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THE SANHEDRIN BOARD, back by popular demand!

Here we have several men that are just as accountable as Rev. Denis, these men have helped Rev. Denis in his demise, and are to fearful to take a stand for God, if these men would have more fear for the one that can destroy body and soul! Rev.  Denis would not get away with the sinful corrupt and wicked establishment he has created.

This is the Rev. G. Robertson a very compassionate  man with a heart for God. He is often not used on the forefront because he has some “heart” left. Rev. Denis as a bully trashes this man and abuses him, he is used to comfort those that are going through battles from the cult. People are often let down by Rev. Robertson because they see a compassionate side to him and how he cares about people’s issues but when it comes down to when the rubber meets the road between Rev. Denis and a Soul, he has stated that Rev. Denis is his life not Jesus, he is the Rev. J. H. Olson for HOPCC.

This is the Rev. Alexander Schmidtke, one of the beloved pastors of Rev. Denis. He has one of the largest churches in HOPCC which brings in lots of revenue for Rev. Denis.  He is the type of person that is very undermining, he has always had questionable  Christian character and instead of Rev. Denis being a real man of God and helping him, he uses his character flaws to his advantage i.e when a brother is down you stomp on them, you inflate stories, and use them to your advantage. No real love for his brothers and sisters, but on the other hand  look who he is being taught by.

This is the Rev. Arlen Bradeen, the Pastor of Hinesville hopcc church. A real sincere man, has a very scholarly knowledge of the Bible, even above Rev. Denis’s pure spiritism, charismatic, wisdom of this world which is sensual and devilish. He is one of the few pastors that had a fire shut up in his bones, and had enough courage to stand up against Rev. Denis. Unfortunately Rev. Denis and his worldly wisdom has effectively bewitched his family using money, houses, and cars to win their souls and causing them to stand against Rev. Bradeen and even making Rev. Bradeen admit that he had never been saved!! Breaking him down to submit to him and his worldly wisdom. Rev. Bradeen spoke the truth when he told Rev. Denis he had an angry spirit. Pray for him that he would awaken to the deception, because through him a lot of people may follow.


This is the Rev. William Pilkington the former Pastor of the Killeen TX church, he now resides in Hinesville GA, He was reached underneath Rev. Ashmore’s ministry around 20 years ago and destroyed underneath Rev. Denis’s, but according to him he recently got saved last year. Being taught underneath Rev. Denis’s sensual and devilish wisdom he was instructed to call the Brothers and different ones and ask them questions about anal and oral sex and if you think it’s right or not, this is there litmus test to determine wether you are saved or not. Recently Rev. Pilkington had asked a older minister someone that is his elder if they could do a favor for him, out of the kindness of the minister’s heart he did it. The minister went on to tell Rev. Pilkington that he needed to pray for his pastor Rev. Denis because he is corrupt, Rev. Pilkington put his hands over his ears and screamed “Don’t go there!” And then proceeded to put his hands on the elder minister and pushed him away! When asked why he had done this, he said the Bible says to not touch the Lords annointed, so he went on to physically do so himself. My friends even Jesus didn’t respond in that manner,when it was actually the Lords annointed! But when you are above Jesus and become a Pharisee you will follow your Father the devil.

Here we have the Reverend Anthony (Tony) Oloans, he by far is one of the most wicked behind the scenes men that you will ever meet.  He is the chief orchestrator of all the fraudulent loans, real estate fraud, refinancing loans without people’s knowledge, one who practices forgery, produces false power of attorneys. He is a very smooth talker but a true weasel.  Anthony Oloans was the former pastor of the NTCC Hinesville, GA church, his character is “Doeg the Edomite” This man works like a slave under the cruel taskmaster of Rev. Denis living on very little sleep, having sold his soul for Rev. Denis he has become a over compulsive yes man. He is the “fall man” for Rev Denis, but happily so, when he received $100,000 from Rev. Denis, he obviously was for sale and has been purchased, but not by the Blood of Jesus. Anthony Oloans is doing his best working from Sun up till Sun down to keep HOPCC afloat, fleecing the flock as he goes. We need Jesus to come back to cleanse the temple! And throw out the money changers, It used to be House of Prayer and now is a den of thieves. How this man can even have a conscience when what he has done to people is ruin there lives, and credit, and finances, while he provides cash for Rev. Denis and his beach houses and Rolls Royce is beyond me. There is alot of Blood on this mans hands.

