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The Brown Nose Cheeser Board

These wonderful “brethren” have earned their rite of passage onto the exclusive BROWN NOSER/CHEESER BOARD! They have worked hard and deserve the recognition.

Here we have Todd Retzlaff.  He is another one that Jimmy Denis has used and abused, he is a real glutton for punishment.  With his name attached to foreclosure in the name of “doing it for God” and his wife’s name used to get a car out of a minister’s name who left the cult these two are the ultimate cheesers.  If you need someone to get ratted on here is your man.  He will rat on you to Jimmy in a heartbeat but he won’t rat on himself.  One time he wanted to rat on a minister who was just watching his grandson. Todd thought he heard Denis say that the minister is not allowed to talk to his grandchildren.  What Denis actually said was that the minister could not be around one of his grandsons because he was working on separating his family.

Here is Marcus Labat.  He was and may still be involved in the Bible “College” scam. With the smile of a used car salesman Marcus works hard at scamming the veterans out of their educational benefits from the government. He is another sad case of whom his wife desires a child but because of Rony Denis’ involvement in their marriage and Marcus’ brown nose abilities the answer to the little lady is a resounding NO! Marcus appears to be a very nice and friendly guy until you cross his CULT leader Jimmy Denis. Jimmy comes before everyone to these people, even God!

 Jeff Derby has earned a spot on the shameful brown nosing cheese ball board.  There are eyewitnesses of Jeff bowing down to Rony Denis in an act of worship with his face to the ground.

This Board would not be complete without the original cheeser, William Pilkington.  His cheesing has paid off by Denis installing him as the Hinesville church pastor.  Pilkington did a cut throat job on his in-laws to receive the coveted position.  Of course it was all done “in love.”

You have to give it to these guys, brown nosing can be hard work especially when you’re stepping all over your brothers and sisters.

This is Mike Patterson, one of the biggest cheesers to have ever “graced” or disgraced the church with his presence.  This man has brown nosed Rony Denis so bad that his nose hairs must be made of the fibers of Rony’s fine Italian made suit pant. In one service Mike practically rebuked the pastors on the platform for not praising Rony Denis.  Another time it seemed like he was about to loose his voice screeming so loud to praise the so-called man of God.

Here is Terry Hurd, a bully and former military drill instructor.  He is one of the administrators of the failed Hinesville day school.  A very controlling man suffering from PTSD.  The head ministers have been informed of how he treats his wife ( like Denis does his) but they have turned a blind eye to this tragic problem.

Joe Fryar tried to escape before but the cheese and the brown nosing was to much to leave behind. He is the anchor of the cheese ball board.

This the Rev. Caesar Vargas Jordan, a.k.a C.J. He is a perfect example of a child whom has been groomed in Hopcc by Rony Denis. At age 9 Rony Denis, the national “Apostle” of House of Prayer, told his mother that he wanted C.J. and went on to say that his mother had a curse on her life and they, the mom and dad, would only mess up their child. C.J.’s mom told the “man of God” No! I’m not giving you C.J. If she only had known what was in store for this very bright child who excelled greatly academically. Rony Denis would began grooming and working with C.J. so that he would later turn on his family, the very mom who brought him into this world, and the very dad that provided for him. As you can see in the videos, to the point where the Sheriff had to pull him out of his mother’s face! What an amazement, raised in the “Holiness”church (the one that is supposed to be delta force for Christ) but they haven’t learned the simple truths of honoring your mother and father or loving your enemies. What a sad day it is for House of Prayer when their younger generation is so disrespectful to those who have nurtured them. I’m glad Jesus wasn’t like that, for he even made provision for his mother before he physically left this earth.

Here we have someone whom Denis has set up for failure, Trell Felder. Denis proclaimed him to be the pastor of the Fayetville church but when elevating a novice trouble will follow. Denis yanked Trell from the mess of Fayetville and shipped him back to Augusta. It appears Denis is still trying to make good on his false predictions and has apparently moved Trell to Killeen to be a pastor there. Please pray for him, Denis and company has done his parents wrong.

STAY AWAY! It’s for your own safety!

9 thoughts on “The Brown Nose Cheeser Board

  1. Wow Caesar Vargas earned his right of passage on the brown nose and cheese ball board, pray for him for he is only doing what the “man of God” says! I remember when he was a little boy and now I am shocked to see what he has become underneath the guise of “minister” Jimmy should be ashamed of himself there own sheriff had to pull this boy out of his Mothers face. Telling his mom “it’s over, leave me alone ” Does Jimmy teach any respect for anybody other than himself? No obviously not.
    Maybe since Jimmy grew up with no family, and was tossed to and fro, that is the reason he has a disdain for the Biblical Family he doesn’t understand that it is normal to love your family. It’s all foreign to him. He was probably abused as a child by his dictator father, and therefore he wants everyone else to suffer. Poor Caesar I pray he wakes up one day and comes to himself like the prodigal son

    1. It’s a shame. My kids have grown leaps and bounds character wise since we left that place. I’m so glad we left before they were turned into this.

  2. Does anyone know if hopcc has a location in the Raleigh NC area? Is Carson king or Eric Hanna still part of this spawn of satan organization

    1. Rev. King is actually out of the crazy cult by the Grace of God, and is doing well still preaching the Gospel, those crooks thought they had him! Rev Hanna was in the House of division Christian church, but he left along time ago he knew something we didn’t that Rony Denis was a thief a robber and liar from the very beginning, all the sincere ministers have left that God forsaken place, and only the crooks and decievers are left!
      May God bless you,

    2. No there’s no HOPCC in Raleigh NC thank goodness, there’s only one and that’s in Fayetteville NC and that one is bad enough, the one in Greensboro is for Sale because all the people left.

  3. Thanks be to God that brown nosing is not a requirement for heaven. It is amazing that these guys actually think that they are in the will of God by kissing up to Rony Denis who is a clear cut phoney. He says to look into the sky for signs and if you see a bird or plane that’s a sign! Are you kidding me? Birds and planes are in the air all the time. One time Pilkington said he saw two lions in the clouds and one of them turned and looked at the other one. And Jimmy said, he knew about lions. These guys are nuts. Whatever they are putting in their kool-aid is some strong stuff.

    Freedom Train
    Ray Yorke

    1. One time Pilkington was in Greensboro NC saying Jimmy was moving the moon. He was gazing up and pointing his finger to illustrate. That denis juice needs to be prohibited from human consumption. These people are a bunch of star gazers. I wonder if Jimmy can enlarge orion’s belt as well. Hey William, I have two words for you TOTALLY DECEIVED.

  4. Every cult group has a group of extreme brown nose cheese balls. These are the people who help keep the cult alive. In their eyes Jimmy can do no wrong.

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