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What’s Your Story Of Leaving The Cult?

Everyone has a story in leaving this cult.  It is not as easy as an outsider may think.  As you have read and heard just like Jim Jones, Rony Denis has sucked people in so deep so that if they leave they stand to risk huge financial calamity.  One person testified of having to learn to put their bills in their own name since “father” Jim or Rony Denis set it all up for them while they were in the cult.


If you have never been in this cult or was but didn’t get sucked in to deep then happy are ye, you are blessed.  If you have escaped this cult having been entrenched by the lies and fraudulent ways of Rony Denis then happy are ye as well also, you are blessed as well for you are not under Denis’ cult anymore. God has blessed those who have left and stayed faithful to Him.  Some may have strayed away but God in His Love for them and their response to His Love have come back to the True Bishop of their souls, JESUS CHRIST!

Your story or at least tidbits of it will be encouragement for those in and out of the cult. Denis says that everyone that leaves left for sin, is gay, is cursed, etc.  Let’s let the kool-aid drinkers know that it is all a lie!


You can by your testimony convince someone to stop drinking the kool-aid before it is to late!

Someone who escaped the cult sent us this picture. We hope you like it:


14 thoughts on “What’s Your Story Of Leaving The Cult?

  1. I am so thankful for experiencing God’s amazing grace since leaving the cult where I experienced such an amazing pride. Life has been good not living under the oppression and deception of Rony Denis anymore!

  2. When my family left we knew it was the right thing. It was getting crazier and crazier in hopcc. Since we have left it has been a spiritual blessing. There was always a cloud of uncertainty in hopcc but that cloud is long gone since we left Ron Denis behind. My thoughts are a lot clearer and biblically based. Over there you had to do a lot of mental gymnastics to justify Ron Denis’ unbiblical and now I see sinful ways. Don’t let anyone lie to you, if you love God and your heart is resolved you can still serve God outside of hopcc. Just because some have went into sin and quit doesn’t mean everyone has, and you don’t have too either. Life is not harder outside of hopcc, it is better. God intends for you to live in freedom not bondage to Denis’ misinterpretation of the scriptures. For example, how is reaching your unsaved family and others showing the love of God by cutting them off and changing your phone number? Seems like you have something to hide to me. The gospel is to be shared not hidden. The audio files on this site are proof that something has gone terribly wrong in hopcc and I don’t want to be a part of it. God has been more real and his hands of grace more evident since we have left. Thank you Jesus!

