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This post is dedicated to the the experience of many red flags that God showed us while we were in Rony Denis’ Cult HOPCC. 

A red flag is a warning of danger or a problem. Many times we over look red flags because we may give a benifit of doubt toward the action or person hoping for the best according to how serious we deem the red flag.

But when there is an abundance of RED FLAGS then we have a problem. (As one person put it, “Houston we have a problem!”)

Share with us your red flag stories. It might help someone connect the dots or tie up loose ends in their mind to give them the confidence to leave Denis’ Cult, House of Prayer!

Before it is too LATE!


34 thoughts on “RED FLAGS!!!

  1. Another red flag!

    You ever wonder why they promote to the people to have your family come to whatever city hopcc has a church. It’s not about getting the revival in other churches but have the people pack up their whole life and move to hinesville or whatever city hopcc has a church. Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Hopcc says bring the people to us so we can indoctrinate them with foolishness claiming that it’s holiness. Hopcc more resembles the synagogues of Jesus’s day than the early disciples of the church. A synagogue where people are speaking in other tongues as the spirit of God(who they respectfully disagree with) gives utterance. WHAT A MESS!

  2. Rony Denis is a huge fraud. He likes to use Robertson as his spokesman to bolster his fraud. Several times Denis would speak of his extraordinary soul winning abilities and Robertson would always be there to back him up. I always thought that this charade was a little strange. Everytime he came to Greensboro, NC to do some “soul winning” no one came to church that he invited. I heard that in the military churches while he was still in Ntcc that he had his own “program” while denouncing Graham, WA (Ntcc)’s program. They worked the base hard and got the numbers they wanted. Don’t let Denis fool you, he is a numbers money man. He used rhetoric in the beginning like God desires quality over quantity. Denis is about quantity not quality. He bases his so-called ministry on how many over and over again. But all of the adultery and great wickedness is staggering in his so-called ministry. Denis paints a false picture of the people in his cult. Everyone is dressed up and driving a fancy car but behind the scenes people are unhappy and hurting. This can not be hid, the lack of joy on the countenances of the people is painfully obvious. One example is from the way the husbands treat their wives. Denis believes that the wife is just the property of the husband. So, a husband treats his wife any ole way and she must be a slave to this tyrant or actually lord over God’s heritage. The reason for all of this is from their ungodly example, Rony Denis himself. Here is a red flag. My wife told Denis how someone said that Denis did not love his wife, Marjorie, and cited they way he treated her. When Denis heard this he flew into a rage. Why get angry if what was said was not true? Well, the fact is that it is true. Denis has no respect or love for his wife. And some of these men in his cult who have a weak mind follow him as an example and treat their wives the same way. look at their faces. NO JOY!

    P.S.- Some of them can’t treat their wives this way because they hold the pocketbook like Schmidtke’s wife. She will not have it. So, normally Alex and Rony leave her alone.

    Ray Yorke


    You ever wonder how denis 3ft can put people’s personal business out to the whole church with seemingly no backlash. This guy is accountable to no one including God(until the judgment). He has gotten away with everything but murder(that we know of) right in front of our faces. This is so pathetic. Where was our discernment? It’s amazing to me how people sit around this guy and hear him airing out other people’s personal business and never think he will do the same to them. He had people believing they were so-called in, and therefore had nothing to worry about. Those particular people had God’s favor and what of the others that we call brother or sister. These were the bums. Until the day you realize this thing is a complete hoax. Now you’re the bum. Get it. You can’t tell denis 3ft anything personal because he will use it against you for his own benefit. What a sinner!

    1. He actually did get away with murder. In Haiti during one of his drunk driving escapades he murderd a man. Since his dad was a big wig in the Haitian government they covered it up. His justification is that he is like Paul the apostle.

