaks as if Denis has not sinned since he has been “saved.”

In this next phone conversation after the fake prayer meeting Bro. Jordan continues to  expose the lies of these “preachers” operating for Denis. His son CJ is now introduced into the conversation by Denis but it backfired on Denis as usual.

Notice how Derby LIED by saying Denis was not there when we can hear Denis in the background saying, “It’s people like him (speaking of Bro. Jordan) would still be what….here. ” The love is phony just like Jim Jones Denis!


Just in case you forgot, do you remember this one concerning longtime Hopcc pastor, William Pilkington? The new Hinesville pastor.




24 thoughts on “Recordings of More LIES During the “Persecution” Conference!

  1. Something about Will Pilkington looks different in the above picture. He certainly has some type of spirit on and in him and it ain’t Holy, it’s probably the same spirit Jimmy has.

  2. How can Bradeen say that was a foolish question when the Bible addresses it? He didn’t want to answer about God not lying but he gave an answer about his god, Rony Denis.

  3. Job 1:9- Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, “Doth Job fear God for nought?”

    Satan here is insinuating to God that Job is a hypocrite. He cites the blessings that Job has from God and that he is only serving God because of the many blessings. He wanted to prove that Job’s motivation in serving God was not based out of love put purely out of what benefits he received from God. Although Satan thankfully was wrong about Job, we must admit that Satan has studied man for a long time and it must be admitted that many people are fair-weather believers. Adversity can shipwreck superficial faith or it can strengthen and deepen real faith in God.

    Jesus spoke of the different soils on which the Word of God is planted. A couple of them received the Word with joy but either the cares of this life choked it out or it withered away from them when trials came. The good ground where the Word grew was that ground where the stones were dug out and the weeds removed and the soil tilled for the Word to flourish.

    When you listen to the phone conversation, CJ makes a statement about how he is doing “good”. He is not on drugs, looking nice and so-on. He didn’t appeal to God but to the so-called benefits. There are a lot of sinners who don’t do drugs and look nice and so-on, what’s the difference? When you look past the facade of hopcc you will see that unfortunately it is a house of hypocrisy. Denis was accused of running a “soup-kitchen” church in ntcc. He knows how to get a crowd and swindle money. Just like Satan who appeals to the depravity of humanity. Denis has marketed God to the people in the line of the “prosperity” gospel preachers with a cult /”holiness”/voodoo twist. He appeals to the wants of the people. One person who left told him that they don’t have any friends in Hinesville, Denis replied by saying that he can get them some friends. That is crazy. He thinks that he can purchase you anything. Many of them have fancy cars and houses but they are in someone else’s name. Would they be “serving” God if these things were not given to them? Denis is on the record admitting to buying people! People come to hopcc and they “see” the nice houses, cars, marriages, and money and then they play the game to get what they want. For some, if they don’t get what they want fast enough they are gone. For others, they work the system. I was there, it is all a fraud for many of them!

    When people initially go to hopcc they might be coming to find God. But eventually they will see that they can live a better life materially in this church if they learn the system. I have seen so many “dressed up” in this church with the nastiest attitudes and spirits imaginable. Denis “saves” the outside, but as Jesus said the inside are dead men’s bones. Hopcc is a pharisee producing church. It is also a welfare church. Many are just there for the benefits not God. The people there are trusting in Denis’ money not God. I have seen it. In the phone conversation you heard the fake prayer meeting and then they resort back to lying again right after praying in the “Holy Ghost”! I have seen and heard the fake prayers, I was there. But what if you take all of the benefits away? Will they still “pray”? Will they still serve God? This is what the devil was asking God. Will a man serve God for nothing?

    Many are there simply out a fear of man, Rony Denis. What happens when you remove that fear of man? Will they serve God? A true Christian is not looking for handouts from the church but only God. Do you know anyone that quit God because something didn’t work out for them? How can you quit God? Do you know someone who quit God over something trivial? How can you quit God? Satan was trying to get Job to quit God by getting him to curse God.

    My testimony of my salvation in God came by way of God’s Spirit drawing me through Holy Ghost conviction, and by God’s grace it is still there. It wasn’t by Denis, who said I got saved by “mistake” and later tried to insinuate that I never got saved, it was the amazing grace of God. And it has been good good good, I serve a good good good Father as that song goes. My prayer is for those still in Denis’ cult to find a true relationship with God and for the ntcc preachers in hopcc that I have known for a number of years to get SAVED. And for those who have left Denis’ cult but have either never had a truly saving relationship with God or have lost their way to fall on their face before God and to seek the face of God.

    God Bless!
    Bro. R.A. Yorke

    P.S. Would you serve God for nothing?

  4. I never heard of this ministry or the pastor called Dennis, but I saw the protest on Facebook. There are so many churches operating in witchcraft. They think the members belong to them and they want the worship of Jesus Christ. But they will meet there demise. Woe unto shepards who cause the sheep to sin. God’s judgement is upon them and once judgement has been declared in heaven about this Denis, it can not be removed unless he repents. Run from this ministry!!

