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Forced To Pray? This Is A CULT!

Please listen to this recent audio recording of Rev. and Sis. Figueroa’s escape from the abusive controling CULT House of Prayer Christian Church, HOPCC.  You will hear Rev. Gerrard Robertson, a man who Rev. Figueroa brought to church years ago. Robertson is receiving instructions from his cult master Denis (pastor).  This is an example of the CONTROL these people usurp over your life!

The controller you hear harassing the minister who helped him come to Jesus before he gave the Lord up for Jimmy is Gerard Robertson.

This place is a CONCENTRATION CAMP not a church! If you have to be FORCED to pray then it’s NOT really prayer.  It is LEGALISTIC CONTROL over your life.

18 thoughts on “Forced To Pray? This Is A CULT!

  1. Many won’t know me. Traumatized by HOPCC 2004-2006 Clarksville.
    This. This fear…this is my trauma. This is everything. This is what ruined my life and almost took my life.
    Needing to be in fear of having an answer as to why you aren’t there. Because “I don’t want to go.” Isn’t enough of a reason. So I hide. Make excuses. Lie. Because I was scared to tell someone I didn’t want to go to “church” that’s only the half. Burn.

    1. @purple fear-Wow, they are ultra aggressive! Do you remember who the pastor was? And how are you able to put your picture on here?

      1. I don’t know!!! I wish I could take it off! I had a mini freak out last night when it posted my picture. I tried to find out how to delete it to no avail. It is somehow attached to my email address-which I am since changing so that no picture posts again when I comment.

        Kuhns was the “pastor” when I was in Clarksville. I would like to find out where he is, if he is still in HOPCC or not i don’t care. I need some closure. I’m not sure if I’m ready to share regarding what happened, but if I can get just an apology and a recognition of what was said to me was wrong (I know it’s a stretch, but if he’s out maybe if I can find him I can get the words) it would help.

  2. Does God force you to pray? Does Jesus force us to come to him? If we are forced do we still have free will? Will a cult force you to do things contrary to what Jesus would have you to do of a free will? Thank God the man on the phone escaped such an abusive place. Talk about Prayer Force?

    1. Now I got it! Prayer Force means we will force you to pray to Rony Denis! You will say to God but your works show to Rony Denis.

  3. So is the term I hear used crushed or crushing. Is that in reference to the public humiliation people over there have to endure? He’s a real sicko, im sure he gets a lot of pleasure from that.

  4. So, these are the bully tactics that goes on in this thing they call church shm….
    I am so glad I decided not to return. They appear so nice and friendly at first but behind the scenes is a different story. Watch out for the preacher with the used car salesman smile.

  5. Does Robertson pray? If he did he wouldn’t be stuck in this cult. So, they must not be praying at these so called prayer meetings, especially if Jimmy calls. So, all the nonspiritual people left and the spiritual ones are still there being deceived. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  6. I thought Malina is the PRINCIPAL of our Hinesville Dayschool?!!?? He’s worthy to entrust Our little ones to ALL DAY LONG, but not worthy to relay a message!?!. No, no- of course not because it’s all about control. The only real principal we have is Ronnie Denis! That’s why you all HOPCC preachers call members “INDEPENDENT, PROUD, REBEL, REBELLIOUS, ETC” who don’t call you every time they have take a bowel movement.. GOD help you –before it’s too late for your souls.

