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The FRAUDULENT JOKE Day School of Rony Denis’ House of Prayer CULT!

This post is dedicated to the exposing of the fraudulent “Day School” Rony Denis is running headquartered in Hinesville, GA and duplicated in his sister cult churches.

God’s Heritage Christian Day School is one of the most underfunded, uneducated, unaccredited, schools you can ever send your child to.  Not only is this school unaccredited but your children are being taught by so called sisters in the church who have never in their life dreamed that they would be a teacher, they are very ignorant and unlearned and are only there because they were told they were needed.

Many of these women can’t even keep their houses clean and keep their children properly clothed and clean.  Some have not even graduated from highschool themselves and they are teaching your children their ABC’s?  There is a male teacher in Hinesville, GA who is a known pornagrapher and is suspect of improper conduct with children. All you have to do is look at him and you can tell something is not right with this man.  These things has been reported but nothing has been done yet.

According to the state, school is supposed to be conducted 180 calendar days per year.  In Rony Denis‘ fraudulent day school they are out of school more than they are in.  Any time there is a fellowship meeting( once a month), or a Conference (which could be twice a year), or Revival Services, which could happen anytime the church is in need of money, school is cancelled and sometimes this can mean up to two weeks at a time.  They count the children present if they show up to church because church is part of the curriculum.

Tuition is $500 a year per child, which is very cheap but when you consider what kind of education they are getting that would explain it. Your child does not get a diploma seeing that the school is no accredited. Once some of the children so called graduates they become your child’s new teacher! There is no graduation held because that would make the children to “proud” according to Rony Denis. They just need to listen and do what they are told and to reverence the man of god, Rony Denis.

School materials they use are the Bob Jones University homeschool curriculum.  In Hinesville, GA they have a large print shop which copies thousands of copyrighted material and sends them by the masses to all of their cult sister churches.

In the state of North Carolina there are certain requirements and laws that you have to follow in order to open a private school.  Fayetteville, NC is the 2nd largest church outside of Hinesville, GA.  The pastor is Alexander Schmidtke. Once you have decided to open a day school you have to get the premises that you are going to use inspected in three areas: fire, health, and certificate of occupancy. Because they are so cheap and could careless of the welfare of the children and only about how many $500 students that are going to be in attendance, Fayetteville wanted to use a old house that should be condemned for the children to have school in.

When inspectors came they wrote up a cost of all the things they needed to do before they could have school in there. Of course Alex Schmidtke did not want to spend the money on the children but instead decided to beat the system. They would use the small fellowship hall as their place for school since it was already inspected, but they would only use it when the inspectors came to town.  When the inspectors were not there they would put all of those poor children in that condemned house and “teach” them there.

Alex Schmidtke was so cheap that he purchased a playground for the children that broke down in a couple months after school started.  The church in Greensboro, NC was one of the smaller churches and when people would come to visit they would be amazed at how nice the classrooms was and the nice Rainbow system commercial grade playground that was purchased for the children. This goes to show you that they could have done better, but they were so busy trying to cheat the people out of there money. One sister even told me that she at times had nothing to do for the children in her Fayetteville class so she would tell them just to go outside and play and then bring them to a noon time prayer meeting and then send them home.


What a fake school, I could go on and on but this is just a small beginning of what goes on behind the scenes of this school.  Upon pulling my children from this school and putting them in a regular school I found that they were so behind academically!  But by the grace of God my children now are on the A, B honor roll and will be going to go to a Christian private school that is accredited and will be taught by qualified teachers that care and love the children and encourage them to be all that they can be. Teachers that have been educated themselves and therefore can educate others! Don’t ever put your children in that: UNEDUCATED, UNACCREDITED, UNDERFUNDED JOKE OF A SCHOOL!

Rony Denis also calls in to the school with the polycom to indoctrinate the students.  If he calls the church for noon prayer meeting the students must leave class to attend to listen to the Fuhrer. 

It’s time to FIGHT BACK!

BTW in case you didn’t know, his daughter doesn’t even attend this fraudulent school! Shouldn’t that TELL you something?


17 thoughts on “The FRAUDULENT JOKE Day School of Rony Denis’ House of Prayer CULT!

  1. The little boys in the day school, even the very youngest of children, 4 and 5 years of age, are required to turn and face the wall and walk sideways if the little girls are passing. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! My kids had to and parents of some of them testify to seeing this. I’m afraid this type of unrealistic behavior will make some kids grow into perverts. God intended for adults to teach little children to respectfully interact with one another– OF THE OPPOSITE SEX TOO! Boys are supposed to like girls and girls are supposed to like boys. What is wrong with these nutcase teachers in charge at this fraudulent dayschool! ?!?!!

    1. This is ridiculous. There is no way to enforce a crazy practice like this if you happen to have a son and a daughter. Obviously these people are lacking wisdom and seeking control. The devil has been in the business of destroying God’s first institution: the family. HOPCC is certainly helping him. Sad! 🙁

    2. @ ABC123

      THIS IS CRAZY!! I pray for these little ones. We all need to start stepping up and making our voices heard. Doing nothing is not acceptable. If you need help getting yourself and or your children out of this place please contact F.A.C.T – Family’s Against Cult Teachings. Their is an Investigation into HOPCC and they are taking the complaints. Please contact them and give them your story they will keep your name silent. The more info they have the faster we all will bring this Evil down. If you are inside and you know it is wrong please help us help you.

  2. We need to pray for these children to be delivered from this abuse. What kind of education can these children be getting from people who think Ron Denis is the only so-called “man of God” on the planet?

