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FatCat Rony Denis Illegal Church Real Estate Slum Lord


By now you all should know that Rony Denis is and has always been about money.   You will hear the behind the scenes working of this mastermind greedy of filthy lucre preacher scheming to get more money through his crooked rental property business.

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil.  I have heard Rony Denis spin that verse and say money is the root of all evil and how he prayed against money.  I believe he said this to trick people out of their money to give it to his Ponzi scheme.  Give all of your money to him so that this fatcat  can roll around in it.

I have heard that this slum lord  has people staying in a home that is rat invested. Please don’t rent from him!

As you will hear they do foreclose  on houses because of their gambling “negotiations” with the mortgage company due to Rony Denis pocketing the money and not paying the mortgage payment.  It sounds like this one was in Precilla Bercini ‘s name Randy Bercini‘s wife.  If this is how they treat their long time pastors then it is not safe for anyone’s credit in this cult.

He actually tells them that they are going to jail and not him because he knows what he is doing is not only ungodly, which he doesn’t care about, but also illegal!

The guilty parties who are in this recording who need to go to jail are Rony Denis Anthony  (Tony) Oloans. 

This fatcat is hungry for filthy lucre! 



29 thoughts on “FatCat Rony Denis Illegal Church Real Estate Slum Lord

  1. Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your soul

    WIth people like denis watching for your soul, who needs the devil. What a crafty way to misrepresent a scripture intended to keep order and unity in the church. It was never intended to be used to control and manipulate people into doing things that they normally would disagree to. The way they interpret this scripture completely contradicts the 1 Peter 5:3, in my opinion. They have gone so far to the side of controlling peoples lives that they seem to have forgotten the part where you have to be an example to the flock that you want to obey you. I thought we were laboring for a crown that fadeth not away. I can’t believe I drank this kool-aid of reverence to a total phony for so long. Thanks be to God that I made it out never to return again per Denis’s own statement. I don’t need him to watch(devour) for my soul any longer. I’d rather choose Jesus and respectfully disagree with a sinner posing as a man of God.

  2. You’re not rev robertson or rev bradeen!

    I was listening to you say over and over how you’re not those men. Let me add a little to that statement. You’re not a man of God for the whole world. You’re not a Christian. You’re not a pastor from God. You’re not a spirit or atleast a clean spirit. You don’t know the date of the rapture because you’re not in the body of Christ. You’re not in the room with the trinity. You can’t clear people of sin (you liar). You’ve never loved God or his people. You will not stand in the judgment(you sinner). You’re not humble. You’re not loving. You’re not even remotely repentive of the wicked deeds you’ve committed. You’re not on your way to heaven. All your ill gotten gain will not save in the end because you’re not rich towards God. You’re not forgiving and therefore you will receive no forgiveness. You’re not the husband of one wife. You’re hands are not clean and you don’t care. Even Pontius Pilate wanted to cleanse his hands. You think you’re leading people to heaven? The only part I’m in agreeance with came from your very mouth sir. YOU’RE NOT!

  3. Hello again Mr. Fatcat!

    James 5:1-6

    I was meditating on this portion of scripture while listening to the fatcat recording and I’m so astonished at how this fraud got away with so much. He’s still hard at work even until this day. When I think about this it infuriates me to no end. Then I think on scriptures like this and it reminds me that these things have happened before. The Bible even says that evil men and seducers shall was worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived so why get so upset right. I can’t help my feelings because God made his church beautiful but Mr Jim Jones 2017 edition has attempted to make it ugly. I say attempted because as that song goes how beautiful the heart that bled that took all my sin and bore it instead, it goes on to say how beautiful when humble hearts give the fruit of pure lives so that others may live. The real beauty of God’s church can never be defeated, for love can never be defeated. Listen how the bible lays out denis before our eyes. He lived in pleasure on the earth , and been wanton; he nourished his heart, as in a day of slaughter, he condemned and killed the just. The hire of the labourers who have reaped down his fields, which is kept back of him by fraud. Even with all this, God’s church can never be defeated. All his possessions are corrupted and he knows it. Sir, you know where you’re heading! James said when you get there it’s going to eat at your flesh. I wept for you once but now I am set to defend against your ways. Brothers and sisters this man is already judged. I believe it. We all should come to the aid of the Lord in order to display the real beautiful of his church.


    I find it very ironic how people can work so hard and long for something the bible calls uncertain and push the salvation of God that has appeared to all men aside as rubbish. In this, I believe, the children of God are manifested and the children of the devil. The outside of the cup is so clean(because that would be too obvious), while not giving a second thought to the inside. I can lie as long as its for the work of the Lord. Then somehow I convince myself the Lord will bless because I gave it to the church. The bible says they profess to know God but in works they deny him. I came across this scripture in proverbs that I would like to share with fatcat denis. The bible is so true that man’s mind can not fathom.

    Proverbs 13:22 “A good man leaveth an inheritance for his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

    By the way, those freebies you mentioned, Jesus thought enough of them to lay down his life. That proves to me you never loved the people. SINNER!

  5. Did you hear Oloans? That guy has to be snorting the kool-aid! He would do anything for Jimmy Denis. He always takes the blame for all the stuff that goes bad that Jimmy Denis TOLD him to do. Does Oloans have a conscience?

    1. So, this is the great man of God? Sounds like a crook to me. A two bit crook who belongs behind bars. How can anyone believe this liar? This evidence is so damaging.

