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Victory In the Camp!

We felt the need to give this victory report it’s own post!

If you have noticed Rev. Jeffrey Figueroa has been removed from the Sanhedrin Board and has been added to this Victorious post!

This is a huge blow right in the face of the devil and his minions!  As we speak they are leaving the devilish Hopcc and joining the Lords Army to serve God in the beauty of true Holiness! Truth on the INWARD no longer underneath the yoke of mans laws. Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light! Oh, how much lighter you feel when you leave the Opressive regime ran by Rony Denis.

Your prayers are not going unheard! This website has been a huge instrumental piece in aiding and helping families be united once again!

Hebrews 10:38-39

Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

But  we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.


From all of the Christians that have prayed and made this website possible, by truly liberating the oppressed!

God Bless you.


24 thoughts on “Victory In the Camp!

  1. I’m very pleased to hear the Figueroa’s have left and are free from what has been going on I don’t know the whole story but I was a member of the San Diego church and left about ten years ago. I love Pastor Figueroa and I hope he is doing well let’s keep praying for him I know God has a plan.

  2. The spirit of the New Testament is to always look to God’s Grace and Mercy, because even our own righteousness is as filthy rags. We as Christians should never look or draw attention to what someone may have done in the past because Christ would never do that, and if we are to be Christ like, we are to do the same. We have all hurt people because of something we did or didn’t do as Christians, but nothing was as bad as peter denying our Lord. How many people were hurt when it seemed like the most outspoken apostle denied Christ? Yet, we never see this mentioned as God restored him. when he preached and 5000 were saved, nobody drew attention the fact that he had done this. It was separated as far as the east is to the west and thrown in the sea of forgetfulness. God has never been concerned with what we have done, but he is concerned about what he has done. He paid the price for all of our Sins. God was never concerned that Rahab was a harlot, or the past of the woman taken in adultery, he was concerned with what they would become, And the prodigals son’s father didn’t even let his son confess his passed sins, but restored him to full royalty without hesitation. This is the spirit of Christ, and this is the Spirit that dwells within us. To hold someones past deeds against them once they have come back to Christ, is to be no better than Jimmy who believes everyone should confess their past deeds to him, even from childhood.Jimmy said he would never forgive me but I’ve already forgiven him.If Rony Denis himself were to make things right, I would be an advocate to have his name cleared in the minds of all those he hurt, and I have the right to say that because I have suffered greatly by this man. God is our judge, if someone has come back, Paul said who are you to judge your brother, he will rise and fall to his own master and “let us therefore not judge one another any longer”. This is the spirit we are of, and anything else is not of Christ. Please, who the shoe fits on, don’t offer an explanation, where there is no judgement, there is no explanation, only Christ and him crucified.

    1. Amen! I thank the Lord for victories going forward. Everyone has spilled milk, but why cry over it? I like drinking my milk (almond milk) in a glass or cup but certainly not from off the ground. I am sure the prodigal’s father didn’t throw the sins of the prodigal son back in his face when he came back home. But I know who would and you do too.
      Jimmy Jones Denis.

    2. @Bro. J. M. Rodriguez,
      I believe you misunderstood what I was saying…I was showing the transparency of my thoughts and How God was showing me but if a person is sincere and repents just like David did regardless of their past God in all of his grace and mercy he will forgive..it was not to bring up anyone’s past or throw anything in anyone’s face…. we all have a past..and it can never be erased but as long as it’s under the Blood it does not matter. I have never been in the business of hurting people not saying I am perfect by any means but I do my best to “Do Good Unto All Men” By the grace of God I am nothing like Denis and never will be…

      1. I understand sister. I definitely wasn’t trying to step on anyone’s toes. We are all in this together. My comment wasn’t so much in response to your comment, it was really to the emphasis on the negatives anyone might be thinking about in light of the positive outcome. Because it’s a public forum, I was just trying to direct traffic a little on the positive. Just like a funeral should be a celebration of one’s life and not ones passing, we should celebrate ( and I know you are celebrating with us) the new found Christian life, and not even mention the past of the truly repentant, even if it is meant with the right intention. I know you had the right intention, I just think it’s best stay focused on what Christ has done, and outside of exposing the truth about Christ’s oppressors, this website is meant to be the support group that unfortunately yourself and others did not have when you made a stand. So my request is let’s just be positive for those who left. It’s a long road especially with guilt, any who are recovering need our love and support. Hope this clears things up.

        Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

  3. I thought about the Figueroa’s the other day and all the things that have happened in the church in san diego…the many lives …then God brought back to my mind David when he had numbered the people and it displeased him..David realized that he had sinned and repented, he was sincere and the Lord gave him 3 choices that day, famine for 3 years, 3 months to be destroyed by his foes or 3 days of the sword of the Lord..David said let me fall into the hand of the Lord for very great are his mercies, but let me not fall in to the hand of man! So God sent the pestilence and 70,000 men died that day by the hand of the angel he sent but as God watched he repented him of the evil and said to the angel it is enough! David realized this and took the blame that it was him that sinned not the sheep and he built an altar and offered peace offerings unto the Lord..Great is his Mercy toward Us!

