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  1. Jesus came with GRACE AND TRUTH.
    John 1:17

    Jesus Christ brings the perfect BALANCE of scripture.

    One man said, if all you preach is truth with no grace you are a bully and if all you preach is grace with no truth you are a coward.

    Think on these things, food for thought.

  2. There is a minister in House of Prayer “Christian” Church (HOPCC) Hinesville, GA who had the laser eye surgery but apparently still needs glasses spiritually as well as physically.

    He has called sisters Jezebel for getting their eyebrows done but he is so blind that he could not see that some of the pastors wives including his dear beloved pastor’s wife got theirs done.

    A young big mouth buck preacher teaches that its wrong for a lady to dye her hair but what the young buck preacher apparently didn’t know was that his dear leader said nothing was wrong with it if the woman is not drawing undue attention to herself. He didn’t mention it but it is obvious that his wife dyes her hair.

    These people are so proud, presumptuous, and ignorant that confusion is the norm over there. You have to sneak to do anything. That’s why their dear leader resorts to his beach house property in Florida to things that are not lawful for his guinea pig cult followers.

  3. These preacher’s are really sad, they’ve went through 2yrs of seminary and over 25 years of ministry, and there left with there empty fake and false Holiness standards that come and go with the wind, whatever Rev. Denis says that’s what goes.
    Some churches or people might have there own standards or personal convictions, but it’s called “personal” for a reason. I never understood why minister’s won’t just get up and say: I believe this way and it has nothing to do with the Bible. I guess they don’t want anyone to know that they are human beings.
    You should never put so much trust in a mere man.
    There was a sister that told me that your not supposed to let your daughters play with a baby doll because “it might make her want a baby” so one sister “bless her heart” she tried her best to keep in line with the rules or standards she allowed her daughter to walk around with a teddy bear dressed in baby clothes and in a baby carrier, now friends does this make sense? I think these preacher’s are getting carried away!
    I thought that’s what little girls are supposed to do!

  4. Thats why God Commands us to rightly divide the word of truth. They have a history of taking one simple scripture and running with it if it fits in with the agenda or sneaky scheme of gaining compliancy and mind control. The Grace preacher couldn’t have put it into to simpler terms. And that my friend is rightly dividING the word of truth, not misconstruing God’s word to fit what you want it to say, God forbid we add to or take away the meaning of God’s precious word. Thank God for those who still maintain integrity. I know many unbelievers who are honest and display character by the way they treat there fellow mankind. The fruits of the spirit is what they should be focused on during the conference, not going on about who left the church and spreading viscous lies…smh

    1. But perhaps they don’t focus on the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) because the Holy Spirit has departed from them. Yes, they should preach and teach it but maybe it’s not possible because they have gone to far bending and contorting the Word of God. So then people there are not getting something from the Word of God; they are getting the twisted version of Word of God; cut, rephrased, and made to fit their agenda. I’m not there and I haven’t been a part in years, but from the testimonies on this blog, it seems to be far from anything resembling a Christian Church. How can it be if Christ is not the center of it? Maybe people need to start asking themselves how they can stay with a group that obviously has departed from the teachings of the Bible. Where in the Bible does it say you stay faithful to the “man of God” and follow him even when he is in error and is elevating himself to the level of God? I will continue to keep those under his spell in prayer. I recommend a book that helped me: Twisted Scriptures by Mary Alice Chrnalogar.

  5. A senior minister in Hopcc, said he saw a former minister of NTCC with a beard and was shocked. The former NTCC minister told him its not a sin to have a beard.

    This same minister from HOPCC however is not shocked when his pastor Rony Denis makes false prophecies concerning the rapture and practicing witchcraft.

    The same minister from HOPCC was not shocked into taking a real stand for God when pressed to put Rony Denis above God. Where is the HOLY Ghost!

    Being concerned about a man’s stubble on his face is not holiness. Taking a stand for God before the Sanhedrin like Peter did being filled with the Holy Ghost is true holiness. A love for God. We don’t need Denis’s signs and wonders.

    Sir, we would see JESUS! Our Holiness!

