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Listen to William Pilkington (Current pastor of the Hinesville Church) using Mind Manipulation on this poor unsuspecting sister in the Hinesville, GA Cult. She had no idea that her phone call is being recorded and being used as propaganda to persuade her and other fragile minds that God is still moving amongst the corruption and criminal activity of Rony Denis and HOPCC.


Next we have the truth of what a long time member is like fully under the influence of Rony Denis and HOPCC!


  1. I remember Pilkington being a smooth dressing young and single man as an usher in NTCC and his wife. I too was single but not interested. I was focused on my relationship with God. I eventually married a minister from there. It’s just, wow, how time goes by and people change. They seemed so young and have humble humility, they were so zealed for God. I don’t know them now, but it sounds like bro has changed with having power. By what I read and hear on here.

  2. The screamer screams about kicking someone out of the church and cites the book of Corinthians but that was for sexual immorality. All the sexual perverts are still taking refuge in Rony Denis’ House of Prayer Cult.

    1. The sexual perverts are still in there, when you think about it Jimmy is surrounded by homos and perverts, so what does that say about him?

  3. It is sad to see what William Pilkington has been reduced to. He seemingly always had or at least developed the character of being a “Cheaser”. Jimmy has certainly used this character flaw against him to crush him. Now he is an absolute believer sold out to Ron Denis and his cause. The man who flip flopped in the beginning of hopcc has made up his mind to serve Denis fervently for the rest of his life. Please pray for this weak minded man to regain his sanity and for his wife, who is Bradeen’s daughter, to develop a conscience and some courage to stand up against the manifold evils spewing out of their “beloved pastor” Ron Denis.

  4. Everyday Jimmy is just like Jim Jones their ways, their talk, it’s like history repeating again. Control, mind manipulation, fear tactics, polycom, yelling, screaming. The worse thing is that he says it’s what God wants. Says God told him he is the last man called to do this. That the Holy Ghost is only where he is at. Jimmy is the proudest man I have ever met. I watch him in amazement of his foolishness. Living a lie, telling lies and then teaching others to lie. The only one happy with Jimmys ways is Satan himself.

    1. I must agree that Rony Jimmy Jones Denis is also the proudest man I have ever personally met. Who can be so foolish to say that he can finish God’s sentences and that God was surprised when he made him? Only a extremely proud man would utter such nonsense. Next he will say, if he hasn’t already, that his bowel movements don’t stink.

  5. The screamer talks about putting people out of the church but his church is filled with a bunch of adulterous perverts. They haven’t put them out. Why? Because it makes Rony look good as the only “righteous” man left on the planet. Once the blinders fall off and people start exposing him then he moves to separate you from those who are still blinded least their blinders be removed and they receive light. But if you are an adulterous pervert, accused of child pedophilia you can be used to bolster Jimmy as the hero. Sick!

  6. The yelling “Christian” is speaking to his mother in-law that way? He talks about putting people out the church, I thought they LEFT! Talk about brainwashed!

  7. Wow! Forget about being a liar, a cheat, a worshiper of man, adding to the Scripture, or following heresies. THE most important measurement of being “unsaved” is how tight a woman wears her clothes. Yep, let’s clean the outside, because that is what everyone sees. He talks about that like he really enjoys seeing it. Plus he sounds so fake and insincere. To me, it is inappropriate for a man to have that sort of conversation about clothes with a woman. Especially since he is not her husband or father. But I’m old fashioned in that way. That sort of conversation would make me very uncomfortable to have with a man other than my husband.
    And of course she will say what he wants to hear.

    The second recording……While he is yelling at others about messing with God’s people, he should take heed to his own words. Is their favorite pastime yelling and praying judgement on others?

    1. Yes, pastor Pilkington is very inappropriate and has no respect towards women. And the second recording is what Denis does best yell and pronounce judgment.

  8. Wow Pilkington, how brainwashed are you? Shame on you. You are still on that “backside” stuff. How nasty, disgusting, perverted and demonic person that you are. You used this lady’s testimony to promote Jimmy Denis not Jesus. Pilkington, Jimmy Denis is NOT, NOT, NOT and will NEVER!!! be a man of God. You and the other minions of hopcc are of your father Daddy Jimmy Denis, the Devil!!!

    1. It’s truly amazing how these people are so convinced that they are going to heaven solely on the basis of obedience to the self-proclaimed man of God. It doesn’t matter of their attitude, indifference towards others not adhering their church standards, or out & out sins they commit. They do commit sins over there you know. It has gotten so bad that because Jimmy himself is the servant of corruption, the only thing he could think to say, in order to give the people some sense of safety, is I CLEAR YOU. Bologna! Jesus spoke in the bible to the disciples about a people that would seek to do them harm claiming that is was a good service to God. I don’t know how deep this hole goes but I have a feeling we’re going to find out by and by.

      1. For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising as apostles of Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:13 Savage wolves that will not spare the flock, as the prophet Jeremiah warns: woe unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pastures! I understand Denis delusion, but aren’t those “pastors” at HOPCC afraid of falling in the hands of a living God? A tendency to be upset with our loved ones who fell for this deception, causing our family such anguish and despair is the first inclination to experience. When we take a look at these ministers and understand the scope of their wrong doings, we realize our dismay should be direct towards them and them only!

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