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Concerned Families and Friends Unite!

Here is our chance to finally put our money where our mouth is, Rony Denis and his cult hopcc must come down. Help us fund the investigation into the illegal practices of this abusive cult group. Always remember:


This man is guilty! He knows his actions are illegal! Help us liberate the oppressed by bringing this corruption to light!

Help Stop Destructive Groups from Abusing Vulnerable Children and Destroying Families Check it out at:


16 thoughts on “Concerned Families and Friends Unite!

  1. It’s been some time since my last post, but though I have been silent in words yet not in actions. As it has been well stated, “It’s time to put our money where our mouth is.” God heard the cries of dying humanity and did something about it; He sent Jesus. Can we not hear the cries of “Dead Souls” feverishly crying to a God they believe they know, but have been lied to and made to believe that with all their tears and prayers they have “NO” true relationship with Him?

    I have been a member of these “DEAD SOULS” after my family and I fled for our lives; as many of you have. I was going to wait time out and sit on the sidelines, but I refuse to be or continue being a “DEAD SOUL”.

    So, here is my plea to all who may read this post: I AM DOING ALL I CAN WITH ALL I HAVE, BUT CAN YOU SAY THE SAME? It’s not always the money either, but will you give your time to do the research to provide unquestionable evidence against this Heretic and Criminal? Lawyers don’t want hearsay and conjectured claims of wrong doing, but they need OUR FACTS. Are we willing to hazard our own lives and freedoms to fight the rule of a WICKED MAN? “OR” Will you be willing to throw yourself onto the EVERLASTING ARMS beneath us (individually) and declare, “Naked came I into this world and Naked shall I leave; the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”, but God take this smooth stone and slay “THIS” Goliath!” “We are but voices crying praises unto you, Lord; will You for these praises bring down the WALLS of “THIS” Jericho?”

    We all know what must be done, so let’s get’ er done! Attack with every nickel, every thought, every research, every facet of evidence— EVERYTHING. We all are at God’s mercy. We all might even be taken to the courts for things we unknowingly were tricked into doing, but let our actions from this month of May 2017 be the year we ” strengthen our hands to do this work” and ATTACK! God preached a message to me without a set outline or a scripted message like at (THEY-hop), but through individuals and an uncomplicated text from the Bible made me ask to be made “ALIVE”.

    The alarm has been sounded; will you rally to the call? will you do the leg work that others can’t do? will you help make the preparations where others don’t know where to begin? will you give (even if it hurts) to see Wicked fall, and those who want to be free be set at liberty?

    Liberate the Oppressed, O Children of the Lord. Liberate the Oppressed in every Land. People need to know that Jesus cares for their soul, so Liberate the Oppressed for the Lord!

    Let’s help SAVE those “OPPRESSED DEAD SOULS” and “LIBERATE THEM” from the hands of a Cruel Task Master, and into the LOVING, FORGIVING, MERCIFUL arms of Jesus. Lord, may your blessings be upon this post, and upon all who take part; from the greatest to the small. Lord, I ask that YOUR WILL be accomplished in this endeavor, and that the words of this post be THY WILL. Amen.

  2. There are a lot of people that are ignorant and do not realize that this is the next step in the process in getting HOPCC prosecuted for the unlawful things that they have done. It is time to put your money where your mouth is. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that can talk real good and say they want justice to be served but just like in Christianity when your Faith is put to the test or it has to be tried they walk away sorrowful.
    We live in a country where we are blessed to have a lot of things given to us but everything is not free, and just because something is free does not mean that it is best for you. I will not offer my Lord anything that cost me nothing. We have to get out of the mindset of everything we demand for free!
    When you give something that cost you something, it means more and it was a real sacrifice, I look in America and I see many people that have a mentality that they only want to be on the receiving end of things. But lets be real folks some things cost money, and lets not have the mindset that if it cost money it is not worth it. But lets have a greater vision to realize that God called us to sacrifice so that we may see others blessed and help other peoples lives from being destroyed. God led us out, the least we can do is help others. Lets not sit back unmoved wanting a handout but its time we give others a hand up.

    1. This is actually one of many areas that Jimmy and his crew are being followed by but the more you have the better. Every bit helps!!! Let’s do this!

    1. I am happy for all who have left both NTCC and HOPCC and are still serving God. I just learn about F.A.C.T. and will look closer into this organization to consider donation. Does anybody know if there is a request for them to investigate R. Denis? While reading posts on this forum I see strong testimonies, audios, and even documents related to the real estate fraud business, and simply cannot understand how no legal procedures or formal investigations had taken place yet. As I see my relative who joined this cult church about a year ago, breaking up family ties and communication, frustration grows with every single avenue I look into for a solution turning into a dead end. We have a prayer chain of fellow believers doing intercessory praying for our family member and the families who are captive in this horrendous congregations. Nevertheless, it seems like waiting for the individual to realize it’s been deceived is the only sure hope. 🙁

      1. @ B. Lawrence- Rony Denis is Hopcc. The investigation all points to him. Not everything is discussed openly on this public forum. But I would encourage you seeing that you have family involved to do all you can to expose this man and his ways. There are people in this cult that know that the things that go on there is not right and certainly not biblical but they are very fearful of Rony Denis. He is a master manipulator preying on the minds of young GI’s breaking them down like a drill sergeant and building them up into a blind loyalist. He has twisted the Bible to get them to believe things that are not true. Some of the older ministers and church members are financially trapped by Denis’ money schemes. Some are controlled by the power they gave him over their marriage. So, things are not as easy and cut and dry as we would all like. Denis has spent years planning his cult scheme but the proud becomes sloppy and then they fall.