Rev. Hugh S. Virgo is the former Pastor of Tacoma Wa. The brother in law of Rev. Denis, I’ve known this man a long time, he is a mighty strong man and very tall, hands the size of a baseball glove. In the military he was a boxer, of  Jamaican decent and grew up on the mean streets of N.Y known for the violence and street toughness. He had great courage, and could often identify with the common man, not one of flashiness but very simple, he had great boldness in NTCC even withstanding to the face the President of the Organization, by standing up in the middle of the service, calling him out on his lies. But unfortunately this is no match for the deamon spirits in Rev. Denis, tough man Virgo has been crushed  to a baby, and even forced to deny Christ! For out of his mouth when called on the carpet and   was asked, if God himself came from heaven and told him that Rev. Denis was not of God what would he say, Rev. Virgo fearfully answered and said that he would have to respectfully disagree with God! He denied Christ that day and sold his soul to Rev. Denis, having truth only on the outward is no match for the devil.

Here we have the Reverend David Huff.  A follower of the Reverend Denis since the early 90’s. There has been many church members who have complained about Huffs mistreatment of them.  One person said that they only came to the Savannah, GA prayer meetings, where Huff pastored, just to hear the gossip of the church. Denis has said that Huff’s ministry was beautiful while his members suffered underneath his oppression. All he was trying to do was act like his pastor Rony Denis.  The tables turned on Huff and he was now asking for Denis’ forgiveness because Huff confessed to being bitter at Denis.  Of course Denis didn’t forgive him but rewarded him with the same treatment Huff gave to his members, public humiliation. Huff’s wife Yolanda also exposed Denis concerning the many lies of HOPCC.  Denis worked hard to “crush” her and get her to loose her mind. He had her to apologize to the church and claimed her health problems were due to her disobedience to him.

Here we have the Reverend Dennis Norstrant. Norstrant is the back room book keeper of HOPCC. He is the money man who Rony Denis barely if ever criticizes. For those of you who are familiar with NTCC, Norstrant has become the Difrancesco of HOPCC. Denis uses him as an example for all to follow, a minister who doesn’t take any money from the church. He has praised Norstrant for him not giving him a hard time. This means that Norstrant has been absolutely compliant with Denis’ wicked ways without any conviction of apprehension detected from Denis. Norstrant also serves as the fraudulent notary. Using his notary seal on many fraudulent power of attorney paperwork. Norstrant’ wife took of calling Rony Denis out on his fraudulent rapture claim. The effectively persuaded her to come, after all she is the bread winner with her disability income. ?


Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. Genesis 3:1

Here we have the Rev. Rony Denis the Master behind the destruction and downfall of HOPCC. During several times of reflection and musing, I’ve come to the conclusion that this man was solely introduced to the Christian church by the devil and transformed himself as the Angel of light to deceive many. 

Although he was known to supposedly have a life of prayer, when you search his life you will find that he has always had seeds of corruption, whether it was an angry spirit, one of deception, a liar, one that would twist the truth, and play politics, but what is very disturbing is that he also had subtle elements of Voodoo or spiritism.

The Bible teaches us that this not a great thing there are deceitful workers who transform themselves in Apostles of Christ. He never was a real true disciple of Christ, his secret past, shows that he always had something to hide just like his Spiritual and earthly father.

A very wicked man, with a past of secrets and lies, he built this HOPCC on one premise and that was to make himself rich and prosperous and to be in control of everything, a true dictator and narcissist at heart. What a wicked man to destroy so many lives. There is a lot of Blood on his hands, he is a true worker of iniquity.

Although whenever the Gospel is preached people can get saved, and there are many that can testify of this, this does not change the fact that Rev Denis is corrupt, the Bible has already covered this that many preach the  Gospel for many things or reasons, but God’s word will not come back void. My House shall be called the House of Prayer, but it is now a den of thieves.


The conclusion: All of the NTCC ministers which are called senior ministers, will stand in account for all that they have witnessed happen, and have not done one thing, there is one thing for sure, if the Senior minister’s had stood against this spirit entering the church, Rev. Denis would not have gotten away with the wickedness that he has, and he knows this as well and has went out of his way to ultimately destroy there testimonies there character, for one thing for sure if there was to be an uprising it would come from one of these men. 

22 thoughts on “THE SANHEDRIN BOARD, back by popular demand!

  1. Virgo standing up to Kekle was the way out for my husband and I that we prayed about. I saw all what happened in that church service. I trusted Virgo in what he was saying. I was disappointed in how people started to lie to save face though. I believed there were lies going on at the first church at that time. I remember most of the weasels that are in the circle. My husband had goten his ministers liscense back by Denis, because he lost his when leaving the church. Of course it was not valid anymore when we left. Lol ? oh well. I’m soooo glad about it now. if we’re not perfect it would have been taken away anyways. A scare tactic. ??I’m scared ?. NOT. ??