    1. Yes his Mercies are new every morning, thank God we are able to mend the broken roads that leads straight to God, we are able to forgive, and be forgiven during this time of new beginnings outside of the cult.

  4. @ grantie – thank you for your comment! You don’t know how much it means to us. The last conference that you went to my parents were ridiculed like that because my husband and I had left the church because of all of the corruption. The church has become more and openly corrupt since we have gone. Rony denis now has my dads members including your sister and her husband stand up and trash my parents. Your sister recently told the church the 8 months she lived with us was horrible, but at the time she didn’t want to move out. Her husband says all sorts of evil things about my parents. They seem to forget she wouldn’t be alive had it not been for my parents intervening on a couple different occasions. They were also the ones Rony had doing a steak out on my parents, when they were trying to leave. My parents loved them as if they were their own, but Rony has done a good job at destroying their love for my parents. The whole place has gone from bad to awful. Let’s pray your sister wakes up soon, we will help them even still!

  5. I wanted to thank everybody that helped my parents escape that dreadful cult. Your effort is much appreciated! The small army that worked tirelessly to get them out of town, are definitely Good Samaritans. While the other “church” people in the neighborhood did drive bys, and steak outs at a nearby memebers house to keep the cult master informed, are definitely the priest and levites. Thank God for all the Good Samaritans ! God bless you all!

    1. To God be the Glory!!! I’m so glad I was a part of helping your parents out of that Cult. I rejoiced when the phone call came in to help them out. It gave me hope that one day soon my loved one(s) will come out of that horrible place. It was a blessing hearing him teach the real gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a great time fellowshipping with real Christians. It was clean, not malicious, perverted or anything that Jimmy Denis’ evil mind can come up with. Rev. and Sis. Figueroa really have a heart and love for people and that’s what Denis was trying to destroy. I can tell Rev. Figueroa is a sincere man and not an evil man Denis tried to portray. (And for the record Jimmy, Rev. Figueroa has no bitterness towards you). I’m just so happy that by God’s grace they were finally able to see Denis’ evil ways. I will miss them dearly and will continue to pray for them and all the others that are still trapped in that place. By God’s grace I will be ready to help the next person out. Jimmy, your kingdom is coming down!

    2. I have had the pleasure of meeting your parents a few years ago, as they were instrumental in my sister’s life after the death of both her biological parents. they took her in their home and nurture her into the woman she is today. they did what most people would not have done. i am sure you realize by now who is my sister.

      My other sister in Jamaica always visit HOPC during their conference time and last conference i had the pleasure of accompanying her to the conference, During that conference i witness Pastor Dennis publicly ridicule and insulted your parents. Your parents private lives was discussed openly in a forum where there were hundreds of visitors from all over the world. we were shocked to say the least, our mouth was wide open as we stared at each other in disbelieve that a head of a church would do such a thing like that to a prominent and outstanding preacher of his flock. Your mom cried openly in shame.
      For me it was very uncomfortable , as each night my sister and I always go over to your mom to hugged and greet her as we felt she is the mother for our sister since the death of our mother. your mom is such a warm and loving person, your father reminds us so much of our father, pure in heart and humble. they did not deserve such disrespectful treatment whether open or private, from the man who they have given over 30 years of service.

      May the Lord bless and keep them, give them my love from Jamaica.

  6. Glad to see Pastor Fig and Sis Fig free! Rev Fig was my pastor when I was stationed in S.D amd first came to the Lord. Sir glad to see you out of that cult and look forward to one day seeing you again. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and awaken others who are still stuck there.

    1. I was just thinking about you earlier Bro. Retana in relation to all that has just happened. Hopefully more will be recovered from jimmy denis’ cult. Thanks for your support.

      1. Thanks be to God for His amazing victory! Oh, how the mighty have fallen! God is not interested in your millions Mr. Denis nor is interested in your “holiness”. But He is interested in His people whom He loves. If you ever had love you threw it away a long time ago sir. The only way we were able to break away from your cult was because the LOVE of God was greater! HALLELUJAH!

  7. @ restored- thank you so much. I appreciate the prayers of all. Let’s pray there are more following! God is still able!

  8. PRAISE GOD! For that glorious victory report. Sister Jennifer Iam rejoicing with you. God has given you back your dad and mom. Thank God.

  9. It is truly a blessing to see another family set at liberty to worship God. Freed from the oppression of the demonically led Rony Denis!

    1. I have more work to do. There are more families that I need to get free from ole massa jimmy.

      The Underground Railroad Express

      1. @ H. Tubman

        We all Rejoice in the Victory!!! Keep up the good work! I am still praying my family and others will see the light.

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