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We Made The News!!!

Channel 3 local news!



More to come!



The House of Prayer in Hinesville Ga, has children devided against their mothers & farthers, they believe in the one true God, the self appointed nigro Cult Leader Rony Denise the the Black Jim Jones!The Pimping Pastor, Pimping all his members for financial and sexual gain! 2017 – 2018 Pimp of the Universe!Join the Rally today, go to www.hopcc.com {John 8:32 – and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free}.Rally today, Saturday May 20, 2017 The House of Prayer, 2540 Airport Road, Hinesville GA 31313 @ 6:30 PM. EVERYONE PLEASE FOWARD THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!Press inquires please contact Gladys Jordan @ 912-492-5043

Posted by Bobby Worthy on Saturday, May 20, 2017

38 thoughts on “We Made The News!!!

  1. I dated Sarah Derby when I was 16. Back then it was Sarah Holden. She was my first love. And such a FREE SPIRIT! We broke up after a year and she disappeared. Completely. Off the grid. Abandoned all of her friends and family. Makes sense now. Especially if people outside of the cult are forbidden to speak with. No social media, or internet for that matter?! My heart breaks for her.
    I tracked her down…I had to find out what happened to her. It led me here. I believe it was divine. I know how to pray for her now.

    1. Yes, it’s pretty sad what happened to these people. I heard Sarah wanted a child but her Pastor, Rony Denis, is against it and of course the husband, Jeff, will agree with Denis no matter what. So, sad!

    2. To: Sean,

      Yes such a sad and tragic story for Sarah Derby, she’s married to a man who worships man to the fullest, she’s denied any children. She is made to babysit and care for the fake man of Gods child and friends she’s become a mindless robot who feels she has to do all kind of ridiculous things to make it to heaven,
      Sarah was so nice, and intelligent I’m sure she could have done so many things with her life, but for whatever reason she got entangled in a cult, who’s Haitian black leader goes out of his way to crush the White male and there family, why? We will never know. Why Sarah? I don’t know. All you can do is Pray that she will use that intelligent brain of hers, to walk out of that death trap.

      1. A prayer for Sarah Derby………..

        Why do good innocent people like her get trapped in a cult?
        Why did she deserve to be in trapped by a deranged physiciopath?
        Why did she marry a wimp for a husband that put her in such an awful situation? And he’s to soft to be a man and bring her out of a place like that?
        Why do narcissist like Jimmy find sincere people and twist and mess up there lives and find satisfaction in it?
        Why did we find Grace and God allow us to get out of that cult and open our eyes?
        Evil men will always be here, but why do some people find it hard to recognize them for who they are?

        Why Sarah are you in that cult?

  2. @ B. Lawrence
    That is All Lies!! My son did not come to give me a hug. The front page of the paper shows how Jimmy Denis coached him to come to me and the video clearly shows him waving his hands up and down telling me that he wants nothing to do with me. My Puerto Rican should of came out and smacked the mess out him for disrespecting me, but God had everything under control. I taught my son better than that, but Jimmy teaches him otherwise. This generation of kids are so disrespectful. Back in the day we did not dare to talk to our parents like that. I’m praying that him and all of them wake up out of that demonic spirit before it’s too late.

  3. Denis is truly insane consumed in his own self filled with all manner of filth and corruption. As satan a kingdom built on lies.

    He said he wanted another Woodbrook, a place where he controlled everything. He has fought for 13 years to get what he really wanted.

    Not souls in love with the King of Kings, but that all would bow down and worship Denis. As i said before Denis is a physical manifestation of satan himself. Doing all to make a mockery of the church.

    And now God’s word is being manifested that God is not mocked. God exposing Denis to the whole world.

    We received notice from someone across the globe that THEY HEARD THE NEWS ABOUT THE CULT THAT IS UNDER DENIS!

    DENIS you wanted to be known however they will not just know you they will know you for the liar that you are.

  4. Denis told the people that wasn’t his voice on the recordings! He said with technology these days the ladies were able to make his voice up somehow. He said those little ladies are persecuting him, the people, and God. Then he tried reverse psychology on the people and told them to go to the website, but really didn’t want them to. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR

    1. Does the technology today make them look like cult members following their master around and treat their family like trash on camera?

  5. Denis and his ministers are preaching that this church is the only one where you can be saved and that the Apostle Paul started their church. As confusing as this is, we all know God is not a a Savior that practices regionalism. Salvation has been available for all humankind for centuries and at the most farthest places on earth. If their claims were true what a limited God they serve and how unfair to Canadians, Mexicans and the rest of the people on the other six continents!!!

    1. How is it that the Apostle Paul started their church? It’s funny how after 13 years they come up with this new line that nobody has heard previously? Who do they think they are fooling? If this was truly the case wouldn’t that have been said from the beginning? On top of that, jimmy said he was above everyone in the Bible. Why would he need the Apostle Paul to start their church if he is truly above him? USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE!

  6. Sister Gladys Jordan, they are saying your son Cesar went to the protesting line to hug you, but you attacked him. Also that the Sheriff on the pictures is trying to protect him from you. Members were told not to go over protesters or police would arrest them.

    1. The pictures show clearly that CJ was the one on the attack. He came to the line multiple times yelling at his mom, but she attacked him? To bad she didn’t find a woodshedfor him, that’s what would have been the most beneficial for him. Why did ole jimmy need the sheriffs protection? The protesters were staying exactly where they were supposed to be. It was jimmys puppets that kept getting in the protesters faces. Who really need the police protection?

  7. Lol, protesting fools. You are gonna get them more simpathizers. Your donations are in vain. Bunch of blind men misleading lame people. Try not to let your angers rule you.