  2. These men know that they can not truthfully speak their own hearts, everything has to go through Denis. They know of the lies but they would not say anything. They would rather hold back the truth and allow Denis lies to continue. Those recordings were not fabricated. The only things fabricated are all the lies that Denis tells. These men know that there have been times that God dealt with them that Denis is proud and a liar. But out of fear of Denis they will say nothing. The fear of man is a snare a thing by which one is entangled. Denis is an ungodly man, a man of lies, and deception.

  3. Denis, why are you still mind manipulating bradeen and Robertson!?. They looked scared to death, trembling, the other day. Leave the men alone. They already worship you. As the days go by, you sound more and more like a nut case..

  4. I feel bad for these men that used to be of God well not Denis it’s hard to believe if he was but I’m praying for these men every day even Denis even though all the hurt he has done.

    1. Yes I agree, but if you take a look at all the houses in there name, it’s not a mystery why they are saddled down and stuck, and won’t take a stand they just have too much to forfeit. Can you imagine having not had to work on a job for 20 yrs (Rev. Bradeen) and then if you leave HOPCC, you are forced to get back on the job and your a older man.
      Rev. Robertson has never owned anything in his life such as a nice vehicle and house! (Even though it’s not in his name) he has not ever had it better, there’s no way he’s going to leave his fake plush life to go work on a job.
      Rev. Denis’s job is to make everyone full time so they are dependent on the church, so when you leave, you are going to be hurtin’ for certain.
      Wow, I just THANK GOD we didn’t not get trapped in Rev. Denis’s foolishness and get in trapped with house loans!!
      When we got our truck (in our name!) I was surprised that Rev. Denis was bewildered on how we got it. Now it makes since he wanted us to get it but only in someone else’s name, so in case we left, some one else would be driving our truck.
      Rev. Oloans name fits him well, he makes alot of sham loans!

    2. A question for all those still at hopcc that are secretly visiting this site because it is forbidden (does that even sound right to you?! Website forbidden?? How is it that that church has so much power to FOBID its members even to go look?! And if they LOOK they are DISFELLOWSHIPPED??!!!??!!!!!!) . May I ask you, “Do you love Dennis more than you love God?!! Who saved you?! Who loves you with an everlasting love?!
      IT IS NOT DENNIS- IT IS JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I don’t understand how the people of this church don’t see what this MAN (yes I said MAN not GOD) is doing to them and their families. I know first hand my daughter one of pastors wife. She can not have any contact with ME or THE FAMILY. He must be doing VOODOO on them.

        1. Even if they see the issues, a blind eye is turned – it’s the feeling of love that is there – somewhere it’s lacking. All you can do is pray and believe. I already did that. You avoid people who twist scriptures – that’s very evil.

  5. I would also like to know how to report them for using our Facebook pictures. I haven’t participated in these websites as far commenting and ect. But enough is enough I will be Now. I was told by multiple people who have left and a few that are still in that my pic are being used and what they are saying… They’ve went a data and used one pic of my Mother and I and said that she was my lesbian lover… These people are wrong God delivered me from when I was a teenage kid and I have Not went back any of those things for them to lie how is that Christ like? I was addicted to cutting before God delivered me then while under there Ministry I was so depressed and miserable because of the constant rebukes and bullying that I went back to cutting. I’ve been gone years now and haven’t went back to any of that I continue to go church and pray, I WILL be writing my testimony and get Bryan to put his up.

  6. What happened to all the pictures? If they are complaining about copyright infringement then its time for action. We will be reporting them for takinb our FB pictures

  7. I heard the sanhedrin board just kicked someone else out. These men including Denis are spineless. They are so scared of truth that they don’t want this site up because it exposes them for the frauds that they are.

  8. It’s sad how these men have now become trophies in the devils hands instead of vessels of honor unto God.
    I pray that they would open their eyes and unstop their ears and hear what God is trying to tell them. They’ve preached so many messages that contradict their actions now. These use to be the father figures and uncles that I at one time admired for their devotion to God and His people. Denis has now made them vegetables that can’t think or speak for themselves who now trust in man and reject God. A sad day indeed!

  9. I’m so glad the corruption is being exposed. Even in daily activities around Killeen (i.e. school and parks), former members, such as myself are being ridiculed and ostracized. It needs to be said that these preachers fill the minds of their parishioners with hatred and criticism of former members such as my wife, kids, and I. Having been a member of HOPPP/AOPCC for 10 years, under Pastors Pilkington and Schmidtke, I can attest to the brutal methodology in which they intimidate their members. It’s not right, and I defy anyone who says it is. You can refute opinions all day, but you cannot refute experience.

  10. This is only the beginning of it the scribes are yet to come. That perverted the law of God.

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