    1. So, Rev Molina is JUST a church member? Robertson uses the term as if a church member is an insignificant person. Why all this division in the church? Rony Denis speaks of people leaving his church as if they are going from 500 to 120 to have an upper room experience. But Rony you forgot or conveniently left out the fact that they were all in one accord. You see the devil uses scripture as well but with an evil twist just like Rony. Rony Denis’ pride is totally based on position. In his mind he has no “peers”, he is above everyone in the entire world. So, therefore his church is run this way. You can hear Robertson bolstering Pilkington as “Pastor” Pilkington. In Hopcc jargon “pastor” is synonymous with lord over your life. The people are now being taught to bow down before this Denis wannabe, Pilkington. William Pilkington, who is a brawler, shoved Rev King when he told Pilkington to pray for his pastor because he is corrupt. Do you think Pilkington cares about the people? Pilkington can careless, he is just there to please Rony Denis. Pilkington admits that he was not even a Christian while he was the pastor in the Killeen, TX church for hopcc and he admits to his homosexual past. Rony Denis in my opinion is a closet homosexual who is lashing out on everyone because of the shame of what is in his closet. Robertson is a HUGE disappointment! I have fellowshipped with the Robertsons, I have been apart of the fellowship meetings with them in Arizona during the NTCC days, and believe that he was saved at one time. But for Robertson to carry on like this with no backbone or love for God or people speaks of blatant apostasy. Robertson and his wife, who just went off on her mom, have chosen Rony Denis over Jesus Christ! As for William Pilkington who has thrown his wife and Bradeens under the bus for a long time now is just swimming in the kool-aid. It is in him so bad that it is coming out of his pores. This man is toast, burnt on both sides. I thought Bradeen was a MAN, but he looks like a wimp. A little Haitian Voodoo Man took Bradeen and slapped he and his family around like the proverbial battered housewife. Shame on you Arlen and Cris Bradeen for allowing this to happen.

      One of the few “little ones” helping to tear Satan’s kingdom down!
      Bro Yorke

  7. Soooooo glad to hear they are escaping to LIBERTY!!!!. MY heart REJOICES in hearong this GOOD NEWS! Many of us in Hinesville that will be leaving soon will need a Pastor AFTER GODS OWN HEART…. Robertson, come on man—“WALK WORTHY OF YOUR CALLLING!!!” You are Condemning your own soul to HELL. What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his eternal soul!!!??? God will take care of you Reverend & Sister Figueroa. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH WITH A DOUBLE PORTION OF HIS SPIRIT, HIS STRENGTH, AND HIS FAVOR. WHAT ABOUT JESUS, GERARD ROBERTSON– WHAT ABOUT JESUS??????!!!!

  8. We are to serve God willingly and freely, for our offering that we offer unto God is a freewill offering. Hopcc under the guidance of Rony Denis is violating the scripture by being a lord over God’s heritage. Even Paul told the Corinthians that he didn’t have dominion over their faith but was rather a helper of their joy. Rony Denis and his helpers, Gerrard Robertson and Will Pilkington, are the ones used by Satan to steal your joy. You can hear it in the weak cowardly voice of Gerrard as he speaks his nonsense at the direction of Denis to Rev. Figueroa. You really blew it this time Robertson, you know that Denis is wrong yet you go along with it anyway. How do you sleep at night? Do you have a conscience left?

    The bother with a conscience left
    Bro Yorke

  9. Praise God for this praise report. The prayers of the righteous truly availeth much. People are truly starting to open there eyes heed to the voice of the holy spirit. This new posting has made my day, thanks for sharing.

  10. Come on Rev Robertson!!!! This man brought you to church!!! How can you allow jimmy make you interrogate him like that. He’s a senior minister as are you, what’s wrong with you?? This man has been a pastor for 25 years, and he had to tell you if he has an appointment??? And u william pilkington!!! Where were you when this man began in the ministry??? Go take a seat, “pastor Pilkington” nothing! How can can you say Ron Molina is a church member? He’s been there for 16 years , and he’s supposedly a “minister” why not treat him as one? It’s because jimmy has an entire system of oppression. Read your BIBLES, this is not the way Jesus operated.

    1. Jimmy and the crew can find them another Ananias and Sapphira to kick around. Your so-called church is a slaughterhouse. Hopefully more will wake-up and flee from your wrath Denis. Pilkington is the wrong man sir.

    2. That is so ridiculous! Talking about a Lord over Gods heritage!! Robertson it’s time for you to grow a backbone that Jimmy knocked out of you a long time ago, and get on your two feet that God gave you not Jimmy, and walk right out of that cult! You can do it! We are shouting come on! You can make it if you try!???Shouting come on Lies and sin you can defy!
      With wings on your feet and a fire ? in your bones, you have to run on till you ? him say ??

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