    1. Yeah, I’d say Jimmy Denis is definitely letting his anger rule him, did you catch how nutty he looked on that close up of him making faces at the crowd? He needs a ministerial class on putting away childish things, not making faces saying “nanny nanny boo boo!” He could have rolled In with idiot written on his forehead and he would have looked less like a fool. And if our donations are in vain, at least I got such a good laugh to see prophet bugs bunny put on such a comedy. Now I’m reaping the curse of such a sore stomach because I couldn’t stop laughing. This was the best conference in HOPCC history, and I was there from the very first one. I think the next conference title should be “happy hour”. Because this stuff cracks me up. No anger ruling on here, just trying to stop laughing at how Jimmy jones Denis still manages to impress me on just how talented he is to always one up his way to show how much of a clumsy idiot he is. I don’t even have to record him anymore, he’s making himself look dumb now. Oh and the sympathizers, tell that to the over 75000 who watched the videos and sympathized with us.

      Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

    2. It sounds as if your anger may be ruling you, Observer. Truly this protest wasn’t in vain. If one soul, and there has been more, can be delivered from the madness of Denis and have an opportunity to develop their own relationship with God then our efforts are not in vain. Almost any place is better than to be ruled by a man who Arlen Bradeen said, “Has an angry spirit.” I agree you Rev. Bradeen, Denis is messed up and believe it or not he has been messed up from the very beginning! You did the right thing when you hung the phone up on him. Did you see those people following his truck around like zombies? If your loved one was deceived by this shyster would you try and do something to wake them up? Thank God someone cares enough to act instead of just observe.

      Bro. R.A. Yorke

    3. Hey observer, I wonder if you’re the same one who was observed, by Rev Irwin, changing his voice to sound like a sister in order to get a house refinanced.

  8. Hellooo Jim Benton, wake up you sleepy Christian! You said if something was really wrong, something would have happened… Well, it’s happening RIGHT NOW right before your eyes ?. Oh glory be to God!!!

  9. I am Very SCARED, my daughter is a of the pastors wife she can not talk to ME. She has been of this cult over 20 years. I can’t find out if she is alright. What can I do?


  10. You don’t have to give a lot but if everyone gave something the independent investigators could do what Jim Benton wanted, a thorough investigation into this cult of abuse.

    Brother Ray Yorke

    1. Where is Bradeen, Virgo, and the other pastors? In hiding? Did you see Veronica Hietzman cheesing as her cult leader was mocking the protesters from his infinity? She has in IV hooked to her getting a constant flow of that Denis juice kook-aid!

  11. Plus it should be pointed out to the reporter that the so called church retaliated by spreading horse manure where you all would be protesting. What does that say about a church that considers themselves THE last hope for the world? Would Jesus have done this?

  12. It would help if those with first hand knowledge would give the reporter and any other authorities concrete testimony and evidence about the real estate scam. Break it down for the reporter step by step the process of how mortgages are taken out, how they call the bank impersonating someone else, and show her the tax records. Give examples of the illegal activities.
    Explain how they trade cars and houses. You all have to give proof otherwise people will keep thinking it’s just “he said she said.”


    1. Jim Benton sounds like Bill Clinton Richard Nixon, and anyone else who was part of a cover up. Trying to use reverse psychology to keep an investigation away. Nixon said the American people need to know thier president is not a crook, days later he resigned.why on earth would you welcome a formal investigation on a news article? I haven’t even done that. “Dumbo” Benton, when the FBI comes back, Denis is taking you to the whipping shed before he goes to jail. 2010 isn’t over. It’s coming back around. Watch your words Mr. Press secretary.

      Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

    2. The investigation is on its way. Make sure you donate to the Friends and Family against House of Prayer. This will be a real investigation. These people help expose everything and do it with the law on their side. Help get this investigation going buy donating $10, $20, $100 or more. This needs to be done the right way and legally. All the funds will go directly to this cause. Not in someone’s pocket. Please see the website:

    3. @ Grace Preacher
      The investigation is on its way. Make sure you donate to the Friends and Family against House of Prayer. This will be a real investigation. These people help expose everything and do it with the law on their side. Help get this investigation going buy donating $10, $20, $100 or more. This needs to be done the right way and legally. All the funds will go directly to this cause. Not in someone’s pocket. Please see the website:

  14. The recordings don’t lie Benton. They are not taken out of context. You are lying! If we are “stupid” for leaving your cult then what does that make you for staying in a place where a man claims he is spirit, predicted the rapture, and splits marriages and families? It makes you BLIND and LOST!

    1. My daughter joined THIS CULT in 1988. The first thing was the move her out of the state, to go to his College in Washington state. very for from the Family. She tell my 90 year old mother she was going to HELL because she does not go to her church

  15. Denis has taught Benton and others that “man’s laws” don’t matter. So, these “fine Christian” men and women lie, cheat, and steal against their neighbor. Just like Jesus. Not!

  16. James (Jim Jones) Benton is a liar. He made Dr. Summerland believe he got permits for his sloppy illegal building project at the Greensboro,NC church. He did not! LIAR!

    Have a nice service tonight Jim.

    Your former cult buddy,
    Ray Yorke

    1. Derby, Derby, Derby, the man that was on the airplane lusting after the stewardess that he had dirty dreams about, is trying to tell the reporter that Hopcc is a blessing! Lol!!! And Jimmy helped his marriage so much that he is lusting after other women! Poor Sarah Derby she wants a child and can’t have one because her husband feels Jimmy has helped there marriage tremendously ! Talk about brain washed! Derby Derby Derby! ??‍♂️

      1. Sara can’t have a child because ole jimmy made her husband have a vasectomy, years ago. This of course is “for the gospel” yeah right. The purpose is to make sure you have the ability to be a 24 hour slave to jimmy. Jimmy says when people get pregnant it make HIS job harder. Jimmy needs to get out of everybody’s personal lives!

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