  3. I was undecided about posting a comment for many reasons but the thought kept coming to me so I believe God wants me to say something. In my bible reading I came across a passage of scripture where Jesus rebuked the scribes and pharisees for their hypocrisy. Matthew 23 describes many members of hopcc. Outwardly they are holy and well polished “christians” but inwardly they are filthy and spiritually dead. I was a member of hopcc for over a decade and I left last year. I knew nothing but sin prior to attending hopcc and unlike many who go, conform and endure, I became a christian after hearing the gospel message there. Most who “get saved” in hopcc just adhere to hopcc’s standards of salvation. They call it “getting in”. Really it just means imitate what you see. From the clothes they wear, to the way they talk, act, do their hair, etc. Looking back on it, I find it kinda creepy because there was no place for originality. The only person who was able to be different without any repercussion was Rony. I tried to copy certain people because I looked to them as good examples but after sometime I grew weary with trying to be someone else. I was always considered “out there” and now that I am free of their lies I’m so glad I was never fully considered “in”. I had my ups and downs while in hopcc and for years I was convinced it was because I had issues with God. I didn’t and still don’t believe one can be a christian and have issues with God so I always felt condemned when I went to church. Now that I’m gone I realize my issues weren’t with God but with the dishonesty within the church. I foolishly blended the two together when clearly they are seperate. God is perfect and holy. Everything about God is right. We will never find fault in him. The Church is a body of believers who have many imperfections and without Christ are wicked. Everything about Humanity is corrupt because of the sinful nature and fault can always be found but when Christ comes in we are saved by grace, we walk with Christ by faith and his sanctification begins. If something is wrong with the church, it’s not God, it’s us. I loved hopcc for what is was in the beginning. I came across many sincere believers who just wanted to serve God. Love was displayed and it really was a place of refuge from sin. Yet through time, Rony and his minions overtook it. For years I witnessed people portray themselves as chrsitians but really were no different from those in the world. Ironically, I found the people of the world had a better spirit than those within hopcc. I couldn’t fully understand what was wrong with hopcc while I was there because I was heavily influenced by a spirit of error. The preachers in hopcc do a fantastic job with obscuring the truth. Whenever I dared to ask questions I was always told I was finding fault, being proud, or my all time favorite: fighting mind battles. I remember countless times praying and getting a sound mind only to go to church and have my thoughts become all cloudy again. I literally started going crazy in hopcc but thank God he makes a way of escape for his children. Hopcc is torture for those who really want Christ. Sincere people are ridiculed, mocked, mistreated, and mentally beat down. The bible says to clean the inside first then the outside will be clean. It says to pay tithe, pray, attend church, obey and so on but it also says not to omit the weightier matters like mercy, faith, and judgement. Hopcc stood firm on the judgement part but not according to righteousness. The inside and outside are importsnt to God but the inside is the focus. Many in hopcc are dressed to perfection, they quote scripture and “pray” fervently. They’ll out soulwin a Jehovahs witness any day and they faithfully attend every hopcc function. They conduct themselves so ingeniously that they seem like really good people but their heart and soul is anti-Christ. The ministers wives were the greatest actresses. Many of them seem so lovely. They sing, play the piano, cook, behave wisely, they help those in need, give wonderful advice, are good “devil chasers” and seemily have such a sweet spirit yet most of them are partial, self-righteous, envious, backbiters, full of themselves, and in competition with others. Many are bitter at their husbands and even at the church. The ministers did not have to put on an act. They were “God’s anointed” and we couldn’t touch them regardless of how wrong they were. They were like spiritual butchers who hacked away at any who crossed their path. The pulpit was their place of execution. Their twisted rendition of the bible was their weapon. Rony loved to tell us “even if the preacher was wrong, God would still back up his man.” The ministers and the wives arent all to blame either. Hopcc has its “good” brothers and sisters who love to please those over them. The “good” brothers and sisters are those who strictly adhere to what they are told. They dont ask questions or waste time. I remember being lied on, cheated, and just thrown under the bus so many times by “good” brothers and sisters. These members are well trained in what to say and how to conduct themselves. They are nearly untouchable as well and though many of them were at one point sincere, they’ve become corrupt and have the same spirit as Rony Denis. Oh and most if not all of them have VA benefits. I didn’t see a lot of these things at first because of my lack of discernment. I was so grateful for being forgiven I didnt want to see anything but good in people but eventually the truth shined brighter. Looking back there were so many warning signs that I chose to ignore. One huge red flag was I couldn’t pray and get answers from God for myself. I didnt see anything wrong with praying and having a relationship with God. It’s bibical after all but Hopcc calls it rebellion. Anything you receive from God has to be approved by a preacher via Rony Denis. The pastors tell him everything and get his approval and Rony’s word was never questioned. I had no serious problems with Rony until an incident in 2006. After that I was rejected and I felt it until the day I left. I remember praying and crying so many nights asking God to help me change and to be more like them. God always gave me the same answer. It was Epeshians 1:6. I would read that scripture all the time and be at peace only to go to church and be beat with condemnation. I eventually convinced myself I was the problem and needed to get saved. Now I know the truth. I wasnt accepted by hopcc because I wanted God and those in Hopcc did not. The anti-Christ in them was against Christ in me. When I first left, i was very hurt and angry at those that took advantage of my sincerity. Due to my spiritual and emotional weakness, I fell into self pity and even became bitter. I wasnt totally gone in my mind to forsake God or give up on church but I found fault with so many people in church and wanted nothing to do with anything that resembled hopcc. Its been some time since leaving and by God’s grace I can say God has delivered me from bitterness and I am being restored to a sound mind. I still have mindsets and ways God is working to remove from me but I’m closer to Jesus than I was before. I no longer have resentment and anger toward them. I pray for many of them sincerely wanting to see them repent. I’m just glad I’m free and thankful God heard my prayers all those years. I remember feeling so helpless and just begging for God to help me and he has. He set me free . It’s been a challenge to see so many I know and love still bound by hopccs lies but I realize those still in hopcc dont see the truth because they choose not to. Still, I pray they will no longer desire the dainty deceits and spiritual illusions that hopcc gives but will love The Truth again.


    1. The day I escaped from the cult was rather interesting. I was actually sitting in the car with Cherry Daniel’s and we had the kids in the back.
      Not knowing what was going on it was a normal day in the Dayschool, when Cherry Daniel’s answered a phone call from the cult leader Jimmy Denis and she got off the phone rather quickly, she looked at me and began to shake her head, she told me that he had asked her was he a Man of God and she said she told him ” I don’t know are you?” My eyes were huge I was shocked that she had said that to the “Man of God” then she said he started asking her crazy questions about what Rev. Yorke was teaching and she looked at me and said I told him nothing but the Word of God sir! This would be the beginning of the EXIT out of HOPCC! I was realizing at that point that our dream was coming true, we were about to make the crossover onto the Winning side out of bondage into Freedom!