  4. Normally when you look up in the sky you will see clouds, birds, or airplanes. Jimmy Denis used these normal occurrences to turn us into sign seekers. One time in Hinesville he told me and Bro Bulger to look up in the sky to see an airplane. There was no airplane but Bulger made an interesting statement. He said planes fly around there ALL the time, there should be one coming soon. Sure enough there was one. Jimmy didn’t hear Bulger make the statement about the planes and ended up saying something completely opposite, an untruth. First Jimmy says, who put that plane there? And of course the scripted answer is, God did sir. And then Jimmy speaks about how there are barley any planes that fly through little ole Hinesville and that there is no airport in Hinesville. I am thinking that there’s one in Savannah which isn’t far from Hinesville and I am thinking of what Bulger said concerning planes flying through Hinesville all the time. Plus just to add, the very name of the street the church is on is named AIRPORT ROAD! Jimmy you are a walking red flag.

    The red flag report
    Ray Yorke

    1. These guys like Denis say that they were blinded by “love” when something bad happens on their watch but it seems more like they are blinded by money.

  5. Red Flags, red flags… Oh, which one should I talk about~~ there are so many. The RAPTURE DATE PREDICTION WAS ONE OF THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL NONBIBLICAL BLASPHEMIES HE SPOKE.. But even a sinner knows that’s not true. Why do so many believe denis on that one, I don’t know. Moving his eyes back and forth is when God is telling him what to say– Yes, that’s what he claims. It is so silly- something a little kid would make up. Oh, when he asked sis denis to testify. He had her stand and asked her, “Am I a spirit or a man?” She answered, “sir, you’re a spirit.” .. smh…. to be cont’d. . .

  6. One red flag I realized is that Jimmy and Marjorie are some very covetous people, it’s hard to believe that these 2 fat cats sit back and enjoy all the lavish pleasures off the back of the people, new cars every year, clothes and purses that would make Ivanka Trump Cringe, Chryslers, BMWs, Infiniti QX56, QX80, remodeling the house every 5 minutes those were definite red flags!
    One time he said he was not buying another vehicle. He said All his silly numbers lined up and that was a sign of completion, he said no more vehicles, As the story goes He got a few more Infiniti Qx 80s . He such a liar. They should be ashamed of themselves. Smh.

  7. What about that red flag when Rony Denis had everyone bow down but he himself didn’t bow? It was as if we were all bowing to HIM! And he was dancing around with everyone including the ladies singing about Jerusalem. One thing you must admit, those cults seem to have some good music.

  8. I was in conversation with “pastor” Pilkington the new puppet pastor in Hinesville. He told me as well as Schmidtke, the reincarnation of Eddie Haskell, in Fayetteville, NC that Denis was saying we are ALL going to make it to Heaven, how his old pastor, the one he stabbed in the back, RW Davis is in Heaven. God told Rony Denis all these things but now God is saying something different? Denis, God is not TALKING TO YOU! That is a LYING SPIRIT working inside of YOU! Next he will say that Jim Jones, his idol, went to heaven. The fact is Rony Denis is one big red flag himself.

    With all due respect and love-
    Ray Yorke

  9. Another Red Flag was when we had that service here in Hinesville where he mentioned the 2’9 spirit. Jimmy said that God told him that he was gonna take him away a day prior to the rapture to go prepare for us, WHAAAAT???? LIES!!!! Didn’t Jesus do that for us already? Jesus said I go to prepare a place, NOT you Jimmy Denis!! The only place prepared for you is the lake of fire???

  10. That funeral service in Hinesville that Rony Denis did of that minister’s mom was a creepy red flag that something has gone wrong.
    His voice sounded like Michael Jackson. And his mouth was awfully dry. He kept making smacking sounds in the mic trying to get some moisture.

      1. I was there also,

        So when Rev Heidlers mom passed away, Jimmy of course stole the show. He came walking up in a weird trance. He was walking very slow and then he got behind the microphone and was speaking in a slow girly tone and my husband (Rev. Yorke) was on the platform so his view was seated behind Jimmy while I was out in the congregation. And my husband couldn’t figure out what the noise was (the smacking noise) but myself looking at him I could see him, his voice was creepy, and then he would do this thing like where he would just stare for a long time without saying a thing and everyone’s sitting there in silence wondering what is going on. he then proceeded to ask about a girl who he has known since she was a small child that used to be in the room with him and his wife and on there bed (don’t know why he mention this sounded crazy) named Ashley if she would come forward, the Heidlers daughter came up on the platform and Jimmy was hugging her in front of everybody talking about “she has come home” and that he would provide her with a car and a house if she would move to Hinesville, fortunately she had enough common sense not to do so.
        After this long “come home, Ashley” he begins to start singing a horrible rendition of “I’m going up yonder” and he said in this disgusting females voice that he had to go now, and when I say he floated away he literally floated away out the door, with his two armour bearers there holding the door wide open so the Prophet could come through without disruption.
        I knew something was way off, but I figured Jimmy was so caught up in the Spirit he had changed into a completely different person, he changed alright into worshipping his Father the Devil!