        Let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

        Ray Yorke

        1. @ Ray Yorke – I appreciate your encouraging words. I have little experience about this subject or where to look for help. I did check the link you provided to add a claim and was told the more people complaint, the better. You might want to bring this out to all who left HOPCC to add a complaint to their email, as they claim it is the most effective way. Your financial goal is challenging but I trust our Heavenly Father’s divine intervention for a quick accomplishment. This man might view himself as a Goliath giant. but the Holy of the Hosts of Israel whom we serve will exhibit His righteousness and destroy the works of the devil one more time. Blessed are those who fear Him!
          On a separate note, why isn’t there any videos of Denis or any of his pastors preaching?

          1. @B.Lawrence- Rony Denis and his pastors teach that moving pictures are wrong. This teaching has caused people to loose out on good job opportunities and even caused an opportunity for prison ministry to be lost because safety videos needed to be watched and the hopcc ministers didn’t want to watch the moving pictures. So, members of the “church” certainly would not have any video recordings but a family member might have one.

  3. I am so greatful and thankful for the amazing grace and tender mercies of God. Believe it or not I am in no way bitter of my experiences in NTCC or HOPCC. I believe that all things work and have worked together for good to them who love God and are the called according to His purposes. One thing that I have learned is that the gospel message is truly balanced. I have met people on my short Christian journey who would cover the spectrum from one end to the other. I have largely been involved with the crowd who would lean more toward the error of what I would term “works based salvation”. I have met those on the opposite side of the spectrum leaning more toward the error of what I would term “hyper grace”.
    I personally believe that the Bible illustrates balance for the New Testament Christian. I have no problem with churches or people that hold to a certain outward standard of living for God, but when that “standard” supersedes the Bible and you begin to judge others by your standards you run the risk of becoming a fault finding Pharisee. And you begin to trust in your works/standards more than the blood of Jesus. Some have gone so far as to teach that you are not even saved unless you are keeping their standards. This is heresy. You may wholeheartedly disagree with me and that is fine with me for we all have opinions and then there is the Bible.
    On the other side of the spectrum there have been those who have taken this amazing grace of God and have turned it into the lasciviousness and have also frustrated the grace of God. We are certainly saved by grace and not by works but after we are saved are we not called unto good works? Doesn’t true saving grace produce good works or a godly lifestyle. I was witnessing to a man one day who told me that he was surprised that I would have even talked to him seeing that his appearance was that of a hardened motorcycle street thug. He told me that he was saved and that the pack of beer he was purchasing had nothing to do with being saved or not saved. He said that if he were to get into an accident and died with beer splashing all over him that he would be in heaven. He referred me to a book of an author I was familiar with whom he said taught on eternal security, and his implication was even if you are a drunkard you are eternally secured. I just can’t believe that.
    There is a balance between these two extremes. One preaches condemnation all the time and the other preaches no responsibilities and no warnings. I believe there is a balance. Jesus did preach about hell, repentance, and eternal life. Paul preached on righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come. This is balanced. We are not perfect but God is. Thank God for those who truly are trying to make a difference in this wicked sinful world wherever they may be on this spectrum. You don’t have to agree with me but one thing is for sure, you must be saved!

    Bro. R.A. Yorke

  4. Rony Denis told Rev. King that he would not go down without a fight. He made this statement to Rev. King before we departed from the cult. Evidently Denis knew that he was guilty of something and that his days were numbered. (Pun intended for his numerology escapades)
    When we Left NTCC Rony Denis accused them of “compromise” and basically not meeting his pharisaical standards of “holiness”. R.W. Davis made the statement that you can’t legislate holiness. Rony jumped on this and said that they legislate holiness at the Bible school in Graham with all of the rules and so on. Rony and crew would belly ache all the time over the Graham rules. Now Hinesville has replaced and surpassed Graham in rule giving and the legislation of “holiness”. There are so many rules in hopcc Hinesville that Moses would blush at all the legality that Rony has set up.
    Husbands and Wives can’t talk about what goes on in church, the internet is forbidden, the library is forbidden, talking to people who escaped from the cult is forbidden including your family, pictures are forbidden in your home for display, children playing kickball is forbidden, Facebook pictures must be looked at daily of people who left the cult or who are in NTCC, ankle socks for boys are forbidden, dogs are forbidden, baby dolls for little girls are forbidden, open toed shoes are forbidden, if the back of the shoe is open there must be a strap or it would be considered a prostitute shoe, intimacy between married couples is regulated to what Denis claims to be acceptable, all sins must be confessed to Denis, your phone number must be changed if it is suspected that someone who left the cult might call you, sins like adultery are ok as long as you let Denis know about it in full detail, if your credit is good enough then you are a candidate for your name to used to purchase a house to fund Denis’ lifestyle, if you have children they must attend the fraudulent day school, if you have VA Educational Benefits you must attend the fraudulent Bible school which is only there to provide funds for the church, and you must believe all the lies of Rony Denis.

    And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Bro. Ray Yorke

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