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This post is dedicated to the exposing of the many false prophecies RONY DENIS, the House of Prayer “Christian Church” Cult Master / Leader, has prophesied about.

RONY DENIS has been involved in the practice of  KABBALAH! He even lied telling someone that he knew nothing about KABBALAH! After he got exposed!

RONY DENIS also uses airplanes as signs from God! To deceive people!

RONY DENIS has prophesied about a date of the RAPTURE of the church! Since he got exposed his new lie has been that the rapture is everyday. Weird, to say the least.

This man loves to pronounce curses on people.  This is a Voodoo practice, something that he is VERY familiar with. He has recently pronounced curses on those who escaped his cult. The little guy in the picture is a good representation of RONY DENIS. 

This false prophet is very dangerous. It is best to stay away from him. Albeit he must be exposed, especially for his false prophecies.

RONY DENIS has also claimed to have spoken to the DEAD! This is called necromancy, Christians don’t practice this, it is associated with Voodoo and is forbidden in the Bible!

YES IT IS! RONY DENIS has something in common with this woman below:

RONY DENIS has also been involved in the the practice of PALM READING! His favorite no doubt has to be the MONEY LINE:



The great polycom device the cult leader uses to peddle his filth.

Exposing the lies of RONY DENIS a.ka. JIMMY! FALSE APOSTLE!

If you see this face RUN! He doesn’t smile much these days. This nice handsome face is very deceiving.


  1. Rony was different in the beginning put it was all by design. He had to be that way in order to fool the people at the time. As time went on he became more commanding and controlling. It was all apart of his grand Jim Jones scheme. Jim Jones did the same thing. Rony Denis is messed up. He planned the whole thing. But God is so merciful that he kept us in the midst of his foolishness.

  2. The bible calls out 133 prophets. Which Prophet does Rony claim to be? If he close enough for God to tell him the date of the Rapture ( which we all know is false- No Man knows the date) he most certainly is called out in the bible by name, Right??? I would like for him to explain just how God told him and exactly which prophet he thinks he is.

  3. It is sad and a shame that this man which someone I was just talking to referred to him accurately as the Haitian devil can deceive so many people who at least were sincere about serving God at one time in their lives but somewhere the Haitian devil manipulated them into something else. Jesus said that we would know these false prophets by their fruits. We don’t need to make an excuse for the man. He is just a pure devil. Why have sympathy for the devil? If you are a devil why don’t you just change and stop being a devil? Become a saint and help us bring this devil down. I thank everyone for your help in fighting the powers of darkness embodied in Rony Denis, the Haitian Devil.

    1. If he talks to the DEAD, I wonder if he talked to Roger Lafontant? Maybe he talks to Aleister Crowley or Adolf Hitler, or maybe his favorite Jim Jones.

  4. How can these people fall for such absurdity? He hypnotizes the people with his crazy demonically inspired singing. Has anyone ever heard Jimmy Denis sing? He can’t sing! It’s done to get the people into this weird spirit of believing his lies. Probably an old Voodoo trick.

    1. I am convinced that these chicken hearted men and women would follow this creep Denis even if he had sex with their wives and husbands. After all he is gay.

    2. How can anyone believe him? He is such a liar. The truth is not in him. He trashes people so much. God bless the people who were able to leave this cult. Pray for those still trapped underneath this man’s lies.

  5. So, the false prophet said Jan. 13, 2018 is the date of the rapture. Maybe that will be the date that this deceiver goes to jail. But the people trapped in the cult must be extremely careful. It might be the date he decides to a Jim Jones style protest and go out with “dignity”.

  6. So, Jim Denis doesn’t want anyone missing prayer meeting on account of being sick. He has established a sick room/closet in the sanctuary [ for us ] so we can exchange sicknesses –SMH— in order that we won’t miss noon prayer. The “Angel of Light” or another minister will come in to lay hands on us and pray for us after prayer meeting so that “God will heal us”. Remember when he told us not to come to church if we were sick!?!? Make up your mind Rev! I don’t know how much more I can take of the Circus Life :-/

  7. This man prophesied that Hillary Clinton was going to win! He was wrong again. This time his excuse was God changed His mind.

  8. In my last phone conversation with the “Reverend” Rony Denis he said, God already told him that Clinton Daniels was to be the pastor of the Greensboro church. What a fat lie! The cowardly sanhedrin witnesses on the phone were the “Reverend” Arlen Bradeen, the “Reverend” Alexander Schmidtke, and the Rookie Jeff Derby. Jeff Derby called me later right before our Bible study. It was my last phone conversation with him. In this conversation the novice, Jeff Dery, handled the word of God very deceitfully by giving me scripture out of Amos declaring it proved “pastor”, Rony Denis, knows the rapture date because God reveals his secret to the prophets. (I guess also false prophets in this case) I spoke to young Jeff for a little while, now mind you this is the same Jeff Derby that eyewitnesses saw bowing down to his master and god in my opinion, the “Reverend” Rony Denis in the Hinesville parking lot. This witness demonstrated how Jeff Derby was actually on his knees and face before his master/pastor Denis. I needed to get off the phone because Bible study was starting, I guess he doesn’t go to Bible study, so before I got off the phone with the neophyte I challenged him with the claim from God that the “Reverend” Rony Denis had made concerning Mr. Clinton Daniels. Jeff Derby acknowledged that the claim was made so then I proceeded to expose this fraud by asking this young cult member if it happened to which he was effectively silenced.