        1. This sounds like the behavior of somebody on narcotics–either prescribed or street. The more that you all keep writing about him, the more it looks like addiction.

          1. Either addiction or demonic influence or both or mental psychopath or maybe just everything!

          2. I’m not sure about Narcotics although I would not be surprised, Jim Jones was also known to abuse drugs and have the same slurred speech at times. I do however remember there were times he would have everyone go buy Zyrtec D since you were only allowed one box per person per month and you had to give ID he would have the different ministers and and there wives all go buy some so that he would have a huge stack.
            Not a good testimony for the Pastor that is in the Godhead, and he finishes God sentences.

        2. Really, I did not know that Heidler’s mother had died. I knew her a little being enlisted in the ranks of the cult in Clarksville. Way to go Ashley for not moving to Hinesville. That was a great move. Now for the filth. A funeral (homegoing) is to pay respect to the person that had just died. With what you all are saying, Jimmy did not show that. He is that much of a narcissist that he has no respect for living or dead. This is disgusting. What is more disgusting is that Heidler did nothing to stop these demeaning actions. Come on, grow a back bone! How could you let a “man” disrespect your own mother like that. She was the one God chose to bring you into the world with. She raised you and loved you. But, you could not have respect enough for her to stop Denis from ruining the funeral. This also shows how much you truly care of your own family. I think that it is good that your children (from what I know) have not moved to be with you. You have no care or respect for your dead mother, so, what care and respect do you have for your children. Get SAVED! Both of you (Denis and Heidler)!

  11. Maybe I’m wrong but one red flag seemed to be Mr. Denis’ suits being little bit more fitted than usual, especially in the back area.

  12. There was a big red flag When false prophet Denis claimed to know the rapture date and people were talking about “rapture parties” in Jerusalem.

    1. Yeah, everytime I go in to prayer meeting sis bradeen and sis Robertson are always saying, “less than 2 years sis- we gotta be ready!” Referring to the rapture. .lol ..Ummm.. really?!!! He has these fools DECEIVED!
      He said everyone in the building was going to make the Rapture- sister gladys was still there and Diana and others that left– so how does he explain that? ! Oh, God changes HIS mind ( Denis says this pften now)… SMH– big dummies

      1. I heard Rev Robertson preach saying that the Bible says no man knows when the rapture is going to take place but that it didn’t say no would ever know. Isn’t that adding to the Bible? That is a red flag right there, kissing up to “Reverend” Rony Denis so much that you change the Bible?

        1. @ Fresh Air, Yes I was in that prayer meeting/service ( whatever you want to call it). I was still under the Mirage believing all the blasphemies they said. Thank God for JESUS & THE HOLY BIBLE… ok robertson, let’s say you’re right— as you say “God didn’t say no one would never know– God, when he wrote the Bible in the Bible days no one knew but God didn’t say no one would never know.” WHATTTTTT!!!!!!! Well then, I guess a little adultery here and there is okay these days, and how about 25% covetousness we can keep in our hearts and we can lie, but only half the time~ 50% tops… you know because when God wrote the Bible He said those things WERE sins but now/today He didn’t say they would always be sins. Things change….. Right?! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, & NO, NO, NO & A THOUSAND TIMES NO! !!!!!! GOD’S WORD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER CHANGES- NOT FOR YOU – NOT FOR ME! That’s the problem with House of Prayer, we got our eyes off of Jesus and put them on Rony Dennis. Thank God for his forgiveness– you will never be my idol rony. The very Foundation of Christianity Is LOVE, but you have many members spewing hate at those that left. Not me -I will never do that. I AM A CHRISTIAN. And NO, YOU DO NOT have a covenant with God. We all have a covenant with God “” if “” we follow the Bible. Jesus Christ, GOD’S SON, is the only one that truly has the covenant that THE LORD GOD will bless those that bless JESUS and curse those that curse JESUS — not Rondy Roy Jim Jones Denis. Many in the congregation believe your lies, but not all. We are watching you. The Lord is watching. You always say , “GOD, MAKE YOUR CHOICE BETWEEN THEM OR ME!” HE HAS CHOSEN US. Did you so quickly forget– God is no respecter of persons, but HE is pleased with those who follow His Word and love his SON- not rony boy. I could go on & on…
          Ron I have some scripture for you
          Jeremiah 2-3
          Go find out if you’re in the Book 😉
          Ps. See you in service little Ron ron

