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The Ultimate Yes Man, Anthony (Tony) Oloans

This post is dedicated to exposing Rony Denis’ right hand man, Tony Oloans, He is the fall guy of HOPCC.  If you have known Tony for some time you will find that his life is a sad account of a young man’s zeal for God turned into a devoted cult enthusiast.  He is the mastermind underneath Denis’ direction of the fraudulent real estate empire Rony Denis has created to enrich himself and enslave his devoted followers.

In this recording of Tony Oloans you will hear him take another call a couple of times.  This is I believe his cult leader Rony Denis, who apparently is telling him to calm down.  Tony Oloans has an anger problem, he hides it until he gets called out and then it shows, much like his cult leader Rony Denis.

Notice the lies and contradictions when challenged.  He knows all the facts and after he gets off the phone with Rony Denis he doesn’t know anything.

Instead of helping people’s lives this man is being used of Rony Denis to destroy people’s lives. Once a bright young man after meeting Rony Denis has turned into this:

Stay away from HOPCC because I am sure that you can relate that this has happened to someone you know who are entangled in this CULT! 

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Yes Man, Anthony (Tony) Oloans

  1. @sharita yorke- I have asked oloans to keep it down but of course he always thought he was the king of my house…….. one time, I had a migraine and oloans was screaming his head off in his fake prayers. I texted him and asked him to please keep it down I had a terrible migraine, his response was to text me back and say “pray for healing ” and he continued to scream his head off……….. ?

  2. Since oloans living in my house was mentioned….. this guy is so awful to live with! He was constantly in our business, wanting to know who was at our house and when they were leaving. If oloans didn’t like whoever was at our house, or how long they were there you can believe he would call jimmy to report us. This guy never paid a dime of rent but he certainly ran our electric bill up to $600, because he worked all night long with several computers and a printer. not to mention all the wires from jimmys extensive surveillance system that was plugged in at my house , for oloans to keep an eye on his house night and day. This guy would walk (run actually) back and forth through my house at all sorts of hours of the night and early morning , while we were trying to sleep many times while on the phone not at all caring that there is a little kid trying to sleep. One time I had gotten a jury duty notice, and I left it on my table when I left. Oloans read my mail while I was gone, when we came home later he was telling my husband and I that if I went it would be a blessing…… totally illegal. My husband would try to fix up the house; paint the shutters, cut down the trees, build a shed for the lawn equipment, etc. oloans would always intervene and tell my husband he needed to “ask pastor first ” the funny thing if at all of the other properties people did things like this and nobody bothered them, but my house, oloans nosy self always put his nose in what we were doing. when mateinance needed to be done, being that my husband was also one of the slaves it was almost impossible to get any work done. When the guys would finally come to do the work oloans would kick them off the property and tell them that “if pastor called it wouldn’t be good for them to be there, they should be at the other properties”. He would also go out of his way to be cruel to my sons dog, for no reason whatsoever then because the dog existed , never did he care how it made my son feel. And yes, he did leave hair all over the bathroom that he never seemed to notice. He would also kick the door to his room open all the time , while holding a coffee pot that is dripping…… so what am I left with??? Coffee dripps and Black marks on a white door, that no amount of scrubbing would remove. This guy is the worst person to Iive around , I could write all day about how Evil and vindictive he is, keep him far from your house!

    1. That is funny how you mentioned the jury duty letter, you reminded me of my Cult Reflection concerning my experience with jury duty. I had also received jury duty and told Jimmy Denis about it. Jimmy told me that I didn’t have to do it and Oloans would write a letter for me to be excused. Well, the letter never came and I went to jury duty and ended up sitting on a trial that lasted about a week. When Oloans called I told him I did the jury duty and it was over. He acted surprised that I did it. Later in conversation with Jimmy,the legalist, he brought up the jury duty citing that R.W . Davis thought it was wrong and he did too. As he said that part he raised his voice for emphasis. His reasoning was how could he judge someone else and the justice system is messed up and so is the judge. The funny thing also is sometime after all of that Schmidtke came up from Fayetteville and the jury duty came up in conversation and I told him how some people think it is wrong to do it because you judge people and who are we to judge. (I heard someone else recently say the same thing) Schmidtke’s response was that he didn’t believe that because the Bible says we are going to judge angels and that we are to judge matters in the church. I wonder if he would tell jimmy denis that?

      Ray Yorke

      1. I do remember a time when Oloans, the homeless, had texted sis. Rodriguez and said that it was to loud in her house and that he was trying to get some sleep. The homeless are bold. You would hear him yell out his fake prayers. I wonder if you told this homeless man to keep it down if it would go over well?

    2. One reason Oloans could have treated your dog bad is because Koreans eat dogs. Plus jimmy denis was starving Oloans out at one time, so every time he saw your dog he probably got really hungry. As for jimmy, I am not sure if he had pets or even if they have dogs in Haiti. Someone said he made his cult get rid of their pets or maybe it was just the dogs. Just to let you know Jimmy we got another dog. His name is Sparky.

