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Real Estate Trap

Rony Jimmy Jones Denis has played a terrible game of ensnaring his devoted followers in using their names for the purchasing of properties in which he makes a profit for himself and enables him to continue to fund his criminal enterprise.  Look at some examples:


It looks like a total of 5 for Robertson and his wife.

Schmidtke and his wife are maxed out as well! Can you imagine trying to leave this cult? They will ruin your credit! 8 properties wow! No wonder why Jimmy “loves” Schmidtke so much.

Poor Todd, known for being frugal, now we see why. Six in 2016, wow!

The fear of man brings a SNARE!


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Trap

  1. Wow Schmidtka, now you see the behind the scenes of why these crooks are so loyal to Jimmy! Because they are sabatoged. This church is crazy.
    Can you explain why Schmidtka has all these houses and all he receives is 100% va disability income? Surely we know that they are over inflating his income. Or he must be Donald Trump.

  2. Now I see why these “ministers” stay put even though Rony Denis is as corrupt as ever. They fear financial collapse. Jimmy will foreclose on those houses in their name faster than they can say Denis is a fraud. What a brilliant demonically inspired plan. On the outside one may ask how can these people allow this to happen to them? But from the inside you can see how it could happen if you believed in the “cause” of the “movement” Denis created. This dream that Denis and his senior ministers created became a nightmare. His socialistic utopia has become a cruel dictatorship. Not only will the only church that is “right with God on the planet” take care of you by seizing your name and credit but also by telling you who to marry, and by the way love has nothing to do with it, this is only business for the “greater good.” This all sounds made up but believe me it is going on right now in 2017 in the USA!

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