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HOPCC Apartment SCAM! 111 Sandy Run Dr.

The apartment complex has come to close to being black listed by Ft. Stewart because they know it’s tied to the church along with the houses. They have changed faces on that place more than a plastic surgeon trying to keep the base guessing, and have been called on to present themselves to the off limits board. Jimmy (Rony Denis)  knows all they need is a church member living there to blow their cover and the entire complex will go under because they charge about a $850 per unit and only rent out to the elite class of military. When certain houses get discovered by the base, it’s an easy loss and shift, but if the entire complex gets nailed by them, that’s 62 units times $850 per month they will lose. Rony Denis Jones has put this caution out to us many times in meetings. It’s all about the money. He lied and said it was for the Christians God would send for the revival, but since day one he has done everything he can to keep the Christians out, and the money coming in. Rony Jimmy Jones Denis is a money man.

This was a comment originally written by Bro. J. M. Rodriguez (emphasizes added).

Our precious military men and women must be warned of the predatory practices of HOPCC and Rony Denis. These apartments used to be called Ray Futch but now they are called Governor’s Apartments and may be called something else latter like little Jonestown or something fitting like that.

Rony Denis once again just like Jim Jones is abusing Matthew Reese and his Wife who are both former soldiers. Here he is listed as the registered agent which is a front for House of Prayer Christian Church Inc.

If you are a soldier you don’t want to get mixed up with these church businessmen. The bottom line for Rony Denis is MONEY!

The greedy man in the audio whining about more money is your true landlord, Rony Denis, the leader of House of Prayer Christian Church, Hinesville, GA.

7 thoughts on “HOPCC Apartment SCAM! 111 Sandy Run Dr.

  1. Jimmy was well versed in revival rhetoric, he is good at playing the Pentecostal game. Seems like money has always been his endgame. Those apartments were all about funding his lust, greed, and power.

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