  5. As children of God we are called upon to trust in God. The devil always has imposters. We must be careful not to trust in the arm of the flesh. Such false trust produces an adulterous, perverted, and sensual atmosphere that we see rampant in Hopcc from the day school to the pew and then to the pulpit. Satan will allow you to trust in church attendance, good works, or some self imposed penance. This is all self-righteousness aimed at impressing God and man. When we trust in God and not the so-called man of God (Rony Denis) we can have the real Truth who is Jesus Chrst!

    1. @Truth. You are right. Another vital factor that seems to be missing due to the way believers are indoctrinated at this place is PEACE. We see the response of members and leaders whenever anyone asks them to look close to the Scriptures to discern truth and they always think you are attacking “their perfect church”. The Bible says “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful”

  6. It seems as if Hopcc is more interested in their so-called “man of God” instead of the God of the man of God. Philip showed the Ethiopian truth concerning Jesus after the Ethiopian declared he needed a man to help him. But Philip left. The Ethiopian must have lost his way with God because Philip was no longer their to “rule” over him according to hopcc theology. Thank God in the Bible days God had more than one man who preached the gospel. Today according to hopcc He only has Rony Denis and if you are not under his umbrella you are doomed. Thank God that is a lie.

  7. These guys are truly mocking God. They tried those games with me like look for signs in the sky and do you feel the Holy Ghost, blah, blah, blah. These guys see you in public and run the other way and they are the only ones right with God on the planet? They are so comical except for the fact that they at destroying people’s lives. Therefore it is our CHRISTIAN DUTY to expose Rony Denis as the chief fraud of his cult!

    Former Hopcc-Voice of America National Radio Preacher- Derby told me it was a blessing ??
    Thank God I left that cult!
    Bro. R.A. Yorke

  8. They kick people out of the church/cult for waving at someone who left but the adulterers have a safe haven. They even had one come out and smile at one of the protesters. Bradeen and Derby are frauds. A nobody like me know these things and they don’t. Smh….

  9. These guys in their “prayer meeting” sound like when the Bible speaks of the false prophets of Baal thinking they will be heard for their much speaking!

  10. Arlen Bradeen said that Denis has never told someone to lie and never will! What kind of juice is he drinking? Denis lies behind the pulpit and in the church and his followers repeat his lies. Just listen to Bradeen and Derby.

  11. Bercini Literally said the exact same things. it’s non sincere. it’s a preprogrammed response

  12. that’s what they ALWAYS DO!!!!!! THEY ALWAYS try to bring up the things they did for you,to try to make you look bad.

  13. It is truly amazing how blind and willingly deceived Bradeen is. Derby was a complete novice and it is understandable how he would be slurping the kook-aid even though it is deadly wrong and he is completely without excuse. Bradeen on the other hand must be along with Robertson the biggest sellout in the history of the modern church. To not stand for God before a shyster, manipulator, and liar is pretty low. To say that Denis hasn’t lied is a lie itself. He lied about the rapture, he lied about the people who escaped his cult, and he lied about Hopcc. In the beginning he spoke about not having all this divorce and remarriage like in NTCC but HOPCC is full of divorce and adultery. For example take the Jenkins debacle. Eric told his wife that he didn’t want a divorce. She stopped attending the cult and right away Denis ordered Jenkins to leave his wife which he did to never return. He abandoned his wife who was pleased to dwell with him and then filed divorce papers and is now inconveniently remarried. So, Derby and Bradeen said Denis doesn’t divide families? Just like the brother said, “helloooooo?”

    The Brother Denis LIED about when he left the cult!
    Brother Ray Yorke

    1. With all the foolish questions, they forgot to ask Jordan about his backside like they did everyone else.

    2. And Goodbye!

      I wouldn’t return to hopcc on a dare. It’s a cult! Bradeen and Derby are a bunch of ostriches. The bible says the Lord hath deprived her of wisdom. This thing is a total hoax. HOPCC is not of God and neither is rony 3ft. All denis the menace is doing is trying to protect this false image of him being a man of God. The key word in that statement is false. Not only can you live for God outside of hopcc but I would submit to you that you’re not living for God in hopcc. Though you do all these outward shows, you’re righteousness is a filthy rag before God. This so-called man of God for the whole world(lol) has done more to destroy souls than help to save them. If all these things bring the salvation of God in people’s lives then why did Bradeen, Fryar, Hietzman, and Virgo try to leave before? All this holy ghost moving and people secretly want out of this place. The difference between them and us is we’re not coming back EVER. Not only are we not coming back we’re going to do all we can to see denis exposed for fraud that he is. I want to leave you with this denis……….SHA NA NA NA, SHA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!

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