    Jimmy you are a liar. I am convinced that you were a liar in NTCC and you surely without doubt are one now. I am so GLAD I left YOUR CULT. And I sincerely apologize to all the people I defended this cult group against. I truly didn’t know the depths of wickedness concerning Jimmy and his cult like I do now. So, I have an obligation to warn the people that this man is very wicked.

    In His Service,
    R.A. Yorke

    1. Rony has said that he can see everything just like that all seeing eye in that kabbalah picture. But what he really does just like Jim Jones did is spy on people.

  9. Denis one time said he raised the dead. What a liar. He was talking about his wife being dead and he so-called prayed and she came back to life. Please stop lying already. So mama was sleeping in the bed and you got a half-baked idea to put your little hand on her, wake her up and then go tell people you raised her from the dead. Please!

  10. Yes, I heard this wicked false prophet prophecy that these people’s kids get molested. I don’t see how anyone could attend a church like that but a lot of fast growing movements are cults and this certainly is one, it sure isn’t Christian. The head guy I have seen in this group everyone bows down to is a short black skinned man. He was the one prophesying against people’s children. There is a guy in the Bible named Balaam that this false prophet reminds me of. He gives me the creeps.

    1. This man has to be demonic. Thank God for this website! It all makes sense. But the people in this cult are so fearful. They think it’s conviction but it really is the fear of man. This guy is unhinged. He prophesied that God chose him to prepare the Jews to receive the Messiah. This man is nuts! Can you imagine Paul the apostle being a schizo? Denis is a mental nut job. These people are following a guy who has mental illness and spiritual illness and is unhinged. Now that is scary. It reminds me of the Heavens Gate cult group. It didn’t go well for those people. And it will not go well for these people. Unless they escape.

      1. @Nutty – You’re right! Mr. Jimmy 3ft is more nutty than a squirrel house. One brother said, he’s more nutty than a king size payday. This man is completely delusional. The man of God for the whole world. My goodness. This man sheds a whole new light on the scripture in Rom 9:22. Think about it!

  11. This Denis guy is something else. Hinesville has become a police state, cameras everywhere, goons watching you, they’re probably wire tapping everything. This place is a gateway to hell. For it is a place of death! People have actually came here and died.

  12. Yeah, I remember hearing jimmy denis prophesy the rapture now I hear that he says it’s every day to cover his tale or tail. Well let me tell you, you need an awfully big cover to cover that tail!

  13. Will Pilkington propagated a false teaching by Rony Denis, cult leader of House of Prayer / Assembly of prayer, which is God loves it when we feel like we are going to hell. The TRUTH is that the Bible in the New Testament teaches that we are to rejoice in the Lord and that are names are written in heaven. What kind of father loves it when his children feel condemned? If you are in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation. Maybe Will and his bosom buddy Rony are not in Christ Jesus therefore they feel condemned to hell.

    Not Me- Now no condemnation HAPPY as can be I’m GLAD that Jesus sanctifies and sets me FREE!
    Bro Yorke

  14. Jimmy prophesied about revival coming when hopcc went to the fifth continent. Well, it never happened and more than likely never will. All they have over there is a big mess!

  15. Jimmy told us that he was moving to Jerusalem. Boy I sure hope that one would come true. But maybe an Israeli prison.

      1. @ Another Concerned Mom :
        Hopefully it’s just talk and not real. Rony Denis is a real talker albeit a very dangerous man. He is a classic charismatic cult leader. If you want to inform us and it not be publicly posted let us know by putting it in the post.

  16. Jimmy said Ronald Reagan held him as a baby!! How old is Jimmy? He must have been born in the 80’s so that makes him about in his 30’s!!

  17. Jimmy said that God told him that he didn’t need to by anymore vehicles the one that he had was a sign of completion, unfortunately since then he has brought a couple more Infiniti QX80’S

  18. Rony Denis prophesied that he has turned us over to Satan in the Fayetteville church, and in Hinesville he pronounced death on us, we’ll I am a living testimony that we are still living! And no we are not given over to Satan but we are whole heartedly given over to the Lord Jesus Christ!
    Thank you Jesus!

    1. That is a nice picture of jimmy back in the day. He looks a lot meaner nowadays. Why did he get so angry at that brother talking about his teeth? They don’t look that bad? These days his hairline is a little further back.

      1. He reads palms too. Oh wow, he does it all. This guy is really messed up. He should open up one of those fortune telling, palm reading houses. Oh wait, he already has, it’s called the House of Prayer Christian Church Hinesville, GA.

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