    2. Didnt read to just now it is a blessing, as we read and see many things that we ourselves faced, but thank God for deliverance by the mighty hand of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This testimony is a blessing

  4. I am so GLAD to have left Hopcc. When I listened to the survivors of Jim Jones’ cult they describe the same thing Rony Denis does. He is truly a jimmy.

  5. It was a blessing to have escaped the place of utter hypocrisy. These people are so manipulative and controlling. Real Christianity is found outside that place not in it.

  6. Rony Denis had called my phone after we escaped his cult leaving crazy voice mails. On one he was singing a crazy song and on another he telling me that he was not gay. This man is sick. If this man is struggling with his homosexuality leaving crazy voice mails on my phone isn’t going to help. He really needs deliverance. I am a happily married man Rony.

    1. I heard that Rony asked why I even came to hopcc? Well despite the fact that you were pulling and “praying” for me to come, the actual reason was to fulfill the Lord’s will in helping to expose you for the fraud that you are. I hope that answers your question sir.

  7. The day I left I was actually on my way to mail my cult report and finances to the cult headquarters in Hinesville, GA. Rony Denis called me and started accusing me of colluding with Rev. King in escaping the cult. On the phone I asked him about him saying he knew the date of the rapture of the church. For I knew that he had lied about this. His response was, “You don’t think God could tell me”? I told him no, the Bible says no man knows. But again Rony fancies himself to be a spirit and not really a man or more spirit than man. Rony began to tell me to look in the sky for signs and wonders to which I replied, no I am not seeking any signs. Then he began to speak in “his tongues” and then asked the Sanhedrin board on the phone with him if they could “feel” the Holy Ghost? They all said yes. He then asked me and I told him I had the Holy Ghost. I had decided not to play his game of mind manipulation. He realized at this point he had lost his power and influence with me. The devil was defeated. He lied and said that God had already told him that Clinton Daniels was to be the pastor in Greensboro, NC. So, of course Rony called Clinton right away. Clinton told me later that night that he told Rony Denis that he was not called to pastor. This threw Rony for a loop. Clinton’s wife, Cherry, even socked it to Jimmy on the phone when he called her. I must admit that it surprised me that everyone Jimmy called stuck it to him good. My wife was there when he asked Cherry Daniels what I was teaching and she told him the Word of God sir! And then he asked her if he was a man of God to which she replied, are you? Rony was shell shocked that day.
    Denis is not a man of God but a man of fraud.

    1. Clinton Daniels was also the one that told two brothers that he knew Denis 3ft was teaching false doctrine at the 2015 helpers meeting. He said when rony zen master started noting how the EA in preacher and teacher was a reference of how God puts words together was a bunch of nonsense, you would think Clinton wouldn’t have went back down to Hinesville for another fix of that Denis juice. I guess he was suffering from withdrawals. I’ll rather get addicted to the ministry like those in the bible. This mind manipulation stuff is more serious than you would think. I wonder why people don’t give their minds to Jesus the way they give it to the false prophet. One day Denis is going to receive a drink from the Holy One of Israel and it won’t be kool-aid either!

      1. Yes, this is true Clinton Daniels interestingly played an incredible role in informing the brethren on how corrupt Rony Denis is. He would often do this after I left. Some were surprised when he and his wife high tailed to Jimmy and some were not. The night he left he told me that his wife had a nervous breakdown and that he was going to Hinesville for God ( i.e. Money in Hopcc jargon). Later, Waymyer would tell me that Clinton told him that if things didn’t work out for him in Hopcc that he would just go back to Savannah. Looking back on it all I am so greatful and in awe of God’s wonderful mercy in not allowing the double minded Daniels to interfere with our liberation from his cult leader, Denis. When Denis asked the Savannah “strongman” why he didn’t call him to stop the departure Daniels could only say he should have called. But in reality he didn’t call because he knows Denis is a real fraud but Denis has money and he also has Daniels price. Money has a way of making people double minded. Actually Denis is surrounded by all kinds of double minded people, for example Pilkington flipped and flopped at the beginning of a Denis’ deception. Ironically I was one of the ones who talked to him in order to persuade him to come to the cult. God allowed me to redeem myself by also talking to him when I left and exposing Denis as the fraud that he is. See you at conference!
        (You will see me in a form)
        Brother Yorke

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