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Check Out The Illegal Actions And Outright LIES Of Anthony Oloans (Tony)


Everything Mr. Anthony (Tony) Oloans was instructed by Rony Denis to put in this letter is a bold face LIE!

This Tony (the paper tiger) Oloans belongs behind bars!

6 thoughts on “Check Out The Illegal Actions And Outright LIES Of Anthony Oloans (Tony)

  1. This must be the great apostasy of the last days. The great and mighty pseudo holiness Rony Denis and his fraudulent House of Prayer has greatly apostasied and leads the way in making souls two-fold the child of hell!

  2. What happened to Oloans? This guy is not saved! Wasn’t he the pastor of the Hinesville church? We must truly be living in the last days.

  3. These guys are such liars! Rev. Irwin said that they sent him fake letters as well. Isn’t that against the law. Are these guys Freemasons or something?

  4. Who in there right mind would give that clown that much authority? He must be a fool to think someone would trust him with that much control.
    Take a hike Oloans with your fake documents!

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