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7 thoughts on “Front Page! Front Page! Read All About It!

  1. What has gone wrong in you HOPCC preachers heads!!??? How are you going to throw any sin those protestors have done in their faces???? Does that negate the sin you are currently involved in??? Have you “preachers” forgotten “there is power in the BLOOD” ?? Jesus says he throws our sin as far as the east is from the west, but you puppet preachers throw it in their faces. What kind of nonsense is that!?? And you have the nerve to claim you are “the place of help”? Get real, you are the place of sin, fraud, corruption, and perversion! Make sure you throw out the old hymn books, because you have no business singing those songs you don’t even believe.

  2. Denis has never been in a real fight. He’s like a little kid on the play ground who makes up stories about fighting Ninjas. The only difference is he tells stories about fighting the Devil he knows no one can see. If he is afraid to face the women at the protest who he can see, how can he fight a devil he can’t see? Little Jimmy was afraid to confront a girl, so he got his puppets to do what he is afraid of. Denis has said a lot of perverted things that he claims the “spirits” told him to do. He is afraid to be called out for this. He’s not with out blame so he has to hide. Good move Jimmy, keep pleading the 5th proverbialy, but let me be on speaker phone the day you choose to be a real man, and I’ll light it all up with the things you said to me in private that I have evidence to back up. Stay in your hole u coward.

    P.S. If any think my response is not Christ like, just think back to the words Jesus used on the false ministers of the day. Viper, open sepulcher, white washed wall. Denis, u are a false prophet, but a true coward.

    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

  3. My daughter join in 1988. THE First thing was to move her out of the state, away from the FAMILY. Next all new members MUST go to Denis Bible College, in Washington State. She told my 90 year old mother, she is going to HELL because she don’t go to House of Prayer!

  4. An outstanding job sisters and brothers! Thank God He gave you faith and strength to protest and speak up the truth! May the Lord continue lead you and protect you. You brave Christians are being a true blessing and may God bless you even more for that ?

    1. If you zoom in you can see the cranial muscles of Rony Denis flexing while he tries to figure out what to do!

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