  13. Looking back I remember several red flags in Fayettville, NC with Eddie Haskell, aka Rev. Schmidtke. One was when a man came to the servicemen’s home wanting to speak to Pastor Schmidtke. My wife let him know and Schmidtke jumped to the outside to give the man a song and dance on why he was cheating him out of the money he had owed him for the storefront they were using when they hopped from NTCC Dallas St. to form hop. I don’t know what the landlord’s spiritual condition was but dealing with these “Christians” or brand of “Christians” no doubt left a bad taste in his mouth.
    Red Flag ⛳️ Dirty Business!

    The Red Flag Report- We report you decide.
    Bro. Yorke

  14. Marjorie Denis was a very sweet lady so I thought, but after getting to know her better I realized she was of a narcissistic nature herself, there were times she would tell stories of things that happened that you never remembered happening, or you could have seen the same thing and she would tell the story with a whole different twist to it, I thought it was odd but I would tell myself that Maybe I just didn’t see it. If you or someone else asked Marjorie a question about something you could tell she didn’t know what she was talking about, she would often fabricate and embellish things just to sound intelligent, often to my embarrassment I would cringe for her. She prided herself on being a Spiritual women but ironically you can see some of the same traits of Rony in her, I’m not sure if she got it from him or if she is truly a narcissist herself, and that was a red flag for me because she would often pray lavish eloquent prayers and liken herself to the women of the Bible and put down those around her and also lie and tell things that just weren’t true. It took me a while to finally bring myself to admit these things for it made me blush just thinking that my pastors wife was not perfect like she portrayed herself to be. Women in the church would often try to imitate her by praying in fake tongues that were not real but rather an imitation of her prayers which were empty and with sounds of tinkling cymbals and sounding brass, and it was proven by there lives after they got up from there lavish prayers they followed the same pattern of Marjorie i.e. Untrustworthy, liars, back biting,
    Gossipers. Marjorie and Rony are similar in many ways and I feel this was one of the reasons Rony went out of his way to ensure she was going to be the first one to be crushed because she was a busy body, she loved to be seen and heard and Rony was not going to be in competition with his own wife, he has successfully beaten her down to nothing more than a human form that is lavishly decorated with costly array, and smelling of sweet perfumes from miles away and to me she has satisfied and happy in her new life because she finally has all the costly and high living that she so coveted after and they both accused the NTCC pastor of, we have realized all the contention was because they desired to have the same thing. SMH ?‍♂️

  15. A red flag for me was Sis Denis, she would always try to sale her clothing and items to people, Rony Denis would do this as well. He always said that he had a covenant with God and one of those covenants were that prosperity would follow him, so I was kind of confused as to why she was trying to sell her clothes instead of just giving it away. Even rich people in the world often donate and give away things. Talk about greedy, take it to a consignment store and sell it.
    And I wasn’t even interested in buying her clothes, she came to me saying she had some clothes she wanted to sell me. I told my husband he thought it was crazy. Needless to say I never bought them and I’m so glad I didn’t especially after realizing what fat cats they really were.

