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Mind Control & Manipulation Exposed!

Mind control and manipulation is REAL. It is one of the main aspects of a cult leader’s control over your life.

Instead of being able to think for yourself Rony Denis, the charismatic cult leader of House of Prayer Christian Church Hinesville, GA , has manipulated his followers to put their complete trust in him and his ministers. In this exclusive behind the scenes CULT SERVICE  you will actually hear Rony Denis at work, brainwashing your children and loved ones.

What makes it supremely WICKED is that he uses the BIBLE to push his WICKED agenda! This is what  SATAN himself attempted to do against Jesus Christ in the temptation in the wilderness. (Matthew 4:1-11)

Just because wicked men twist the Bible it does not mean that the Bible is not right. It is right and we MUST rightly divide or understand the Word of Truth, God’s Word.

Just because this happened in a “church” doesn’t make all churches or ministers of the gospel wrong or not to be trusted.

In other words there is NEVER  a reason to quit on God! Rony Denis and SATAN, an enemy has done this, not God.

Jesus used the Word of God properly to dispose of the devil. The Bible warns about false prophets who would use the scriptures to twist, add, take away, and pervert truth just as Rony Denis has been doing.  Enough is enough!

Fight back, don’t let him steal your family and friends, your brothers and sisters , and your mothers and fathers.

The preachers of HOPCC are controlled by Rony Denis!

RONY DENIS has probably read this book or something like it :

He bragged about taking police INTERROGATION classes!

As you must know this is nothing new.

You  can hear for yourself one of the many ways Rony Denis operates his Cult!


You can hear a longer version of the mockery of God using the church and songs to manipulate the people in the Audio Files section of this site in SoundCloud.

Don’t allow Rony Denis to PLAY with your MIND!




22 thoughts on “Mind Control & Manipulation Exposed!

  1. Hey Denis!

    Your end is coming soon sir. All this manipulating of the people is coming back at you sir. Can you you see it? I wonder if that spirit you conjured up has shown you your end. I want to share this with you sir. This may come as a surprise to you, thou oh man of fraud but you could not have pulled this off on your own. You’re so smart and finish God’s sentences and are in the room(whatever that means) but you could not have done this by yourself. Hear me and hear me good, you want all the credit but You have not done all the work. You used the labors of sincere men (Virgo, Bradeen, Irwin, Robertson, and Figueroa) to pull off a scam of the ages before the Lord. I speak this to their shame. Thank God a few of these I’ve named have turned away from you. This is a sign from the Lord Jesus sir. Your pride has allowed you to be blinded from the signs God is giving you. All the others I named that are still with you are endanger of hell fire except they repent. Your judgement sir, I believe is sealed. I have one word for you sir from the Lord(REJECTED)!

  2. All the yelling, screaming, and interrogation tactics, mind manipulation to get people to think less of themselves and more of Denis. He thrives on making people feel less of themselves, and gets high when people talk about him. He has so much pride, ego, and hatred toward others that he has used through the years. One day he will stand before God for the ugly way he has treated Gods people. He speaks of the 7 things that God hates, however he is the physical form of all of them. The devil hiding behind his so called success story calling himself a man of God. Notice I said he himself calling himself a man of God. All at the expense of hurting others, using their money, time, family, and life. All in the so called name of the ministry. ALL LIES, LIES, LIES, Denis lies and his own interpretation of the bible.

  3. What is GASLIGHTING NARCISSISM??? .. This is Denis in nutshell–
    Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. … The emotional damage of Gaslighting is huge on the narcissistic victim. Jimmy — you are EVIL, and your empire is coming to nought!

  4. I have never met Rony Denis, and never been a part of HOPCC. I came to this website to seek info, because I have been frightened for my friends. I have, in the process, been burdened in prayer for all of those leaving the cult and those needing to leave. I have been woke up, in the middle of the night, and urged by the Holy Spirit to pray for all of you.

    I would like to point out an observance, as an outsider from all of this. As I have listened to that man speak or read of people’s dealings with him, it struck me how VERY similar that his behavior is with those who use drugs. I have ministered to people who have been bound by meth and cocaine addiction, and this guy’s ramblings, paranoia, egotistical behavior and anger/aggression are almost exactly like those I have encountered. Is there a possibility that he is an addict, unknown to others? I mean, it’s not like he would share that. HAs anyone sent a private investigator to look into this guy and his top advisors? What exactly goes on in Florida, when he is there?