    2. As I look into the jaundiced eyes of Rony,fatcat, Denis, sadly I don’t see any love. All I see is a selfish lust for money, greed, and all manner of perversion.

  6. Since you’ve now announced to the church that you’re taking questions from anyone who would like to ask- I got one for ya Ron. How do you explain all this concrete evidence exposing you on this hopcc.com website???!!! And one more – if Wi-Fi/internet is so wrong how do you operate your home’s high-tech security system? And oh, those dear renters of yours at Ray Futch Apartments, they pay you thru PayPal!!! Mmmm?!?!

  7. If anyone is still in contact with someone in the cult, they need to hear these things. A website can be disbelieved,but you cant make up what is said.

  8. What is this housing market nonsense??? I knew the church was corrupt, but even involved in worldy businessman stuff? What happened to “not for sale” and nkti a “money church”?


    Someone asked me the other day have I ever shook his hand. Then they asked how did his hands feel. I must say they were rather soft for someone from a third world country where the famine was so great at times the people were forced to literally eat dirt for sustenance. I somehow doubt that Mr. Jim Jones Special has ever had to face circumstances like that ever. No wonder he feels comfortable laying heavy burdens on the people. Jesus had very choice words for the lawyers of his day for laying such burdens on the people in Luke 11:46. Sir, you will have your reward for all that you have done. Just as Papa Doc, Baby Doc, Roger Lafontant, and all the rest who oppress people for filthy lucre. Enjoy your reward from Satan sir. There is pleasure in sin but only for a season. This is your season. God will have the last laugh sir. You are a diabolical maggot, masquerading around as a man of God. Real men of God work sir. I know you do not believe the report of the Lord but I’m going to leave you with the bible anyway because this is the place of truth.

    Proverbs 13:11, “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathered by labour shall increase.”

    1. Jimmy’s dad was involved in high level politics in Haiti so he apparently was from an influential famiky. Also he’s made mention that they had to flee to the USA in the middle of the night because his dad’s life was in danger due to his political dealings.

  10. I remember when the stuff went down with the Irwin properties, once they milked all the finances out and knew the banks were coming to take the properties, I witnessed Denis give the order to have Benton and his crew strip and gut the properties. They took the flooring, lights appliances, even the kitchen sink, literally, and left brother Irwin with skeleton houses, even if he tried to recover he would have had to spend thousands just to bring them back in one piece.

  11. So some of the brethren who left gave them notice that they were taking thier property back. So one brother showed up at a property with a police officer the other day to make sure everything was fine, and low and behold, they caught Benton and the Denis crew stealing fridges out of the house. Busted red handed by the cops, police report filed. Now Denis has 2 beach homes, a 1.2 million dollars home in Hinesville, 130 rental properties, a 62 unit apartment complex and 3 rolls Royse’, he finds out a brother is taking his house back, and he has to steal fridges to make it? This guy is just sick, Nathan the prophet is going to rise in judgment and condemn this man because he didn’t want to take from his flock, but had to steal from a brother who was trying to take back his one and only house.

    Thou art the man Sir!

    1. This man of the earth is definitely an oppressor! We must work hard to free the captives!

      The Underground Railroad Newsletter

  12. UGH!! This JERK! I just don’t get how people could or still listen to this pompous, egotistical man. He really thinks he is something special, above the law, better than other people. It disgusts me how these grown me talk to him in hushed tones allowing him to call them stupid for things he has encouraged them to do! Notice how everyone addresses these so called leaders with “yes, sir” in a fearful way. However, THEY don’t show equal respect….oh noooo, y’all are just supposed to show the utmost reverence. He is everything that Jesus and the apostles were NOT!! To anyone still entrapped in this mess, who happens to have mustered some courage to look all this up, please listen—-FLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Lovers of Jesus do not have to live in fear, confusion, secrecy, manipulation, someone watching your every move. FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ concerned friend, denis the (3ft jim jones) menace has effectively indoctrinated the members with his twisted sense of reverence aka kool-aid. Oh, how we drank it so! Thank you for your prayers. Truly his mouth must be stopped. His hindrance to the work of the Lord will be repayed upon his own head. Just ask Voltaire what happened when he attempted hinder the work of God. God will get him honor upon denis. I pray God help us to prepare to mend the broken.

  13. Rony Denis is such a liar on so many levels that he is laughable. However his criminal activity and his ruining of people’s lives and livelihood is not laughable. This fraud must be stopped.

  14. What a crook! Do you hear this??? And he has the nerve to say he has a covenant with God to always have money! He should be ashamed of himself equating real estate fraud to the blessings of God, what a crook!! And then he tells them they are going to jail not him!
    I’m glad that the authorities are listening to this.

    1. Yea it seems like he’ll throw the ones who have been most loyal to him right under the bus. They would probably take the fall for him but he seems to make it clear he won’t be taking the fall for no one even though he is the mastermind of all the fraud and crookedness….even in the penetiniary and the drug ring they have a code not to rat on each other but we see Denis is only loyal to Denis.

  15. I can’t believe this! I thought he was a man of God! He is destroying the Brothers credit! Rev. Irwin’s testimony was right!

    1. This man is a crook and not a preacher of the gospel. All he wants is money. This fatcat must think that he has 9 lives but he only has one. And that one will give an account at the Great White Throne Judgment.

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