    1. Well, she got me… I was a single GI and she told me the same thing. It’s funny, I liked a few items, but oddly I felt obligated to buy everything she offered, except the pairs of shoes that didn’t fit. I spent well over $100, maybe closer to $200. I still have a pair of those shoes and one of those skirts. She said she was trying to raise money to help Marshelle pay her rent because her husband had left her. So you can see why I felt obligated. I do hope that money helped Marshelle. God knows…
      So, that time I felt she was hot at me (because of the way she treated/ignored me) because I was wearing Misook the same time she started to and then her Mom even gave me a look of disgust the next service. .. that was probably an accurate assumption. I was hurt by all that, but blew it off thinking it was all in my mind. Soon thereafter, I must have won both their hearts over because they both started calling me and we became good friends. I miss them both—– well, the ladies I thought they used to be..

      1. Boy do I remember Misook, that used to be the thing! Now how ever it is St. John’s that she wears now, higher on the fashion totem pole. And by the way she’s still selling those as well….. I wonder is she still raising money for someone ? Rony is selling wedding rings to, but those are for only the women that have attained in the inner circle.

  16. There were so many red flags that i wrote off as just the Devil making me “find fault” with the church. Ill just name a few:Denis blatantly bragging about “matchmaking”,(Conference 2012), people constantly changing their numbers,me being coerced into moving into the home at 900 Bellaire even though it caused me to be late to pt often (i didn’t have a car),being forbidden from pursuing an education.i caught my pastor(bercini) in a few lies,being pressured into buying a credit card (reverend heitzamn was doing most of the talking to the banker,not me) not encouraging fellowship with other churches,and coercing people to attend every service and prayer meeting. There’s a lot more,but i believe this is sufficient

  17. A red flag for me was the teaching on humbleness and submission, although the Bible teaches us to be humble and that this is a fruit for all Christians, this is one thing that was never shown as a example from Rony Denis, humbleness was only for others. He taught that when he was wrong God would back him up and God would handle it, but I couldn’t figure out why Rony Denis was at a such a high Spiritual level but yet he could not confess his faults and ask for forgiveness, he always had an eye to critique others when they were wrong and try to prove that it was a lack in your Spirtualty but never for him. And when he did you wrong for example falsely accusing you for something, it was to teach you to be humble, and humble was not to say anything even if he was wrong. A very distorted view of what humble really means.

  18. Jimmy’s temper tantrums was also a red flag ⛳️ for me as well. I was even warned a couple of times at least about his narcissistic outbursts. One time in the Hinesville parking lot this failure of the qualifications of the bishop went off on me for practically nothing and as a coward was using Rev. King as a shield. Even Rev. King thought he was wrong at the time but Jimmy blew it off saying that he still “felt” the Holy Ghost. What?!
    Another time shortly after this one, after a morning service in Hinesville Jimmy was still fuming ? and went off on me again for not shaking his little hands. I had enough at this point and later told my wife that I am not going back to hopcc. In the middle of these episodes I had made a statement which was Denis is not my salvation!
    After I left Jimmy called me with a different tone and tune. Now the tiny terror was apologizing for his foolishness and admitted that he made mistakes. He asked me to put the phone on speaker phone and wanted my wife to hear him say that he was WRONG!
    So, after this I came back like a battered housewife. The Jimmy on the phone then is not the Jimmy now. The one now is a lot worse. There are so many red flags to share, even current ones like him talking about “clearing” you and so forth. Jimmy, you can get on your knees and paws and beg me to come back to your cult and I never will! You can offer me thousands of dollars ? like you gave to Oloans, Papa Reip, and the Bentons and I will never come back to your cult! Last time Jimmy you said that I would be alone but look ? again Jimmy we have all left! WE ARE ALL HERE! And hopefully the other families will be able to say the same also soon. You tried to destroy my family but mercy said NO!

    The Red Flag Report- We report you decide
    Ray Yorke

  19. I experienced a red flag early on in hop. In NTCC, the church hop split from, a man made a statement that Davis was the only “Man of God” for the world ?. I thought that sounded strange. I told Denis about the experience and he didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Little did I realize that Denis was plotting the same unbiblical ERROR!

    1. One red flag for me, earlier in hopcc Jimmy was so kind this of course was during the times he was trying to convince people to leave NTCC and come with him to begin his new organization but after that his temper was awful!! I had never seen a minister and or so called Man of God have such a angry Spirit ? Especially when the Bible speaks of the Qualifications of a Bishop are to be gentle and to have temperance, he never had temeperence over his temper This was a red flag ⛳️

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