    I urge you all to start asking BIGGER questions. Who is he around outside of the church folk? Where does he go? What is he doing when away from all the church in Hinesville? Is there a pattern in his coming and goings? When is he gone? How many places does he retreat to? Your biggest answers about this guy can only be found when thoroughly investigating what he’s doing while away from Hinesville. His weaknesses are pride and love of money—–use that info, and you will be able to get to the bottom of a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of you are military or ex military—-I am sure you are trained in how to be “aware” , you have definitely been trained in how to take down an enemy. So use that in a spiritual mode now. While your sarcasm is funny, and your posts about your horrible experiences are gut wrenching to read—I feel that I must exhort you to put that down for awhile, and to really engage in the battle at hand—to thoroughly expose this fraud and those supporting him (dig deeper, and you are sure to find those outside of the church benefitting from this mans fraud). There are many still involved in this abusive cult. There are children still in there. It may cost a bit to do this, but come on–you all gave most of your money and time to this charlatan for years—I admonish you now, put it into exposing this darkness now. This will take all of you working together, and it will need to be those of you who know each other or people from the surrounding communities of HOPCC, that have had dealings with this man.

    I also encourage you to get organized and educated on “deprogramming”—God wants to heal you, move you on to greater heights. An influx of people are already coming to you. There are Christian counselors/ministries that work with those who have left similar organizations. If many of you are in a close proximity, consider having a group time where you can talk this stuff out and gain support from each other.

    I pray my words are received in the urgency and love I wish to convey. I do not mean to sound harsh or judgmental in any way, just to be someone to encourage you and say that you can all do this–and the victory will be an awesome day. I look forward to meeting you all one day in Heaven. Please know there are people you have never met who are praying for all of you, who feel great sadness at what you have been through, who love you in Christ Jesus, and who rejoice with you in your new freedom in Christ.

    1. Thank you sibling in Christ. We appreciate those prayers so much. Thank you for your understanding and support.

  5. Last night Jimmy, the polycomer, was at it again with his usual foolishness naming the brave souls who helped Rev. and Sis. Figueroa escape his mind controlled cult. If one can break free others can. It’s deja vu Jimmy even though it really did happen before. Keep vacationing in Florida so that we can continue to break people out of your cult. Should I tell you who is next? Look in the mirror, maybe your next. So, now everyone knows why you can’t sleep at night. It is not because you are up praying, smh…, it is because you are so wicked and the wicked have NO PEACE. You haven’t had sweet sleep because you can’t. That is something God gives to his beloved. You are an agent of the devil mocking God. These little children who you claim were in diapers when you started your ministry of deception are outsmarting you every step of the way jimmy. The devil hasn’t changed and you haven’t either. Why don’t you just give it up? Quit playing church. Stop fleecing the people, just leave them alone and ride off in the sunset in the back of a police cruiser of course.

    1. @deja vu
      So was Jimmy On the polycom when that special prayer meeting was conducted ?
      Boy this guy is a smooth talker, he lies more than a politician, He might have missed his true calling, maybe he belongs on the campaign trail….

    2. @ concerned friend: Amen, I sense the Godliness, sincerity and compassion in your words for this cause.

      Thank you for your

  6. Mind control techniques:
    Rony Denis would be on the phone testing us asking if he deserved or if something was wrong with him having an airplane, a Rolls Royce, or whatever he wanted. Senior minister Bradeen would take the lead and say he prayed for the money to buy Rony Denis a Rolls Royce. Maybe he didn’t know that Rony already had one at his Florida estate. I for sure didn’t know. Of course everyone on the phone had to agree that the tiny terror deserved anything the spoiled brat wanted. Little by little Rony would manipulate us until he positioned himself to be the all knowing, all powerful, all wise one. The Senior ministers yielded their influence and voice to him. Bradeen and Robertson who were the two senior ministers around him the most in my opinion are the most responsible for this man’s unchecked rise to power and abusive authority over people’s lives. Jesus said FEED my sheep not FLEECE them! Robertson and Bradeen will answer for their acquiescence to this devil man. The split could have come earlier but thank God it CAME! Jimmy’s getting his own medicine. You reap what you sow jimmy.

  7. What does the statement mean that “he gave the devil a black eye.” I know it’s apart of his brainwashing technique but how is this to be perceived by the church members? He should be saying “he himself who is the devil is the one received a black eye”. Thats one less family under his mind control, thank God for that.

    1. Giving the devil a black eye in his language means you have submitted to him and told him all of your business so he can therefore file it away and use it against you if you start some trouble at a later time, and should you decide to leave he has something to share with the entire universe! There is no such thing as confidentiality with this pastor.