  3. There are children In this Fradulent dayschool that have Special needs such as learning disabilities or they are in need of Special attention for their ADHD or Anger Management but according to Jimmy there is nothing wrong with them when it is glaringly obvious that something is not right. Since they do not address the problem the other children’s small amount of education is even smaller because of all the disruptions and attention being on the student that so call does not have problems. They are not equipped to handle these students so they just say there is nothing wrong them.

    1. In the dayschool most of the moms are volunteer teachers, just because you are mom does not make you a good teacher and able to handle a classroom, therefore since most moms are teachers, you can’t properly discipline the children the way they should be. And being that it is all volunteer work, you get volunteer expectations, not qualified and no pay, you get bottom of the barrel education. They come unprepared, don’t show up when they have a head ache. Or if there in one of there battles they show up late. Or they don’t answer the phone when you need them. They don’t prepare a substitute, they yell at the kids if they don’t want to be there. No real heart for the kids just passing the hrs away until the end of the day.
      There are a couple of qualified teachers there. When they were in the “world” they actually were teachers but with the control of Jimmy all there plans are stifled and they are not allowed the freedom of running there class the way it should be. You are not allowed to shine, because that is A sign of pride.
      If you have kids in that dayschool I have two words RUN AWAY!

      1. I talked to one sister she had a son that was obviously different and she said the Dr. had diagnosed him some type of developmental problem he was behind and acted a lot younger than what he was, an obvious problem if you saw him you could immediately tell something was off. She talked to Jimmy about it and he pretty much said there was nothing wrong with him, but she told me she didn’t know about that but whatever he said they would have to do, the Dr’s recommend her a treatment plan but because of Jimmy they couldn’t do it.
        I instead heard Jimmy talking about the problem and he called the parents lazy that’s why the son was the way he was. The poor kid will never get the treatment that he needs. All because Jimmy is in denial, and then he has a false healing ministry so he just denies that there is a problem, because it makes him look bad.

  4. Upon leaving the cult and the cult school system my children have been better off all the way around. I just got finished reading the Bible with my son, something he likes to initiate. Family time is so much better outside of the control of Rony Denis and his Scribes and Pharisees. While in the cult system you barely had time to spend quality time with your family. My wife and I maintained good communication between us despite Rony Denis’ efforts to sow discord. Now with him out of the way life is greater with Jesus!

    The brother from another mother

  5. Mr. Denis seemed to have good intentions at the beginning for the children. He would even say that Jesus loves the children and how NTCC was anti-children. Over the years Mr. Denis became what he accused NTCC of. I thought it strange how he got upset when someone’s wife got pregnant. One time he asked me what I would say to a particular couple when the wife got pregnant. I told him that I would say congratulations. He didn’t like that. He was even upset when his wife got pregnant. After he announced it at a service he invited me with a couple of others to eat at Pizza Hut. He seemed out of place and disturbed so I congratulated him on his wife’s pregnancy. He didn’t seem to be pleased. When my wife got pregnant with our second child Mr Denis went through the roof. He claimed that I was making his job harder. I had know idea what he was talking about. But now I do. Looking back I can retrospectively see red flags all over the place. But who would think that they would be so close to such wickedness in the church? If he really loves the children why is he destroying their foundational education with this Hitler youth style school? Trust me, in Hopcc they used to say it’s all about Jesus but it now it is truly all about Mr Denis. Pamela Robertson was singing How Great is Our God and got rebuked for it and was told that the song was worldly. He then had sis. Hurd come up and sing Humble Yourself Before Your Lord and King. Mr Denis got upset at my wife for singing How Great is Our God as well. He claimed NTCC could no longer sing certain songs of no compromise because they compromised. Now HOPCC can’t sing of how great God is because they are now an in your face cult worshipping Mr Denis.
    This guy is CRAZY! keep your children away from this guy and house of prayer.

    Ray Yorke – I survived Hopcc

  6. Wow, I used to be one of the “teachers” in the Hinesville “school.” I do not have a teaching certification, but they used my knowledge of mathematics to “teach” the high and middle school. I can really believe the stuff that is being said here. They graduated some of the girls with the “teachers” giving them answers to the tests. One of the girls graduated and she could not even tell us the capital of the state she lived in. If I had children, they definitely would not come here.

  7. Also they need to remove out of that fake school. One guy confessed in a prayer meeting that he lusts after little kids all the time and Rony Jimmy Denis said he was “cleared” and still put him as a teacher in that fake dayschool. Bunch of perverts up in there??Can’t wait for it to shut down.

  8. Thank God someone is finally exposing Rony Denis’ fraud of a school. How can you have a known pervert teach in the day school and teach Sunday School? The suspect in question is a man whose last name is Ward. I am mentioning his name hoping that they will remove this person before any children get hurt. Rony removed Bro. Cooper from being the principle citing that he was getting to “proud”. He probably was pushing back on Denis’ foolishness. But he hasn’t removed Ward a known pornagrapher and a man of strange countenance.

    Concerned Christian

    1. Bro Cooper was one of the only people to have qualified for his position. He used to be a teacher and a principal of a real school. Cooper was probably one of the one’s that actually cared about the children and tried to correct Denis the Menace.

  9. The school has such a bad reputation, even if you leave the church, they won’t give you your transcripts to put your children in another school. One sister took her son to be enrolled in a school and when they went online to get the info for House of Prayer Christian Church in Hinesville Ga. they were in such shock at the terrible reviews of that place and then they came to this site and were saddened that a so called place still exist in 2017.
    So many of the faculty in the schools we have put our children in, have taken extra time to work with them and be a real teacher to them understanding the cult that they have come from. Im thankful that my children by the Grace of God are in good schools and recovered from all that filth and they never want to go back.

  10. Wow that is so sad that so many children will have no education when this terrible ship sinks, think of all the opportunities they will not have because they trusted in Rony Denis and thought the Church was going to last forever, from what I hear it might not have to much longer. SMH

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