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To the Loving Families and Friends

Due to such an outpouring of concerned families and friends of loved ones that are trapped in RONY DENIS’ HOUSE OF PRAYER /ASSEMBLY OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH CULT, we are very concerned of your welfare as also for the ones that still remain in that cult, during difficult times like this when your heart is being pulled and your spirit is grieved, we want to prevent your privacy from being breeched, so often if you are writing on this site we might edit certain information from your post or we might not even post it and we will try our best to contact you off of the website.

Due To HOPCC ‘s very controling atmosphere, they often seize information from our website and try to contact your loved one that is in HOPCC and convince them that they need to terminate their relationship with you, and to no longer talk to you once it has been discovered you have been visiting this site.

It has truly been a blessing to be able to work with the different families of those that we knew in the church turned cult. We haved worked close with some of them.

Our hearts go out to each one of you that have been torn away from your loved ones at the hands of a merciless false prophet by the name of Rony Denis, who is a worker of iniquity, therefore he does not know what true Love is. Believe that God can and will restore your loved one.  God loves families! The devils want to destroy them. But greater is He that is in us than he that is in HOPCC!


4 thoughts on “To the Loving Families and Friends

  1. You who are family members have leverage to go to the authorities on behalf of your relatives trapped in this cult of mind control and abuse.

  2. Brothers and Sisters who were or are still involved in the House of Prayer Cult run by Ron Denis. I have a word for you from the Lord. Last night on April 12, 2017 at Puerta Al Cielo ( The Door To Heaven Church) where I attend. I presented the needs of the people caught up in this evil Cult and for those of you who have escaped. My Family and I, we all prayed for the Lord to bring down Ron Denis and all those who do his dirty work. To expose the rotten, filth that has been undercover for years. We asked God to uncover the peoples blindness and set them free. We prayed restoration and healing of hearts and minds.This is what God said ” I have heard your cries and I have seen and heard their cries. The injustice done, to my people. You will see my hand move on them and you will hear of their destruction. I will be with those who call on my name and serve ME, I will bring them out! This word was brought by my mother, who knows no one. So as the body of Christ, we must go into prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to stir our hearts and remove any bitterness or ill feelings. By doing this you liberate your soul from the clutches of the enemy. So you are free from the entanglement of the devil. Letting God heal your wounded spirit. Prayer is what’s going to bring them down, criticizing is what the enemy wants us to focus on. Don’t fall into the trap, it can become your focus and you don’t want that. God bless each and every one of you! I have put the date so that all will know the day judgement was pronounced against all those who have destroyed innocent lives. Now we will wait to see God tear down the foundation and walls of the devil!
    Deborah Shunk

  3. If you have family in this Jim Jones style cult, I recommend that you contact your congress as well as the Georgia state congress to investigate for the safety of your family.

  4. This is dedicated to protect the families who are concerned about their sons and daughters or any relatives trapped in RONY DENIS’ HOUSE OF HORRORS, a.k.a. hopcc. They are not safe in this place. Brainwashing and mind manipulation are real! So is Voodooism and the powers of darkness. But God has sent His Son Jesus Christ the Light of the world to blast through that garbage. We, the children of God, are also called the light of the world and we will shine our light on Rony/Jimmy’s hidden works of darkness.

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