  8. @????- it was supposedly a “prayer meeting ” but what it really was is a brainwashing session because the Figueroa’s had left the church. Being that he is a senior minister jimmy is trying to make sure nobody follows him. He will probably call an emergency fellowship meeting to brainwash the rest of the church about them also. There won’t be any fellowship though it will actually be a trashing session. Jimmy will have Rev Figueroa’s members fabricate stories to make him look awful in front of the church….. this is the way of the cult.

  9. Oh this makes me want to barf. How is it possible to lie so smoothly. This man is sick! He’s talking about not paying Josh like that’s a good thing, NO! If you tell someone you are going to pay them u do it! That’s not a test , that’s called a lie! Josh did not lay around for 3 months you lier! Josh sold all of his tools and started working in the day school immediately! You are a lier, he was never “laying around”! The guys has a family and you chose not to pay him, so of course Rev Braden had to pick up the slack because you are a truce breaker! Why on earth do these people let you get away with these lies! I would hate to be you on judgement day, liers have a special place in the lake of fire!

  10. Wow: He’s been using proverbs 27:5 and Hebrews 13:7 as his base scriptures since the early 90s. Funny how he takes the scriptures and use it to his advantage as a means of control. I guess God and the holy spirit has no authority and is overruled when the word of Denis the prophet comes forth. So you cant confide in your husbAnd or wife, is that what I heard??? Is that in scripture? Talk about being involved in ones personal life, all in between the sheets and everything….smh

    I thank God I was never apart of Hopcc. Our last pastor while still apart of Ntcc took off with our tithe money under denis”s direction when the church split. Me and my family made the final decision not to be associated with either organization and im glad we did, Both organizations pointing the finger at one another and so on. My personal opinion is that Denis could hAve been delt with b4 even being able to infiltrate the body of christ, all the signs of his wickedness and pridefulness was there to begin with but as the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil,, he was producing the $$$$ and the numbers. His ministry did not flourish because he had such great anointing, his churches during ntcc days were large because he was a tyrant and a drill sgt and we were afraid and ridiculed if we brought no one to church. Thats why so many lost there way after that big mess, there was no foundational teaching of God’s word that really made sense. It was all control control control and competition with one another. I thank God for the chance to start over again and finding a place where I have truly been taught the word and where Christianity is fulfilling, fun and exciting and get this, it actually makes sense when Gods word is “Rightly” divided. You guys are doing a great liberating the oppressed. Keep it up and God bless.


    1. To @ his favorite scripture
      Wow it’s amazing to hear from someone who was in his congregation from a long time ago,he likes to use old members as trophies, and he often talks all the time about the good ole’ days of his ministry especially Woodbrook,
      I’ve heard from so many people that shared the same experience as you, he was nothing but a cruel taskmaster wrapped in a package of greed, maliciousness, anger, and competition, he is worse than the professional sports teams that he preaches against. That’s all he ever talks about is his fake accomplishments that it is nauseating.
      His Woodbrook church was nothing but a farce because as soon as he left the people went away also, same way here if something happens to Rony Denis, I’m sure they would be so relieved and would leave, some are just scared of his fake shannanigans that he does, you have proved that he uses his same ole’ tricks. The only problem is tricks are for kids, silly Jimmy. We got tired of the tricks and left.

      1. @ Mrs Yorke: yes I do recall hearing when he left woodbrook that alot of members eventually left also, of course because they were set free from his rigid schedule, his abuse and reign of terror. And who did he fault, you guessed right…everyone but himself.

  11. You can hear this is a controlled congregation! It sounds crazy. Notice the word “control” his voice sounds crazy.

  12. One of the ways he uses mind control he makes you seem that you are never good enough, which in it’s correct content it is true that is why we have the Grace of Jesus, Love covers a multitude of sins. But Jimmy wants you to constantly feel condemned of that one secret sin, that only he knows about and you need to confess to him, but notice his speech he’s the only one that has been Spirtual from his mothers womb. So they are constantly praying and seeking but it’s all in vain.

  13. He said everything is under control, his control no doubt. He also said “amnesty” was given to the movement from the beginning. What in the world does that mean? Just do what you want your covered?

    1. Was this some type of special service or something? I can perceive the manipulation and mind control even thru the audio, he’s been doing that for a long time. What was out of control that is now under control? I would like clarity also on what the statement about means. There is not much thats Changed about him, he is still conniving and a smooth talker when he needs to be….smh

  14. Wow! I am hearing it with my own ears. How can this man do this to these people? I pray that more will escape this cult. Thank you for this website! It is eye opening to the deception of Rony Denis and hopcc.

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