  3. Tony Oloans! There’s a lot to say about him where do you start, he had a sad story from the beginning of HOPCC, his wife was always by herself while Tony was so busy working for the cult leader that it led to her leaving, she desired to have a family but as you know Oloans married Jimmy. She often looked sad and despondent.
    This had no affect on him, for once she left he would give himself even more, what a sad story.

    1. Hey Oloans, I was wondering if you could tell me who the bigger liar was, you or Jim Benton?

      Benton, you used to have convictions, what happened?

    2. I remember going over the Rodriguez’s house and as you know Tony Oloans has a secret office located behind the fence on 412 Willow Oak Lane, and after all of the abuse of Rony Denis he suffered, he left a Tony Oloans that acted as if he was Mentally deranged! He would come in there house at anytime he wanted and would start uttering some crazy speech about, how he’s thankful for the homeless ministry and the Rodriguez’s were there to give him a place to live.
      And then in the middle of fellowship he would stop everybody and ask if someone could pray, because we may never see a day like this again. And then he would go in his little secret office and come out with a few pieces of fruit, telling everybody that’s all that he had to offer us for everybody in the house allowing him to stay there. What a loony tune!
      He had his hair shaved off wearing a crazy haircut and looking scrawny and looking like a rough character, he would wonder in his rathole and start screaming at the top of his lungs ( so called praying) Not even one bit concerned of disrupting someone’s house that didn’t belong to him, but inconvenienced the family because some crook needed a place to hide from the authorities.
      I’m trying to figuring out what he’s hollering and so called praying about, I guess he’s like the Pharisee and hypocrite who loves to be seen and heard and then goes in his rathole and tries to figure out his new scheme to steal some other poor souls money.

      1. Yes, I remember Sis . Rodriguez talking about how Oloans would come into their restroom and cut his hair. He would try to clean up but would still leave a mess with hair all over the place. She would have to clean up after his mess. Smh….maybe those unsavory items they said they found in the Rodriguez’s house were actually found in Oloans’ parlor or they were just lying like usual.

    1. This man was one of the early hopcc Rony Denis victims crushed when he needed help while still in NTCC. His marriage was on the rocks while pastoring in Hinesville, GA for NTCC and as always Rony Denis, the east coast overseer, took advantage of it for his benifit not Oloans or his wife. Now he has turned Oloans, who used to be an eager beaver for the Lord, into a super con artist. Oloans now lives to please Rony Denis, that is now his sole purpose of existence. His present marriage is to another Denis loyalist all designed to keep Oloans more ensnared. What a sad life.

      1. Is there any hope for Tony? What can we do to open his eyes? Is he that far gone? I read one comment on this site that said Denis told him that he is the reason or type of person who allows cults to exist. Isn’t it amazing how these cult leaders tell you what they are doing out in open but with a little disguise to throw you off?

    2. In 2007, I mentioned to Pastor Bradeen that there is something secretive about the church that bothered me. I said to him that I had a Soldier, and that Soldier told me about how they rented out a house from the church. I said to my Soldier; I don’t know anything about that. Further, in the conversation, my Soldier described Oloans as the person they dealt with, and also told me about the organization People Helping People (PHP). So, now Oloans was raising the rent which is something that was unexpected, and they were required to pay. The Soldier made a complaint to the proper authorities and heard no more.
      Also during my conversation, I told Bradeen that I always saw Oloans during prayer meetings with FedEx packages and people are always signing documents. Bradeen said that the church had nothing to do with that and that People Helping People were brothers working to help people in need. Year’s later I found out that Ft. Stewart had black listed PHP and soldiers were prohibited from going to this establishment for rental properties.

      Bradeen Lied to me, I didn’t know it at that time until years later
      The church is involved, Denis is the dictator that tells Anthony Sumurung Oloans (46) -what to DO and what NOT to do. If Oloans is given the green light by Rony D. Denis (52) -then the head of the church is involved. The Kingpin tells all the pastors he will kick them out of they don’t agree with him or even doubt him. Robertson and Bradeen, why don’t you just leave that wicked man, he doesn’t have the fruits of the spirit, he is a subtle corrupt man full of lies, or is all hope lost?

      I stopped attending this cruel, bashing, back stabbing church in November of 2015.
      -You have tried to hack into my Google, Instagram, and Yahoo accounts all this month. It’s not going to work just leave it alone REV…. leave it alone.
      – You have also tried to hack into my wife’s accounts. (What you are doing is wrong, and it’s a criminal act).
      You will reap what you sow. You have dirty money, you stole from God’s children, and this is why you are most miserable.

      1. @ Juan Carlos Hernandez
        Seems like these “ultimate holiness” preachers has been lying to us for a long time.

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