  6. True holiness is the fruit of the Spirit, worldliness is the works of the flesh. HOPCC appears to have gone worldly.


    Elitist Cult Groups major on WORKS and OUTWARD APPEARANCE. This gives them a superior attitude toward others, and an image that looks nothing like Christ:

    “And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and TRUE holiness.” Eph. 4:24

    There is a TRUE holiness, and there is a FALSE or PSEUDO-holiness!
    True holiness is of the HEART. The Bible speaks about modesty in clothing, but “holiness” is not a term used to describe clothing in the New Testament. Nowhere do we read that women are to be dressed in “holy” apparel, but “modest” apparel! “Modest” can refer to apparel that isn’t outlandish or super expensive. Also, we don’t find anything in the New Testament where MEN are required to wear a certain kind of clothes. How then do some preachers find it justified to spend so much time focusing on, and preaching about how men and women should dress??? If they would focus more on Christ and His holiness of life, the Holy Spirit could then personally convict each person about what is proper attire and what is not. There are just too many preachers trying to micro-manage everyone’s life- running around majoring on things that they shouldn’t, instead of majoring on the things they should, such as the need to show ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and ‘mercy’ to others.

    Peter wrote of Christian women: “Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel…” Peter is simply saying here that a woman shouldn’t be trusting ONLY in her outward appearance, but her INWARD character or personality as well. He is NOT saying a woman can’t plait her hair or wear gold, because if that were true, she would also have to stop “putting on apparel” according to the above quoted verse! You can see then how foolish that would be!
    In Ezekiel, God adorned Israel with jewelry and beautiful clothes: “I clothed thee also with broidered work, and shod thee with badgers’ skin, and I girded thee about with fine LINEN, and I covered thee with SILK.
    I decked thee also with ORNAMENTS, and I put BRACELETS upon thy hands, and a CHAIN (necklace) on thy neck.
    And I put a JEWEL on thy forehead, and EARRINGS in thine ears, and a beautiful CROWN upon thine head.
    Thus wast thou decked (adorned) with GOLD and SILVER; and thy raiment was of fine LINEN, and SILK, and bordered work…” Ezek. 16:10-13
    If jewelry is wrong, WHY does God speak of it as something that He BEAUTIFIED Israel with?
    Even the New Jerusalem is decked with jewels and GOLD just like a “BRIDE” who is “ADORNED FOR HER HUSBAND”.
    And remember how God touched the Egyptians to give their gold, jewels and silver to the people of Israel as they walked out of Egypt???
    Also, why do preachers condemn all make-up by preaching how Jezebel “painted” her face? She also “tired” or FIXED her hair, so should we start preaching that women shouldn’t FIX their hair just because Jezebel fixed her hair???
    It is plain to see that many preachers have a pick&choose method of judging what’s right and what’s wrong!
    Let us cease then with all the foolish so-called “outward-holiness” doctrines concocted by men, and follow the advice of Paul who asked: “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth .
    Yea, he shall be holden up : for God is able to make him stand.” Rom. 14:4 and “Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.” Rom. 14:13
    If a man or woman has a personal conviction about something they consider to be un-holy, then let them observe their conviction, but they have no business trying to force their conviction upon others, especially if it isn’t plainly stated in the scriptures. The same goes for preachers as well!

  8. Or what about the whole Flip flops not being okay or sandles… Smh how many go into prayer meetings and take their shoes off these guys need to get it together figure out which lies and standards they are going to twist to there views…

  9. A brother snitched on me for taking a video of a blue jay,which i was never told was wrong before,and even though i initially disagreed with the pastor (Bercini) i was forced to comply and agree with the twisted scriptures. And beards are apparently wordly or unclean too.

  10. Yes there were jobs I had to turn down because training involved videos…SMH… How is video that tell me information for the Job a sin…

  11. Yes, true holiness is first inwardly. The mark of the pharisee is hypocrisy with outward show but no inward love.

    I have seen and heard of people so confused in this cult regarding outward holiness. Earlier on Rony Denis floated the idea that all moving pictures were wrong.

    I can see the uncontrollable nature of television and what it has to offer but to all moving pictures are wrong without sound explanation is hypocrisy.

    It is so bad, that a sister having a baby thinks it’s wrong to watch a video on safety for her child or something like that in the hospital.

    Some brethren couldn’t do prison ministry because the pastor of the church at the time was to “holy” to watch the safety video.

    Denis cries about the Imax being so evil, he probably has a theater in Florida getaway, laughing at dumb Christians listening to his made up rules.

    Game is Over Rony

  12. Sounds to me like they have made many pharisee!!!! The cheifest of whom is RONY DENIS!!! Doesn’t he say he is the ONLY holiness preacher?

    1. Yeah, he sais he’s the only holiness preacher, and he wishes that he was the only White preacher because he says over the policom that everyone else is prejudice.

      1. Terrible he has turned a whole church into a bunch of pharisees…. how pathetic, you should go to church to get better not worse.

      2. Wow he actually said he wishes he was white? What an identity crisis! Not happy that God made him a darked skin Haitian! SO in other words he’s saying God did not know what he was doing when he made him..wow

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